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Complaints & Reviews

worst company i've dealt with!

I had similar experience with other people. I regret so much that I didn't check out the online info before I bought the policy from assurant! I was forced to get rental insurance for an apartment through my son's apartment complex, and I bought the policy via geico. I paid the policy by credit card through geico, but apparently geico passed my credit card info to assurant. I am very upset with geico about this and will change my auto insurance with them because of this. After my son graduated from college and moved out of the apartment in may 2010, it was so difficult to get the policy cancelled. First assurant wants an email to cancell the policy, we cannot cancel the policy over the phone. I don't understand why since we bought the policy over the phone. After that, assurant needed the landlord to fax them the "proof" that my son had moved out of the apartment. I didn't understand that either since we bought the policy and we should be able to cancel the policy anytime for any reason. As the "cancellation process" dragged on, they've automatically charged my credit card for another year (from november 2010 to november 2011)! I was outraged and called them that i've never agreed that they could auto-charge my credit card. But they said that it's company policy that if they have my credit card number on file, then that means they can charge it unless I cancel the policy. I have never agreed to have my credit card on their file and never signed anything like that, but they said they've informed me that my credit card info was on their file... It's their words against mine, and I felt I was held financial hostage by this company. They are not able to produce any signed doc from me to say that I let them charge my credit card. This practice is criminal. I will alos take this to consumer protection.

fraudulent credit card charges

I took out a temporary health insurance policy with assurant health for the month of june.
I continued being billed $300 for the next 4 months till the month of october on my credit card. I never received a bill from assurant and never authorized them to make these deductions from my credit card.
I got on the phone and talked to them clarifying that since I never signed up for more than a month of health insurance, had a separate insurance from the month of july and never used their health insurance that they should refund some of the amount. I was told that this is something they will clearly not do. As a consequence I had to cancel my credit card to prevent them from charging it.
If you sign up with assurant health be prepared for similar treatment.

billing issues

I again have received an invoice which again shows I owe more that I actually owe.

1. Invoice date [protected] - shows contract amount $1, 058, 370.95 and a payment due of $88, 180.82 - all this for ge appliances.

2. Invoice date [protected] - shows contract amount $894.65 which is the correct contract amount and a payment due of $74.54 which was paid.

3. Invoice date 9-9-10 - shows contract amount $894.65 but a payment due of $223.60 which is incorrect and I spoke with mir at assurant and he advised that I only owed a payment of $74.50 which I paid.

4. Invoice date 10-9-10 shows contract amount $894.65 with a payment due of $223.60 again which is incorrect. I only owe $74.56.

I want to know when this company will get their billing issues resolved because my calling them has not resolved the issue!

computer repair

I will add my complaint to the other ones on this site!! Assurant solutions is a joke! I have been on the phone with them four different times for at least an hour each time and the ultimate result of this time is nothing! The people I spoke with didn't care about their lack of customer service and I will obviously never get my computer fixed. The first time I called I explained that, through normal wear and tear, my left mouse button was no longer working and that the space bar on the keyboard was broken in all but one spot. They had me send the computer to them. They sent it back unrepaired. They claimed it had liquid damage which they had pictures of and, therefore, the warranty wasn't valid. My computer had not had any liquid spilled on it while it was in my care - the keyboard area was, however, incredibly dirty and sticky when I received it back... Makes you wonder who caused the liquid damage. I will never, ever purchase a computer or any other piece of technology from any company who uses assurant solutions as their "warranty" company.

rip off

I was out of town and had to have my truck towed into a dealership to have repairs made to get back home. I did not have my warranty information on hand and could not get ahold of the dealership where if bought my truck from to get the information. I submitted a claim for reimbursement and was denied due to not having prior approval.. They do not privide any concessions to emergency situations. As I informed them, would you have to call a life insurance company to ask if you could die first. Long story short do not deal with this company as it is a waste of money and time and effort..

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doesn't honor warranty

I paid for a an extended warranty when I purchased a 2 year old car with 20k miles on it. About 3 years 8 months later, I had repeated issues with the vehicle running rough, moments of barely running, then seemingly operating okay β€” except that the engine warning light was on. Occasionally flickering on and off. There was about 70k miles on the vehicle, regular maintenance had been performed, and the timing belt and a couple other belts had been replaced 3 months prior.

The dealer tried to work with first extended service corp to have them cover the repairs. They kept insisting I put more and more of my own money into the vehicle to check various things before they would agree to cover. Eventually the problem was narrowed down to the point that repairs would cost over $4, 000. As I recall, it was a problem with valves and lack of compression (i'm a woman that doesn't know much about cars, but I believe that was the issue). Anyway, first extended wanted me to put another $1, 300 into the vehicle before they would decide if they would cover everything. I could not keep putting more and more money into this just to have them decide not to cover under the warranty.

Long story short, I traded in the vehicle for something new with a 10k warranty on it! My complaint does not end there. I still had unused warranty on the first vehicle so I following instuctions on my original warranty paperwork to get a refund on unused warranty. That was the beginning of march. Two months later, I have had my claim returned to me by the postal service twice as "unable to foward". No address I can find for this place seems to be valid. Very, very unhappy that I didn't get to use the warranty and now cannot even get a refund on the unused portion!!


