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Castle Dental reviews & complaints

Castle Dental complaints 24

Castle Dental - cleaning

Took 14 year old grandson in for teeth cleaning. I provided full x rays from his orthodontist taken less than 24 hours before this appointment and a coupon for $39 they had told me to print off for them, 1) the clericals made me rewrite all the paperwork because they didn't like the pen/pencil I used to fill out the forms, 2) they refused to clean his teeth becasue he had metal braces on the top 6 teeth in front, not on any other teeth in his mouth, 3) I explained that he had an appointment with an oral surgeon in a few days that required the teeth cleaned first, 4) finally, after 1.5 hours haggling with the clerks and hygienists, they cleaned his teeth, 5) they then required a physician to come in and look at his teeth so they could charge me an exorbitant fee of $245 for cleaning his teeth without any X-rays and with the coupon. Since when does it cost $245 to clean teeth. This is done by a technician, not Joe Biden. Mr. Castle, there's something rotten in Denmark!

Castle Dental - No hygienist for over six months

I am six months overdue for a cleaning and have had three different appointments scheduled and cancelled by their office. Apparently, my location does not have a hygienist at this time. I tried calling a different location and they are not taking new patients right now as their cleaning schedule is backlogged until June 2022. She told me that many people have been complaining about my location and that the dentists there are suppose to be carving out time to do cleanings until they hire a hygienist. The receptionists are not very helpful and I never received a call back from the office manager. Who do I need to speak to at this point? Corporate? Just been left hanging.

Castle Dental - 4th appt cancelled

Extremely rude office manager when called to find out why I was sent a text that I cancelled my appointment. I did not cancel any appointment, I went for 3rd rescheduled app last week and was told hygienist not there, rescheduled for this week and now that appointment has been canceled. Very disappointed in the office managers rudeness and I would like to talk to corporate.
Jo Smith

Desired outcome: I want to speak to corporate headquarters

Castle Dental - Deceitful BILLING

My first appointment was supposed to be three fillings and when I arrived and got in there was told the three filling weren't as important as a root canal and crown that was needing to be fixed first supposedly. I ended up paying for a root canal and Crown $1, 507 with Renaissance HMO insurance. When I got the letter in the mail from the insurance company the pricing that I should pay was definitely not no 1507 so I called Renaissance and was told with a firm voice that I was overcharged by Castle Dental and I need to contact them. So I did call but got no where over the phone with the subject of being over charged but was told to bring in my insurance statement my next visit. At my appointment I showed her the statement before my appointment and after my two fillings the lady told me they would send the statement to billing and they would get everything in order with my credit and let me not pay for the procedure which was $200 also which was what I was overcharged on the root canal and Crown. Now Castle Dental calling me leaving messages telling me that I owe 200 and something dollars but don't want to give me credit for the overcharging on the root canal and Crown which Renaissance Dental Insurance is telling me I was overcharged. The lady in building told me that Castle Dental never sent her the paperwork that I gave her showing the information. These people are definitely only about one thing (deceit, dishonesty) I was charged for the most expensive procedure on that visit for my teeth issues I still haven't even been able to get my fillings done and I've had the money to do it. My last visit was the biggest upset .I go in for my fillings after them taking more X-rays the dentist tells me that he's not going to have time to do the fillings that day that I was only there for an exam which wasnt correct.I was there for three fillings that they had not done the time that they told me I had to do the root canal and Crown instead. I took off work and everything that day. Can you please help me with this billing scam because they're trying to say I owe 200 and they are not coming clean with the information that the insurance companies providing for me as far as being overcharged. I'll take a lie detector test all day long and can assure you that I'll pass and that they won't. I tried to get the lady from billing to call the insurance company and she said she couldn't she wasn't allowed. Something tells me that's a lie also from( Castle Deceitful Dental.)

Desired outcome: I want them 2 credit how much I was overcharged by 1507 per Renaissance statement of my responsible amount . Not only did they get 1507 out of me they also got money from my insurance company for the procedure.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Castle Dental - Re-treatment

+[protected] [protected] Good afternoon, My name is [protected] and I used to be a patient in Castle Dental Willowbrook location, located on fm 1960. I have done 3...

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Castle Dental - Surprise billing

Beware this crooked dental place. I would give zero stars if I could. I called them due to a pain in a tooth and was given an appt for the next week. I gave them my 2 dental insurances so they could...

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Castle Dental - Teeth removal

We went in to have 4 wisdom teeth removed and an additional tooth removed, we had gotten sent to this location after Hendersonville tn said they don't do surgery. Well we get there and they state we...

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Castle Dental - a refund

Yes I had an account that had a remaining four hundred and something dollars on it for future appointments. I received a letter about a month ago saying that the amount left in my account was going to the state unless I signed and filled out the paperwork and mailed that I did all of that and I have not heard a word from anyone and I need to know what I need to do now because it's over $400 and I could use that.

