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u-verse installation

Earlier Feb 09, I ordered U-verse to be installed. Got a installation date of Feb 28. About 2 weeks wait time. Fine, so I waited. The scheduled installation time was between 12 and 2 pm. I received both a card and email to remind me of the installation.
On exactly 1:59pm that day, I got a call saying the tech is behind schedule and has no idea when he will make it today. I was not too happy, of course, because one has to wait around hours and hours for a technician. And people have plans. You screw up one plan, you screw up the whole day. So I asked for re-schedule.

Guess what, another 2 weeks. The installation time, 12 to 2 pm., same.

I waited again, like a dumb puppet. I made all the efforts to move my schedules around and waited, waited... until 2:30, I lost my patience and called customer service. Surprisingly (or NOT), I was told the order was canceled. At first the customer rep had no idea what happened but after I pushed further, and after numerous transfer, hold, hold, 40 mins went by, and it turned out that the order was NEVER officially assigned to the dispatcher, due to some "technical" errors. The order was "cancelled" after 14 days.

I was getting at least 2 automatically placed calls before that installation date, to remind me of this installation. And right in the morning of the installation, beautifully, the order was nuked. And the beauty of it, is that no one is at fault!!!??? because it is all system's problem!

The bottom is that my time is simply worth zero dollars because I lie on the couch watching TV everyday anyway. Well. NO. my billing rate is $ 200 per hour. We had a deal, to make a sale which requires that I commit to a schedule, sit and wait, and the other party show up to perform the service. By screwing up like this, it is an epic failure of business trust, integrity, and simply disgraceful.

This will be almost 2 months, for U-verse to be installed.
Shame, I mean, concentrated shame, mixed with lead and mercury. Sometimes I really don't get this, do they still want customers or not? Because seems to me, no one gives a [censored] any.

They put me down for another week. Maybe I need to get my fingers crossed for someone from AT&T to really make his appointment. It's like, playing lottery. You need very very very good luck to win, to get installed.

  • Di
    DIEGODINIZ Nov 05, 2009


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false advertising

ATT solicted my company for a website with a banner ad guaranteed to get 60 clicks a month and put me on yellowpages.com and other search engines . After 3 months of trying to get in touch with their web designer, the sales representative, OR the sales representatives manager, none of my phone calls were ever returned, I received a contract and my credit card was billed. I called customer service and they found no record . I sent their information back, registered mail, with a letter stating that their "no service" was cause for my not signing any contract with them. Instead of responding to my letter they put up a banner ad with incorrect information about my business causing me financial harm 4 months after I was solicted and 2 months after they received my cancellation letter. I have called them many times trying to get them to stop advertising my business and they state there is nothing they can do. Customer service is smug and inconsiderate. I have had customer service representative tell me there is nothing they can do because it has been billed to my credit card and I voiced verified the information. I had one representative from the Riverside, CA office hang up on me. If you are thinking about advertising with ATT YELLOWPAGES - STOP NOW - THEY DON'T PERFORM WHAT THEY PROMISE AND THEY TREAT YOU AS THE ENEMY!!

  • Jo
    John Simmons Mar 23, 2009

    I was called by a representative to place an ad. I was told that I would have a week to cancel if I changed my mind. After a couple of days, I did change my mind (I was shutting down that business), but was told that my representative was not available and that the new rep did not have authorization to cancel. I told them then and there that I would stay on the phone and escalate the call until my cancellation request was honored as advertised. The rep talked to her manager and then said that "I guarantee you that it will be taken care of today". She dropped the ball, and the ad appeared anyway. I was afraid of getting a lot of calls for a non-existent business, but during the whole year, I only got one call - someone looking for a job. I have been fighting one very long legal battle that started when they tried to bill me. In short: DON'T USE AT&T YELLOW PAGES - YOU'LL BE SCREWED, YOUR AD WON'T BE WORTH THE MONEY, AND YOU WILL BE DEALING WITH AN EXTREMELY SLIMY COMPANY.

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  • Re
    rexs Feb 15, 2010

    I am sorry that you are not happy with yellowpages.com. I was looking online found a website that you can have a ebillboard for FREE. Just go to seekshallfind.com. I was talking to my friend Bill he sign up for a ebillboard. He told me that he is glad that he got a ebillboard. His business just moved to a new building he went to change this info with yellow book and was on hold for 35 Minutes waiting for someone to talk to. When he went to his ebillboard and change his info and it took him just few minutes.

