Aspen Dentalservice

C Jul 31, 2019

I made an appt over the phone today with a very pleasant lady. She got me right in and said you will not leave our office in pain. I went for my appt 30 mins early bc I was just ready for some relief. I go in and they take 19 xrays which hurt like crazy bc I was already in pain and swollen gums. After we talked about my treatment, I asked was there something I could get to relieve the pain. The answer was we usually do not give out pain meds. I can't take ibuprofen and that's all they could offer. I have other health issues that keep me from taking ibuprofen. All and all I have been in pain for 3 days, no food, not much to drink and I wasted my time going here and could not even get an antibiotic. I forgot they want me to spend $4000 with them. I do not think so!!!

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