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Complaints & Reviews

beware of the crap you buy from them

I purchase a house full of furniture from Ashley Furniture in Gastonia NC ...I am ok with most of it but my kitchen table has been losing the top layer of finish...I thought this table was solid wood with a natural grain in the finish but it is plywood with a paper thin vaneer on top which after only 2 years has been chipping away and of coarse the warantee is over.I always used either a table cloth or place mats when we used the table...I paid over $700.00 for this set and now it is garbage and they told me they can't do anything about it! So beware of the crap you buy from them!

they will cheat you out of your money, beware!

I put $1000 deposit on some furniture at Ashley Furniture the balance was $2600 with the understanding that if the entire balance was not paid in full there would be a 30% cancellation fee. Times got hard we were unable to pay the balance. I called the store and explained that we were going to cancel I was told that I would only get $700 back because the store keeps 30% My husband went to Ashley Furniture store to cancel and get our $700.00 he was told when he got there that he was only going to get $235 because it was 30% of the total selling price. They then showed us some very small writing that said that. My husband was then told that we could pick out something in the store that cost $1000 and we would not lose our 30%. We picked out some furniture the total came to $1010. They then told us no we would have to pick out some furniture for the total sale which was $2600. That did not make any sense at all. We became upset and told them they were being very dishonest and they keep telling us several different stories and the they were trying to keep all of our money they called the police and made us leave the store

non delivery of products

It is your best interest to take your hard earned money to other furniture stores in Greenville, NC. The...

they do not want to give me my cash back

Ashley company policy states if a refund is due to the customer it will be returned the way the customer paid. I paid 1/2 cash, 1/2 atm. They credit my atm, but wanted to give me a check in 14 days for the cash I gave them. They said I was not understanding their policy but it was obvious they were the ones who didnt understand when their own policy when they wanted to give me a check for the cash I gave them. They were rude, I was hung up on by their corporate office and they did not ccared that they lost acustomer.


I was shopping for a sofa when the salesperson told me not to go to Raymour and Flanigan because they sell garbage and they also buy Ashley furniture as well. And then they said that they don't service their own products. All lies. I bought from Raymour in the past and had a good experience. I just wanted to shop around.

When I left and drove across the street, the manager kosmo? followed me over to Raymour parking lot and tried to still sell me.

Very uncomfortable. And rude.

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I work there, it's horrible place

I have only worked for Ashley for about 6 weeks. I agree with all the complaints posted. I, even with an "employee discount" will never buy from them. I work in "customer service" and know first hand what it is . I deal with back order issues / deliveries issues / damages / customer service complaints / fees / all day long ...I can honestly say .." I do not believe anything I hear or anything I say is true" I am embarrassed of it and only stay to support my family. ...I honestly feel sorry for anyone who makes a purchase . I am sure I will talk to you at some point . My apologies in advance.

  • De
    dexterony Apr 29, 2010

    I have to say that our experience was very different from what you describe above. My husband and I were looking for a leather sleeper sofa; most sleepers must be ordered, and the one we picked out was no different. We were told that it would be at least 7 weeks before our sleeper sofa would be delivered.

    We explained to the staff that we were getting married in the next month, had just moved into our new house, and HAD to have this sleeper sofa for visiting guests. The salesperson and manager worked to find our sleeper sofa, and had it delivered to us THE NEXT WEEK!

    Prior to the salesperson/manager knowing that our sleeper sofa would be available in the next week, they wrote up an agreement stating that if the delivery time was pushed to our wedding date, that they would let us immediately pick out a new sleeper that was readily available, or get our money back (normally you only have a week to cancel your undelivered order).

    We visited Ashley Furniture in North Brunswick, NJ.

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  • As
    ashleysweatshopworker May 13, 2010

    You are so right. I work for Ashley as well. They treat their employee's awful. They are moving the location where I work now 32 miles way from our current location. I get paid 8.25 per hour, and we will not be getting a raise. So I will basicly be living below poverty level, and having to drop my health insurance to make sure I can purchase gas, and toll cards to get to work, and maybe just maybe I will be able to buy groceries

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  • Go
    gooch9 Jun 30, 2011

    I also work for ashley furniture arcadia warehouse, they treat their employees horrible. The only way we get a raise is if we start talking about going union. I haven't got a raise in three years. If you work there 25 years or 6 years, you will get paid the same. This is the worst job I have ever had, and I have worked in mexico in the past. Please don't buy ashley furniture, I'm sick of working overtime.

