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H Jul 12, 2019


Dental Services Aspen Dental Management Customer Service ruining my teeth, fraud
Aspen Dental / ruining my teeth, fraud
He Heidi Dimmen Jun 26, 2019
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I went to Aspen Dental to get x-rays to see if I need fillings and I wanted a teeth cleaning after about 2hrs. After I got my x-rays done ect. The dentist proceeded to take me in the business office and said I needed a "deep cleaning" to reverse the damage of gingervitis (mind you my gums didn't bleed and we're not inflamed when I'd brush my teeth and floss) the dentist made it sound like I'd lose my teeth if I didn't get the "deep cleaning" aka tooth scaling and root planning. She never called it that. Scared I might lose my teeth I signed up for the deep cleaning. Payed two something out of pocket I don't have dental insurance only a discount card. I was told I also need three fillings, I went in for deep cleaning on April 11th the dental hygienist didn't tell me she was going to to Start scaling and root planning, she scraped every tooth (I'm missing 3 in the back and still need oral surgery to remove the roots, I was worried it was abcessed she said it was not) they made another appointment for me to come in in get fillings I had to cancel twice to too tooth pain from the "deep cleaning" my teeth all shifted after that procedure my front tooth chipped after they shifted and my teeth feel weak and now I have brown spots all over my teeth. They are sensitive to heat and cold(they weren't before I got the procedure done) they feel and look horrible after that was done. I paid $500 out of pocket on top of the $2 hundred something. I called Aspen and left two messages to arrange a meeting face to face with the dentist for a refund because my teeth are worse after that. They stuck a $130 electric toothbrush I told them I didn't need it and I had one already. They charged almost 200$ for explaining good dental hygiene? I learned that as a kid. I don't need someone to explain brushing twice a day flossing and mouthwash. The mouthwash they gave me might of been over a hundred and causes shallow breathing I had five panic attacks before I wondered if it was the mouth wash and a side effect is shallow breathing I didn't get a side effect list they just told me to use twice a day for two weeks. After I called and left two messages I waited a week. No call back. I went to Aspen with my mom on Monday June 24th they had us wait about 45min. The staff all kept coming out to look at my mom and I. The dentist hid in the back and had the office manager explain why I needed the procedure (she's not a dentist) she said they couldn't refund me. I told her my tooth is chipped and my teeth all shifted and feel horrible she said I don't know what to say about that. I told her it is going to cost me more money to get that fixed. And told her my gums didn't even bleed weren't inflamed and didn't bother me until i got that procedure done. And that it was unnecessary and they just wanted my money. I asked her why they made it sound like a cleaning? She admitted to my mom and I that's how they phrase it. I told her it was a money making tactic. And if they would of explained the procedure correctly instead of calling it a deep cleaning I wouldn't of had it done. All I wanted was a cleaning and to see if I needed fillings. We let them know we're calling the better business bureau ect. For fraud ect. I called them today to have them fax my x-rays to a good family dentist in town. The gal was very rude and said I needed to come and sign a release form at both dentists. She didn't sound happy I wanted my x-rays. I'm on SSDI and don't wanna have to pay for more x-rays. I only make 800$ a month. And paid them almost 800$. They refunded me the fourty dollars I paid part for the filling I haven't gotten yet do to tooth pain. My teeth throb and make this clicking noises. I'm beyond mad.

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