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Complaints & Reviews

lies, poor quality, rude corporation

11/18/2011 here is the update to this mess. I received a box of stuffing and an envelope containing what...

rude store manager

Bought a small floor decorator item, value $16.
Was under the mistaken impression by previous encounters and purchases of a 30 day return policy. Asked to speak to store store manager.
By the end of that conversation, I have no desire to return to that particular store. She ripped me a new one with her condescending and rude people skills. Never yelled, just quietly and professionally told me what she thought of me. I was not yelling and she admitted as much. She then stated if the money was that important to me she would approve it. That shows the store runs its own policy and there is room for independent judgement on each situation. This was not a win/win but a win/lose. She lectures and makes the customer feel bad then offers to accept the return. Wow. I was floored and stated I'll keep the item and box it up. No use for it. With so many stores with such a no question, no hassle return, you'd think the customer wouldn't have to go through the conversation I did. I had the receipt, too. I hope Ashleys can use that $16. They must need it worse than I do.

junk furniture

I bought TWO reclining sofas from the Ashley Furniture store in Springfield, MO. After one month of light use - the seat cushions were broken down junk. Their claim, "the seats conform to the bottom of the user." I am so sorry I wasted my hard earned cash buying furniture in this store. Their furniture is beautiful on the outside - if you don't plan on ever sitting on it. Not only were did we find the sofas to be made cheaply, not durable, but the physically are uncomfortable to sit in after ten minutes or so. I own two sofas that are not functional in the least bit.

Then, we have the issue of my salesman not being in the store the day I made my purchase. The "store manager" handled the transaction for us - assuring us that he would receive his commision ... he never did. Dishonesty from the manager is a real turn off.

Can't say I'd ever buy anything from them again!

Beware buyers! Their furniture is beautiful - but read their company reviews and heed them! In this economy, you want to spend your dollars and enjoy furniture that you can use and be comfortable in. Otherwise, you are just flushing your hard earned cash down the toilet.

WATCH OUT FOR THE STORE CREDIT! Check out those rates.

  • Mc
    MCCANN Feb 15, 2011

    I bought a living room set from them. Not even a month after delivery the throw pillows started fraying. The back cushions looked like I had the furniture for 20 years. They were filled with batting and whenever someone sits on the furniture the batting bunches. The seat cushions are another issue. I called Ashley because the seat cushions were fraying. Not one but all. They sent a repair rep. to my home. He took pictures and told me someone from Ashley's will contact me. No one ever did. I called they and was informed they will not repair or replace any of the cushions it was determined the frays were caused by someone wearing a belt buckle.
    I asked them when did they EVER see anyone wearing a belt buckle on the rear-end.
    I will never buy another product from Ashley and I tell everyone never to buy from them. They sell junk and do not back up their product.

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exchange or refund policy!

I recently purchased $1500 memory foam mattress from store and I was told by Sales rep that the mattress can be returned within 30 days. We got serious back pain/back injury just after 1 night of sleep. I thought it may be because of spring foundation or so, so I replaced them with wooden foundation, but no help. Our problem worsened. We went back to store and talked to manager. They simply refused to refund/exchange on the mattress. We were ready to buy higher grade tempurpaedic mattress, but they simply backed out from any claims. This mattress is useless now and money has been wasted. Never ever buy any mattress/associated stuff from ashley. Better to go to any other store that have defined/written trial policies. Ashley furniture sucks!!!

leather quality

We bought a leather sofa and loveseat from our local Ashley Furniture Store here in Arizona three years ago, along with Ashley's 5 year extended warranty. When it was delivered, the leather on the sofa cushions did not seem to be as high quality as the rest of the leather, but we didn't worry because we had a warranty and we had cleaning people who conditioned our sofa every month. When the cushions developed cracking and peeling, we called Ashley furniture with confidence that they would take care of us. Ashley one-sidedly decided we had not properly maintained their leather, despite our documentation to the contrary, and refused to take care of the problem. We are terribly disappointed with Ashley's product and their customer service.