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  • My name is Mathew Korba. I am the owner of Blue Ribbon Auto Glass Llc in Tacoma, Wa. I too attempted to advertise with the YPConnect program (yellow pages on-line), marketed by AT&T advertising. We are currently seeking businesses and individuals who have not received the services promised by Yellowpages.com Llc as sold by AT&T Advertising Solutions to partipate in a class action suite. The purpose of the suite is to recover financial losses incurred by mis-leading sales tactics and Yellowpages.com Llc's inability to deliver it's product as advertised. You are encouraged to participate.
    Please cal (253) 250-7262 or email [email protected] for more information

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  • I want to thank all the wonderful individuals who have taken their time to respond to our comment/complaint. and, apologize to those whom we have not returned contact. Your response (needless to say) has been over whelming. AT&T-Yellowpages.com and Blue Ribbon Auto Glass, Llc. have mutually agreed to terminate the contract and we have received a full refund. This does not excuse AT&T's misrepresentation of their product or unconscionable behavior. Nor does this make-up for our total financial losses. However, at this time we are not pursuing our law suite.

    If I could pass on what this experience has shown me, I would say to, "Not go quietly into the night" let your voice be heard. File your complaint with as many organizations outside of AT&T's control as possible. The BBB, Federal Trade commission, State Attorney Generals Office etc... If you are paying with a credit/debit card, STOP PAYMENT NOW! And dispute the charges with your card company (AT&T must prove their charges are valid to the card company and are not allowed to contact the person or business disputing the charges about the amount disputed until it is settled). If the do so, file a complaint with your card company (Visa/MC/AMEX/DC) not your bank. If you have been sent to "collections", dispute the validity of the original bill. Make AT&T prove they provided the service. Your "contract" is for "clicks" not calls. AT&T must show a preponderance of proof that your "clicks" are in accordance with your specific contract. The plain and simple truth is they can not. Finally, USE the experience and advice given on the complaint board. It is a great resource!

    Mathew Korba
    Blue Ribbon Auto Glass, Llc.

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  • Fi
    fierce Mar 31, 2011

    The GSM does have the authority to cancel the contract but it would go against his commissions. I used to work for the company and its a very fraudulent company.

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billing, customer service

After a gross overpayment of my monthly wireless aircard fee, I was put through hell trying to get the money returned. After intitiating action their "Trust Dept" (good name huh?) closed the case (CMA) after requiring more info on the payment but never tried to get in touch with me to request the info. I opened another "CMA" to proceed and got shoddy customer service, one service rep (Kathryn Berman) told me to fax the info for the Trust Dept. to her and she would take care of it. I found after trying to follow up, she did nothing but leave lie on a pile of papers.
After 5 weeks and no money to pay my bills I incurred a few late charges and AT&T never offered interest for the time the held my money.
Five weeks ago I called to terminate the contract and after explaining it all for the umpteenth time the service manager agreed with me and it was canceled. AT&T continued to carry a balance and just turned it over to a collection agency. I called AT&T customer service just now about it and I'm told by the supervisor the only thing she can do is waive the late fee.
At&T and especially the "Trust Dept" does not care about customer relations. This is not the first time in many years I have had bad customer service and/or trouble with this company, I should have learned my lesson. Stick with Verizon

  • Co
    codfather May 08, 2009

    Another ATT complaint. Before they took over Cingular I never had a problem, however, once ATT took over I started having many dead zones. Most particular and peculiar was as soon as I got near Washington DC and area north of there, I could not make or receive calls on my cell phone. When I got back here to NC I called ATT to complain. The lady asked me to call the next time I got close to the areas that were dead, so I did. They were suppose to track me or something and then connect me to the towers. It did NOT work. The next time I traveled to NJ I went to an ATT store at the Freehold Mall. The person there told me I had to upgrade my phone. I asked what? He said you need a new phone. At that point I just wanted to be able to make my phone contacts so I sprung for a new phone at about $250. I had the phone for about one year and it got wet, so I had to pay another $115, Okay so what. Well when I called the ATT operator to find out why my phone wasn't working she told me to put the SIMI chip in the old phone and it should work. Well, I guess I was dupped by the ATT store because apparently all I needed was a new SIMI chip which should have been given to me for free!

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anything to do with u-verse!

