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Complaints & Reviews

missing parts, no delivery

On August 11th 2012, we bought a Bedroom Set and initial delivery was on time, but when they tried to assemble it they found out that there were some parts missing. They told us to call customer service to know when the missing parts would arrive. Initial information was that they would arrive in 3 to 4 weeks, later they called us back saying the estimated arrival date was September 26 but parts didn´t arrive that date, when asked they said it was only an “estimated” date and that parts should be in the week after. When called on Oct 4th, they said the new ESTIMATED arrival date is November 2nd, so the truth must be they have no idea when the parts will come, if they finally will. When asked for procedure to return they explained they have a No Return Policy. Definitely never buy at ASHLEY again.

  • Ft
    F Tan May 24, 2013

    Hello, I am wondering if your complaint has ever been resolved. I am in a situation whereby I bought a brand new sofa, loveseat, a coffee table and a side table. I made complaints and all Ashley Furniture Calgary wanted to do was to send a tech to repair them. I informed them that I paid for Brand New furniture, not used or damaged goods. Customer Service is really bad because they give you the runaround; the sales manager lies to your face that he has ordered a new set of furniture; and they hang up on you because they do not want to hear your complaints. I have googled and came across similar stories and I have concluded that they are cheating their consumers by delivering used or damaged goods. I intend to take this matter further. It is all very frustrating and aggravating; not to mention what it is doing to my health with my blood pressure rising each time I tried dealing with them.

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I would be paying $744.00 to return furniture that does not recline and that id poorly constructed

We ordered a sectional sofa on 1/9/2012, I put down $144.99. We did not receive it until 2/2/2012 the date after I paid an additional $200.00 toward my contact with RAC Acceptance. When we got the furniture home and set it up we were disappointed because the recliners did not work. The left did not work at all and the right recliners could be pulled out manually. We went back to the store at 2160 Madison, Tennessee [protected] on 2/4/2012. I understand that by law one has three full business days to break a contact before it becomes binding. RAC told me at that time that Ashley Furniture had to do the refund even though I paid the payment to RAC. We were not able to return the furniture. We still have the furniture at this time and we were told today 2/9/2012, by the store manager that I would have to pay an addditional $400.00 in a re-stock fee to return it. That would mean that I would be paying $744.00 to return furniture that does not recline and that id poorly constructed.

  • Sl
    Slevin Jan 03, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    From an email I sent with additional updated information posted below:

    My mother ordered a complete bedroom set for me on October 11, 2010 in addition to a living room set for her home and other home furnishings throughout multiple visits.

    The bedroom set was not delivered until November 10 (which is fine). I was only told (as it is also written on your forms) to look for damages such as scratches, nicks, etc which I did. After the delivery when I was putting my clothes into the main dresser I noticed the supporting beam going straight down the middle of the dresser holding the drawers was completely broken apart causing the drawers not to close properly and look crooked. At this time, I inspected the other pieces more closely and noticed the drawers not fully closing on a chest also ordered.

    Upon calling Ashley the following day (because it was already too late the day of the delivery), an appointment was scheduled for November 18 for someone to come see the damage. The person came and took the reports. (A new dresser was delivered December 4.) As for the chest, he stated he believed the wood was "warped, " but would put in first to have a one drawer delivered to see if that could fix the problem. He told me I would be able to replace the drawer myself.

    Upon delivery of the drawer, my husband and I could not figure out how to remove the drawer and upon investigation my husband noticed it was screwed in and there would be no way for him to figure out a way to get to the screw. I called Ashley and was told I was suppose to call them when the drawer was delivered so they could send someone to install it (though I was never told this, so a few wasted days had already gone by since I had received the drawer). An appointment was set for December 21 and as usual I was told someone would contact me the day before with my time window.

    No one called me by 7:30 PM on December 20. The lateness did not worry me until that point because my previous call (for the December 4 delivery) had come in at 7 PM. December 20 is my wedding anniversary and I had to begin making calls to try to figure out how to plan my following day during my anniversary dinner. I called Customer Service to no avail and even attempts at calling the store for over an hour failed. Finally at 8:30 PM, I just let the phone ring and ring and ring until someone finally picked up at the store (the Carle Place, NY location). Of course, they could provide me no help but said it was normal for delivery calls to be made up until 9PM. No one ever called.