  • Ry
    Ryan Welch Sep 20, 2011

    I purchased an Ashley sofa and love seat about 2 years ago. I condition the leather every 6 months. The couch has about a 8" rip on the right arm rest, next to the seam. The love seat has the leather literally coming apart. It seems as if they stretched the leather too thin. My brother also purchased an Ashley couch with a more firm type of leather. His armrests are fine, but the seat that he regularly uses had the leather peel near the head rest...he uses no hair products whatsoever and keeps his house very cool. His couch was less than a year old when problems started showing. I find this unacceptable, as we both spent good money on new couches that look like junk now.

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  • El
    elf59 Jan 24, 2013

    I am also extremely disappointed with my purchase. We bought a beautiful leather sofa and love seat also in the Ashley brand. I had been told by the seller that it was top quality leather. I also condition it as well as clean it with the special products. And, exactly as you have described, our couch is peeling at the head area where my husband sits, and on the arm part where I sit. Now, the strange thing is, why is the leather degrading in the one area where NO ONE sits? This being the middle of the sofa lower front cushion. It appears to be stretching outward almost as if it were bubbling! I went to the dealer that I purchased it from who reassured me he would contact the company. I have never heard from him. And now that I read other comments similar that the company of Ashley Furniture doesn't seem to care, then I'm left thinking I now also have a not-so-beautiful sofa that looks like junk. My humble opinion that I have been telling family and friends wanting to buy furniture...steer clear of Ashley Furniture!

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  • Ca
    Cassandra Beasley-Burton Nov 07, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have a 3 year old dark brown leather sofa from Ashley Furniture and we barely use it. The leather is peeling. Each day it is as if the peeling worsens without even being touched. I am so disappointed in this piece of furniture. We cleaned it with the cleaning product as recommended and it is just as if it is disintegrating. Do not make the same mistake we did. We had to get a sheet of leather fabric and cover it when guests come. This was a big investment for us. Disgusted.

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fraud, fasefly papers, sold all furniture with a blank signature, just type in a person name.

i bessie jones alone with my daughter on feb 24, 2010, i talk to a man name michael hart to help my daughter...

mattress pad

when I purchased the mattress the mattress pad was included in the price and I didn't notice. I wrote a check and as I was headed out of the door, I checked my receipt. I was not informed that the mattress pad cost $85.00. I can purchase a mattress pad for less than that. Home Goods a mattress pad (good) is only $29.99. Plus it's not even a good one.
I went back to the and the lady at desk said she would match the price and the manager wouldn't even consider it. This mattress pad is plastic under neath and my son is allergic to plastic. it makes him sweat too much where he can't sleep at night. I will never buy anything from Ashley again because their sales people are not forthcoming.

worthless protection plan

I purchased a large bedroom wall mirror from Ashley Furniture on 1/29/11. At the time I was offered by Ashley an optional 5-year Protection Plan from Premier Protection Plan. The Protection Plan was described as “covering any damage from any source for 5-years”:.

While attaching the mirror supports that were supplied for hanging the mirror on the wall we notice two cracks in the glass;. We contacted Ashley Furniture about this problem and were told to contact Premier which we did|. Premier told us that damage while “assembling” was not covered?. We tried to contact the Ashley store manager several times without success/.He never returned our calls'.I feel that Ashley Furniture misrepresented the Protection Plan coverage and have also been completely unsupportive in my attempt to rectify this situation;. I am only asking that they either replace the mirror or that my money be refunded or credited to my MasterCard account.

  • Jo
    joekipper Jan 19, 2012

    Bought a couch back in 2009 with the extended warranty. Have the procure that tells me what is covered, I called them today and they ask me when did the problem start and i told them about 9 months after I bought it. In the meantime I called the store first and they told me that it was not covered.. This was after the nine months that I called the store .Went into the store three days ago and talked to a salesperson who told me I should have call the 800 number. Did that only to find out that I had only three weeks to report the problem, three weeks after I noticed the problem, so needless to say this so called warranty is ###. Called corporate office to tell them what I was told and they said that on my procure it tells me that. Well my procure nowhere no how does it say that and along with that the procure that i have it gives me the wrong 800 number, but that's another story. Will no longer do business with them. Those out there that do or have watch out for that boggess procure.

