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I went in to Aspen Dental in Mar 2019 where I was charged thousands of dollars of uncovered charges and charges to a third party credit card for services that I had not even had done yet. After speaking to my insurance company I should have never been charged any charges until services were rendered. I was first charged 3000 dollars and when I got the insurance company involved they only deducted 1400 from that amount. I can not get these charges off and my insurance company says it looks like they racked up other charges of stuff I wasn't even aware of that I received. On that day I only went in to get a tooth pulled and one fixed and end up having both pulled but still were covered. With these people you get the run around. My insurance company contacted Aspen and Genesis on my behalf and still we have not saw any results..I need these charges taken away none of the services I discussed with Aspen has been done but my credit is being affected and interest is being added as well and I still have not had the services done discussed.

Aug 05, 2019
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      Aug 14, 2019

    I have the same problem with my local Aspen Dental office. They financed $2600.00 through Genesis and then paid themselves off right at that moment, which activated my loan. Now I have a $145.00 a month payment for services I never received.
    Every time I try to call the office during business hours, I get the after hours answering service. It says to leave a message after the beep, but the recording just plays over and over.

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