    I did not receive a call with my time window until 7:56 A.M. on December 21, the day of my scheduled appointment. This is unacceptable. Here is where the many problems I have with your service start:

    1) Your windows are not accommodating at all. I have a school-age child. The windows I have thus been given my FOUR times I've needed Ashley to come have been either 8-12 or 1-4. Both have times in which a parent is either dropping off or picking up a child from school, yet absolutely no help is given to try to generate a more specific time to tell the technician to be at a location.

    2) Your policy of contacting customers the NIGHT before or as my most recent experience, the DAY OF, offers no time to work out a plan to shift schedules around for the following day.

    3) How it takes more than 7 days to set up an appointment, and in my now two repair instances, more than 7 days to "process a report".

    4) Your no refund policy. I just want my money back at this point, and I would live with the damaged dresser because it is causing me more time-wise and aggravation-wise dealing with this.

    Going back to today's occurrence, I am now being told by the technician from today that he did not feel comfortable installing the new drawer as he noticed significant damage to it (the glue holding the drawers together coming apart i.e. the drawer is coming apart, chips off the wood) and actually stated I did need a new chest because new drawers won't fix it and the middle supported beam is bowing in causing the drawers to not fully close. Why did the November 18 technician not make this same recommendation and I could have been possibly done with all of this?

    I am now being told the report won't be on file until next week, so there is nothing Ashley can do until that time AND that due to the holidays and the closure of the warehouse deliveries won't resume until January 4, 2011. At that point, who knows how long it will take the store to get my new chest and then schedule the delivery.

    There is no reason that I should still be dealing with an order in January 2011 that was placed on October 11, 2010. As I told the representatives I spoke with today at the customer service number (Linda at 10:10 A.M. when I called to complain about the time window and Julio at 12:40 P.M. when I tried to speed up the process knowing I needed a new chest), this is not like an initial order delivery in which I have no choice but to make my whole day available to a delivery I am expecting. These are REPAIRS I am dealing with and Ashley should have a more understanding policy in cases like this.

    I will be returning to work in January and will not be able to take time off for this and due to family birthdays, even my Saturdays will now be booked if I cannot guarantee a time window that works for me. So what do I do, wait until February? That is absurd.

    I have not only dealt with time lost in waiting at home for a technician to come but also in the amount of time I've spent on the phone each time I've had to argue about my time window to insist it fit the schedule I had.

    I thank you in advance for your response. I sent an email to the Customer Care email last night and have not yet heard back. My next step is to contact the Better Business Bureau as practices like this are not acceptable and more customers need to fight back.

    Updated as of 12/29/10:

    Without notice, UPS delivered a drawer to my surprise. Call Ashley and although problems were noted on technician's report, because only a drawer had been requested an attempt had to be made to install it before they would order a new chest. This means this will be the FIFTH visit and more to come since I know this will not fix the problem. I just want my money back and I'll live with it!!!

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  • An
    another upset customer Feb 20, 2011

    WARNING! WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER! DON'T EVER buy anything from Ashley. Wish I would have read all the bad reviews before purchasing. It's even more sad that the area manager gives the worst service. I have been dealing with Ashley's for over 2 months trying to get a defective piece replaced. No one cares that they make you wait hours and hours for delivery and after 2 months of waiting, several phone calls and another day of waiting for the delivery - they bring another defective piece of furniture. Area manager says she doesn't get messages, refused my phone call because she was "busy" but says she didn't know I called??!! After over an hour on hold she says she didn't know I was waiting! Doesn't want to make it right, just wants you to waste another day to pick up furniture. No one knows what is going on and no one cares. Furniture is not made well but the worst thing is the customer service. They hound you when you come in the store to get your business and spend millions of dollars advertising for new customers but don't care about current customers. I will never shop at Ashley's again and make sure to tell as many people as possible how horrible they treat their customers.

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  • Ja
    Jana W. Oct 01, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi – I work at Rent-A-Center and I’m sorry to hear about your recent experience with RAC Acceptance. We always want our customers to receive their items in the condition that they were expecting and that was outlined in the rental agreement, and I know the company would want to get some more information about this. Please give our Customer Care line a call at 1-800-422-8186 and let them know what happened so we can try to make things right. Thanks.