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poor customer service resolution

When we first purchased our home in '09, it was in need of lots of furniture. We went to Ashley Furniture in Central Park, Fredericksburg, VA, with hopes of getting some nice pieces to fill our home. After paying down on one layaway, we were left with one final suit for our master bedroom. The store manager at the time Buddy was wonderful with assisting us with our previous purchases. He had assisted us in changing out some pieces that were not really our style for more contemporary pieces. With this in mind, we trusted him to come through for us once more when we needed that same done for the bedroom suit. We were told that they would take care of the switch out for us. We looked forward to it being done right, being that we were familiar faces in the store, and walked out without the new receipt with the made changes in hand.

On January 2011 we walked into the store to take one last look and to make a payment on the suit. We were greeted by the same sales rep. that dealt with us, Mr. Eddie French. He began to tell us that one of the items in our suit was no longer available. After speaking with him for a while, we discovered that the suit he was talking about was the one that was supposed to have been swapped out for the other that was more of our style. He then began to tell us that the suit was now more expensive than we originally anticipated, because it was a few months from the last promotion, which would have kept it the same price. Now we had to pay out an additional $599. for a night stand. I was highly upset to say the least because it was an error on their part for not doing the switch out as promised when the prices were still going to be the same. Now my husband and I had to pay extra for something that was their mistake. I tried to get it resolved with the new store manager. But after seeing his people skills upon yelling with a couple on the sales floor, we knew it would be challenging. When we told him about the issue, we told him that we would like to take off the $1000. mattress and just pay for the suit, because the mattress was simply too expensive and that we could not afford that price at this time. We even told him that we saw one for $650. and needed to know a.s.a.p. to take advantage of the other promotion. He told us he would let us know by Tuesday, February 1, 2011. Needless to say he never called us at all. It's now June 22, 2011 and we have yet to ever get a call from this joke of a manager. After contacting their Customer Service Dept. many times, no one has once tried to contact us within these five months to have this matter of the mattress and the price change for the extra night stand resolved.

On a weekly basis, I have been contacting the Customer Service Manager named Sherri to find out the status of this matter. The issues I have here is that she herself never calls when she says she will, or tells me that she will have the General manager or store owner get in contact with me which they never had, and that she will escalate the situation to the necessary people to have me satisfied. Upon my last conversation with Sherri on June 4, 2011, she told me that she had sent my information to Mike, one of the Regional Managers and that he would call me and if not, that she would call. On June 5, 2011, my husband and I went into the store to make a payment. The following Sat., June 11, 2011 we went back into the store to have the canopy bed switched out with the regular bed due to a new ceiling fan being installed in the master suit. The manager Kenny began to cover himself with riddles of deception and lies by stating that he had just called us this past Friday and left a message for us to call him back. I immediately knew this was a lie because the phone number was disconnected and not in service. I challenged him by asking him why he did not use the number that was provided when I left messages there several times. He stated that he just went off of the numbers on the ticket. Then he asked us if that was a good number to use. We told him no and that the number, which I gave to Theresa, a store rep., was the most suitable number. We did not know it at first, but once we had the changes made to the bed and walked out with our receipt, we realized that he had placed inaccurate, deceptive and misleading information on out ticket about him leaving us messages on the old number. I was infuriated with all his incompetence, ineffectiveness as a manager and shenanigans that he was up to, because when we were in the store the previous week, our ticket stated no such notes about him leaving messages. The following Tuesday, June 14, 2011 and June 21, 2011, I left a message for Sherri; I have yet to hear back from her.

