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Aspen Dentalaccessibility to dental services

Ms. Cadetric V. Walker, DATE OF BIRTH : 04/07/1969, SOC.-SEC-NO. : [protected], ADDRESS : 1635 Circlewood Drive, B'ham, AL 35214, TELEPHONE NO. : [protected]. I was referred to Aspen Dental by Family/Friends (* All Are Disabled ) because of Free X-Rays and other Advanced Technology in Dental Treatments Etc. My first visit I received the normal/routine examination : Examination, X-Rays and a Evaluation by a Surgeon because of Broken/Decayed Teeth which the Surgeon stated it wasn't necessary, he could extract my teeth without doing Oral Surgery. I then was sent to the Billing Department in which the Office Manager, Amanda Martin and her Assistant Attempted to ILLEGALY FINANCE My Dental Services through which was Denied because of My Permanent Disability for 17 Years/Source Of Income Being Social Security Disability. They then Attempted to Extort Large Monthly Payments Out Of Me Which I Could In No Way Manage But I Left That Morning In Pain, Bleeding Gums And Severe Infection Which I Did Receive A Prescription For Some Antibiotic Cream. I Left and Called Family/Friends Who Referred Me And They All Stated My Insurance Did Cover Dental Treatment From Aspen Dental Because We All Have The Same Coverage. I Then Contacted My Insurance Company Who Where Angered By The REFUSAL Of TREATMENT And They Mailed Me A Complete Summary Of Everything Aspen Dental Billed Them For In Which United Healthcare Medicare Dual Complete Covered 100 % Including A Complete Set Of Dentures. I Contacted Aspen Dental Again On 07-31-2019 And Attempted To Schedule Another Appointment And Informed Them Of My Insurance Coverage But The Office Manager LIED Stating I Had To Pay The Cost Of Anesthesia For The Surgery The Day Of My Appointment Or Else I Couldn't Be Seen (*All Communication Was Recorded ) Which Was Submitted To The Better Business Bureau HIPPA Complaint Department, My Insurance Company, My Civil Rights Attorneys, Disability Advocates And Media Contacts Nationwide To CEASE/STOP These Hidden Acts Of Discrimination From Prevailing Any Longer !!!