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Complaints & Reviews

Resolved lousy technical support/help

Since March 5th 2017 my AT&T Internet connection drops off on a regular basis in the evening. Every evening. I have called AT&T many times. Each time I have repeat the entire story and situation (don't they keep a history?). I get the same old line checks etc. etc. No help. Three servicemen have been dispatched, but they never show up when I'm home and they give me the same anaswers. Either "were stumped and can't figure it out" or "it must be inside your house". But they do not return when I am home. The latest serviceman left a temporary jack installed that bypasses the phone box and house wiring. Internet still drops off, proving it's "not inside my house". But now I have no voice line or Internet line at all. And after today (04/02/09) the field service techs are going on strike. Will I be left hanging with my phone wiring disconnected?

AT&T has failed to focus on a concerted effort to repair my issue. They have not offered any sort of reimbursement for downtime, and quite frankly have not made me feel like any sort of valued customer.

As soon as I can figure out how to migrate all of my email messages and folders out of the AT&T email environment I'm dropping them.

  • Co
    coincollector Jun 14, 2009

    you call tech support for help. they need more help than you do. put on hold forever. when you get a tech, he is in a foreign country and can hardly speak english, must less understanding what he says. SUPRISE< SUPRISE< SUPRISE. you know more than he knows. he couldn't help you if he REALLY wanted to. QUESTION? why does an american company have their tech support department overseas, staffed with a ton of very ignorant people who cannot even speak proper english to help you with a problem that they know nothing about. would be nice if they actually had a degree in computer technology, rather than filling an empty chair with an empty head. ATT/BELLSOUTH internet in my book ranks as one of the most inefficient companys to come down the pike in quite some time. what else to say except you just plain "SUCK"

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  • Al
    Alek S Sep 03, 2010

    I don't understand how AT&T is still in business. Their customer support sucks. I had no internet or phone service for over a week while waiting for a technician. They missed their initial service date, prolonging my down time. When the service tech finally showed up, it took him less than 5 minutes to fix the problem. If they don't have enough service technicians, then maybe they should hire some. I work from home and I need an always on connection, that is what I am paying for. I also called about my internet speed, I order the DSL Elite package which claims to have 6 Mbps downstream and 768 kbps upstream. I am getting the 6 Mbps downstream, but I am only getting 512 kbps upstream. The service tech tested my line and said that those speeds are normal. If up to 512 kbps is normal, why are they advertising 768 kbps on their website. When I had Verizon, which is unfortunately not available where I live now, I got what I paid for. With Verizon, I was getting up to 8 Mbps down and over 800 kbps up. They advertised 7.1 Mbps down and 768 kbps up, and I got what I paid for. Isn't it illegal to falsely advertise? I am currently renting a house, I hope that the next house I move to has Verizon service. Oh, and how hard is it to fix a problem that every customer is experiencing. Why does AT&T internet connection drop intermittently? Why are they still in business?

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Resolved haven't received my $50.00 rebate

I agreed to service with AT&T the end of Jan. 2009. It took several days before I could use my phone there were problems at the pole. After three days of not using my service AT&T promised me a credit. The operator said that she couldn't credit my account then because I didn't actually have a bill due yet. I knew this was going to be a problem she said call back when I got my 1st bill. In the mean time I order internet service through AT&T. I received a bad modem so another 4 or 5 days passes can't use internet. They send me a new modem. They told me they swould credit my account for my trouble never seen that credit. Today get bill no credits for anything. No $50.00 rebate either. Call phone company only thing I could get from dsl dept was $20.00 credit no luck with credit for phone service or my rebate offer. They told me to visit the rewards website for my rebate. I dont see anyway to get my rebate offer!

Resolved fraudulent sales tactics

I called AT&T on 5/5/08 to cancell all of my phone servcs & to inquire about a dry loop DSL internet connection. The rep. asked why I was cancelling my phone servcs. . I told her that I was considering going with another provider & that I only needed internet service. She then asked me how much this other provider was going to charge, which I thought to be distasteful, but I decided to tell her it was to be $24.00 Mo. for all phone servcs. . She then told me that she could offer me a great deal, Local serv. @ $24.00 Mo., Unlimited LD @ $13.05 Mo., & Internet srev. w/ an upgrade to 6.0 @ $32.95 Mo. for atotal of $70.00 Mo. plus all applicable fees & taxes, plus she would give me a $20.00 per Mo. discount for 6 Mos. & a $50.00 cash gift voucher. When I recieved my next bill the ammount due was $98.00 & there was no mention of the $20.00 discount, I then called & spoke w/ 2 different reps. who both told me there was nothing they could do to correct this problem & that no one should have offered me this package, at that time I told them to disconnect all of my services & I hung up abruptly!! Next day I noticed that all of my svcs. were still operational so I called again & told them to disconnect again, again they did not turn off svcs.. By July I decided that I might as well use the svcs. & only pay what I was originally contracted to pay. They then started sending inflated bills to which I only payed the contracted ammount. This went on until Nov. '08, at which I then called to disconnect again!! But guess what, they still did no cut off!! they finally cut my phone in Dec. '08 or Jan '09 & my internet in Feb. '09, I do not intend to pay them for the time between Nov. & Feb. . The next thing I recieved was a collection notice stating that I owed them $309.44. I had already registered a complaint with the BBB.