Needless to say, this matter that is five months in the making has ineffective, inept and incompetent people working in a customer service oriented field with obviously, no ability of how to rectify such a simple matter. My deepest wish is to replace the joke of a manager at the Fredericksburg store with a more qualified candidate, because Kenny will eventually cause this store to loose more and more customers daily. I on the other hand, will do all within my power to post every negative review on the web about this experience, because of the inability to have this matter resoled in such a long time. The General Manager Mike and the store owner should be embarrassed to have such dissatisfied customers as myself and to loose us to their competitors. The Ashley Furniture store at Carl D. Silver, Fredericksburg, VA reminds me of a Brooklyn fish market, all hype but no true quality.


R. Woolfolk

does not stand by their warranty

We bought a Matress from Ashley in July 2010, after usuing it for 8 months the mattress started sinking in...

delivery fraud

Purchased electrical recliners and also paid for delivery. Ashley Furniture confirmed in writing on their invoice they would take my old sofa back. When the delivery guys showed up they refused to take the old sofa. Called Ashley Furniture customer service (useless bunch of people) and complained. All they do is cite policy, I said I don't care what their policy says, they have agreed in writing they will pick up the old sofa. They then directed me back to the store and after another yelling match and threatening they agreed to have some charity come pick up my sofa. I have tried to make two purchases from Ashley Furniture so far and both times I have been screwed by this company. Their customer service department is useless. I will never ever set foot in this useless store again.

how can they do use ike this

Im never going to buy from Ashley again and what ever you do don't use GE
money there the biggest joke you send your bill 2 week ahead of time and get a late fee and give you some bull ### reason like well it must of got lost in the mail not only happened one time but two time and my bill was like 35 a mouth which sound it all good but since i got a late fee my bill has interest on it in-tell i pay off 100 some odd droller's to get it back on track which was not my fault to-begin with im really thinking about calling a lawyer Ive reed so many other people getting screwed by them too and if they wanna do business with them there not going to do business with me

  • GE Money US Jun 17, 2011

    We'd like to assist with you concern. Please email me at [email protected] with the following information:
    -The full name associated with the account
    -Mailing address associated with the account
    -Your contact phone number
    -Reference code DM061711Ashley
    For your security, please do not include your account number in your email
    GE Money

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delivered furniture that resembled a scratch and dent sale

I purchased a couch, recliner, end tables and a coffee table on 3/20/11, paid cash, with delivery set for 4/21/11. Needless to say, I finally got my furniture on 5/6/11.

The couch was a sectional and the salesman told me it would come in 2 pieces. I questioned why they were trying to carry it up my steps in one piece. The delivery guy said he was in a hurry. Minutes later, they were trying to position my couch against a wall to cover up the tear they made in the back of the couch. The couch came with massaging units and one side did not work at all. There are scrapes and scratches on the end tables and the drawer in the coffee table was off set and tilted. The furniture was not boxed or wrapped making one wonder where it came from.

I called and they said they would send someone to inspect. I have made over a dozen calls and no one has shown yet. I just want what I purchased-NEW furniture! I will never shop there again!!

bad service

We went to Ashley furniture Saturday evening. We walked in and all the salespeople are standing there talking to each other. One sales person was helping another family. Not one person said anything to us. We walked around for 30 minutes, not one person said anything to us yet they all stared at us. We walked past the area where all the sales people where standing one sales woman actually pushed us out of the way to get by us and yet still said nothing. Another sales man was on the computer and as we walked by he's personal cell phone rang and he walked the other way to answer it. I would never shop here it my life depended on it. DON'T SHOP AT ASHLEY FURNITURE FOR ANYTHING!!! We then walked right next door to Sofa Select and did our shopping there.

  • Valerie Oct 31, 2008

    Please, please never ever think about actually purchasing any furniture from Ashley Furniture Stores, specifically the stores in Birmingham and Huntsville, Alabama.

    My first hint should have been that my sales person warned me of the delivery, installation, and "customer service" process, should there be any issues with the 'final' delivery of my purchase. Alas, I forged ahead; convinced I would not be "one of those customers."