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  • Ev
    Evil Cody Sep 11, 2012

    I'm currently 18 and I work at Ashley starting at 13.77 with mandatory 20 hours overtime its a great job. I do really hard work and get paid well for it. I'm 18 looking at grossing 50k+ a year. So I say Ashley is incredible... If you're a hard mother###er like me.

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  • Je
    Jen Sep 21, 2012

    Do they pay everyone for overtime?

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  • Bs
    BSF22 Aug 09, 2014

    I agree. I work for Ashley in upper management. I feel like I'm running a sweat shop. Any time I try to bring something positive to the table or take a proactive approach to my employees it gets shot down from people above me. Training is horrible. They don't give you the tools to operate efficiently. You are set up for failure from the start. If you speak up about anything, or stand up for yourself, you are chastised. I feel like I have to lie to my employees, just to keep moral up. You either convert to the Ashley way or they will chew you up and spit you out. People make decisions from miles away that, set foot in my warehouse maybe once every 2 months when they know nothing about the area or what's going on in day to day operations. Human Resources, instead of being supportive, act like they are they President and CEO of the company. Big promises, no action.

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delivery issues and damaged furniture

My boyfriend and I ordered furniture from Ashley on Jan 1st, our order was over $8, 000. Ashley furniture was supposed to deliver all of our furniture on 3/27/10. The day before delivery we get a call saying that all of our furniture will come except for the bed. I was on the phone with them for about 2 hrs and they told me the bed will be delivered on April 3rd. On 3/27 the living room furniture, dinning room furniture, and bedroom furniture except the bed was delivered. All of the furniture was damaged except for the living room furniture. We let the company know and they sent over a technician who did nothing but take pics. The day before April 3rd we didn't hear from Ashley so we called and they said that our delivery was never scheduled. They rescheduled for another day and said the bed will not come it is on back order until June. After complaining they agreed to deliver the bed, our chest (which was damaged on 3/27 and sent back), and the dining room buffet (which was also damaged on 3/27 and sent back). The bed was delivered on 4/8, after they said it will not be delivered until June, but the chest and buffet were not delivered because they came off the truck damaged. We have called the company numerous times, but we are unable to speak to a manager and everyone we speak to can't do anything or help us.

I would highly recommend that you do not purchase furniture from Ashley furniture. I am definitely going to file a complaint with BBB. I will never shop at Ashley furniture again. They have horrible customer service, furniture, and inventory system.

poorly made furniture

I purchased a pub table and 6 chairs from Ashely Furniture in Cherry Hill. The sales person was very nice but everything after the sale has been terrible. The customer service technicians are rude and when i called today to ask for a repair to chips in my table I was told that i should have covered it and that since I didn't get the 5 year plan, there is nothing that can be done for me. I informed her that they have come out before for the same repair and she said "We've never been to your house!" Sorry lady but what happened to the customer being right and I think I know if someone has been to my home or not. She looked a little harder and saw that they had been to my house and dd not even apologize for the rudeness in her tone and basically calling me a liar.

I would not have expected damage to the table in under a year but this is already my second time calling for repairs. We had our last table for 10 years and we were just ready for something larger.

I will never shop with Ashley furniture again!


I bought their 7 piece living room for $1, 000 (actually 1, 250 total). It is total junk. The sofa and loveseat were supposed to be green, they are gray - a terrible shade of gray. And the "sofa" is much smaller than the one in the showroom, by as much as 10 inches. I measured both. The fabric is awful too, that is not microsuede. I did not return the funiture because if took 3 months to get it and their customer service is not there and does not call back.

You get what you pay for at Ashley -- JUNK!

Resolved the salespeople were very pushy and even &bad-mouthed&

I purchased 2 leather recliners 2 months ago (June). I received them in 3 weeks. I rejected one of them because it was delivered to me with a tear in the leather. After follow up call after call it took an additional 4 weeks to receive a new one. There was a woman in the distribution warehouse. She had no customer service skills, were extremely rude and had even hung up on me during my last f/u call. I will never purchase another Ashley product again (the only reason I did is b/c our Marine Corps Exchange Stores all sell Ashley). The salespeople in the retail store in Fredericksburg, VA were very pushy and even "bad-mouthed" the lazy boy store and told me to never purchase from them. The back cushions of the first recliner I have received have even flattened out already within 1 month (and I am not a heavy person). I purchased the top of the line leather recliners and the whole experience has been horrible. I was also never told until after my purchase "All Sales are Final" which was another blow when I had initially tried to change my mind within 24 hours of my purchase. I will take my complaints the Marine Corps Exchange Store as well.

