Castle Dental Complaints & Reviews

Castle Dental / refund/work done I did not authorize

Jul 08, 2019

I went to the Castle Dental on Kirby Drive a few years ago. They did a workup on me and told me what needed to be done. I was to get an implant and some other stuff. One of the things I was to receive was a deep cleaning. Oh yeah I paid for everything up front. Bad decision. They informed...

Castle Dental / images

Jun 20, 2019

We had 3 of our children's teeth cleaned (and X-rays). The Cypress, TX office was not able to fix the cavities and referred us out. I requested copy's of the xrays, which was promised by two different people and no one delivered after 24 (and release forms were filled out and delivered...

Castle Dental / ortho billing clerk in rosenberg

Jun 11, 2019

Zira was very unprofessional. She was rude to me. Told me that there was no corporate office number. Zira the number is 18669155484. I spoke with them. And they were so nice compared to you. I had a billing question she blamed it all on my insurance. I called my insurance and they said she...

Castle Dental / the buda branch

Jun 03, 2019

I scheduled a cleaning six months ago for today (6/3/19) at 8am. When I walked into the Buda location the lights in the waiting area were off. The Office Manager asked if I had an appointment, I told her that I had an 8am and she questioned me "Are you sure? Because the doctor won't be in...

Castle Dental Ctr 1-22 / dental services (cleaning)

Apr 07, 2019

I had cleaning service appointment at 11am on Saturday 04/06/2019. The appointment was initially scheduled for 11:00am and 12:00pm but I had a call from the office to come in early if I could, because there was a cancellation and would accommodate me earlier than scheduled. I signed in at...

Castle Dental / staff/ front desk

Dec 07, 2018

I took my daughter to her appt everything going well but when we get ready to go to the back we all get up and go the guy twlls me I cant take my other two kids but I dont have anyone for my other two and he tells me to just leave my small kids out in the waiting room I said no and that...

Castle Dental / front desk service

Jul 18, 2017

On 7.18.17 I took my daughter to her appointment. She had questions about which teeth she wanted to get filled. All the lady at the front desk said was this is what the doctor wrote this is what we have to do. She would not even hear her question. So I then stepped in and asked why two...

Castle Dental Humble Texas / service/dentures

Jun 24, 2015

Went there in March 2015. Need lots of dental work. Opted to have parcials upper and lower. Was molded to have parcials made. Went later to have some upper molers extracted. Dentist (Dr. Malik) suggested pulling the front bottom teeth first. So I agreed. Pulled 6. In my opinion only four...

Castle Dental / Braces and Money

Jan 08, 2012

The castle denta on northwest frwy and surrounding areas are con artist they will take your moneey fail to work with you and leave you with your mouth messed up Zara is a liar she is sneaky and crooked. I was told different stories by her and made out none of it was true. She is a criminal and a...

castle dental kirby / horrible service/rude

Jan 17, 2011

I was a new patient and didn't get a conformation call so i called the morning of my 2:oo appt. and receptionist said i was not on books but to come in @ 2:00. I got there at 1:30 knowing i had new client forms to fill out, at 3:00got moved to chair and FINALLY got a few x-rays then...

Castle Dental / high price rip off


DENTAL CUSTOMERS BEWARE!!! I have HMO dental coverage and this was the office close to my home that I picked from the list of approved companies. I went in with a tooth that was giving me trouble and was floored when I was told what it would cost me to get it fixed. I had to ask the person "...

Castle Dental / Dentures


Castle Dental has had numerous complaints against them which has come to light, using same disposable instruments on patients over & over mixing up dentures on patients, giving women men's dentures huge teeth!! The T.V. commercial where the old man & woman mix up their dentures, they...