    That was on August 1st. It is now October 27th (and counting) and I am still not finished with my saga. Rather than bore you with all of the specific details of my plight I will simply say this: Ashley Furniture lies and has maliciously deceitful business practices. They clearly do not have principles under which they operate and the term Code of Ethics is clearly a foreign concept to them. I have been intentionally and maliciously lied to no fewer than five (5) times (and counting) from the store level, corporate level, and regional level and management employees. These same employees have also attempted to convince my spouse that I was actually the one lying about credits and "compensation" I was promised as a result of my horrible delivery experience at Ashley Furniture. With every passing interaction with Ashley Furniture I continue to be utterly and completely amazed and dumbfounded and the lack of integrity, ethics, and values any single employee at Ashley Furniture has. I am completely amazed they are still in business and still find customers to torture. What is more, I sent a letter (FedEx) to the CEO of the company and have yet to get a response from him. It is clear, in my mind that the sub-standard business practices, ethics, morals, and values start at the top - with not even their CEO caring and/or responding to a customer who took the time to send him a letter, regarding their horrific buying experience. Absolutely unbelievable in the year 2008.

    My 'simple' purchase has turned into a maliciously unethical consumer experience and is still not close to being resolved. If you are considering buying furniture go anywhere other than Ashley Furniture - anywhere. If you have the talent, I recommend whittling your own furniture - I can PROMISE you, it will look better, you will have it in less than 3 months (and counting) and you will save yourself hours upon hours of debating and defending your position as "the customer".

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  • Ro
    Ronak Parikh Nov 28, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    "lack of integrity, ethics, and values any single employee at Ashley Furniture has"

    I completely agree.

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  • Ed
    EdwF87 Dec 24, 2009

    Bought my first house a few months ago. Needed some new furniture, including a bed. The day after Thanksgiving, I woke up early (6 a.m.) to make it to the Ashley Furniture early-bird sale. Purchased more than $2, 000 worth of merchandise, including the bed.

    Several weeks ago, the furniture was delivered, all but my footboard and headboard. Footboard didn't arrive; headboard was broken. I was OK with that because accidents do happen. This past Monday I contacted the store to find out where my bed was ... to be delivered Wednesday. Today I find out that while the merchandise did arrive, the headboard is broken and that it could be another TEN days before I get my bed.

    I tried to explain to the woman that I have been sleeping on the floor and all I want is my bed. She tried to appease me with bringing out a loaner bed frame and $75 gift certificate. I told her that doesn't help me with the problem of all the boxes filled with bed rails and frame. And why would I want to shop at Ashley again? Then she offered a merchandise certificate for the full amount of the bed. How does that help me? I will still have to wait for a bed.

    In this time of economic turmoil, for a company to totally disregard a valid request of a good customer is nothing but ludicrous. I will never return to Ashley Furniture. I don't care what kind of sales it has. I don't do business with companies that are either ###ic or unethical.

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  • Ma
    Marcel Apr 14, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    purchase a sofa/loveseat less that three months old and the material on it is defective. They sent out a person to look at it and of course it is something that "is not" covered under their warranty It has taken a month to even get a manager to call me back and then they inform me (very rudely) that they will not do anything about it. I paid over $2200 for this junk and they tell me that's to bad. I recommend that anyone thinking of purchasing anything from them to go somewhere else. Before I knew that they weren't going to do anything about the funiture I had also purchased a bedroom set for my grand draughter that was over a $1, 000 and I still haven't received it and they still charged it to my credit card where I have to pay interest from the date of purchase. I was told that I would receive this in two weeks and it's been over three weeks and she is sleeping on a ballet on the floor. I told them that they weren't suppose to charge that to my account until I received the item and they told me they were allowed to do that. I told them that I wanted to cancel my order and they informed me that "they would not cancel it and it didn't matter if they told me three weeks, that they could take as long as they wanted to and there is nothing I can do about it. I called the credit card company and they are sending me disbute forms and I will also file a complaint with the better business breau. Unfortunately, their warranty with the small disclosure statement is on the back of the receipt they give you after you purchase the items. Make sure you read it within a day or two or you will also be stuck with junk.