PS; I still have not recieved my $50.00 cash gift voucher & I do intend to register a complaint with other state & federal authorities.

  • Bu
    bulldog247 Apr 25, 2009

    It is the worst thing to be stuck using a phone service provider that lacks skills in telling the truth or providing quality and dependable service. AT&T is a terrible company. They promised that broadband would be offered in our area that has been almost 3 years ago and they keep saying the same thing when you call. Every time a storm or something happens it take days instead of hours to get the phone turned back on. It is very discouraging dealing with this company. If you have a choice do not choose AT&T.

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Resolved uverse at&t rewards

I referred two people to AT & T Uverse for their AT&T Referrals program in August and October of 2008, and did not receive the rewards for them. On the website it asks for their phone number or their Ban number. I entered their phone number. After waiting 4 months, and no rewards, I called and was told that I had to enter the BAN number, the CS rep said that she would reenter with their BAN number. I waited another two months, and was now told that they registered after they had already received service, and you must do it before (I did the first time). DO NOT refer anyone to ATT Uverse. The two people that I referred have had nothing but problems with their service, and one of them is going back to Direct TV next week.

  • Jo
    joann fremder Jul 09, 2009

    I was supposed to receive money for uverse account being set up. When I check for rewards using my account number I am told no such account number is qualifed. What is the deal? My number is 102855884. Please check...I have home phone, internet and tv.

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  • Ke
    kevlawr Oct 05, 2009

    This is Mr. Lawrence your were attempting to help me with my rewards that I never received from att uverse. I received 1/3 of what I was promised and then the reward center only showed what I received and not what was owed to me. I was advised that it would take at least a week before it would show up and it has been a month since I and I still don't have my $100. The promotion was $100 if signed up by phone and $200 via the internet. I signed up via the internet and was contacted by Mr. Maro how offered me an addtional $125. Unfortunately Mr. Maro has not contacted me as you attempted to have him do so. I am no longer concerned with the $125 as I am about to turn off the phone line that I currently have.

    I am not happy with the business division of the company you work for. When I google att Uverse rewards the fifth link that comes up is a complaint board filled with complaint of people how have not received the rebates or promotions promised on the ATT website. It seems as if I am another victim our this ATT Uverse lose leader tactic were in att breaks its promise to pay what it owes. I understand this marketing practice but the way it generally works is that the business take a lose on whatever they are promoting in order to increase sales through out the rest of the business ie $200 if you sign up online + an additional $100 if you do a three way bundle were in the company increased it's monthly income getting back the $300 with in that transaction to at most 3 months time. But it is bad when I read about people like my self who was going to take that money and put it back into the company after all dosen't get what was do. I was also promised two months at half price and was given less. Where in my bill was to be $78 for both August and September. When I spoke to you you told me this could not be done, but you did take $50 off making my bill $105. I write this to say that I see a trend which does not provide the benefits I enjoyed when I was with Directv. When I signed up with them they had a similar promotion and I received it ALL. The Uverse unit is cool but I can enjoy similar functions on their dvr and the pricing is better. for what I am paying I can get a better movie package still work out to be cheaper than you guys. If I do not get my $100 dollars soon I think I will drop the service and I know it may not concern your division of the company but I may drop att as my wireless provider as well. I Calculated Att is making around $600/month off of me in one form or the other. I don't feel good about giving my money to a company how has business practices like yours does. Thank you for you assistance in the past. I want it to be clear that this letter has little if nothing to do with your work in this on going problem as much as it has to do with the function of your Company.


    Kevin Lawrence

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  • So
    Sotik Dec 16, 2010

    I have been a customer with att uverse for the last two years.This last november i moved to a different apartment and therefore had to discontinue my services.When i called to say that i was disconecting services i was refered to their customer retention department.I had several conversations with different individuals including two manangers who offered me some promotional credits as well as rewards that i was supposed to recieve after thirty days of re-instating services with them.All this turned out to be lies.
    To start with their intial serviece instalation was so unproffesional and i had to call them 2 times within the first week for their technitians to come back and rectify some problems with the service.
    When my first bill came they had charged me instalation fee which they had said they would wave and the credits they had promised were not reflected on the bill.When i called them they said that there were no such comments showing on my account.I knew i had been promised them because i had talked with their managers two times regarding the matter and it was on of the things they used to convience me to reinstate services with them.I was very annoyed that their customer service representatives includieng their managers tell such shameless lies to potential customers.They make promises they don't intent to honour and therefore do not make any notes on the customer accounts.
    After urguing with them for sometime i told them that i was going to disconnect the services and thats when one of the managers said he would give me a $75 credit for the disruption of services i had had for the first two weeks.He also said that when i had the services for about 30days to go to their reward centre and claim my rewards.When i went to clam the rewards after 6weeks of service their system could not recorgnise my account number and therefore refered me to the customer service department at the centre.The lady i talked with was the most rude customer service represeantative i have ever spoken to.She kept interupting and speaking over me whenever i tried to explain what had happened.She finnally said that i did not qualify for the awards because of the credits i had recieved.She had no courtesey to even give me time to explain to her that one of the credits i was given was supposed to compasate for the interuptions i had had with the services int the first two weeks.I could tell from the way she was talking that even the managers who i had spoken with before never put any notes on the account.
    What they dont seem to realise is that there are many other companies offering the same services they do and a customer has a choice to move where they feel treated with respect.It's no wonder whenever i spoke with their representatives in the initial stages each one would remind me that i was going to recieve a survey call from the company's automated system and they all solicitated me to say how well they had served me.They are a bunch of evil people who have no shame to lie to a customer and solicit for a good comentation with the same breath.
    Bottom line, I'm leaving Att uverse and will never use their services again i will give the same advice to anybody i talk to who asks about them.Whan they seem to forget is that word of mouth is the most effective advertising there is.

