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I will start by saying that I am an ex-employee whom left my position as assistant manager on my own. I was sent to the macedonia to train... Why you would make that a training store I have no idea. Lets start from the beginning. The training manager is a young girl on a power trip. One of the first things that was told to me was, "keep me happy and you'll have a great schedule, piss me off and you will hate life." ummm very professional. So I was being trained on prep with robert. Yes I am aware he has been in that store forever but his actions should have had him terminated long before I was ever hired. So as he is showing me how to cut and portion meat, he isn't wearing gloves; I said, "excuse me shouldn't you have gloves on?" his exact response was, "no baby we only do that if someone is coming around." so not only is that a health code violation but when I brought it up to shannon her response was, "oh that's robert he does whatever he wants." so he continued to do prep with no gloves touching several different items and also eating the product off the slicer and sneezing on himself; then he wiped his hands on a towel went outside smoked a cigarette and came back in and started prep again. Yep you guessed it without washing his hands. That same week we had to complaints from customers about them seeing him eating on back line and making sandwiches with no gloves on. So finely after the second complaint shannon walked back there and handed him gloves (nope still no hand washing) told him to put them on and he wore the same gloves so long that the only thing that was left at when he went to go do prep again was the part hanging around his wrist.
My first night closing was with robyn (she honestly should be the one running that store) she was so kind and walked me through each step of the closing process and actually let me do things so I could get the hang of it. Great night! The following closes with another manager oh my was it way different than the night prior. It was like a circus everyone doing whatever they wanted. The back line person phil not only did he waltz in 30 mins late like usual according to the manager I was with but its after 6 pm and we a busy he is breaking down back line and not making sandwiches. So the manager I was working with asked him to stop and he completely ignored him and the manager had to go back and make the sandwich. Yes at that point I would have sent him home but they didn't. So about 9 pm we have a few cars in drive thru and (check the drive thru times when he is working not good) and I asked where is phil we have a screen full of sandwiches? The managers response was shocking, "phil likes to take breaks in his car, he usually doesn't ask and he doesn't clock out for them either. He is usually gone for about 30 mins - hour." I was said, "that is unexceptionable go out there right now and get him or go out there and tell him he can go home if he doesn't want to come back in!" so he goes out and gets him. You can tell that he is under the influence of something. I pulled the manager aside and told him to sent him home that you can clearly see that he is high and his shift is over. So he leaves. I sit down shannon the next day and tell her of the terrible experience and I said she should fire him for doing drugs on the clock. Shannon's response was, "then I don't have anyone to close back line." I said, "ummm then you do it because you cant have someone like that on the clock if he gets hurt your screwed." her power tripped response was, "I am a gm I don't close and it will be fine.
After the first few weeks of training I am suppose to be running shifts. Well that is impossible with shannon there because she gets in her moods and just throws a fit and screams at everyone. We had a elderly lady and her husband come in they were so cute. They had their lunch and the women came back up to order a apple turnover, she requested a knife and 2 forks. I had already take the order and was in the process of getting what she requested. Shannon walked up and asked if she had been helped and the lady replied," yes honey thank you we are going to eat it here."well shannon didn't hear her and very rudely said," what! Do you want a tray or a box!"I told her that I have it taken care of and she turned her back to the customer and said," I am not in the mood for these people [censored] today!"the lady was so upset she asked me to box up her stuff and they left I walked out to apologizes and she said," that girl should be fired she is so rude, who is the boss!"I said," miss I am sorry but she is the boss."she shook her head and said we will never be back here, but thank you for at least apologizing even though you didn't have to, you didn't do anything wrong she is the one that should." I went back over and told her what was said, "she said good I hope they don't come back I hate people today," and stormed off into the office to pout. By my 3rd week I still had no idea on how to use 90% of rti was never shown how to do temps or the beef sheets or inventory. Seriously thank god for robyn she actually taught me everything I learned. I mean everything.
So the one employee krystina was clearly struggling with some person issues for a better part of a week. I suggest that she has a [censored] down with her find out the issue and possibly offer some help if she could. Shannon said, "no she is just a drunk and I am done with her so I am going to cut her hours till she quits." I replied, "so your just going to keep being mean to her and then add more stress to her already stressful life instead of just talking to her & help her?" shannon, "yes it worked for clarmissa, getting rid of the dead weight." really? I said, "if that is the case why is phil and so many other still here if your getting rid of the dead weight?" well that made he angry and that is when she started on me. First it was scheduling me to close and then come in at 10 knowing we didn't get out till 3 am. Then it was constant attitude.
Then about a week before I quit I had a medical emergency. I left work early on a tuesday I was in tears and extreme pain I had broken my tooth and it was bleeding and oh god did it hurt and I could tell my blood pressure was out of whack, after I had to beg for her to let me go, she says, "the only was you can leave is if you find someone to cover the last 2.5 hours of your shift, because I am not doing it I am here enough as it is.." thankfully zay willingly said he would do it and I went directly to the emergency room. Thank god I did. My bp was 224/132 and I was in the er for about 8 hours before they would let me go. They advised me to stay home the next day so I called a co-worked and had my shift covered. Wednesday night I text shannon and told her I had a dentist appointment thursday morning to get the tooth pulled because I was in so much pain. He only reply was call joe!
So I text joe the area supervisor told him of the situation and apologized and let him know that I had doctors notes for all of the days off. He was very kind and said he understood and he would see me friday.
Friday he came in and we talked I informed him that I had all the doctors notes in the office and I would give them to shannon to process so I would still get paid. He said that sounded good. So shannon and I sat and chatted about me going to the solon location after my certification the following week. She was still angry with me and said, "your going to hate it... I know your going to hate it." I said, "well like you are aware I can't work sundays, never have once here and you know why. (religious and family reasons) and as long as I have the days off I requested then everything will be fine."
She giggled that annoying giggle she does and looks me straight in the face and says, "nope you are closing every sunday in solon and I made sure she gave you the worst possible shifts. Also the day you requested off for your daughters baby shower was denied and july 4 & 7 have been denied to. By the way you will be closing every holiday I already passed on what a [censored] you are."
So I ended up quitting, I can work for a company who's training managers motto is "do as I say not as I do." so I get my last paycheck and it is very short. So I call the store and asked why. I was told that the days I had off weren't approved because I didn't have doctor's excuses. I told her, "you know damn well that I gave them to you last friday after joe left and you said you were going to submit them to corporate. Shannon's reply was," ooops guess I misplaced them." then she hung up on me. Yep that is who you have running a store good more pick a kid on a power trip other than the more capable adult you have in that store like robyn.
Not even sure if you will do anything about all of the nonsense that goes on in this store but I would at least address the fact that many if not all health codes are being broken on a daily basis and the frequent drugs that on going on in the parking lot and that fact that she is allowing people under the influence to work because she is a gm and they don't work past 8 and she never has to close.
That store needs a total overhaul and get that kid out of there before she gets you guys sued.


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Nov 02, 2021 8:16 pm

im really happy you wrote this i needed it for my highschool work but this is disgusting i will never go to arbys they will never have me eatting there meats


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