This company does not send me a bill even though I have not signed a statement saying it is ok not to do so...

alternator totally failed/ no reimbursement/no good reason

The alternator totally failed in mo on trip from tx to il. Had to be replaced. No reimbursement after filing with receipts for repairs and a rent car.. Reason was: no mechanical failure. No chance to discuss etc. A total rip off of the $1684 I paid for the policy. Car was within the terms of the contract and all receipts provided for verification. No chance to discuss via telephone. The failure cost me emergency transportation charges of $663 in addition to $573 for the repairs. The rent car was necessary for me to reach a family funeral and I could not wait for repairs. Incident was within the time and milage of the agreement. Never again will I have an extended service agreement.

fraud during the sale of contract

I want everyone to know not to purchase an extended warranty from this company. I purchased two: one for my Kitchenaid dishwasher and one for my Kitchenaid convection oven and microwave combination.

Both appliances are from the Superba collection and they both have springs broken in their hinge system which causes the doors to slam open, rather than gradually open. When I purchased the service contracts over the phone, the salesperson said there were no exclusions.

When the contracts arrived, I filed them away because there is a 60 day waiting period.

Apparently, in the written contract, hinges are specifically excluded, although when I read paragraph 14, I can not find that anywhere.

The company refuses to admit their fraud when selling me the contracts and has only refunded a prorated amount.

Here is the kicker- they sent someone out to fix the hinges and then cancelled my contracts. Apparently one department doesn't know what the other department is doing.

Anyway, don't buy from them - there is no way to tell what you are really buying.

phone insurance

On jan, 18 2010 I filed a claim with signal insurance, I had dropped my htc touch pro off a roof while...

circuit city protection plan

Assurant solutions does not stand behind the warranty from circuit city like they claim to do on the website. I have a 50"plasma tv that has a"match head"size red dot in the center of it. They sent a repair tech out. Tech said panel needs to be replaced. Panel was not available anymore. They said if they could repair it they would replace it. After no call backs from them I called to see what was going on. They told me that a match head size red dot in the center my tv does not constitute a deffect and that a burnt out pixel is within the"manufacturers normal specs"... What the hell?$200 for a protection plan for nothing.. I have never seen a tv in the store that advertises"hey buy this one its has an annoying red dot in the center"they just give you the run around and transfer your from person to person, dept. To dept. And asked about a refund, they give you a p.O. Box # in the middle of nowhere and tell you to write a letter... Wow take peoples money and dont do crap for em. I wish I could run my business like that and still make $...

  • Ar
    Armando PPL Dec 10, 2009

    Hi degees909,

    My name is Armando Calvo I am involved with a company Called Pre-paid legal Services we deal with situations like yours and various others all the time. So trust i know exactly what your going through samething happened to me with a company not to long ago for a laptop the company would not honor the warranty that they were supposed to honor however through prepaid legal my Attorneys sent a letter on my behalf and shortly after the Company called me to come pick up my new Hp laptop at a store location nearest my home. This happens to alot of people all the time where stores do not honor their warranties and try to bulley the consumer around trying to make them decide to give up and bite the bullet or sweep it under the rug simply because most people do not know their rights. Theres a saying that goes if you do not know your rights, you dont have any. Take it from me you writing a letter is just going to go in the same pile with everyone elses at least with Pre-Paid Legal the playing field is leveled. Justice for all
    Looking for Help or Advise
    Armando J. Calvo
    [email protected]

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terrible customer service

Assurant solutions is a joke. I've had my computer fixed 3 times for the same problem. Everytime they say...

scam alert

What a joke this company is. Buyer beware, don't waste you money here. This company is the biggest rip off corporation I have yet to see. They will gladly sell you a warranty. However they continually refuse to cover anything. What a brilliant scam they have going. Have had thier warranty on a vehicle I purchased 1 year ago. On three seperate occasions I filed a claim. Each and every time they found some way of not covering the repairs. Ill tell you they prosicute individuals for stealing your money. This company should definatly be looked into. They do not offer a serivce thier only goal is to rip off honest consumers.

inferior service

We purchased a toshiba satellite p105 s6114 laptop about 3 years ago with a 4 year extended warranty covered...


Received a phishing attempt from [[protected]]
From: assurant
To: [protected]
Subject of email was: health care you need for less vip member, your free quote is attached, and has an attachment.
In body:
Health care can be extremely costly.
We would like to help, please review our attached quote.
Best regards,
Your local insurance representative

awful experience

On september 23, 2006, we purchased a gateway laptop computer from circuit city along with an extended...


This agency never sent a single notice of an account in collection, which allowed substantial interest to...

fraudsters and cheaters

I took out a short-term policy with assurant because they had (on their website) great mental health...

assurant wont reveal terms of compusa extended warranty

Don't know whether they'll even send

Me a hardcopy of warranty.