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  • Po
    pobarjenkins May 26, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Did you contact a manager?

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  • Cl
    clayprods Aug 29, 2011

    I am writing this letter today to inform you of my more than unpleasant experience with your Burbank store and delivery company. My husband and I came into your store on July 3, 2011 and purchased a sofa, chair, ottoman and sideboard. I was very pleased with the service I received from your salesperson Rob. He was very attentive and worked well with us to find a nice set that was not even displayed on your showroom floor. We were told that one of our pieces would be backordered and we could have delivery of our items on Monday July 25th. Saturday, July 23rd, we received a call informing us of a 4 hour window delivery time(2pm to 6pm) for Monday. At about 3pm, we received a call to inform us that the deliveries are running late and will not be there until 7pm. Then at 5pm, we received another call to inform us of yet another 2 hour delay. We were told this delay was caused by the current delivery being a large amount of furniture and they had to take pieces apart to bring them into this persons home. We agreed to a 9pm delivery because we had already cancelled our dinner reservations and would be home anyway. We could not reschedule this delivery because we could not afford another “4 hour window” of our time waiting for this delivery.

    The delivery men finally arrived at approximately 10:00pm on Monday evening. We spoke to the men and they informed us that the prior delivery was so large, there wasn’t enough time given to make all of the deliveries in that day. They had been running late all day. It is unfortunate that they had to stay out so late, but I was expecting my furniture between 2 and 6pm. We also noticed that everyones furniture was covered with old mattresses that were picked up earlier in the day. These items are supposed to be wrapped. My husband spoke with the Rob, the salesman, and was told that a manager would call us tomorrow, Tuesday.

    So, I finally have my furniture and I notice the seam running down the middle of the sofa is not sewn straight. It is obviously defective. I told my husband when the manager calls him, let him know that we need to replace the sofa because it is defective. We wait all day and do not receive a call from a manager. On Wednesday, when we still don’t hear anything from the manager at Ashley, my husband calls to speak to him and leaves a message finally on Thursday he calls again and speaks with Freddie, the sales manager, was very kind and accommodating. He placed the order for our replacement sofa and issues a credit for our original delivery cost. He also states that he will make sure that we have first priority for delivery on Saturday August 6th. A few days before the delivery, they called to confirm an 8am-12pm delivery on Saturday. This was an automated system, so my husband called the delivery company to confirm that we had the first appointment on Saturday morning. They stated that they had no idea that it was a priority and they could only give us the infamous “4 hour window”. My husband called Freddie at the store to see if he could confirm the first delivery with the trucking company. Freddie could not guarantee this time now. As a manger, he should have some control when a customer has a complaint. We needed to be the first delivery because we had already spent 8 hours waiting for the original furniture to arrive and we did not have more time to spend on this.

    All we could do was accept the 4 hour window on Saturday morning. At 7:45am, we receive a call that the truck would be 2 hours late! Meaning, 2 pm. After several calls to Ashley and the trucking company, and being hung up on by a woman at the trucking company, we are told they are on the road. Assuming they are on their way to our house for the first delivery, we get a call from the driver saying that he has 2 stops before us and will be there after that. We had already wasted half the day waiting for this truck and this is the point when my husband decides to go to the store to speak the store manager who will not speak to him on the phone. This unacceptable behavior from both Ashley and the delivery company had forced us to reconsider our purchase and return ALL of the furniture we bought. Rather than deliver our replacement sofa, the men were to pick up all of the furniture instead. After several more hours waiting for the pickup, we contacted the store again to find out what the problem was. We were informed that they bypassed our stop and can pick up the items at the end of the route. When they still had not come at 9pm, without any calls, I was furious. The store was closed and they would hear from me in the morning. I had to reschedule plans on Saturday and miss a very important event because of the lack of consideration from both parties.