This is a warning to anyone getting involved with the ATT U-verse system! Everything they tell you is untrue, the persons on the help lines each seem to have a different story about getting help, and the billing is very deceptive. We had service installed on January 31st, 2009 and as of today (3/9/09), it has been an absolute NIGHTMARE! I have been verbally lied too, verbally abused, and we have had probably less that one half service during the entire time it has been installed.
We have been customers with ATT for many years, and have had all services "bundled" for the past several years, but this has completely turned us off from this company. They are ripping people off left and right... do not even consider getting this service or you will be sorry!!!

card cancelled for no reason!

As a former employee of AT&T, I was guaranteed the use of my AT&T Universal Card for life with no annual fee...

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Going to make this short. We got a go phone from wal-mart for our son to use just in case, the throw away...


dear sir I am craig j cirrincione I was sent is letter from your Law offices. It states that I owe you 433.99...

sales man fraud me

A man represent at&t came to my shop want me to change land line carrier. he promised me lower my telephone bill.
but i get doubled phone bill this month.
I call AT&T but that computer machine make me angry, also
the person received call doesn't care because its not their department job. i tried call million time this sales person, leave million time recording didnot answer.
what am i have to do?

sales man fraud me

AT&T Land Line Phone
  • La
    ladybug May 26, 2009

    Complaint very accurate. I had a man come into my house told me the same line. I also went to AT&T office each point was gone over; It was a special deal they said. My phone bill has been twice as high as before and I cannot get anyone do anything about it. As with this person I get the automated system which goes around in circle, and after an hour going through one thing after the other, I'm told it's not their problem.

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combining cell phone accounts

I have been an AT&T customer for over five years. I recently rolled my sisters account under my account. I called customer service twice to ask questions about the details before I made the switch. The rep did not note any of my questions or any of the responses to my questions. I specially asked about the rollover minutes and was assured we would keep all of them. Now I get my first bill and they have taken away all the minutes and say they can't do anything about it even though their representatives are giving out incorrect information. This is very poor customer service and when my contracts expire I will not be renewing any of the. They also said that one of my contracts has already expired this is contrary to what I was told when I was combining the accounts in February. AT&T needs to give me back my rollover minutes and retrain their customer service agents.

  • Tr
    Trudivvva Feb 20, 2009

    My debit card was blocked due to overdrafts and when I recieved a print out I discovered that At&t had submitted an ACH against my account fraudulently. I have not done business with At&t since 2000 and my bank account has only been opened a month. The draft was submitted with NO ACCOUNT attached, nor phone number NOTHING! I called and spoke a rep who couldn't find anything that matched the amount, GO FIGURE! I can't understand how a compnay as large as At&t has no tracking system for payments they've recieved via the telephone. I am completely ticked cause I'm left holding the bag until it's been resolved!

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internet service

i need to update my complaint. It is very important for me to let everyone know about a billing specialist named ASSUNTA WESBY, she was very helpful, very polite, and even cared enough to tell me that after we disconnected that she would make sure my account was how i had requested. Please ATT praise her, but i would let some of the customer service taking orders for new service maybe take some training from her. all of you out there take the time to do the steps it is worth it if you get the pleasure to speak to her; ASSUNTA WESBY.

  • Wa
    wade croft Mar 02, 2009

    I'm so glad that i'm not the only one having trouble with att. I had problems from the beginning promises of when they would show up to connect my service and they were a no show. The biggest problem of all is that when i ordered internet with the agent i told her that i wanted the basic dsl service with no regular telephone line, she said that was possible basic dsl with760kb would be 14.95 amonth with a added 5.00 because i do not have regular phone line with them. Because i am a new customer they had to charge me immediately debiting my checking 50.00 and they also had to debit my checking for 6 months to pay my monthly bill.. Now they tell me that they will debit my checking 42.95 each month because they claim i have the highest speed dsl that they offer.. Please tell me if you agree that sounds like a scam or illegal. att you should be ashamed we normal people cant fight you big dogs especially when you play tricks like that. so so wrong

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didn't get my accessories

I called in to talk abouth my home phone acct. When I was asked about getting a wireless plan, we talked about it, and I asked what would I get with the plan, she told me that I would get a free phone with $50.00 cash back, 450 daytime min. 5000night/weekned min. And a rebate. So I got online to see all the phone because I didn't like the free phone, she said that if I paided for a phone that she would give me a better offer, I asked what was it she said if I paide for the phone that she would give me a bluetoot headset, car chargers, rebate, $50.00cash back, and my mins. Well I got my phone, mins. But that was it. I called in to at&t and talk to so meny people that I said # it, but thay cann't call me for sehit and i'm going to send the phone back. (Ceo) will like that. Jacqueline faison [protected] call me, i'm mad

  • Je
    Jerry Jun 09, 2009

    I purchased this phone over a year ago from Amazon with a contract. Then we found out ATT offers family plans, so I went to an ATT store, changed the plan to a family Talk plan, and added a new line for my wife. Also updated my address at the same time since we are moving. All look fine, right? I still got my next bill and next bill after that. I paid all of them on time, online. My current due is $0.00.

