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I have visited this applebees quite a few times and on every occasion the customer service is the same. The waitress doesn't come to our table promptly and then when asked to speak to a manager one comes over with as bad an attitude as the waitress gives. I have also noticed on each occasion that every time i have to ask the server where our waitress is and also why I've been waiting twenty minutes without even getting any service at all, only to have a larger party than the one im in walk right in and get served... The manager on duty even had the nerve to touch the brother on the shoulder and stand up for his employees ### service. I asked the manager if i could have his name and the district managers name and telephone number only for him to reply its in the phone book... As a manager of two restaurants and a customer i don't expect to be treated like that from anyone in the same position. We all work hard for our money and shouldn't be made to feel as if our patronizing a restaurant is a nuisance . So finally when the server finally walked over to offer me a drink when she saw us speaking to the manager i got up and walked out, and i will never return again... and they wonder why so many applebees stores are closing... ill give you one guess the lack of customer service...


  • Ke
    Kerri Todd Oct 05, 2007

    I was in applebee's with some friends for dinner last week, as we go everyweek! Our service was the worst I have ever seen at any applebee I have ever been to, which I go to often for business meetings! The food took as while as can be expected for any busy restaurant, however when I asked to speak to the manger he came over to our table and was just very rude. He actually told us to just eat somewhere else next time if we werent pleased with our service! I live in Kalamazoo Michigan this location was on
    West Main Dr and the manger I spoke to was Greg he let me know he was the general manger which was even more suprising to me that he did not care about our business! I also am so offended that I might write a letter to the Kalamazoo Gazette to run in there articles for business people not to do business at applebee's and I am sure others will agree with me and hopefully not go to that location until something is done about the mangement!!!
    Thank You
    Kerri Todd

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  • Jo
    Joanne Walsh Oct 17, 2007

    Applebee in Frederick, Maryland has terrible service and less then mediocre food. I go there expecting things to get better and they never do. Last night I took my daughter there, as it's her favorite place to go (5yrs) Things started nicely but quickly went down hill. Our server came over immediately and took our order. Drinks were brought out and then everything stopped. We were there an hour and a half waiting on a child menu item and a Trio order. The people across from me waited 20 minutes for Chips and Salsa. When our food did arrive 1 hour after ordering I immediately asked for the check which took another 30 minutes for them to drop the bill, take the money and return the change. Obviously no tip was given and the evening ended on a very frustrating note.

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  • Ti
    Timothy A. Wilson Jan 12, 2008

    My wife , son,a friend and myself just ate at the applebees in steubenville ohio which we do there alot,more than any other restaraunt. Untill today everything was very good and the service was always very good. I can't believe that this place was as bad as it was this time, the service was horrible, and the food should of been sent back, but didn't want to wait another hour to get it again. No silverware, food was already cold by the time they brought us some, no napkins, no refills on drinks, dessert was brought out with stuff smered on the outside of the cups. Very bad experience, don"t care if we go back.

    Tim wilson

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  • Su
    Susana Nieto Jan 22, 2008

    Service at Applebee's no matter which restuarant you go to has always been bad, waitresses and managemnt have an attitude like they are doing you a favor allowing you be there. Getting servered takes a long time and to get there attention well that takes a miracle, and when they finally acknowledge you, they will tell you they will be right there just to shut you up and get you off their back, but they still come when ever it is convinient to them. I don't go there of my own choice, usually its because someone else suggests it and I am always hoping the this time it will be different but it never is. Customer Service is a bad problem, what is your criteria of hiring you have to be an ### to work here. And another thing ordering for pickup sucks, they do not come to your car they make you go inside a pick up your order, so your commercial are a punch of crap, you are lieing to your customers. It doesn't say much for Corporate office if you don't do anything about it, this has been going on for years. What up with that. Have some consideration I mean we are paying customers and are the ones that keep your restuarant going, don't you have any appreciation or evem common courtesy. Do you even care!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Th
    Theresa Alexander Feb 09, 2008

    After a fifty minute wait I had to go find a manager, she would not come when our waiter informed her we had a problem... She was on the phone. At that time I ask her is she could help us get our food. She gave some low answer and headed off for the back.After another 15 min. We got food which was wrong, no portabla mushrooms, my sisters fish was cold, It was a very unpleasant experience and we will just go back to panera bread for our every friday outing. This was our second try at applebee and they still need some management training.