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Resolved false advertisement

I was also, another victim of false advertisement. At the time of my subscription to ATT wireless plan, I was also notified of the rebate that I would be receiving. I was instructed by Sale Rep from ATT to log in to the site ATT/reward rebate. And, could not believe that it never prompt me to the site. I am also requesting for my rebate as promise by ATT. I feel that this was poor business and a rip off. I am very upset, and disappointed with service . I am waiting and expecting my promised rebate.

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Resolved air card service

I have a att air card bought 2/9/09 was not told that I have only 5gig cap on my 60 dollar charge a month ...

Resolved at&t network degrade service for 2g phones

Fewer Bars in More Places: AT&T Network Upgrades Degrade Service for 2G Phones
By Timothy R. Butler | Jan 2, 2009 at 22:45:2

In an act affecting owners of 2G cell phones on AT&T Mobility’s network, including the highly visible, and originally highly expensive first generation iPhone, Open for Business has learned that AT&T has been quietly sacrificing 2G signal strength in an effort to speed up the build out of its next generation 3G network. The first generation iPhone was trumpeted by the company as recently as seven months ago; many 2G phones continue to be sold by the Dallas-based company today.

Cell phones, like other wireless communications devices, have certain radio bands they communicate on. While previously the company had been primarily relying on the 850 MHz band that offers a more robust signal, including superior indoor reception, company technicians confirmed to OFB that transmitters for the 2G signal used by the original iPhone and most other handsets, including most AT&T offered BlackBerry and RAZR models, have been shifted to the weaker 1900 MHz band in some areas.

This shift has resulted in customers past their 30-day return policy, but still with relatively new phones, finding themselves stuck with equipment no longer able to pick up signals properly in previously strong coverage areas, even though the equipment itself is without defect.

OFB was able to confirm this situation for itself using multiple devices in St. Louis, MO, and also obtained information on similar cases across the country. Reports suggested the problem started to appear as AT&T ramped up its 3G network in preparation for the iPhone 3G in early 2008. Each AT&T technician OFB talked to concerning this problem offered the same solution: that the customer should purchase new, 3G-enabled equipment at the customer’s own expense. This has created a troubling situation for many owners of the original iPhone, a device that was as recently as May of 2008 selling for $400. These users are being told their expensive phones should not only be replaced at the subscriber’s expense, sometimes less than a year after purchase, but also at an increase in the monthly service rate of $10 for data and $5 for text messaging.

While the iPhone is the highest profile device impacted by the network change, other high profile, higher-end phones, including all but one of AT&T’s BlackBerry phones, feature 2G GSM/EDGE radios that could be impacted by this switch. In all, nearly half of AT&T’s phones available on its web site are 2G models incompatible with the newer 3G technology.
OFB/T.R. Butler

When I contacted AT&T’s technical support seeking a solution to the problem, the company did offer a $200 one-time credit, a helpful offer, but not nearly enough to offset replacing my family’s two perfectly functional iPhones and additional Nokia handset (equipment totaling about $1, 000 in value over the last two years), nor did the company offer to offset the additional fees attached to the new phones (a cumulative total of $30/month). The standard upgrade offered was pursuant to a new two-year contract on all three lines. Over the course of the next two years, AT&T’s offer would cost an additional $920 plus tax to restore the level of service previously available.

As an alternative, OFB was also advised by one AT&T customer service representative to consider terminating AT&T service. The representative then suggested using unofficial information on the Internet to unlock the iPhone for use on another cellular network.

OFB’s staff collected other similar stories across the country, including the Midwest and both coasts. A serious question arises for those considering purchasing higher end equipment like the iPhone 3G or Blackberry Bold going forward, either as a new customer or as a customer attempting to escape the 2G problems. As AT&T looks forward to yet another network upgrade to the 4G LTE network in the coming years, is there any guarantee that new equipment purchased now will not suffer the same fate before its respective contracts expire as well?

AT&T’s executive director of analyst relations, Mark Siegel, “categorically” denied to OFB that AT&T was advising customers to dump 2G equipment such as the iPhone for 3G versions. In a follow-up message, Siegel added that the company was not requiring anyone to switch to 3G equipment. Although that is technically true, customers in affected areas are all but required to upgrade due to the dramatic signal strength drop over the last few months.