    However Today I woke up to a phone call by a collection agency. They have already put a record in my credit history also for nonpayment of $59.99 for this phone ending 7512. I was shocked; I've been paying over $150 every month. I told the collection agency guy this cannot be true, so he gave me an ATT 800 number which did not work. I called 611 to hear this:

    "Sir you changed your account in July 2008, updated the address only on the new account. You have failed to update the address on the previous account, so this is the reason you did not receive our notices". This is the first time I even found out that there was an account change. All I knew as a customer was I changed the plan, then at the same time, gave my new address. However the ATT rep who entered the address failed to update the earlier account that he migrated my phone number from. How a customer would even supposed to know they were moving accounts, its ATT's internal business. All I know is I updated my address, I get my bills, I pay them on time. All I know is I had two phone numbers; I was paying on time for both.

    Now I have a collection agency trying to charge me for their charges, have a negative entry in my credit history, I requested ATT to rectify it, while offering to pay the balance on the original account. They told me they would not do it to a customer who has a clean payment record, that’s their standard of customer service. They even refuse to admit it's their fault. I am extremely disappointed and unhappy about their service.

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  • Ji
    Jimmy Aug 05, 2009

    I had terrible reception, often resulting in dropped calls upon moving to a new home. My cell phone is my work phone. Due to the terrible reception, I was forced to walk around my house and property to find a better (although temporary) signal while saying "I'm sorry, can you please repeat that." AT&T representatives told me that my address show me as living in a "good" coverage area. I even had a dropped call when talking with an AT&T customer service representative (that didn't call me back after the dropped call...even though I had warned them it might happen, and asked them to please call me back so I wouldn't have to "start over" with another representative). Since they didn't call me back, I did start over with another representative, that completely understood the frustrations I was having, since she could not hear me clearly throughout much of the call. Finally, after talking with a financial institution and having the call dropped three times during our transactions, I decided I had to swith plans. The AT&T representative gave me the option of a 1 month test of a newer phone (mine is only 16 months old) that "might" help. They would not verify that my address had terrible coverage, ie: send someone to the property with an AT&T cell phone. They simply said we show you with good coverage. And, my only option was to potentially (maybe?) have better service if I upgrade to a new phone. My final conversation, with a customer service supervisor, was extremely frustrating. He said that my service contract did not state that I would be given perfect reception 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Could he have been more condesending? I would have appreciated having a clear signal (similar to my previous address) that would allow me to utilize my cell phone on my new property. Long story short, they will be billing me the $175 early termination fee even though I had absolutely terrible reception from my own home (and office). They were extremely condesending and matter of fact with their responses. I highly, HIGHLY, DO NOT recommend AT&T for ANYONE, EVER!

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  • Ja
    jameswick Oct 08, 2009

    She could language that is not explict and not "vulgar" to explain her complaint. Words could offend someone!

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  • Ja
    jameswick Oct 08, 2009

    That is use language that is not explict!

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  • Ji
    jim matzker Jan 22, 2010

    AT&T has some of the worst service. I recently agree to switch from Charter Communication to bundle with AT&T and Direct-TV with the premier service because I was quoted a price of both companies at 10 dollars less then what I was recieving from Charter. After asking if this is for real the salesperson assured and I agreed. That is when the nightmare began, both companies installed my service in a timely fashion. However, I did not have the phone number I had before AT&T a representative assured me that as soon as Charter release my number I will get it. This took over 11 days, during that time I had a problem with reception and losing dsl calling the service desk was not a good experience telling me I was to far away from the building that provides these two services which is less then two miles away. This made me think about customers who live further away, does AT&T provide cans with strings attached. however the field techs cared, trying to resolve the problem. This was not my only problem my bill was never 10 dollars cheaper it was over 80 dollars for both. I believe AT&T should be investigated and I believe heads should roll. My advice stay away and remember this "If its to good to be true, it probably isn't".

