Aspen Dentalcharged me for sedation I didn’t have

D Aug 02, 2019

I went to ASPEN DENTAL in Olean, NY to get my broken teeth removed and have dentures made. I am terrified of the dentist to begin with, so being told I would be sedated for the procedure was a small comfort. I process most Novacaine really fast, which makes dental work a nightmare. They looked over my medical info sheet, and said there would be no problem.
On the day of the appointment, Dr. Tinh came into the room, look everything over, said he wouldn't sedate me, gave me a shot of Valium and 3 shots of Novacaine and started pulling the teeth. I FELT EVERYTHING after the first tooth. The Dr. just kept angrily telling me to relax and let him get done. So-no sedation-but they charged me for it... 1 year later, I am still waiting on a check for $455 for sedation I never got. So not happy with them. Let's see what the Corporate Office have to say next week...

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