    On Sunday, I spoke with Freddie regarding the "no show", he apologized, but that lack of respect and customer service is rude and uncalled for. By this time I have wasted a minimum of 16 hours WAITING. Freddie told me that there was a truck out making deliveries at the moment (2pm) and they have a very large delivery that will take a few hours. They could then come by my house to pick up the furniture and they will call me when they are 30 minutes away. I agreed that would be fine, as I was 50 miles away from my home and wouldn't be there for a while anyway. 45 minutes later, the delivery team called and said they were at my doorstep. Freddie knew I was not at home and the driver did not call me 30 minutes in advance. I called Freddie back at the store to let him know that the drivers were at my home. Freddie stated that he did not know how long they were going to take (after he already told me that they would be a few hours). He asked me when the next available day for pick up would be and I told him I will be from 6pm to 7pm on Wednesday. He stated that they needed a 4 hour window. I could not agree to a 4 hour window, as I have already spent too many hours on this already. I was then transfered to Armen, the store manager. He rattled of a bunch of canned apologies and included a lie that the truck broke down on the day of the initial delivery. I said I would be home at 6pm on Wednesday for the pick up, but could not be guaranteed a time until they scheduled deliveries.

    An Ashley representative called to set the appt. for Wednesday and said they only had between 10:30-2:30 available. I also asked that we be placed on the beginning of the route. This also meant another days missed work. Hoping we could be done with this ordeal we agreed. At 2:15pm my husband called Ashley to find out the location. They did not know and called back at 2:40 stating the truck was once again running an hour late. The truck finally arrived at 4pm. We have now spent 21.5 hrs at home waiting on this trucking company. That’s equates to over half week of work and I am sure whomever is reading this would not like to miss out on that much pay to end up with nothing.

    I'm sorry to say I was not displeased with furniture I purchased. I would like Ashley Furniture to know that they have a terrible, outsourced delivery system which reflects poorly on Ashley. This outside company has forced me to reconsider my purchase with Ashley Furniture. At the beginning, I was pleased with the service I received from Freddie who was trying to help my situation, but when a manager does not take control and try to resolve the situation, I have no other thought than one that he doesn't take my problem seriously. There were several things he could have done to fix this from the beginning, but he chose not to. I hope that Ashley takes my experience and comments into consideration and re-evaluates the relationship with the delivery company that has just lost them business.

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  • As
    asdfkljasdl;fjk; Jun 03, 2016

    Ashley Furniture uses a contract system of delivery agents that provide exceptionally poor communication and customer service. Additionally, calling Ashley customer service results in a "sorry", but no other attempt to offer a solution or provide a good customer service experience. Issue: For the second time in two years I have ordered a furniture set from Ashley only to have the delivery delayed weeks with Ashley blaming their contract delivery service providers. The current delivery system gives the customer no option to select when the furniture is delivered. In the store the customer is asked about several dates and told that the delivery person will call to confirm an appointment. This is not true. In both cases what I received was an automated message two days prior telling me when, in a two-hour window, I was REQUIRED to be at my home. When I used the prompt to talk to a representative, which I assumed would be about the delivery problem, I was directed to Ashley customer service and told "We can't change the delivery. It is based on your zip code. I'm sorry." That was it. No attempt whatsoever to correct the problem, though the representative did suggest my wife or I could "take off work." You have to be kidding me. I thought the first time was a fluke. Things happen. When it happened again, I decided that I will never use this company again.

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    Victoria Close Jun 03, 2016
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    I am dealing with this same problem. This company is a big joke. As soon as they get your money, they do not care at all when you receive your furniture.
    Even though we paid the ridiculous delivery fee, we ended up going to the warehouse and picking up the furniture ourselves.
    The customer service is a complete joke. It is one lie after another.
    I wish I would have found this website while we were furniture shopping.