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  • Ru
    Russell Heldenbrand Feb 17, 2008

    On Febuary 16th we visited the applebees at kc.k on Rainbow blv. and recieved very bad service. We got there at 7:15 ordered our drinks and our food with salads. At 7:45 we had not yet recieved any refills on drinks or our salads. At 8:00 our waiter Eric said our food was in the window and it would be out very shortly. At 8:10 I asked if we were going to get our salads and refills and he indicated we needed to work with him because they had a server not working out and he had to cover to stations. At 8:20 we still had not gotten our food or salad and I asked why we had not gotten it since it was in the window 20 minutes ago. He indicated he had no control over who took food from the window and we needed to be patient. I told him we were leaving and would not pay for the food we ordered. Our experience was terrible and the 5 of us will not return to Applebees.

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  • Al
    Allison Mar 04, 2008

    I went to Applebee's in New Rochelle, NY this past weekend. I am going to keep it short because I know people don't have the time to read long comments.

    I would advice everyone out there to please avoid this Applebee's at all times!! First we had to wait almost an hour to be seated, when we finally got a table was right by the door and the temperature was 20 degrees that night in NY. I asked the hostess for another table and after another 15 minutes we were given a bigger table.

    Finally, at the table the waitress took our order and the order for the table next to ours, the other table got their food in 15 minutes while mine took 40 minutes!!! At this point I just wanted to eat and leave, after being pushed around for two hours. When I start eating my steak, instead of sirloin they gave me a HAMBURGUER!!!! I called the manager, she apologized but the damage was done.

    I swore never to go back to Applebee's, the customer service was horrible and the reason why they take sooooo long giving you a table is because their staff is walking around like zombies in the park. They take about 20 minutes to bring you a check after you asked for it.

    Please, please, please, don't go to Applebee's in New Rochelle, NY it is horrible and you will regret even coming out to have dinner with your friends.

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  • Ve
    Vedie Tingle Mar 07, 2008

    We live approximately 30 miles from the nearest Applebee's Restaurant. Since it's opening, we have patronized this restaurant about three to four times a month. We have a big family and at any given time, we are paying for six to eight people. We considered this restaurant our favorite (we eat out a lot). However, lately the food and service have been horrible. We ordered the little burgers and the chicken ranch sandwiches the last time. Both were inedible. The chicken was just a strip on stale buns with a toothpick through them. No ranch at all. We asked for ranch dressing and they brought it about 15 minutes later. We had already had to ask about our meal several times. We thought they had forgotten us. Honestly, we don't mind waiting if the food is good. My husband ordered a chocolate milkshake that tasted like bananas. He asked for another and it had ice in it. Sorry to complain but this particular restaurant has been this way lately (last five to six months) and it's not free. My husband and I work hard and we don't want to spend our money on bad food. This restaurant is a real disappointment.

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  • Ma
    maddy Mar 09, 2008

    Applebees on Warner in Gilbert AZ has as bad of service as every other Applebees in the nation. Horrible customer service, bad food. Do not go there!

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  • To
    tomax87 Mar 11, 2008

    Yea here is some feed back. GO TO A DIFFERENT RESTAURANT, Or I dunno cook dinner at home and quit being lazy...

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  • Mb
    MB Mar 17, 2008

    Brunch on a given Sunday at Noon thirty; scenario...ordered bloody mary, took 25 minutes and asking waitress 3x to receive which was awful. I think the vodka had water in it. Then ordered a grilled chicken caesar salad, took 25 more minutes to receive, and the chicken was PINK. Awful. Another at my table ordered a beer, took 20 minutes. Due to starvation, I ate off someone else's fries and drank the water, such an awful experience; and I am a chef in the culinary world in Texas. I expected more from the Cajuns but this was a sin!

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  • Ma
    mama Jul 08, 2008

    try working at applebees the employees are jerks the managers think they are a gift off god and they are always on power trips sometimes when it takes a long time its because you cant get any help from other people in the store its like working with a bunch of 2year olds i try to b a good person never had a complaint and thats only because i dont let anyone near my tables i dont blame you for not wanting to eat there i work there and i dont even eat there and i get a discount

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  • Ju
    June Davies Aug 03, 2008

    Our complaint is with the hostess. When she took us to a booth and we sat down, it was soaking wet from just being cleaned and we asked for it to be dried and she was so angry that she had to go get a towel and wipe the seats and table off. It actually made my pants wet from sitting down. I didn't notice it until I had sat down. The waitresses should be taught how to clean and dry the tables and seats especiallly if you are seating people that soon after being cleaned. The hostess was no hostess and she never smiled or was not a bit friendly. Is that the kind of image you want to send to customers?

    When we left she wasn't even around and it wasn't that busy either. It seems they all play around too much and try not to do anymore than they have to. They're alwasy standing around the computers talking and trying to act busy. Ha!

    This was at the New Philadelphia store about two weeks ago. The hostess was short, stocky with dark hair. A real winner for a hostess.