Resolved literally they suck

I shopped at ashley furniture when we bought a new house i bought 3 queen size bedroom sets living room and den, kitchen set and tables. We were told it would be in in 2 weeks.Well then they said another week okay that did not happen but we were not in a hurry. they delivered finally. they apoligized and said that never happens ok.So stuppid me tells my brother in law oh go to ashley so he does we spent 4 hour picking out furniture literly yous suck.

Resolved as is policy stinks!

I think that Ashley Furniture's "As Is" policy is unfair to consumers. If you purchase anything off their showroom floor (i.e. lamp, rug, decoration), you may not return it under any circumstances. I attempted to return a rug and two lamps that still had the Ashley Furniture price tags on them and they would not accept them as a return. I spent over $700 for these items. My plans changed and I do not need them anymore. They have never been used. I wanted them to deliver the items instead of buying them off the floor, but that was not an option. I can't understand why they will accept something that has been delivered to the consumer as a return; but not something that the consumer purchases off of the showroom floor.

I sent an email to [protected] and received a trite response from Shannon Burris as follows:

"Thank you for your correspondence. We regret that you disagree with the nature of our AS IS policy. Unfortunately, accessories or other as-is items cannot be warrantied, serviced or returned. We are sorry to have lost your business."

It does not look like Ashley Furniture cares about their customer, nor do they care if their customer ever returns!!

Buyer Beware!

  • Su
    sunflowerchar Mar 13, 2010

    They sell merchandise in their stores that they don't stock in their warehouse, specifically decorations and lamps. This is much like going to a retail store and buying off the shelf. If you are interested in a specific lamp or decoration, the only way you can purchase is buying it off the "shelf". The items are brand new, never been used. They are not damaged. It is similar to a consumer buying something off the shelf from any other retailer (i.e. Target, Macy's, Nordstrom), except they can return the item at these stores.

    I am not saying that I don't understand what "As Is" means...I am saying that Ashley Furniture's "As Is" Policy is unfair. In my case, they did not tell me the items were "As Is" and the salesperson glossed over this fact when I was signing the sales slip.

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Resolved delivered late and poor quality

Ordered from Ashley Furniture and was told that furniture would be delivered on a certain date (within about a week of the order). Got a rather rude call the afternoon before the delivery date explaining that the largest piece was damaged or split, and it would be another week or so before delivery. Waited another week and finally received the furniture and *every single piece* was wobbly or in some cases had legs that were not at a right angle to the base.

Delivery men were nice enough but explained that we'd have to send the entire set back to get a new table (it was that bad), or have someone out to repair the legs. Requested this, and have not heard from them again in over a week.

Will never shop there again, lesson learned.

  • Ep
    Eponymous Mar 05, 2010

    If you're too ###ing stupid to buy a couch that is too big for an elevator that you probably use every day, then that's your own fault. Take some responsibility, douchebag.

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Resolved do not buy from ashley furniture

Ashley Home Store SUCKS.
I paid $1, 700 for a sectional couch. Two pieces were delivered, but the third would not fit into my apartment's elevator. I was told the third piece could be "cut in half" so it would fit into the elevator. Fine. Oh and I'd have to pay an extra $200 for this service because I'm supposed to know if the ###ing couch will fit. First of all, the furniture store should be aware enough to ask questions like that, not just to get a sale. Plus, when I bought it I was in the process of moving and would have no way of knowing the dimensions of the elevator.
So, today my disassembled couch was redelivered and guess what, it wouldn't fit AGAIN. Why? Because, duh, the elevator isn't tall enough to fit it. The idiot who took it apart did not spit it in half. All he or she did was take the back off. No ### it won't fit.
So, once again, I am couchless and was told to expect a phone call.
Never buy anything from Ashley Furniture unless you can pick it up yourself. They're delivery is awful. And you will probably be without the furniture you bought for at least a month.
I say, go to IKEA.

  • Ep
    Eponymous Mar 04, 2010

    If you're stupid enough to buy funiture that doesn't fit inside an elevator that you use every day, then it's your own fault. It's your responsibility to know those little details like, how you're going to get the damn thing inside your house, the width of your doorway, socks first - then shoes. You seriously think that the salesperson should ask "Is this couch too big to get in your apartment?" You fail at life.

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Resolved home damaged by delivery

I received delivery of a sofa. When the delivery guys left, I noticed two long grooves in my hardwood --...