OFB also attempted to reach Apple for comment, but had not received a response from the company by press time.

Timothy R. Butler is editor-in-chief of Open for Business. You can contact him at [protected]@ofb.biz.

  • Ha
    HATED_it Jan 20, 2011


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Resolved extremely poor customer service

Think twice before ordering at&t u-verse!
I bought an hdtv in11/2008 and decided to order at&t u-verse. I already had at&t dsl, so I was going with the cable/internet/digital voice bundle. I was scheduled for installation on 12/19/2008. They callled to cancel and reschedule because it was snowing outside. Ok, fine, no problem. So, they reschedule for 1/9/2008 between noon and 3pm. 3 o'clock comes and goes with no sign of at&t and no cancellation phone calls. At 4 o'clock I decided to call at&t and they told me that I didn't have an appointment scheduled. I guess that the phone call on 12/19 was all my imagination. So, after about an hour on the phone with the "customer service" rep, I am rescheduled for the very next tuesday between noon and 3pm. However, they cannot install the digital phone until that friday. Whatever! I agree. On tuesday, 1/13 I had the cable installed and it worked fine. I had all of the channels and the hd looked great. So it worked for about a week. I get up the following monday, and guess what, no hd! I immediately call at&t "tech support." he asks what the issue is and than reads the standard "we're very sorry that this happened... Yada yada yada." he tells me that he cannot figure out what the issue is and has to send a technician to my house. Well, I guess I sounded angry enough that I was able to get a technician out the very next day (Between 3pm and 6pm). The technician shows up around 6pm and asks me if I ordered hd and if I am paying the extra $10 a month hd fee. I replied in the positive and he immediately made a phone call, reset my receiver and, bam, I have hd again. Oops, I forgot about the digital voice that was to be installed the previous friday. Ok, they were supposed to show up between noon and 3pm to install the digital voice. Again, no call and no show. If I were to do this at my job, I would be fired. So, I call the useless "customer service" reps and get the usual we're sorry mumbo jumbo. Apparently, the appointment was made but the local dispatcher messed something up. Than, the rep proceeds to tell me that she needs to investigate and cannot make an appointment until the following monday. She told me that she or someone would call me to set an appointment up. Well, what a surprise, they never called. So, I decided, forget it, i'm gonna get the smallest phone package that at&t provides (Not digital) and add minutes to my cell phone and use it as my primary phone. Btw, I didn't bother calling them to ask what happened. I figures that it just wouldn't be worth it. Wouldn't you know it, a couple of weeks later, on a friday (I forget the date) my cell phone rings while i'm at work. I answer and it is an at&t technician telling me that he is at my house because I have an appointment to have at&t u-voice installed. I laughed and told him that I did not place an order and to cancel. I actually laughed because I was able to no call and no show them. I'm almost finished so please bear with me. Everything is going well for a couple of months and on saturday, 3/14/2009, i'm watching tv and it keeps freezing up every 2 to 5 minutes. Also, while surfing the internet, error keep appearing that there is a problem with my internet connection. The errors clear after a couple of minutes but would appear again a few minutes later. I reset the hd receiver and the picture would still freeze every 2 to 5 minutes. I reset the router and this also did not fix the issue. So I called at&t support and they checked my line remotely and found an issue. They said they could send a technician out the next day between noon and 4pm. I accept. Well, the next day, I receive a call from an at&t rep around 3:40pm stating that the technician is running late and that he or another technician will be there after 4pm. Well, 4 o'clock comes and goes. At 6pm, I asked my wife to call, because I was too irate. Guess what, they are not coming and weren't even going to call. After my wife ranted and raved, they said they will be out on monday between 4pm and 6pm. This is where I stand right now. When I decided to switch from satellite to u-verse, I thought I was getting a great deal for the price. What a mistake!! If I had it to do over again, I would have stayed with satellite. Actually, I will probably go back to satellite because this is just way to ridiculous. If you have good service with your current cable provider, stick with them.

  • Un
    unsatisfide customer Apr 17, 2009

    I agree, AT&T U-verse should not even try to compete with comcast or any onther TV services. Their servces sucks, they do not even know how to repair or troubleshoot their own hardware. They have left a 72 year old lady without a phone line after switching over to AT&T Uverse. She can not make or recieve any calls. If her house was to catch on FIRE AT&T would be a fault since they are not willing to fix their equipment. They should be hung and should not even try to compete with Comcast or satelite TV. They Suck...