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  • St
    Stephanie Aug 15, 2008

    I have worked for Applebees for two years now and my biggest complaint is the attitude I get from rude guests who have no comprehension of the amount of work that we do. When you are sitting in a crowded restaurant can you not see your server trying to meet the needs of up to ten tables full of people? Give me a break we are ONE person trying to make sure everyone’s needs are being taken care of. I love the people who suck down their lemonade as soon as it is placed in front of them and then get angry at us for not giving them fifteen refills. I believe it is people who bring their unrealistic expectations who give the servers a "bad attitude". Just to let you know, we are under pressure from just about every angle in that business. From the time a guest arrives we are expected to greet them and get drink orders immediately. Not only are we to get orders we MUST suggest 1. Specific beverage, 2. Specific appetizer, 3. Make the guest aware of the national campaign, 4. Offer soup or salad w/entree, 5. Offer specific dessert. If we are shopped and do not make everyone of these sales we are given a write up. We are responsible in addition for rolling all silverware which means on a typical busy night we have used up all silverware and are probably in the back trying to get more pumped out for the guests. When food is set up by the expeditor to be taken to the tables, it is whichever server who happens to be in the kitchen at that time to run the food. This means, that I may be in the kitchen getting your drinks when I am interrupted to take food out to the opposite end of the restaurant to ensure that guest gets HOT food! Meanwhile I have two minutes to get your drinks to you! How's that for a set up to fail? When all is said and done, it usually doesn't matter how much we bust our ### because the guest will interpret our "lack of service" as lack of effort. By the way in addition to the entire service transaction that we provide, including cashing out each guest with our own bank we are required to bus our own tables yet must tip out three percent of our total sales every shift. So for those of you who think your server was so horrific that they don't deserve the benefit of at least a ten percent tip just remember when you stiff us, you are costing us money. We have to tip a host that doesn't even bus our table! At the end of my shift I MUST claim that I made 10% of my total sales. If my sales are $1000.00 I have to claim $100 and tip out $30.00. If I've had two or three ###s who like to stiff us for any reason whatsoever I end up claiming I made more than what I actually take home. Give us a break people, we are human. Try opening your eyes and seeing the big picture.

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  • Ja
    Jane The Revelator Nov 17, 2019

    @Stephanie 🦸‍♀️❤💃🌹🙋‍♀️ You delivered that quite well and I want to thank you for being a great server and a caring employee. I work at Applebee's as well.

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  • Ro
    Robert Jensen Aug 19, 2008

    I came in to place a "TO GO" order, was asked to go to the BAR to place order. Waited 15 minutes to get order placed. Told them I would be right back to pick up the order. Upon returning was greeted at the door by the waitress that seen me come in and she said, oh you are the one waiting on your order. Then another waitress came by and said if she could help and I told her I was waiting on a to go order. Then a waiter came by and asked if I needed some help, and told the same. Then another waitress came by and the same scenario.

    I waited for an hour and a half from placing the order, until finally the waitress at the bar, as she seemed to be more occupied with getting alcohol to the people at the bar and getting tips then anything else. Then she finally came all the way to the front and asked if I needed my order, well " der".

    I will tell you that I know how hard it is to get good people, but this was ridiculous, all these workers asking and no one helping. Wow what a disappointment. Applebees" - you just lost this customer and all the folks that ask me about your company will be told - Well you know what I will tell them!

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  • Al
    Alyssa Barnes Aug 30, 2008

    I just left worknig applebees today because I had found another job and I went to put in my 2 wks notice and he said I dont accept those, this your last night, your'e fired. I said practically screw you. He was rude to me all night long and I was a closer and by the end of the night he just sent me home and I didn't have to do any of my work. This so called applebee's is the applebee's in Three Rivers, Michigan. I don't think that anyone should go there. The managers suck and the whole place is a joke.

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  • Ja
    Jane Green Sep 09, 2008

    On September 6 I came into Applebees in South Burlington around 4:30 with my family. I had eight people in my party and was told to wait until a table was ready. I was quoted a 20-25 minute time period. While I was waiting another party of eight came in and got sat before we did. When I asked about them getting sat before my party they said sorry.

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  • Bo
    Bob plains Sep 09, 2008

    Last Saturday I came in with my wife to Applebees at the University Mall and was put on a wait. Their was a man at the door wearing a blue dress shirt he told us their would be a fifteen minute wait. We said we wanted a booth he said it would take an extra five minutes and he snapped at us and our name never got called so we started to leave when a employee by the name of Emily asked us if we were okay we told her what happened and she sat us right off.