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lack of service & commitment

The following are the situations & circumstances I went through with becoming a new AT&T customer. Please read the following as I hope we can come to a resolution on the following issues:

1. AT&T missed appointment schedule at 8:00am-10:00am

2. I took off & loss a days pay to wait for the technician who did not arrive till 8pm.

3. I called several times which I waited each time 45 minutes to reach the dispatching dept. to find out when AT&T is coming. I was told to keep calling back as no one has picked up the ticket.

4. As the day went by I asked to leave the house temporarily to get lunch & was told not to leave as he could come any minute. He did not arrive till 8pm and I was not able to get neither lunch nor dinner since I had to wait for him to start connecting u-verse.

5. AT&T arrived at 8pm and worked till 9:30pm 2 hours connecting u-verse which never worked and he had to disconnect u-verse & connect me back to my cable company.

6. When the AT&T technician connected me back to my cable company, I had no telephone service for 3 weeks since AT&T had already pulled the telephone number from my cable company (Charter Communications).

7. The AT&T technician said I would be a priority since it was not connected properly. I then find out I could not be connected to u-verse till 1 month after. There was absolutely no priority for my case.

8. My family ended up using our cell phones to call people and paid extra for minutes used.

9. I received several phone calls from AT&T telephone dept, asking me to call Charter Communications and ask them to re-connect my telephone line so AT&T can pull the number again. After spending an hour trying to explain to Charter Comm what AT&T wanting me to do, they finally did it but charged my account a re-connect fee. I told AT&T the phone number was re-activated and I was assured the phone number was pulled again for importing.

10. Different representatives from AT&T called me several times thereafter asking me if the number was pulled. I told the 3 or 4 different reps that called me the whole story and it was apparent that no one read the notes from the prior telephone calls to me.

11. I took off the 2nd time for the installation between 8 & 10am and they did not arrive till 4pm. I lost another days pay since this is the 2nd time the installer missed the appt. at the time designated.

12. The installer connected the internet & cable and could not install the telephone because he said AT&T did not import the phone number, after all the conversations I had with them throughout the month & them ensuring the telephone number was imported.

13. The u-verse technician put me on the phone again with the telephone dept who let me know that they would give me a temporary phone number after they tried to sell me on additional services from AT&T. I could not get anymore disgusted at the gentlemen trying to sell me more services at such an inappropriate time.

14. I called Charter again to activate the phone number and they told me they would not activate it again until a discrepancy in billing was resolved with them first.

15. I received the bill from AT&T which included bundled & pro-rated charges for a service that was never running correctly.

16. The $100 gift card was never received, but I did receive the rebate check.

  • Un
    unsatisfide customer Apr 17, 2009

    I agree, AT&T U-verse should not even try to compete with comcast or any onther TV services. Their servces sucks, they do not even know how to repair or troubleshoot their own hardware. They have left a 72 year old lady without a phone line after switching over to AT&T Uverse. She can not make or recieve any calls. If her house was to catch on FIRE AT&T would be a fault since they are not willing to fix their equipment. They should be hung and should not even try to compete with Comcast or satelite TV. They Suck...

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  • Do
    doomed Sep 25, 2009

    I have had bad service aquiring u-verse. I purchased a computer at best buy . While there I signed up for at&t wi fi which I cancelled after one month because we went over user time . Costed to much .Next we signed up for u-verse I took off a day of work only to find out were to far away from their box. I was told again by salesman on phone guaranteed hookup this time or I will buy lunch. I took the day off work again only to hear I was to far away from their box again.Weres my lunch liar. Door salesman at&t comes to the house we told him we have been turned down twice before.He insisted the box had been moved closer . Once again Itook off work again installer told me I was to far away to recieve.He left I had to call him back my phone was disconnected . He came back four hours later.AT&T called back were told a line would be ran right to our house. Once again took off work and no showed up this time waited three hours called various phone # only to hear our records show your too far away.I was told were sorry we will take you off our mailing list.Any way here is the account 1040264429

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  • Ve
    Very Miffed Nov 20, 2009