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The sales lady talked about warrenty and buy this protector for the mattress so you never have a warrenty issue. Well on day three i wanted to exchange this bed because its to soft and the first thing when i call them is they tell me theres no warrenty it was a liqudation sale your screwed. Ill NEVER buy from Ashly Furniture again. They do not care about their customers.

wells fargo credit card abuse/fraudulent activity by ashley furniture store

My name is Margaret Awatt. I reside in Lubbock TX. On Thursday 6/19/12, I visited Ashley furniture store in Lubbock TX to purchase a couch. I saw a couch I liked. I agreed to buy the couch on condition that the couch was already in stock and that Ashley furniture would deliver it to me on Friday 6/20/12 after 7pm. Samantha, Ashley’s sales representative on duty checked, then confirmed that the couch was in store because somebody had previously ordered same couch. Samantha also assured me that Ashley would deliver the couch to my house on Friday in the evening after my full day’s work, i.e. not earlier than 7, 30 p.m. as I requested, since the company’s delivery service lasts until mid night. Based on the confirmation of this delivery time, I was encouraged to apply for in store credit with Wells Fargo bank to guarantee my payment for 5 years without interest and I did. Wells Fargo awarded me a credit line of $9200. Ashley pre-authorized a charge of $5, 000.63 on the card before delivery. Samantha told me that the delivery guys will be calling me prior to delivering my merchandise on that Friday 6/29/12 as agreed.

On Friday 6/29/12, contrary to my terms of contract with Ashley, the delivery person from Ashley called to schedule delivery for another day, instead of the day previously agreed with Ashley, which was Friday, June 29, 2012. I tried to relate to him the arrangement made in the show room, but he would not listen. Eventually the delivery guy became very irritable by my request that the delivery be done at 7p.m. and states that Ashley show room needs an in-service on times of delivery, adding that the show room made an error and he will not deliver past 5pm. I demanded to speak to customer service, and I was connected. My conversation with customer service was futile and the delivery guy decision was upheld. Since Ashley deceived me with their time of delivery and the delivery person was rude, impatient and irritable during his conversation with me; I made it clear to customer service that I did not want the couch anymore and subsequently cancelled the order. I had to go somewhere else to buy another cough because I really needed the couch for the weekend.

To my surprise, Ashley staffs deliberately failed to document my conversation with them that I was no longer interested in the couch for fraudulent reasons because they had already placed a charge on my card and wanted to coerce me to continue the purchase. Customer service raised no objection with my decline in the purchase and I believed the case was closed.

The following week, Ashley delivery guys called trying to schedule delivery. I made it clear to them that I had already cancelled the purchase since the company had not kept their part of the deal and that there was no need to deliver the couch. The man said he was sorry that he did not read the book that reflects changes in delivery. Two days later another person called, attempting to deliver the couch, I made it clear again that the delivery was cancelled and he hung up.

On Thursday 6/26/12, I received a credit card from Wells Fargo in relationship to the purchase at Ashley with a credit line of $9200. Since I cancelled the purchase, there was no need to keep the card. Before I cancelled the card, intuitively I wanted to check if there was any activity on the card. To my surprise Ashley had charged my credit card without my acceptance of the merchandise, even though no delivery was effected and more so as the deal had been cancelled. I called the bank the next day and the charge was confirmed.

0n Friday 6/27/12, I made several calls to Ashley, but no one would answer the call. Later in the evening about closing time for customer service, I made my last call and was able to speak to a man by name Frank who refused to introduce his name further than that. I requested that I know his name in full and title; he said it was Ashley’s policy to conceal their staff’s identity when dealing with clients. This was very suspicious to me, also Frank was very unprofessional, insensitive and non therapeutic in his speech. He concluded his conversation with me that there is a 25% fee for not buying the couch then hung up. Frank sounded very angry and irritable at me that I refused the purchase. Frank concluded that there is no documentation on file to reflect my conversation with Ashley staffs. Based on the treatment I received from Frank, I decided to go back to the show room to at least speak to Samantha or the manager of the store.
On Saturday 6/28/12, after my 13 hours shift at work and very exhausted, I went to Ashley Furniture, met with Samantha and she took me to the manager Jayci Schneider. She listened and was very understanding. She said she will discuss the issue with her boss.

