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Customer Service:
+1 800 331 0500
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+1 877 782 8870
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AT&T Complaints & Reviews

AT&T Yellowpages / unfair treatment!

I started advertising with Bellsouth Yellowpages a few years ago. Last year they were absorbed by AT&T. In March, I was contacted about renewing my advertising and increasing my internet exposure with more of their products. I had no increase in business for the previous year, but thought...

At&t / unauthorized charges!

To anyone who has a choice of telephone company, please... DO NOT use AT&T. All that a person needs is your social security number to get a telephone through you. A family member took my social security and got a phone and did not pay the bill. I was 13 at the time and had no clue. I...

Cingular / AT&T / bogus data transfer charges!

I recently went to Cabo San Lucas as I do several times per year, when I returned I received my bill from Cingular-now AT & T where there were charges in the amount exceeding 5,900.00 dollars for DATA Transfers. I did NOT ever commit to data transfers while in Mexico and have sent several...

At&t / terrible experience!

What can a person do when when your ripped off by the largest company in the world? They own our phones, conversations, privacy 'what privacy' they decide what e-mails go through and what web pages will open. I am down at the bottom of the worst, had a chance for coming in to a...

At&t / at&t is the worst company!

My mother is a senior citizen and does not live with me. I do, however, pay her phone bills and have them sent directly to me. Every year she needs to fill out a form that results in a discount for her. This year she had filled out the form incorrectly and by the time I rec'd it back...

At&t / wont let me out of a contract

I had Cingular for a couple of years and now tht it's AT&T I don't coverage in my area with the exception of in my home and at my job. Neither place do I need a cell phone. I know for a fact (AT&T) actually told me them selves that they don't have the same contracts that...

AT&T Phone And Internet / repair and irresponcibility

I have been fighting with the AT&T people for two months to get my phone and internet service fixed. No dial tone, static on the line and no one will help me but to give lip service and broken promises that the problem will be fixxed. Three times they said they turned over a work order to...

At&t / at&t mail in rebate

Well i upgraded my internet service to AT&T High speed internet in May and with it i got a new router for 79.99. They told me it would have a mail in rebate for $49.99. I sent it in a day after i got my router and waited for 3months till my first call. They told me to wait an additional...

BellSouth / AT&T / poor customer service

My name is Mary Nicki Dancy. On or around 10-27-2007, I received a two-month statement from AT&T. I called a number and had a conversation with John Scales because I knew I had paid my phone bill. John told me it appears as if when I made the September payment it never went through because...

At&t / attempted to change contract!

Signed up for Dish Network through AT&T over the phone after their website kept giving errors. Wife and I were looking for specific channels and was offered a package deal. The Dish deal was suppose to be $37.99 a month after a $10 discount wed receive each month for a total of 18 month...

AT&T Wireless Rebate Cards / scam and cheating!

AT&T Wireless prints the web site on their card so that you can check your balance. Guess what - go to that site and find NOTHING - no link if it has been moved - NOTHING. It is already a BS scam and now they don't want you to know how much you have left on the card so you cannot...

AT&T Wireless / service

AT&T must have the worst service of all wireless phones. I have spoken to them, e-mailed them, etc. I have NEVER had so many dropped calls or being unable to use my phones as I have in the past year. I cannot get any satisfaction from them & it is always a canned letter or speech. I make...

AT&T / cellphone of deceased

My 19 year old son was killed in a car accident Feb. 20, 2007. His girlfriend of five weeks stumbled opon the accident and ID his body. He left his wallet in her car earlier that day when they broke up and she left him on side of the road. All my son had on him was a belt, watch, and...

ATT / giving me the runaround!

I put in an order for dish network with att, it required that I have a visa or mastercard to process the installation fee. I went out and bought a debit visa and put in $64.00, well now they say my order has been canceled and when I call to confirm either they don't pick up or they...

AT&T - High Speed Internet / people need to know this story!

About several months ago I ordered internet service from At&t. I had heard from my friend that At&t had a whole list of problems, one of which was their horrid customer service. Being the trusting person that I am, I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt. The router arrived and I wa...

AT&T Wireless / the customer service at at&t is one of the worst that I have ever experienced!

My phone has been giving me trouble since I've been with AT&T and the service is horrible. I first went into a store to "purchase" another phone. I wanted a refurb but the store clerk said I would have to go online for that. I went online and there the option to buy another phone kept...

AT&T - Rewards For Referrals / refusing to pay getting then customers

AT&T - Rewards For Referrals www.attreferrals.com I am a disabled senior that lives in a manufactured mobile home community and the assisted manager. I have been assisting the residents with getting ATT as ISP verses what we have here as a alternative Charter Communications. We have 420...

AT&T Dsl (Sbc Yahoo) / thinking about at&t or sbc yahoo dsl? don't do it!

Here's a good one! This guy comes to our door and says he can get us DSL as fast as our cable internet plus our phone for what we were paying for our cable internet. He calls in the order for their elite service and comparable phone service to what we had. He schedules the connection...

At&t / billing for non-existing services!

Dropped AT&T services in favor of Verizon 1.5 years ago. Have been receiving intermittent bills from AT&T ever since. Company refuses to discontinue "service" and has fetched a collection agency (in India?) upon me. Fortunately I am a saver and not a borrower, so credit rating threats are unavailing. Never will AT&T receive another extorted cent from me!!!

AT&T Long Distance Usa / billing practices to extort customers!

The saga began when I received my Aug 11, 2007 billing statement and I saw a $62 charge for a 9 minute call to India. I found out I did not have any of their calling plans and I was told to add which I did the $5 world calling plan and that someone would call and make the rate retroactive...

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