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  • Ja
    Janet Jones Sep 09, 2008

    Saturday was nothing but trouble once we entered Applebees in Burlington. When we put our name on a wait list the Host acted towards us like we were taking up his time. This host was not dressed like the rest of the employees and he was rude. Once we finally got sat out server Jason never came back and asked us if we wanted refills on our drinks or needed anything else. When our food came to the table it was thrown at us and the waiter left. The steak was under cooked and the potatoes were cold we asked if he could heat up the food and recook the steak and he said no because the cooks were to busy. At the end we never saw a manager and had to pay full price. We will never be back because of the way the service was this night.

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  • De
    Debbie Dixson Sep 09, 2008

    Our complaint is with whoever trained the hostess Sarah.
    No other host could be found so we assumed she was the only one on. She cleared off a table for us and wiped it down. The table was very wet and we asked her if she could dry it off she said no she was to busy. Busy my ### she went back to the host stand and stood there playing with her phone. My pants got very wet from this and I had other places to go after. The waitresses should be taught how to clean and dry the tables and seats especially if you are seating people that soon after being cleaned.
    The hostess was no hostess. Is that the kind of image you want to send to customers?

    This was at the University Mall Applebees

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  • Ab
    AbbraKadabbra Sep 11, 2008

    Recently a local diner discovered a whole small lizard in her salad. We do not know if this was the fault of applebees or a server at the establishment. I have also eaten there once and was very sick that evening and the next day from some chicken I ate. I reccomend that nobody eats at this restaurant. DISGUSTING!!!

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  • Am
    Amani Oct 13, 2008

    This is completely stupid. If you knew you had placed a to-go order and came back to pick it up, you should have gone back to where you placed the order, IE: THE BAR, and told them you're back to pick it up.

    And when there is no TO GO person on, the bartender takes care of it. They're not going to remember you and your order because they are doing a lot of other stuff too.

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  • Ha
    Hairball Oct 17, 2008

    I have eaten at Applebee's all over the State of Washington, as well as in Oregon, California, and Nevada. They used to be awesome! But apparently all that has changed. If you don't like your food, don't waste your time complaining because you will only get the runaround and be ignored. Their district office certainly will not contact you even though their sites claims they reply to complaints within 2-3 business days. The General Manager actually lied to his home office and said he called me but "I no longer was employed there", but the truth is that I never told Applebee's where I worked, what I did, or gave them my work number! But 2 weeks later the GM called me and promised to have gift cards sent to me to take care of my bad food and all the hassles I went through. Did I ever get any gift cards? Hell no! Just as I expected. I've filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, and even posted my opinion on Craigslist. I want the whole country to know what to expect if they are not happy with their food.

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  • Va
    Val Meek Oct 31, 2008

    To whom it may consern I Valerie has been know to be a loyal costomer of applebees. Im writing to tell of the treatment me and my famliy received in october. At the Morse Road establishment a long-time favorite of mines. it was a sunday afternoon me and a party of three, had came for the soup and salad after leaving church. it appeared to be a slow afternoon but yet we waited 20 mintues to be seated. Me being a diabetic went to the bar to order strawberry -limeonade to help bring my sugar up to a safe level an notice my family still wasnt seated. I asked the Host what was the hold up an she assured me we would be seated in a few mintues. A nother five mintues or so i look around the reastruant seeing all the emty tables an proceeded to sit family. An the hostess said she thought we said we needed a table of five. Grassly accepting but not understanding due to the fact there were tables all over the restruant. the waitress came over to plsce our order very pleasent and applogetic and ordering our strawberry limeonade. from the seat i was sitting in i could clearly see the bar where from the other side of the bar i noticed a waitress pouring a red drink into a pitcher in which later i noticed the bartender pouring our drinks from out of the same pitcher. In which when it reached or table i asked the waitress to get us fresh drinks because that could have been a safty issue she did an at that point the manger came to our table an was apologetic an said he would speak to the bartender an host. Being a long time patrin of Applebees it didnt seem to be Applebees style, so I thought we would take the time to write this review to discuss me an my familys unhappyness with the service we recevied P.S looking for the waiter or manager GO can u tell us if hes still with you an where is he if so. Thank you Valerie Meek.