On 7/2/ 12, I received a call from Sam Estrada who addressed himself as the vice president of the Ashley furniture. Sam sounded very desperate to take my money and commit me to a loan with Wells Fargo bank. I made it clear to Sam that I did not need to take any loan that I do not need. He said I did not have a choice that Ashley was going to force me to take the couch or an in store credit but not to cancel the charge on my credit card. Later in the day I received a bill from Wells Fargo for a charge of $5000.63. This concluded that I have been fraudulently charged for a mechanized I had cancelled and was never delivered.

Please I need Better business Bureau to investigate this fraudulent behavior with Ashley. I am very much aware that even if the merchandise had been delivered and I change my mind, I still have the right to return the item without suffering any loss of money. The arm twisting by officials of Ashley and the use of coercive force to compel me to buy what I had no use for is strange and should not be tolerated. I did not receive the merchandise, I no longer have the need for it and there is no reason why money should be fraudulently taken away from me without any justification.


My husband and I are in the market for new living furniture. We looked at some Ashley end tables and a matching cocktail table. Ashley Furniture Showroom wanted $850 for the cocktail table and $450 each for the end tables.That was nearly double the price for the same items at Living Spaces.How can the Ashley Furniture store charge more for their own product? ...they should be less as there is no middleman and get their product directly from their own warehouse.The only thing I can figure is that they double the price to get higher commissions whereas Living Spaces does not pay their salespeople commissions.A call to the BBB might be in order!

  • mollyemt Jul 01, 2012

    any store has the right to charge whatever price they want. it is called "business".
    if the EXACT tables and stands were available cheaper at another store, by all means, go to the other store.
    that is your right.

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cushion support

I went into Ashley Furniture to purchase a sofa on 09/05/2011( looking to get a good deal since it was during...

don't buy anything from ashley home furniture

Last year I purchased a new bedroom set from Ashley Furniture. 18 months later one of the bottom side rails of the bed is broken. I know that the 1 year warranty has expired, so I call the store where I purchased the bed and they told me that the model bed I bought LAST YEAR has been discontinued and parts are no longer available. My problem is that the side rail is a simply one, there is no ornate decorations or markings on it and if it's possible to purchase another rail set from a similar style and color of bed, When I received an email from their customer service department stating that each style of bed is made differently so therefore I won't be able to purchase another rail from a different model and MAYBE I should try using a metal bed frame instead. It's unfortunate that they didn't give me that information 1 year earlier where I would not be out $600 on a bed frame that only last less than 2 years. My suggestion to anybody looking to purchase furniture is to save your money and don't buy anything from Ashley Home Furniture.

lies and defrauds customers

On 09/24/2011 my husband and I went to Ashley Furniture in Tukwila, Wa. Our salesman Jasun sold us an "all leather" 3-piece living room set. The loveseat and sofa were delivered on 10/13/11 and the recliner on 10/18/11. All pieces are power operated. When the recliner was brought in and set up, they couldn't get it to work. I told them to take it back that I wouldn't accept it like that. They quickly got customer service on the phone with me to convince me to keep the piece and they would send a technician out on 10/29/11 to fix it. After they left, we started really looking at the furniture and realized it isn't leather at all, it's vinyl. We paid $2, 200 + tx + delivery + warranty. Our total bill was $3, 440.64 (2 stands included) paid in full 3 1/2 weeks before anything was delivered. We were expecting leather. We paid for leather. Thats not what we received.

damage (new) furniture

I am soooooo upset!!! Ok, so my ashley's furniture was delivered today over an hour ago and I examined the furniture while the delivery men were here did not see nothing wrong. I left for a few came back in the house and started examining the furniture some more to find the wood on the love seat coming off, the material on both pieces are riped in the left side corners, the wood piece on the sofa has some little chipped pieces (Not noticeable unless you are on your knees looking close), and I just noticed the wood (From the inside) is showing on the sofa too! I am pissed! & the lady going to ask me "did I examine the furniture" well of course I did, I am only human... Anyone can take 5 minutes to examine something & not notice everything!