1 comment Mississauga Furniture

Resolved beware and stay away

We purchased ashley furniture about a year and half ago and thefurniture is so bad that we need to purchase new. we can to ashley thinking they would be a better store than slumberland but we where wrong and we will never purchs anything from you again. i dont feel i should have to pay the full amount to have every recliner fixed and the sofa does not hold up at all the leather is already wearing out. the guy from customer service was not help and the sales people where even worse if you can believe that very unhappy.

Resolved poor quality

I bought a sofa and 2 chairs in 2005. Sofa cost $1000, chairs cost $700 each. This LR set was only used when we had company in the winter months (holidays etc). When we are home, we only use the kitchen area to hang out, and in the summer we hang out outside on our deck. This past holiday season I noticed the sofa was sagging in the middle when someone sat on it. I took it upon myself to take off the dust cover, and found the frame was snapped. Not only was the frame snapped, but it was clear someone had tried to fix it. I can tell it was a repair because the screws didn't match. I called Ashley, and they refered me to the store. I realized I had purchased an extended warranty and pursued that only to be told it was expired, and refered back to the store. I intend to go to the store just for kicks, but I already know what the outcome will be. Bottom line, I was sold a broken sofa which was repaired. Any business that will sell you a broken / repaired item without disclosing what happened is not worthy of your business. Buyer beware.

  • Valerie Jun 16, 2008

    I bought a complete living room suit for my new home, couch, love seat, recliner coffee table, end tables, hall way table. Now just overt 13 months and my Recliner does not recline anymore and the beautiful decorative legs on the sofa and love seat broke. They were hollow fibreglass fakes. Now my $3000.00 couch and love seat are setting on blocks of wood. REAL CLASS WORKMANSHIP. I am original from High Point North Carolina. It used to be called the furniture capital of the world. Now the hardly make any furniture any more. I guess the new furniture capitol is some where in China. Wake up America, we are slowly being screwed by China. I would not by a dollar from them for .50 cents.

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  • Mo
    Moody2245 Feb 20, 2009

    My wife and I spent $3000 at the Ashley store in Holland, OH (suburb of Toledo). We purchased a love seat, sofa, kitchen table and chairs and Sealy queen mattress set.

    The only thing that came in as advertised and as purchased was the queen set, of course it is not made by Ashley.

    When delivered the new table needed repairs by a technician. The repairs went fairly well. It is a butterfly expandable table which would not expand properly, but after repair it now works in an acceptable manner. Not great but we will live with it. The table is made in China (which we were not told at time of purchase) and is of a pretty rustic quality.

    Originally we purchased a microfiber loveseat and sofa with two recliners in each. The foam in the seats broke down within two weeks to the point that you wondered if you would end up on the floor when you sat down.

    The gap between the seats on the loveseat was measured at two and three quarters inch. You could easily look between the seats and see the floor and wall behind. The seats were sewed at such odd angles that they looked like they were put together by a boy scout with a hatchet. No amount of repair was going to solve this problem.

    Plus there were other quality issues. Uneven cushions and footrests, top of the back seats were uneven to the point of over three inches. Nothing was matched or symmetrical.

    We wanted a refund, but no deal, once Ashley has your money you have seen the last of it. So we decided to 'upgraded' to a leather loveseat and sofa. More money but not better quality.

    I even went to the distribution centre when the new leather loveseat and sofa arrived to inspect both for my acceptance before delivery. Three items were discussed by myself and a technician and were agreed to be repaired before delivery.

    These three 'issues' were not repaired.

    The really big issue is the quality of foam in the seats of the loveseat and sofa. After only a month of use the foam has broken down to a point that one would think that both pieces were several years old. Again we feel like we are sinking to the floor when we sit down.

    Other construction issues include particle board used in the furniture, cardboard used as the support in the armrests. This will cause the furniture to basically collapse in about a year.

    The overall quality and workmanship of both pieces is poor to terrible and definitely are not of the quality represented on the showroom floor.

    Due to the poor quality furniture and Ashley's refusal to refund any money (they will only give you store credit after charging you an twenty-five percent restocking fee) we will never enter an Ashley store again, we will recommend to anyone that will listen that they never consider purchasing any Ashley furniture.

    In our opinion Ashley Furniture sells poor quality products, misrepresents the quality of what they sell on the showroom floor, do not inform you of the restocking fee until you try to have a problem resolved, will not refund any of your money and essentially operate a bait and switch store.

    So after spending $3000 we were treated like dupes, someone to be conned, and basically told to stuff it.

    I would never recommend Ashley furniture to anyone.

