Aspen Dental Management / explanation of services

north dartmouth, ma, US

I came in for an emergency service, because I had an abscess. I specifically drove 45 mins away because they were the only emergency appt i could get. I ended up being talked into paying $400 for services I'm going to be getting at my regular dentist that's not 45 mins away from where I live. I explained all of this several times. By the end I was there for TWO HOURS. Finally I got a prescription for penicillin. They took xrays even though i said i'd already had them done somewhere else and insurance wouldn't reimburse...I mean, I didn't fully understand it while i was there but i was so anxious to leave by the end of it because the appt made me late for other stuff, so i just wanted to get out. But clearly they took advantage of me and didn't do what i needed and now i understand that probably because it's a chain of some kind they're in the business to make as much money as possible, instead of just helping people.

Aug 13, 2019

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