Now I have to wait for a "technician/inspector" to come out friday to see if I can get some "new pieces" r u serious I just spent cash on this furniture! I want a whole new livingroom set.

This is not a way to treat your "paid in full" customers!

The store location where I got my furniture was sterling, va... This store has some rude sales associates, they do not even speak to the customers when you enter the store. I only purchased because they are the only 1 near my house.

I need to speak to a district manager, the ceo, or someone above the store managers (Who has not called me back as of yet).

horrible customer service/deceptive practices

Back in February I went to this location to purchase a bedroom set. I informed the salesperson that I wanted...

long waiting time, un realistic shipping cast. for $300 item shipping cast is over $350. waiting over three monthis to recive.

Long waiting time, un realistic shipping cast. For $300 item shipping cast is over $350.

We ordered a Storage bed for $300 through Direct Buy website. The manufacture is Ashley. At the end with shipping handling, duty and tax it came to around $850.00. since I was in a rush I decided to order regardless of the price.
Order was placed on January 12th. 2012. after several phone call, direct visit to the Direct Buy store finally I was able to pick up the Bed on April 20th.
Over three month after I placed the order we pick up the bed . But there is a Railing is missing and without that we can’t assemble the bed. Now they ordered it and as of today it is going to take another few weeks since it is back order.
I spoke to Direct buy and wanted to cancel the order, they stated I can’t cancel it. I ask to refund the unreasonable sniping cost, they are blaming Ashley.
It is not fair to charge over $350 to something they couldn’t deliver on time.

But Direct Buy or neither Ashley furniture is not taking responsibility and I have to wait until I receive it.
Paying over $5000 membership fee and $350 yearly renewal fee I expect more fair treatment than this from direct Buy.

  • Zo
    Zoraida Beltre Jun 06, 2016

    I brought $8, 769.83 in furniture and at that time they said I was going to recieve $ 500.00 hundred doller for money spend for every $3, 000.00 doller I was going to get from there promotion $500.00 DOLLER FOR EVERY THONSAND DOLLER SPEND FROM FREEGAS.COM THIS WAS A LIE i DID EVERYTHING THEY TOLD ME and I never recieve noting so I am going to see if I hirer a lawyer soon 1-863-937-8105 Zoraida Beltre

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leather couch emulsified in 1.5 years

I had this Kellum Chocolate couch for 1.5 years, all of a sudden the coating on top of the leather ( Bonded ? or Sauvage Leather) has emulsified down to what looks like a smooth Naugahyde leather. Ashley said this if from HAIR JELL who would think is 1.5 years my couch looks 5 years old. Company did not even offer me parts and I install them or at my cost can repair the couch.
if Hair Jell did this there should be a warning, my wife had cancer and did not have any hair and I am bald and do not use anything on my naked head, Ashley is HORRIBLE. What can I do...
Today they said I could buy the parts to replace the leather... Crap or not ????

leather couch emulsified in 1.5 years

  • Ni
    Niman Jun 26, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I purchased a sleep number bed in may 2009. It failed to hold air on one side, I COMPLAINED to the furniture store about this thinking I had a 20 YEAR warranty (which I was told at time of purchase)wellll When I complained it was that I bought a dis continued item therefore I had no warrantee. Had I known this I would not hAVE PURCHSED thia item.

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  • Ji
    Jihuande Jun 05, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I placed an order for living room and bedroom furniture totaling $5218.91 at Ashley Furniture store located on 4360 w. New Haven Ave, W. Melbourne, fl on 5/21/2011. I was 7 months pregnant at the time and expressed that a 4-6 week window was fine but anything after that was not acceptable because I was due at the end of July. I was assured by the sales rep I would have no problems. On the 6th week i called to inquire i was told the items were on back order but would be delivered the week of 7/11. They called me on 7/9 that the furniture was ready and i would get a call in the next few days to confirm a specific day. No delivery and no call. I called again on 7/18 in the morning was told the items were on back order not available for delivery and wouldnt be until approximately 7/25 with delivery being anywhere between 2-3 wks from that date.