    I have had nothing but trouble with customer service from AT&T. They make Charter look like saints. Here is my laundry list of complaints.
    1) Signed up for U-Verse and internet, but declined phone since we only use cells. They won't stop asking about me hooking up a phone.
    2) 1/2 hour after my scheduled Saturday install window the installer calls to cancel the appointment. I call AT&T to cancel the service, and call the sales rep to tell him that he was wrong about the customer service being so great. He convinces me to sign back up and offers an additional $100.00 off for a total of $200.00 rebate.
    3) Install comes on time and is the laziest installer I have ever seen. Leaves cables laying around and hooks my cable up to the front of my TV, not the back. I make him fix it before he leaves.
    4) After a month we don't see a bill, so we call. Apparently we are past due, they sent my email bill, which I did NOT signup for, to my old charter email not my new AT&T email. We complain, they remove the late fee, fix the email address and set us up for paper billing.
    5) I didn’t receive any rebate, discount for the first 6-months, or anything that was promised on the rate. We complained and they “opened an investigation”. After a month we finally received a credit and a $100.00 gift card.
    6) Bill doesn't come, we are two months behind, AT&T says they can take care of that right now if we given them our checking account information. My wife laughs at them. There is no way they will ever have authorization to draft my checking account. Again they say they have us set up for paper billing and fix the email address and are sending out a bill.
    7) We pay the bill and call a couple of weeks later to see our status. They received our payment, but we missed the cut-off of for the paper billing so we are late again. They send us out another bill, and say they will give us credit.
    8) At each of the payment issues above we tried to change our options and were told that they will not change anything until we are paid in full. We complained several times. The last time we were finally able to make a change even though our account was not up-to-date due to their billing issues.
    9) My fourth billing cycle and we finally received a bill on time, we are current, and the credits the promised are there, but it took way to many attempts to fix this. Would you like phone service too? NO!
    10) We noticed a low-level (not loud), but very high-pitched noise coming from the box. My wife noticed it a couple of weeks before I did. It only got worse so we finally called AT&T. They said if it is making that noise it is a fire hazard, turn the box of immediately. They are sending out a repairman tomorrow and offering a small credit for the lost service. Okay, why isn't there a recall? AT&T says they are waiting for people to call about the noise. What!? What if the noise starts when you are out-of-town, asleep, if you are hearing impaired? This is a serious and potentially dangerous issue. This last part I have reported.

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refused to cancel print ad

Was given a 'Telemarketer' sales rep. out of MI this past summer (2008) and when I got around to...

fraudulantly charged my debit card

I got my wallet stolen on the 22nd of February. a couple minutes after it happened I called my bank and they said they changed my account and i would get a new card and number. then I went online to check my transactions and there are two pending transactions to them for a hundred dollars each. i just thought that someone called and tried to use my card but after reading these it sounds like they did use it and then the company double charged them thinking it was really their card how can they get away with this. I cant even get my money reimbursed until the transaction goes through its ridiculous it just goes to show how many good people are really left in this world. I hope they get caught because this is ridiculous.

  • Ve
    Vesta eCustomer Support Jun 05, 2009

    Vesta processes millions of prepaid recharge payments each month on behalf of telecom companies and their customers. We continually monitor orders for unauthorized or fraudulent use of payment devices, and actively work with customers to resolve any issues or disputes promptly and fairly. This is evidenced by our “A” rating by the Better Business Bureau.

    If you have questions regarding a charge from Vesta on your credit card bill or bank statement, email [email protected]
    or call toll free 877 386 5330. A representative will be glad to assist.

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warranty issues

I have had AT&T for about a year. For all that time I have paid into the warranty coverage. Recently I lost my phone. They sent me a new one however it wasn't the exact color that I bought. Now I know to some of you this probably isn't a big deal but I feel that I should of gotten the same exact phone that I bought. They told me that I had to deal with whatever they have in stock and that they will do nothing to fix the situation. Is there anything I could do? I am really not happy.

  • Ta
    takiyah boone Jan 31, 2017

    I have been a valued customer for over five years with at&t up until now. The warranty department is a disgrace. My device recently started over heating and read a message that stated for me to turn off the device because of over heating. So I did just that and called up warranty to inform them of the issues I was having. Not once did the agent tell me that if any other damages like liquid or external damages are found on the phone I will be charged the full fee of the phone. The replacement phone came about two days later with no extra charger head set nothing just the phone. About 3weeks later I receive the original phone back with a letter stating that there was liquid damage indicator activated and therefore I would be charged the full cost of the phone which is $706.00. I couldn't believe my eyes. I called at&t immediately. I explained to the representative that I was not informed of the terms and condition that I received in the mail and had I i wouldn't even bothered going throw warranty I would've went with the insurance company. I was told that no matter the actual problem with the device if it has water damage or external damage then I will be charged. Now at first the representative was nice to me while going over the details of the phone but after putting me on hold several time she started to get frustrated and was refusing my questions' so I asked to speak to a supervisor regarding the matter but to no avail she wasn't available. If its not a scam then how is it that they don't inform the customer of important parts of the terms and conditions and if there are any damages then give them the option of it either being fixed or returned to them. Outrage. I still haven't received a call back from the Supervisor. Switching my wireless company immediately