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  • Ra
    RadO77 Dec 01, 2009

    I bought a living room set from Ashley 16 months ago and the thread around the cushions started to unravel 4 moths after purchasing. I have been in contact with the manager as well as corporate office and they are still telling me it's a defect but their looking into it. I'm still not able to return nor exchange and I payed $2, 700 in cash. Had I known your furniture was overrated I would have never walked through those doors. I'm not sure I will ever be refunded. Then I wonder if they have taken advantage of because I'm old.

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  • Ww
    wwanda6 Jun 28, 2012

    I purchased an Ashley furniture wooden table and chairs.
    About 4-6 weeks after, the table top started having bubbles all over top. The Ashley furniture dealer exchanged it for another table at no charge. However 2 weeks since the new table was delivered 2 bubbles have appeared on table top. I have done nothing to cause this. Don't know what to do now.

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  • Mi
    Mike Accarino Oct 31, 2012

    I purchased a couch and love seat with 4 recliners. Addditionally 4 glass top tables. Within months the headrests and armrests of this camel colored leather furniture began to turn white. We don't have small children. Should the back of your head or the palm of your hand be removing the color from a leather couch ? Just from sitting on it ? I paid $ 2, 000 for them and $ 800 for the tables. I didnt pay $899 at cheap Charlies. We contacted them within the 1 yr. warranty period but they dragged their feet on the whole affair and eventually wore us out after months of phone calls and false promises. now we are stuck with prematurely worn furniture that we have to look at for years to come. DO YOURSELF A BIG FAVOR AND DON'T BUY FROM ASHLEY FURNITURE. LOW QUALITY AND YOU'LL BE STUCK WITH IT LIKE US AFTER THEY TAKE YOUR MONEY.

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  • Yo
    Yorkiebrit Dec 18, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Have bought lots of furniture in the past with no quality issues from Ashley. Bought a table and 6 chairs (approx cost $1350). Delivered earlier in day than expected, luckily someone was at house. Table was poorly cut, and had numerous saw marks, and various incidences of damage. Of 6 chairs, 5 were put together so poorly that I wouldn't have wanted anyone heavy to sit on them, the better one had a chip on the chair side. Called to complain, were asked 'What was our problem, and do we really expect furniture to be delivered perfect?'... They finally agreed to replace the 5 worst chairs. Had to wait two weeks for delivery (and they tried to charge us for bringing the new stuff out). New table much better, although far from perfect. Of the 5 new chairs, 3 were actually worse than the original bad 5. Of 11 chairs received so far, one was passable, three had large splits in the wood (of at least two inches) or split out wood that had been stuck back in with glue, and 9 had supports that stuck out past the legs, dowels and screws were clearly visible. The are bringing new chairs this week, but are refusing to bring more than 3, although I have 5 bad chairs. Boo to Ashley Furniture stores.

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Resolved beware people

I purchased a nice black leather couch set (3-2-1) last August. After it was delivered we found that the leather quality was not great (to put it nicely). After about 5-6 weeks we couldn't hold it in any longer and we contacted Ashley. They sent out a technician who pretty much found the same issues that we found. Scratched leather, poor leather quality, non fills in the back areas... After talking to them again they said they have to send a supervisor out to look at it again. Also this person wrote down all the issues that he found.

After waiting for a week, I called Ashley again just to find out that they think that it is ok to sell bad quality. They told me that they will not do anything about it. I have written the BBB as well as the Consumer Trade Agency and I have contacted my attorney. I have talked to every supervisor or Manager in Customer Service. Unfortunately, I have no other choice than to sue them. I have a witness listening in when their technician was at my house saying that the set is not what it should be.

Very disappointing that Ashley thinks they can sell bad quality and then act like this in an economy like that.

BEWARE, their warranty is not worth the paper it is printed on!

Resolved poor service lousy quality

We ordered an entire set of livingroom fruniture. One end table and the sofa table came defective according to ashleys technicians. I was promised that on the second attempt a manger would inspect the furniture. After the second attempt came with deep scratches in it I went to the store and they verified that no mager inspected the delivery. Attempt number three came and my wife noticed a bad scratch in the table. She also saw the delivery guys assembling the table outside our home, . OBVIOUSLY it had not been inspected by ashley manager as promised for a second time. Ashleys is aweful. No response from the manager (Michelle) from Ashleys in Linden. NJ who i called directly.

Resolved headboard cracked and delivered 5 times

I have a bedroom set delivered on November 17, 2009. Upon delivery, the headboard was cracked and sent back...