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  • Un
    unsatisfide customer Apr 17, 2009

    100% agree

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  • Le
    leola foster Oct 10, 2010

    I am fed up wsith your customer service. I hVE BEEN HAVING trouble fpr weeks and I keep getting a run around and no one has the ability to do the right thing but they sure can lie .I guess I will be looking into getting someone else

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  • Vi
    VictorEspinoza Dec 17, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    [censor] happens

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  • Do
    Donna Wackerle Jan 20, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have tried for over a month to resolve a charge that they made to my bill that I did not authorize. When I first called them about it over a month ago, I was told that they would take it off my bill. I called back last week and they told me that they would now only deduct the labor part, but would charge me for the P-card. When the technician came to my home, he came for another reason not related and while he was there told my son that he "gave him" a P-card...never mentioned anything to me about a charge and left. Now U-verse tells me that they will charge me for this because it is a valid charge. They even read to me in their records that the technician that came to my home said that he "gave me" the P-card. How clear does it have to be? I am canceling my service with them...b/c they refuse now to take this off my bill after I was told the first time I called that it was a miscommunication and they would take it off as a one time thing. I have called a total of three times now and never get this resolved. Can anyone tell me how I can get in touch with an executive at that company to let them know of the way they lie to their customers.

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  • Ma
    mary2373 Aug 02, 2012

    u-verse tv and internet are scams I had high speed internet with at&t for only 19.95 per month, then I order the u-verse tv service and they tell me I have to get my internet along with the u-verse sewrvice. ok so they say it's 19.95, but it's only for the internet pro service, which is their slowest. plus I have to pay $6.00 per month for the modem rental, even tho it's the same one as for the u-verse tv. Plus all sorts of access fees. Now my service has jumped to $38.00 plus the $6.00, which means I am now paying $44 for the lowest internet service they offer. I started out trying to pay approx. $100 for cable tv and internet, I pay nearly $200 plus my att home phone which is seperate runs close to $50. This is ridiculas! We are being robbed by these people. I am going to go to some other service!

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Resolved I did not receive my reward

i referred my daughter to at&t uverse for computer, telephone and television it was installed on9-23-08 my daughter registered with her phone number on line which is what it said to do .i called after eight weeks and was told it would be coming soon each month after that i called and was told the same thing i spoke to supervisors. they all told me they were working on it i called on march 3 2009 and was told after all this time i was not eligable they never told me this before and i think this is a scam i feel they cheated me out of my reward because we followed the directions on line why didnt they tell me 3 months ago that i wasnt getting it they are supposed to be a reputable company i think i should consider changing companies and not referring anymore people for this service this is the second referral i got nothing for

  • Na
    Nancy3205 Jun 01, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Yes, they don't tell you that you have to apply for it online and you can't apply for it until you have had the service for one month and then they will send it to you within 60 days. Also note the expiration date as if you do not use it right away it will expire and they are banking on the fact that most people will forget to apply and will not use it right away and then the fish and bait method will work exactly like they planned. Good luck on trying to get someone to help you as those days are gone!

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  • Na
    Nancy3205 Jun 01, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I find it so funny that AT&T places their ads on this site posting their false and impossible rebates and rewards cards! Your daughter should call and tell them she will cancel if they will not give you the promised rebate! Shame on them!

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Resolved u-verse installation

Earlier Feb 09, I ordered U-verse to be installed. Got a installation date of Feb 28. About 2 weeks wait time. Fine, so I waited. The scheduled installation time was between 12 and 2 pm. I received both a card and email to remind me of the installation.
On exactly 1:59pm that day, I got a call saying the tech is behind schedule and has no idea when he will make it today. I was not too happy, of course, because one has to wait around hours and hours for a technician. And people have plans. You screw up one plan, you screw up the whole day. So I asked for re-schedule.

Guess what, another 2 weeks. The installation time, 12 to 2 pm., same.

I waited again, like a dumb puppet. I made all the efforts to move my schedules around and waited, waited... until 2:30, I lost my patience and called customer service. Surprisingly (or NOT), I was told the order was canceled. At first the customer rep had no idea what happened but after I pushed further, and after numerous transfer, hold, hold, 40 mins went by, and it turned out that the order was NEVER officially assigned to the dispatcher, due to some "technical" errors. The order was "cancelled" after 14 days.

I was getting at least 2 automatically placed calls before that installation date, to remind me of this installation. And right in the morning of the installation, beautifully, the order was nuked. And the beauty of it, is that no one is at fault!!!??? because it is all system's problem!

The bottom is that my time is simply worth zero dollars because I lie on the couch watching TV everyday anyway. Well. NO. my billing rate is $ 200 per hour. We had a deal, to make a sale which requires that I commit to a schedule, sit and wait, and the other party show up to perform the service. By screwing up like this, it is an epic failure of business trust, integrity, and simply disgraceful.

This will be almost 2 months, for U-verse to be installed.
Shame, I mean, concentrated shame, mixed with lead and mercury. Sometimes I really don't get this, do they still want customers or not? Because seems to me, no one gives a [censored] any.

They put me down for another week. Maybe I need to get my fingers crossed for someone from AT&T to really make his appointment. It's like, playing lottery. You need very very very good luck to win, to get installed.