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outrageous charges

On 9/26/2008 I went to the AT&T Store #M327(1813 Village West Pkwy Suite 103, Kansas City, Kansas 66111) to inquire about the AT&T USB Connect Mercury prior to my trip to Spain planned for October 2008. I had two very specific questions: whether it would work in Spain and how much it would be. Sales person Lisa Overall told me it would work just fine and the rate would be $60 per month flat fee; I was not told about any additional charges, so I signed in. I got on the Internet, checked my e-mail etc. couple of times while in Spain and then it quit working, it turns out that it got disconnected because I spent "too much money" but I only found out about this when I returned home from the trip and then was able to check my e-mail.
This was followed in short order by two bills for a total of more than $20000
I called the store and the manager Alex Montgomery-Soares agreed that Lisa Overall did not correctly explained everything to me, but since it was alot of money, he had to go "higher up" to solve my problem.
To make a long story short, after multiple complaints to AT&T and spending very long hours on the phone, I was told that although I was given by mistake the "National rate" instead of the "International rate", I would still have to pay almost $4000 which would have applied with the International rate, and that was their final decision after reviewing my case. My contention is that if I would have been told about additional roaming charges/outrageous amount of money for very little megabytes of download I would have never signed for it so I don't know why I still had to pay anything other than the promised $60/month flat fee.
After threatening calls even on Christmas Eve, I payed the bill so my credit rate would not be affected, but I think this is abuse/robbery to the poor consumer by a big company and something needs to be done about it.
After googling "AT&T outrageous charges" and seeing the number of people in the same situation, I am surprised that nothing has been done so far and that all of this has not found its way to TV/newspapers etc.

Jose I. Dulin
185 Terrace Trail South
Lake Quivira
KS, 66217

  • So
    S Ovadia Dec 12, 2009

    Jose and those concerned,
    Although my situation is different than yours, I too was hit with an outrageous call charge. I was charged $10.55 per minute for a call to Afghanistan to talk to my son who is serving in the U.S. Army. The first 3 calls were not answered but I was charged $10.55 for those unanswered calls. The fourth call, he answered and we talked for a total of 20 minutes. My international charge for a total of 23 minutes was $242.65. This does not include the "FED UNIVERSAL SERVICE FUND" fee, STATE and MUNINCIPAL taxes for a grand total of $290.90. This is only the international charge and does not include my normal domestic charges.
    I feel that this is an absolute injustice and although I know that most international calls are important to those making them, the fact that families of our American soldiers can not talk to them and hear their voices and visa versa, is disgusting. My son, along with thousands of sons, daughters, husbands, wives, sisters and brothers, are being punished for being in a foreign country, fighting for OUR freedom. They need to hear familiar voices. They need to hear "I love you", instead of reading it in an email or letter. We, as parents and loved ones, need to hear our soldiers laughter, sorrow, anger or any other emotion that they want to share. It sickens me that AT&T abuses the American people by charging these ridiculous fees. It sickens me that after receiving that first 'international' bill most will not be making those calls to say "I love you".
    What does it take to fight this unfair, overpriced violation? How do we as Americans and military families change this? I don't know but one thing I do know... I would love to send AT&T's upper management to the Middle East, set them down in the middle of a desert and tell them "You aren't going to talk to any of their loved ones for 1 1/2 yrs. and by the way, your life is in constant danger and they may NEVER hear your voice again"
    Those of us who can't afford these phone calls are, in a sense, being told the very same thing. I'm disgusted. I'm angry. I'm heartbroken.

