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I was a routeman at this facility, I had 3 shoulder injuries, The 2 managers named above were making me charge for damages and losses when there werent any, this is theft and lying, I refused to do it anymore, and was told they were doing away with my route and laid me off, they told the workers comp company that I took a voluntary lay off so I wouldnt get any benefits.I cant work now because I cant lift.Scott Poarch took over some of my stops and recently resigned because he couldnt lie or steal either, For instance they have fraudulently charged tyson foods over 100, 000 dollars the past few years, because they said they wouldnt notice.those managers should be behind bars for felony theft, It doesnt pay to be honest anymore!


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    former Aramark RSR Sep 29, 2011

    How funny... Must be one thing that is common practice among ARAMARK UNIFIRM SERVICES. apparently I wasn't living up to expectations either. I too have s shoulder issue but never said a word due to previous issues with ARAMARK and injuries on the job. They claim I "forged" an invoice and as of today I was let go... Funny thing is I've seen ms angers alter contracts, initial invoices and pressure you to increase L&R.

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    tuffenuff Jul 14, 2013

    Nothing MARK HOLDCRAFT DOES is surprizing!! This man is quickly becoming KNOWN as the RIP OFF MASTER, in the state of Tennessee. One surprizing thing is how folks like this THIEF and at the very least, LESS THAN HONESTY, without ANY integrity or morals can be allowed to coach ten, eleven, and twelve year old boys in baseball... yup, you got it, to RIP OFF more and more folks!! He also has an "online" sports uniform business, which he sucks in hundreds upon hundreds more dollars, due to the "divisions, " within the "COACHING" arena, also!! This theif ALSO umpires, at some "so called PREMIER" baseball complexes! Example... take 12 or 13 teams, from at least two different sauncationed "reputable, " baseball leagues... multiply by 11 to 13 players per team, BINGO... he JUST MADE a killing from trusting, non-suspecting parents by "using" the parents money!! WoW what a tremendous EXAMPLE to set for all those young boys Mark Holdcraft only has ONE thing which is CORRECT. . . the "craft" which is in his NAME... he is very CRAFTY, a liar and a CHEAT!! No values, only a CON MAN... he belongs in PRISON, and this farse of an individual has HIS CLAWS into every aspect of "Community BUSINESS!!" SHAMEFUL, ILLEGAL, and SINFUL!!

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    corporateguysnotice Jul 15, 2013

    Aramark Corporation is obviously "coaching, " this person, holdcraft... he certainly is more than willing to be "their" gofer RAT. It is about the only thing he is capable of doing, at least in the Corporate World... this guy is the atypical business person "want to be, " willing to stop at NOTHING to impress "his" superiors!! Albeit, a rather HEAVY LOAD and burdensome for the average corporate "achiever, " this one dude has absolutely no conception of dignity, nor does he comprehend that concept. If Aramark Corporation is simply lying "in wait, " for a HUGE lawsuit. . . they certainly have the right guy to make that exact thing HAPPEN!! I'd advise ALL employees who have to deal with Mark Holdcraft: aka, LOSER, LIAR, and unable to scam nearly as well as "he" thinks . . . GIVE HIM ENOUGH ROPE, he will not only HANG the company, but himself as well!! Touche ARAMARK Uniform Corporation... you have managed to snag the BIGGEST and LOWEST of the human race!! YOU WILL PAY THE PRICE... beware of tactical corporate greed, and be warned, Mark Holdcraft is merely DISPOSABLE!!

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    Cpl Marshall Jul 15, 2013

    Aramark Corporation surely NEEDS mood stabalizers, if this is the same Mark Holdcraft that claims to be a former Marine, which is not only an outright lie... well, lets just say, kinda, sort of less than HONEST!! He attempted basic trainning, and soon became HISTORY!! Couldn't make through basic, and from what I know of this guy, has made a fair attempt at concealing his anger management until a couple of years ago!! Holdcraft could never have been "accepted" on the grounds of his Mental Illness... which from what I know has gentic links and deep roots within this entire family from North Sandusky, Ohio. Not sure if he has moved south, but sure sounds awfully familiar. If Holdcraft is indeed from my area, it's only a matter of time for Aramark Corp. I would recommend that all the guys effected negatively by this one, HANG ON ... you will witness SELF DESTRUCTION, of this one... Aramark will soon make an enormous DISCOVERY, of sorts!!

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  • Ma
    [email protected] Jul 31, 2013

    Yes from "personal" experience with Mark Holdcraft, "he" most definitely is NOT a business person with ethic, morals and has very low self esteem as well!! I would suggest that this so called "man in charge, " is also nothing more than a scammer, and CON MAN at best. If this man is so out of control with his own personal life and grossly mal-manages his own finances, per PUBLIC RECORDS, indicating personal bankruptcy... then certainly I'd suggest he is far from an asset to Aramark Corp., and certainly to ANY other "employee!!" This man is honestly a scammer, this person virtually has absolutely -zero people skills. HOW IS IT THAT ARAMARK hasn't "yet" had it's pants sued off, due to this individual? OH... that's next for "Mr. not-so-Crafty, " first his personal finances are in shambles, next thing you know . . . HE will be the one BEGGING for a job... just from the latest word, which really does "get around, " just as you "think" you are making out pretty well!! HE will not last much longer, no ethics, no morals, and no REDEMPTION!!

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  • Jo
    Jonathan Beckworth Jan 29, 2014

    in short: MARK HOLCRAFT is as corrupt, dishonest, and cowardly as any commie ya have EVER imagined, or maybe read about!!
    I would not "trust" this insignificant out RIGHT LIAR, thug to be on ANY payroll!!! Simply stated, if I saw the man on fire... I'm passing this one by. Nothing but TALK, FAKE, SHISTER!! He is a miserable example of what forms humanity can take on!!

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