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trs (the rental store) fraudulent misrepresentation

I'm going to keep this short and sweet...

I went to ashley furniture to purchase a living room set. They had 0% financing for 12 months (So they say). I was there for many hours and saw people after people get declined. The sales rep said well we do have "in-store financing", so I decided to go that route (Big mistake). I got approved for the "in-store financing". Now it's been 7 months and I have paid 250.00 a month plus I paid 500.00 down payment for my furniture that cost a total of 1600.00. I called trs and asked for my balance and they told me it was 1500.00, I was floored. I then pulled out my contract and saw that all though my monthly payment was 245.00 for the 1st 5 months my charges by trs was 108.91 after that they charge you double. So to sum it up my 1600.00 furniture will cost me a grant total of 3200.00 (Double the price)
This company and ashley furniture represented themselves as a finance company when in actuality they are a rental company.

They are fraudulant and for this reason ashley furniture has lost me and my friends and family as a customer.
I worn you not not to use them as well.


I purchased a livving room suit from conn's in Jan. 2011. I called in Feb to let them know that their were defects with their product on the sofa and the love seat. On the sofa one end of the from is just hanging loose. On the love seat the recliner will not stay down it pops up all the time. They sent some old man who you could tell did not want to do anything he looked at it and said he was not fixin it because they should replace it. I have called every week since then and they keep sending me around to everyone but will not replace or fix the furniture . I also purchased the extended warranty so that if anything happened to the furninture I would not have to go through this. It is not May 11th 2011 and still no reolve to this issues they just keep wanting to send me to different depts. that I have already talked to. This is after about 5 hrs a week on the phone. I would not recommemd Conn's to anyone as far as their customer service. If I had the money for a lawyer I would have already filed a complaint.

customer service scam

I purchased and paid in full for a dining room set on March 12. I was told that "corporate" told them to tell me 4 weeks for delivery but that it was sure to arrive in less than 2. They tell you this after payment. I called numerous times to check on status...most of the times the line was busy or there was in excess to 15 minutes to wait. Finally when I got someone they told me they did not have a status. I called again today 1 month and 1 day after delivery was promised. I was told that they couldn't tell me status in that they thought the "guys in the dlievery room were going home". I asked to speak to a supervisor, they told me no in that he would tell me the same thing. I insisted on a supervisor. I finally reached one that was toally inept. They told me that they would deliver the furniture April 19 in a 3 hour window...but they couldnt tell me the window until Monday. I told them they did not make the week of April 12 delivery. The superviso then told me the week of the 12th was when they would call, NOT when they would deliver. I asked for the supervisors name and a number to call back. She said, just call the number you called before...I had been redirected 3 times. I asked for my money back. No, not until the furniture is 30 days past the delivery date. There needs to be something done about this type of unethical business practices. The supervisor told me to read the contract...said there were a lot of "outs" for Ashley so they did not have to give money back. Buyer Beware!!!

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    K. Hannaford Apr 13, 2011
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    Try the Better Business Bureau. They are very helpful with solving problems with companies.

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2 month delivery

I spent $1000 on some new couches and was told by the salesman that it would be less than two weeks for delivery. Its been almost EIGHT WEEKS and they still have no information as to when i'll be getting my furniture. Plus, i bought my couches when they were having a store closing sale and they advertise "bring your trucks because ALL INVENTORY MUST GO!!" RIDICULOUS!

worst service

Probably to much to write. Ill just say I'm 31 years old and this was my worst customer service I have...

gave me a defective mattress and would not replace it!

Horrible!!! Me and my husband purchased a sealy mattress from here. Six months later both sides began to cave in 3 inches. We contacted them since it was still covered by warranty. The ashley furniture technician came out and stated how defective it was. They would not replace it due to a small stain that was on it. I even asked them to show me in my papers where it stated that a stain voids your warranty, they failed to provide. When I contacted sealy, they stated it was ashley furniture who had to replace it. Do not buy a mattress from here. We had to go out and purchase another one.