Castle Dental - filing and billing

I went this office on July 3 2019 to receive service. The dentist said I needed a lot of work, they came back with a $1200 bill. So, I decided to apply for the CareCredit card thinking I can't afford...

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Castle Dental - appointments, services

I have received less than acceptable services from Castle Dental in Houston, TX. It is always hard to make an appointment and the receptionist is always rude. Her name is Veronica. I came in on...

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Castle Dental - over charged me by front desk lady by 10.00

I went to castle dental to see about getting a tooth filled.they charged me 70.00 dollars that trip and gave me a receipt andpapers showing what I spent and it cost.they only done a xray and looked...

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Castle Dental - negligence, failure to provide treatment

I have had a terrible experience at Castle Dental -Nashville. One June 12 I had an appointment to have two permanent crowns put on. The second one wasn't ready so they put a temporary crown on. They...

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Castle Dental - refund/work done I did not authorize

I went to the Castle Dental on Kirby Drive a few years ago. They did a workup on me and told me what needed to be done. I was to get an implant and some other stuff. One of the things I was to receive was a deep cleaning. Oh yeah I paid for everything up front. Bad decision. They informed me they couldn't do the deep cleaning and I would receive a refund, I'm thinking that portion was like 400. So I'm continuing to make my appointments. On one appointment I asked about my refund. I was then told they performed something, that was not apart of my original treatment plan, and I was not told about it prior to them doing it. So instead of refunding my money, they did some other stuff to keep my money. Even still they owe me money. They keep sending me letters saying they need to contact me to refund money. I've contacted them three times with my current address. Now they letters they are sending are addressed to my current address so what's the problem. I've decided small claims court is the way to go with them.

Castle Dental - images

We had 3 of our children's teeth cleaned (and X-rays). The Cypress, TX office was not able to fix the cavities and referred us out. I requested copy's of the xrays, which was promised by two different people and no one delivered after 24 (and release forms were filled out and delivered). Kids are getting another set of xrays.


I will be taking my family of five elsewhere and writing a review on Yelp and the like.

This office only has one hygienist.

Castle Dental - ortho billing clerk in rosenberg

Zira was very unprofessional. She was rude to me. Told me that there was no corporate office number. Zira the number is [protected]. I spoke with them. And they were so nice compared to you. I had a billing question she blamed it all on my insurance. I called my insurance and they said she was wrong. Long story short the corporate office handle my situation accordingly. The right way.

Castle Dental - the buda branch

I scheduled a cleaning six months ago for today (6/3/19) at 8am. When I walked into the Buda location the lights in the waiting area were off. The Office Manager asked if I had an appointment, I told her that I had an 8am and she questioned me "Are you sure? Because the doctor won't be in until 9." I told her I had my email confirmation and she told me to have a seat and they would be with me shortly... the next time she spoke to me was 35 minutes later when she asked me to follow her to the back. Mean while another patient walked in who had an 830 appointment. Why do you have your hours of operations set at 7am if you won't have a doctor in until 9am? Why would you schedule patients when a doctor won't be there?

The Office Manager sat me in a room, prepped the area and then asked "Are you off today?" At this point I'm already frustrated because I've waited so long and her question made me feel like she was validating how long I had been there. 25 minutes later the doctor shows up and states that there was terrible traffic (the highway had been shut down this morning due to an accident) says he will be right with me. He checks in with the hygienist and the office manager and explains to them that he doesn't have all his things, he is waiting for some one to bring them to him.

No one comes back to the room to apologize for the wait, to see if I would like to reschedule. I left, told the Office manager I had to go and again no apologies, didn't ask if I wanted to come at a later time. No regard for my time or the inconvenience.

I understand schedule mix ups happen, unforeseen instances such as the accident on the highway happen but what ever happend to customer service? It wouldn't have cost any of them anything to recognize their error &/or apologize.

I will not return to Castle Dental ever again.

Castle Dental - dental services (cleaning)

I had cleaning service appointment at 11am on Saturday 04/06/2019. The appointment was initially scheduled for 11:00am and 12:00pm but I had a call from the office to come in early if I could...

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Castle Dental - staff/ front desk

I took my daughter to her appt everything going well but when we get ready to go to the back we all get up and go the guy twlls me I cant take my other two kids but I dont have anyone for my other...

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Castle Dental - front desk service

On 7.18.17 I took my daughter to her appointment. She had questions about which teeth she wanted to get filled. All the lady at the front desk said was this is what the doctor wrote this is what we...

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Castle Dental - service/dentures

Went there in March 2015. Need lots of dental work. Opted to have parcials upper and lower. Was molded to have parcials made. Went later to have some upper molers extracted. Dentist (Dr. Malik...

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