I'm pessimistic that extended warranty

Extends past end of mfr warranty,

Because assurant's sales pitch is

That their warranties cover issues

Not covered in mfr warranty (so

Logically they could say that the

Both warranties run during year 1 and

The extended warranty expires after

Year 2 from purchase). Of course

This isn't what salesman actually

Said, and price was far too high

For just residual coverage in yr 1.

Live and learn β€” don't buy

Extended coverage = duplicate coverage.

Laptop purchased 12 sep 2006 (just over 2 yr ago) from compusa with 2-yr tap so-called "extended warranty". I need new battery. Called [protected] number for tap on Rep told me that he was told to say that 2 years begins with purchase even tho mfr (toshiba) picks up first year. Same problem as mrs. Wells reported 2007.

I asked to have terms of warranty mailed to me. Rep said that his company (assurant) doesn't mail or e-mail and has no copies of warranty. I can write to fed warranty svc (address above) and ask please to get copy of warranty, but no promises. When I press to have an address for "assurant" he finally asked supervisor and was told that corporate address of assurant is same as above, fwsc po box 105689 atlanta ga 30348.

I find this less than honest of assurant, aside from having been lied

To by the saleperson at compusa (edison nj) on 12 sep 2006, who told me that

Tap picks up after mfr warranty expires.

Assurant must have corporate address (not just p.O.) to receive lawsuits;

They just hide this info.

  • No
    NO name Feb 22, 2009

    I am having same problem with Assurant and CompUSA's extended warranty. Total scam. You have to repeatedly call customer service and wear-them-down to get service. I spent an entire Saturday afternoon calling and calling until I got a Rep. that would help me. Here here is a current list of officers and directors:

    Principal Address
    41ST FLOOR
    NEW YORK NY 10005
    Mailing Address
    41ST FLOOR
    NEW YORK NY 10005
    Registered Agent Name & Address
    1201 HAYS STREET
    TALLAHASSEE FL 32301-2525 US
    Officer/Director Detail
    Name & Address
    Title PD
    NEW YORK NY 10005
    Title CFO
    NEW YORK NY 10005
    Title EV
    NEW YORK NY 10005
    Title EV
    NEW YORK NY 10005
    Title S
    NEW YORK NY 10005
    Title T
    NEW YORK NY 10005

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  • Es
    esaron Sep 08, 2009

    first off we bought a 4 year extended warranty through nebraska furniture mart (really only 3 years).
    then the tv broke and we had to have it repaired, the assurant company LOST OUR FILE!
    So we had to spend $5 to have it faxed over to them via fedex/kinkos and wait 2 weeks for them to update their system.
    2 weeks later they said they would have a local repair center come out and pick up the tv for repair (what happened to the IN HOME they offered on the contract?).
    First they tried fixing the settings, nothing worked. They tried changing out a part, didn't work.
    Then they finally found the problem and ordered the part from toshiba, it came in defective.
    They ordered ANOTHER part, which also came in defective, we're running on 60 days now without a tv, and the warranty company fights for another week trying to say that they cannot give us anything as long as toshiba keeps shipping the parts (what happened to the 3rd repair on same problem instant payout in the contract?).
    Finally we get them to settle and send us out the credit/check. To our surprise it's in the amount of $560! (we paid $700 for the tv).
    We argue with them for another week about the fact they're not giving what was stated in their contract, every rep said "you get what we give you".
    After all this time were were very tired of dealing with them and settled for the $560.
    Now 3 weeks later we call and are told it's being sent by check, but has not been mailed yet (3 weeks no mailing?).
    We call back and another rep says it's being issued as a store credit and we aren't getting a mailed check (what the hell?).
    we call back several more times, some of the reps even tell us we cancelled the check and opted for in store credit so we have to wait 48 business hours for the check to be cancelled and it to be sent to the store.
    after the 48 business hours we call back and they say THEY'RE SENDING A CHECK.

    At this point we're thinking of going to the news and telling our story to see if we can get our legal fees paid for when we take them to court.


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  • Co
    Consumer00 Oct 14, 2009


    Directly quoting you, "Assurant's sales pitch is that their warranties cover issues not covered in mfr warranty".

    Unfortunately, Assurant doesn't have a "sales pitch" at the point of sale, only because there are no associates that sell the warranties at the store. If it was an associate that works for CompUSA stating that, then his/her statement is null only because the contract is the actual Terms & Conditions and not something said verbally.

    Im assuming you're another ignorant consumer, who used the pamphlet (Terms & Conditions) as a coaster for your soda at home. I suggest that you try and find the pamphlet in the garbage, and actually read it. If you have problems understanding the language/verbage, then you should consult a 4th grade English teacher.

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  • Hu
    huggy1 Dec 31, 2010

    wind blue sideing of side of house and discoverd there was dryrot damage. assurany adtuster said they could help with replscing siding but not the damage due to dry rot that ny home oweners pooice didn't cover unfor seen damages.

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  • Ll
    llarrabee Aug 09, 2011


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no service only lip service

I bought insurance through geico and when the policy showed up it said assurant special property on the...