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I have tried numerous times to resolve an inaccurate statement from Aspen Dental for services rendered in Lake Wales, Florida. I have sent receipts of payments, insurance explanation of benefits copies, and letters explaining how their statement is in error. I've been trying since October, 2018. I cannot find someone, other than the local office who refuses to acknowledge the error, to help me. Delta Dental is my insurance company and they have agreed that my reconciliation is accurate, however, they cannot do anything to get Aspen to correct their billings. They have engaged in practices prohibited by their contract with Delta Dental such as balance billing, even though their contract with Delta Dental indicates the "allowed amount" and what I owe as the patient. They refuse to acknowledge the allowances and continue to bill me for inaccurate amounts. I cannot find a process or contact that I can appeal their billings. It's elusive. Their local office says they "open a ticket" with their billing office, but the end result is the same and they cannot explain why they have billed in error. I've proved my payments through copies of receipts, yet they are never listed on their statement.

Joy Lloyd, frustrated patient

Oct 06, 2019

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