  • Di
    DIEGODINIZ Nov 05, 2009


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Resolved false advertising

ATT solicted my company for a website with a banner ad guaranteed to get 60 clicks a month and put me on yellowpages.com and other search engines . After 3 months of trying to get in touch with their web designer, the sales representative, OR the sales representatives manager, none of my phone calls were ever returned, I received a contract and my credit card was billed. I called customer service and they found no record . I sent their information back, registered mail, with a letter stating that their "no service" was cause for my not signing any contract with them. Instead of responding to my letter they put up a banner ad with incorrect information about my business causing me financial harm 4 months after I was solicted and 2 months after they received my cancellation letter. I have called them many times trying to get them to stop advertising my business and they state there is nothing they can do. Customer service is smug and inconsiderate. I have had customer service representative tell me there is nothing they can do because it has been billed to my credit card and I voiced verified the information. I had one representative from the Riverside, CA office hang up on me. If you are thinking about advertising with ATT YELLOWPAGES - STOP NOW - THEY DON'T PERFORM WHAT THEY PROMISE AND THEY TREAT YOU AS THE ENEMY!!

  • Jo
    John Simmons Mar 23, 2009

    I was called by a representative to place an ad. I was told that I would have a week to cancel if I changed my mind. After a couple of days, I did change my mind (I was shutting down that business), but was told that my representative was not available and that the new rep did not have authorization to cancel. I told them then and there that I would stay on the phone and escalate the call until my cancellation request was honored as advertised. The rep talked to her manager and then said that "I guarantee you that it will be taken care of today". She dropped the ball, and the ad appeared anyway. I was afraid of getting a lot of calls for a non-existent business, but during the whole year, I only got one call - someone looking for a job. I have been fighting one very long legal battle that started when they tried to bill me. In short: DON'T USE AT&T YELLOW PAGES - YOU'LL BE SCREWED, YOUR AD WON'T BE WORTH THE MONEY, AND YOU WILL BE DEALING WITH AN EXTREMELY SLIMY COMPANY.

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  • Re
    rexs Feb 15, 2010

    I am sorry that you are not happy with yellowpages.com. I was looking online found a website that you can have a ebillboard for FREE. Just go to seekshallfind.com. I was talking to my friend Bill he sign up for a ebillboard. He told me that he is glad that he got a ebillboard. His business just moved to a new building he went to change this info with yellow book and was on hold for 35 Minutes waiting for someone to talk to. When he went to his ebillboard and change his info and it took him just few minutes.

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  • My name is Mathew Korba. I am the owner of Blue Ribbon Auto Glass Llc in Tacoma, Wa. I too attempted to advertise with the YPConnect program (yellow pages on-line), marketed by AT&T advertising. We are currently seeking businesses and individuals who have not received the services promised by Yellowpages.com Llc as sold by AT&T Advertising Solutions to partipate in a class action suite. The purpose of the suite is to recover financial losses incurred by mis-leading sales tactics and Yellowpages.com Llc's inability to deliver it's product as advertised. You are encouraged to participate.
    Please cal (253) 250-7262 or email [email protected] for more information

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  • I want to thank all the wonderful individuals who have taken their time to respond to our comment/complaint. and, apologize to those whom we have not returned contact. Your response (needless to say) has been over whelming. AT&T-Yellowpages.com and Blue Ribbon Auto Glass, Llc. have mutually agreed to terminate the contract and we have received a full refund. This does not excuse AT&T's misrepresentation of their product or unconscionable behavior. Nor does this make-up for our total financial losses. However, at this time we are not pursuing our law suite.

    If I could pass on what this experience has shown me, I would say to, "Not go quietly into the night" let your voice be heard. File your complaint with as many organizations outside of AT&T's control as possible. The BBB, Federal Trade commission, State Attorney Generals Office etc... If you are paying with a credit/debit card, STOP PAYMENT NOW! And dispute the charges with your card company (AT&T must prove their charges are valid to the card company and are not allowed to contact the person or business disputing the charges about the amount disputed until it is settled). If the do so, file a complaint with your card company (Visa/MC/AMEX/DC) not your bank. If you have been sent to "collections", dispute the validity of the original bill. Make AT&T prove they provided the service. Your "contract" is for "clicks" not calls. AT&T must show a preponderance of proof that your "clicks" are in accordance with your specific contract. The plain and simple truth is they can not. Finally, USE the experience and advice given on the complaint board. It is a great resource!

    Mathew Korba
    Blue Ribbon Auto Glass, Llc.

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  • Fi
    fierce Mar 31, 2011

    The GSM does have the authority to cancel the contract but it would go against his commissions. I used to work for the company and its a very fraudulent company.

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billing, customer service

After a gross overpayment of my monthly wireless aircard fee, I was put through hell trying to get the money returned. After intitiating action their "Trust Dept" (good name huh?) closed the case (CMA) after requiring more info on the payment but never tried to get in touch with me to request the info. I opened another "CMA" to proceed and got shoddy customer service, one service rep (Kathryn Berman) told me to fax the info for the Trust Dept. to her and she would take care of it. I found after trying to follow up, she did nothing but leave lie on a pile of papers.
After 5 weeks and no money to pay my bills I incurred a few late charges and AT&T never offered interest for the time the held my money.
Five weeks ago I called to terminate the contract and after explaining it all for the umpteenth time the service manager agreed with me and it was canceled. AT&T continued to carry a balance and just turned it over to a collection agency. I called AT&T customer service just now about it and I'm told by the supervisor the only thing she can do is waive the late fee.
At&T and especially the "Trust Dept" does not care about customer relations. This is not the first time in many years I have had bad customer service and/or trouble with this company, I should have learned my lesson. Stick with Verizon

