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Aspen Dental Management / billing customer refunds customer care need of up front

Mh Mar 11, 2019

I was in office in 6/11/2018
I had a visit not covered by in network provider but was not notified at all would be seeing a new dentist or a substitute dentist that was out of network but office said every dentist that substitutes is in network and they should fight for customer and be sure and notify insurance of dentist being in network with his id number
I have called geha if dentist in network I am owed $40 as your office says dentist was in network

I also was told I could be seen for care of problem tooth that I said over year ago that I knew was a problem with pain and your dentist couldn't find it
Then long time almost year later they finally send me for root canal and I lost my tooth due to decay that I had a cracked tooth for a long time and was infection way down unable to save tooth
Then geha says I owed 209 for 6-11-18 so I had credit 76 plus paid 263 but was only responsible for 209 plus I also had payments from bcbs
So credit $40 and difference of $263 I paid compared to owed. $208 per geha eob

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