    I asked for a manager, finally spoke to Chris Mcfarlane an "independent consultant" supervising an issue with the owner of the store not paying Ashleys and them stopping production for some time. Now they are starting production at their own expense and fulfilling the orders. Chris can only offer delivery of the merchandise 2-3 weeks after 7/25, no refunds or compensations or remedies of any other kind. Corporate offices also referred me back to the Melbourne store and to the Chamber of commerce. At least if i can get a refund for the bedroom furniture i can get something delivered by the time i get back home from the hospital. Or even allow me to exchange my items for something thats in stock or even a floor model but I was told plainly no to all. Not even a discount of some sort.

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  • Sh
    Shanona May 09, 2016

    I had my leather couch for 3 yrs and I had to throw it away because it kept cracking and peeling. It was very embarrassing when I had company over. Waste of money, I still have my love seat and that's because no one ever sat on it.

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dishonest at best, criminal at worst.

Paid cash for a sofa sectional Feb 25th 2012.
Was quoted a deliver time of March 10th 2012.
March 17th 2012 still no sofa. I called in to find out when it would be in, and the sales person told me that it would not be on the truck to them until April 6th 2012, and then It would be to me a within 2 weeks.

If it was disclosed to us at the time of purchase that it would be 6 to 8 weeks delivery, instead of the quoted 2 weeks i have in writing, I would have gone someplace else.
What worse is that the sofa is still at the manufacturing plant and not be been shipped/stocked, and Ashley furniture will not refund me unless I pay a 25% restocking fee.
This is outright theft.
There is nothing to restock.
Do not do business with this company.
As I see it, I entered into a contract with Ashley Furniture where I agreed to pay them some money, and they agreed to deliver me a sofa on or around March 10th 2012.
They are clearly in breach of that contact.

  • Tr
    trfarmer Mar 20, 2012

    We ordered our sectional on Feb 4th, 2012. I have called once or twice a week since the 2-4 week window that we were told it would be delivered in and have gotten the same thing. This Saturday will be 7 weeks. Two weeks ago we were told last week and early last week we were told it was on the truck on the way to the store and delivery would be set up when it got there. I called Friday to see where it was and they told me the same thing, on the truck and they would call first of this week to set up delivery time. How long does it take to ship something by truck? Not that long, my uncle is a truck driver. I'm going to call in a little while and tell them that if it's not delivered by tomorrow, I want my money back and they can stick the 25% restocking fee wherever they want.

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  • In
    inder jit sharma Jun 04, 2015

    my mom bought dresser few years back that was little damaged so very polite sales person we talked for less price he said he will talk to manager then shift manager came to us he cut some price not whatever we want then my mom said its little damaged so he said thats why we cut price then he said we give you deal we will deliver dresser free, after 4 days they delivered dresser after fixed whole damage since then we always buy furniture from Ashley furniture excellent service.

    0 Votes

lying & scam

Purchased a sofa from the store today...was told delivery would be in 2 weeks...after paperwork was signed...we looked at the sale when we got home and noticed that the date they wrote down was 6 weeks away...When we questioned this...the saleswoman we had just talked to 3 hours previous now called us liars and said she told us 4-6 weeks...I said I wasnt waiting that long and wanted to cancel the sale at which time we were told..."ALL SALES ARE FINAL"... I then asked for a manager...he became combative and refused to issue a credit to our credit card company...nasty people there after the sale...I informed him I was going to call the credit card company right away and also intended to file a complaint with the Attorney General ...Bureau of Consumer Protection. I called the credit card company right away and they said I had to wait for 2 days...but that at that time the sale would be cancelled by them. I know you have 3 days under the law to cancel a contract...the stupid manager said not in retail...who is he kidding...I can by a new car and cancel that sale within days...So bottom line after standing my ground...the manager knew I meant business and issued a credit to our credit card...Dont let people at stores bully you...We all have rights...this company is definitely bad business...underhanded and deceptive in their business

not honoring warranty

We are making this complaint against both Ashley Furniture and the Guardsman Insurance Company, as they are...

bad quality mattress

We bought a Mattress last year with Ashley furniture last year and after few months we realised that it i...