  • Co
    codfather May 08, 2009

    Another ATT complaint. Before they took over Cingular I never had a problem, however, once ATT took over I started having many dead zones. Most particular and peculiar was as soon as I got near Washington DC and area north of there, I could not make or receive calls on my cell phone. When I got back here to NC I called ATT to complain. The lady asked me to call the next time I got close to the areas that were dead, so I did. They were suppose to track me or something and then connect me to the towers. It did NOT work. The next time I traveled to NJ I went to an ATT store at the Freehold Mall. The person there told me I had to upgrade my phone. I asked what? He said you need a new phone. At that point I just wanted to be able to make my phone contacts so I sprung for a new phone at about $250. I had the phone for about one year and it got wet, so I had to pay another $115, Okay so what. Well when I called the ATT operator to find out why my phone wasn't working she told me to put the SIMI chip in the old phone and it should work. Well, I guess I was dupped by the ATT store because apparently all I needed was a new SIMI chip which should have been given to me for free!

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Resolved anything to do with u-verse!

This is a warning to anyone getting involved with the ATT U-verse system! Everything they tell you is untrue, the persons on the help lines each seem to have a different story about getting help, and the billing is very deceptive. We had service installed on January 31st, 2009 and as of today (3/9/09), it has been an absolute NIGHTMARE! I have been verbally lied too, verbally abused, and we have had probably less that one half service during the entire time it has been installed.
We have been customers with ATT for many years, and have had all services "bundled" for the past several years, but this has completely turned us off from this company. They are ripping people off left and right... do not even consider getting this service or you will be sorry!!!

Resolved card cancelled for no reason!

As a former employee of AT&T, I was guaranteed the use of my AT&T Universal Card for life with no annual fee...

Resolved charges

Going to make this short. We got a go phone from wal-mart for our son to use just in case, the throw away...

Resolved creditor

dear sir I am craig j cirrincione I was sent is letter from your Law offices. It states that I owe you 433.99...

Resolved sales man fraud me

A man represent at&t came to my shop want me to change land line carrier. he promised me lower my telephone bill.
but i get doubled phone bill this month.
I call AT&T but that computer machine make me angry, also
the person received call doesn't care because its not their department job. i tried call million time this sales person, leave million time recording didnot answer.
what am i have to do?

sales man fraud me

  • La
    ladybug May 26, 2009

    Complaint very accurate. I had a man come into my house told me the same line. I also went to AT&T office each point was gone over; It was a special deal they said. My phone bill has been twice as high as before and I cannot get anyone do anything about it. As with this person I get the automated system which goes around in circle, and after an hour going through one thing after the other, I'm told it's not their problem.

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combining cell phone accounts

I have been an AT&T customer for over five years. I recently rolled my sisters account under my account. I called customer service twice to ask questions about the details before I made the switch. The rep did not note any of my questions or any of the responses to my questions. I specially asked about the rollover minutes and was assured we would keep all of them. Now I get my first bill and they have taken away all the minutes and say they can't do anything about it even though their representatives are giving out incorrect information. This is very poor customer service and when my contracts expire I will not be renewing any of the. They also said that one of my contracts has already expired this is contrary to what I was told when I was combining the accounts in February. AT&T needs to give me back my rollover minutes and retrain their customer service agents.

  • Tr
    Trudivvva Feb 20, 2009

    My debit card was blocked due to overdrafts and when I recieved a print out I discovered that At&t had submitted an ACH against my account fraudulently. I have not done business with At&t since 2000 and my bank account has only been opened a month. The draft was submitted with NO ACCOUNT attached, nor phone number NOTHING! I called and spoke a rep who couldn't find anything that matched the amount, GO FIGURE! I can't understand how a compnay as large as At&t has no tracking system for payments they've recieved via the telephone. I am completely ticked cause I'm left holding the bag until it's been resolved!

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Resolved internet service

i need to update my complaint. It is very important for me to let everyone know about a billing specialist named ASSUNTA WESBY, she was very helpful, very polite, and even cared enough to tell me that after we disconnected that she would make sure my account was how i had requested. Please ATT praise her, but i would let some of the customer service taking orders for new service maybe take some training from her. all of you out there take the time to do the steps it is worth it if you get the pleasure to speak to her; ASSUNTA WESBY.