    Susan Ovadia
    Proud Army MP Mom
    [email protected]

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  • Al
    Alex Montgomery-Soares May 27, 2011

    Jose, I hope you remember me. As you probably remember, I not only agree with you on the mistake as you described on your complain post, but I also helped taking the issue all the way to the Office of the President in Atlanta, GA to get this resolved and minimize the costs to you. I am sorry that you still have to pay something for the usage of the DATA card in Europe, but I did what I could in a company the size of AT&T, it is not sometimes so easy to get things done, specially values of this high amount and have it reverted to Zero. I am no longer with AT&T, I moved on to do bigger and better things with my career, but this post still shows on a Google search of my name as the number one thing when you search my name Alex Montgomery-Soares.
    I would sincerely appreciate it if you could be so kind and remove this post, so that Google does not show this when someone searches my name. I want to remind you that I did what I could and I was just a Retail Sales Manager at the time with AT&T. I do not want to associate my name with this episode. If you feel like you should leave the complain up, I am okay with it, so long you do not mention me by name. you can say the Store Manager, I would sincerely appreciate your kindness. Thank you Jose and may God Bless you and your family...

    Alex Montgomery-Soares.

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  • Su
    Susanimher Jul 29, 2013

    I purchased an AT&T Go-Phone (Alcatel 871A) on July 24, 2013, along with a $25.00 top-up card to establish one month of service. I also put $15.00 on the phone to use for purchasing ring-tones, games, etc. Since then, there have been over THIRTY (30) charges to my phone, referred to as "GPRS" charges, all for a few cents, but totaling $6.09, bringing my account balance down to $8.91. Today, I received a text message telling me that my rate plan did not RENEW due to a low account balance. I already PAID for one full month - it should not NEED to renew until August 23rd or 24th!! I could not reach any department or person on the phone to address this problem, and was just sent in circles on the website. When I tried to email AT&T, I was told that Go-Phone customers do not have this privilege. So far, I have been ripped off for $25.00 plus $6.09, and I have never even made one call on this phone.

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raised interest rates

I have had this credit card for years and not missed any paymets in fact have paid it off twice in the last 4 years of over $20000 each time, They raised my rate almost 10% more after the balance got high, The government needs to stop the credit card companies from raising rates, and if they do they need to raise the rates on future purchases not purchases already on the card, this is a rip off.

unauthorized charges

I've had ATT Uverse for almost a year now. I have all the bundled services a person could ask for, voice over ip, wireless, U200 package and broadband service. Since September 2008 my bill has been sky high, but i did not really wonder why, just thought the services i had were the cause only after receiving a bill February 2009 for over $700. After being on hold with ATT for about an hour and speaking to around 7 people who had no clue of what they are being paid for, i found out that i wa sbeing charged for ordering adult movies for about 6 months. I told ATT that i have not ordered any movies since i had the service, and why should when i can go to Walmart and rent them for $1 brand new. They told that yeah they were ordered from my home, but the funny part is that while i was talking with them and complaining there were 3 more movies charged that same day, during the time i was on the phone. So after two days a technician called and i explained the what's going on. Did you know that ATT is giving it's customers refurbished/used Uverse boxes? i know when i signed up for service they were suppose to be new, i never signed anything on receiving used equipement. Also i was told that there could have been a crossed signal with the previous owner of the boxes. At this point they are still not willing to admit to their own mistake and refund me almost $1000 since september. Oh did i mention that the majority of the time that these were ordered that my kids are in school 8 hours, my wife works all day and i am retired and in college full time.

unauthorized charges

I DID have a prepaid cell phone. Do not use it anymore, infact i have not used it for almost a year. Then I...

misleading advertising

I finally caved in and decided to switch from DISH to ATT Uverse because of the $200 promotions, ability to "record 4 programs" at once and have them play anywhere from a single DVR versus my current DISH setup using 2 HD DVR's.

When completing the install yesterday the technician informed me that because of distance we are from the DSLAM, (over 4500 feet) they had to lower the IP speed from the street to the house from 25mbs to 18mbs. Consequently, we can only watch a SINGLE HD station at a time and can NEVER record more than 1 HD program at a time and that the maximum number of programs we can record simultaneously is 3(all SD) rather than the advertised capability to record 4.

I immediately told him that this was a showstopper, and that was less capability we had with our existing DISH setup. He acted as if I should have been informed by the sales reps at the ATT store where I signed up the day before, or at minimum by the other technician that was at the house previously preparing the switch at the street.

Essentially, ATT is using bait & swithc tactics to entice people like myself to swith with promotional offers, etc...however the system does not even perform as advertised, nor where there any warnings that we would have fewer than advertised capabilities.

I have already called to cancel and plan to have my DISH service resumed.

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