bad products

1. We bought a new sofa with 5 yr. warranty. After 3 yrs. we reported something wrong with it. The warranty company inspector claimed the spring (in sofa center) had broken and that our sofa would be replaced. Prior to this, we moved the sofa from our carpet to a bare floor to allow installation of new tile floor. The sofa was then carried to the new tile floor. When the warranty inspector examined the defective sofa he failed to turn it over and find that the broken spring protruding through the bottom of the sofa was dragging on the new floor and scouring it. This was not discovered until the new sofa was brought in. So, 4 new tiles, 9 sq. ft., have been ruined. Even though Ashley is responsible for this damage, they have denied it in a completely irresponsible way. In addition, we had to buy another warranty on the new sofa and were not reimbursed for the unused part of our original warranty. To add insult, Ashley warranty people had told us that the original sofa was not in stock (as a replacement), and that the spring manufacturer no longer made that part (spring). That is why we had to make a special trip to the store to pick a new sofa. Finally, Ashley refused to take back the old sofa or even help us to move it outside so we could get rid of it. We have a picture of damaged floor but don’t know how to send it.

2. We bought a love seat from Ashley, a nice product that we liked in the store. After we had it brought into our bedroom, with only three days of usage, we found that we did’nt like it. We wanted to replace it because it was too big, too expensive, and that both of us had an allergic reaction to it. Mine was a rash on the back of my neck from reclining my neck on the arm of the love seat. Ashley claimed that our 14 day return policy had expired and that we would need a doctor’s statement on our alleregic reactions. All I did was clean off the chemicals from the finish of the new sofa to remove the allergic threat, much like cleaning a new carpet. In any event, we received no personal consideration in this matter. To add insult, Ashley had postponed scheduled delivery of the love seat at least once. Not all charges for this item were fully explained to us.

3. From item 1. above, we would have had to pay a new delivery fee for the replacement sofa, but we piggybacked this fee with the delivery fee of three end tables we also bought from Ashley. These tables were delivered to us in filthy condition much as would be a new car that had been driven through rain and mud. We cleaned these ourselves.

Ashley Furniture Homestore
I 35 North and 1604 – 7919 Pat Booker Road, Live Oak, Texas 78233
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won't refund me my money or provide me with the couch I purchased

I purchased a couch in September with cash. I experienced creepy salespeople at the time and should have...

poor delivery, poor customer service

I have had an absolute horrendous experience with ashley furniture and will never shop with them ever again. I ordered a bed from them on 11/5 and scheduled delivery for 11/19. The delivery experience was unprofessional - late by over an hour, didn't speak english, showed up in a rental van, and didn't have all of the pieces for the bed. Phone call after phone call, and multiple story tellings later, I was given the run around and told that the manufacturer screwed up and they'd have to re-order the foot board. Another 4 weeks later, we schedule yet again delivery for the foot board.. The day before delivery, when i'd normally get a call confirming a window of time, I get a different phone call from the store manager saying she 'screwed' up and they don't deliver again in my area until the end of the month. The best she could do was work something out for next week. After 8 weeks of dealing with this, it would be typical for me to schedule delivery next week only to find out that something else went awry. I am completely disgusted with how they treat customers. I'm sick of hearing "that's the best we can do, ma'am". I am still without a working bed, and now I have to pick-up the thing myself and cross my fingers it's correct. What a disappointment! Do yourself a favor and shop elsewhere. Macy's, bob's, west elm, and r&f always put the customer first and would be completely embarrassed to ever find out someone was treated like this by their associates. Never again!

warranty/customer service

I have been dealing with Ashley Furniture and their abysmal service and outright lies for almost a year now. We bought a leather sectional from them and bought the extended warranty. The salesman told us all the ways the couch would be covered, which were outright lies. I have a couch that is virtually falling apart and none of the issues are "warrantable" issues. I have dealt with probably 50 different people in customer service, with each person telling me different things, and making up different rules. As a young family, it is devastating to have a large piece of furniture like this be such poor quality...we can't afford to buy a new one. I have been given the run around for so long and it's sickening. Every time I contact them they pass the buck to someone else who knows equally as little. Before you answer your standard "each Ashley store is independently owned" remember that is crap and we are all referred to corporate customer service to deal with our complaints...the store won't deal with it at all.