  • Wa
    wade croft Mar 02, 2009

    I'm so glad that i'm not the only one having trouble with att. I had problems from the beginning promises of when they would show up to connect my service and they were a no show. The biggest problem of all is that when i ordered internet with the agent i told her that i wanted the basic dsl service with no regular telephone line, she said that was possible basic dsl with760kb would be 14.95 amonth with a added 5.00 because i do not have regular phone line with them. Because i am a new customer they had to charge me immediately debiting my checking 50.00 and they also had to debit my checking for 6 months to pay my monthly bill.. Now they tell me that they will debit my checking 42.95 each month because they claim i have the highest speed dsl that they offer.. Please tell me if you agree that sounds like a scam or illegal. att you should be ashamed we normal people cant fight you big dogs especially when you play tricks like that. so so wrong

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Resolved didn't get my accessories

I called in to talk abouth my home phone acct. When I was asked about getting a wireless plan, we talked about it, and I asked what would I get with the plan, she told me that I would get a free phone with $50.00 cash back, 450 daytime min. 5000night/weekned min. And a rebate. So I got online to see all the phone because I didn't like the free phone, she said that if I paided for a phone that she would give me a better offer, I asked what was it she said if I paide for the phone that she would give me a bluetoot headset, car chargers, rebate, $50.00cash back, and my mins. Well I got my phone, mins. But that was it. I called in to at&t and talk to so meny people that I said # it, but thay cann't call me for sehit and i'm going to send the phone back. (Ceo) will like that. Jacqueline faison [protected] call me, i'm mad

  • Je
    Jerry Jun 09, 2009

    I purchased this phone over a year ago from Amazon with a contract. Then we found out ATT offers family plans, so I went to an ATT store, changed the plan to a family Talk plan, and added a new line for my wife. Also updated my address at the same time since we are moving. All look fine, right? I still got my next bill and next bill after that. I paid all of them on time, online. My current due is $0.00.

    However Today I woke up to a phone call by a collection agency. They have already put a record in my credit history also for nonpayment of $59.99 for this phone ending 7512. I was shocked; I've been paying over $150 every month. I told the collection agency guy this cannot be true, so he gave me an ATT 800 number which did not work. I called 611 to hear this:

    "Sir you changed your account in July 2008, updated the address only on the new account. You have failed to update the address on the previous account, so this is the reason you did not receive our notices". This is the first time I even found out that there was an account change. All I knew as a customer was I changed the plan, then at the same time, gave my new address. However the ATT rep who entered the address failed to update the earlier account that he migrated my phone number from. How a customer would even supposed to know they were moving accounts, its ATT's internal business. All I know is I updated my address, I get my bills, I pay them on time. All I know is I had two phone numbers; I was paying on time for both.

    Now I have a collection agency trying to charge me for their charges, have a negative entry in my credit history, I requested ATT to rectify it, while offering to pay the balance on the original account. They told me they would not do it to a customer who has a clean payment record, that’s their standard of customer service. They even refuse to admit it's their fault. I am extremely disappointed and unhappy about their service.

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  • Ji
    Jimmy Aug 05, 2009

    I had terrible reception, often resulting in dropped calls upon moving to a new home. My cell phone is my work phone. Due to the terrible reception, I was forced to walk around my house and property to find a better (although temporary) signal while saying "I'm sorry, can you please repeat that." AT&T representatives told me that my address show me as living in a "good" coverage area. I even had a dropped call when talking with an AT&T customer service representative (that didn't call me back after the dropped call...even though I had warned them it might happen, and asked them to please call me back so I wouldn't have to "start over" with another representative). Since they didn't call me back, I did start over with another representative, that completely understood the frustrations I was having, since she could not hear me clearly throughout much of the call. Finally, after talking with a financial institution and having the call dropped three times during our transactions, I decided I had to swith plans. The AT&T representative gave me the option of a 1 month test of a newer phone (mine is only 16 months old) that "might" help. They would not verify that my address had terrible coverage, ie: send someone to the property with an AT&T cell phone. They simply said we show you with good coverage. And, my only option was to potentially (maybe?) have better service if I upgrade to a new phone. My final conversation, with a customer service supervisor, was extremely frustrating. He said that my service contract did not state that I would be given perfect reception 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Could he have been more condesending? I would have appreciated having a clear signal (similar to my previous address) that would allow me to utilize my cell phone on my new property. Long story short, they will be billing me the $175 early termination fee even though I had absolutely terrible reception from my own home (and office). They were extremely condesending and matter of fact with their responses. I highly, HIGHLY, DO NOT recommend AT&T for ANYONE, EVER!

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  • Ja
    jameswick Oct 08, 2009

    She could language that is not explict and not "vulgar" to explain her complaint. Words could offend someone!

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  • Ja
    jameswick Oct 08, 2009

    That is use language that is not explict!

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  • Ji
    jim matzker Jan 22, 2010

    AT&T has some of the worst service. I recently agree to switch from Charter Communication to bundle with AT&T and Direct-TV with the premier service because I was quoted a price of both companies at 10 dollars less then what I was recieving from Charter. After asking if this is for real the salesperson assured and I agreed. That is when the nightmare began, both companies installed my service in a timely fashion. However, I did not have the phone number I had before AT&T a representative assured me that as soon as Charter release my number I will get it. This took over 11 days, during that time I had a problem with reception and losing dsl calling the service desk was not a good experience telling me I was to far away from the building that provides these two services which is less then two miles away. This made me think about customers who live further away, does AT&T provide cans with strings attached. however the field techs cared, trying to resolve the problem. This was not my only problem my bill was never 10 dollars cheaper it was over 80 dollars for both. I believe AT&T should be investigated and I believe heads should roll. My advice stay away and remember this "If its to good to be true, it probably isn't".

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