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  • Sh
    shaleta cook Nov 02, 2008

    services was slow food was not right spoke with manager she didnt help at all they get a F from me will never eat there again

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  • Sa
    sam Nov 20, 2008

    i was at the applebees in orange ct and the waiter had moved things from one table to another and never cleaned it the food was cold forgot the silverware kept asking every min if we needed anything forgot to bring me my water bad attitude on manager and waitresses food was gross and cold it was horrible i will never return then the managers wont talk to me when i call and harrass them after they call me and said we apologize and are sending you gift certificates and never have 2 weeks later after your special day my dad sounded drunk cause of a medical issue and they served him one beer and said he was drunk and had to much he didnt even finish his 1 so i dont see how that can happen they need to get better skills or close i will never return there lucky i dont file a lawsuit against them for profiling and depiction this is a warning to anyone to not go there

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  • Gi
    gin Nov 23, 2008

    The manager at the Applebees store on 9616 East Independence Blvd. Matthews NC was very rude. I onlygot 3 onion rings on my plate after I paid extra, told the waitress and she agreed to bring the extra that were missing. After an hour the manager came to our table and was very rude and I ended up paying for what I didn't get. Horrible customer service NEVER going back again (after being a loyal costumer).

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  • Ma
    Marie Passmore Jan 25, 2009

    Advised during my visit today that they no longer serve chips w/nacho sauce (con-queso) I have been going to applebees for several years and always had gotten this as an appetizer. I think I will have to switch to Chilis to get want I want, But its good to know now so I don't suggest Applebees while off traveling. Its a shame too.

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  • No
    nobodyspecial Jan 28, 2009

    Some Applebee's are franchised and some are corporate. Menu items vary from store to store at this time, but IHOP is currently making an effort to offer the same menu at every location. The store I currently work at still offers queso and chips as does every store in Michigan that i'm aware of. Hopefully, in your travels, you'll still consider eating with us...

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  • Bi
    big ski Jan 29, 2009

    On 3 seperate occassions I have visited the business here in town. The following has occurred twice. I ordered steak and there was grissle in the steak that was as thick as a shoe lace. I showed it to the manager after waiting 45 min to see him. I asked him if he would feed that to his family? His reply an asstounding no. Last nite was it for me I walked in at 630 pm on a thurs nite and it was not crowded. It took 52 min to receive a salad and a sad excuse for a trio meal. When I brought it up to my server he stood there and told me that it was frustating for him as well. I was told that the place is hit or miss at best for service. This coming from my server I will not return under any circumstances. I am aware that its a chain and pert of a larger entity that has attempted to swallow the market locally. Screw em all. If it takes almost an hour to get standard fare then they need help. America some businesses fail because of crappy service, poor management, and shotty service. No bailouts please.

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  • MAC Feb 16, 2009





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  • Sa
    sal Mar 19, 2009

    I would be inclined to agree with the complainer. I went to that same Applebees some years back and had a horrible experience. Most likely it was not the same Manager, but sounds like the same rudeness. I was babysitting a one year old baby for the day. Carried the baby on my hip, went in took a seat, and order two colas and a tall glass of milk for the baby. Halfway through the milk we were told to leave because the baby didn't have shoes on. Now the baby's feet, never touched the floor. I just left and vowed to never visit Applebees again! I understand the policy, but we should have not been seated and enjoying our drinks before these jerks tossed out me, my friend, and a baby! I tried to explain that the Mother forgot to leave the babys shoes. Went down the street to another restaurant and had a great meal with the same shoeless baby in tow. So yeah, I believe they are VERY rude at thisApplesbees!

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  • Ke
    Ken Jul 29, 2009

    I recently went to the Applebee's in Chillicothe, Mo. with my husband. We do not live in the area so we weren't prepared for the horrible host service. He is 72 and walks with assistance from a large walker, I am 67 and had to try hard to hold the door open for my husband while THREE YOUNG ladies stood WATCHING. I did NOT appreciate this. Where we come from, if and elderly couple is going out to dinner at our Applebee's, we are treated with the upmost respect and care. If the management at this Chillicothe Applebee's knew that their employees weren't doing their job, I'm sure they would be dissapointed. The servers did well and the food was fine but our dining experience was ruined because of how it started.

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  • Mo
    momprez Aug 04, 2009

    When Applebees first came to our town I was thrilled to see something new. I worked as a server at a popular local diner and was not going to leave there because I had a lot of loyal customers and I did quit well there. A few years later the owners of the diner had some personal problems and decided to close. Well I thought with 12 years experience I should have no problems getting a job at Applebees, although it did seem to me that they only hired kids that they didn't train very well. I went in filled out an application and a manager came over to talk with me. He asked me what I could bring to this job I naturally said experience and I have quit a few loyal customers. Well that was the end of the interview and I assumed when they needed someone I would get a call. Now this all happened three years ago and I don't want it to sound as if I am bitter, what I was told by several of the under 30's, friends of my kids, that they wont hire me because of my age. I was 46 and if I may add rather attractive, I've also been told I don't come close to looking my age. Well that is beside the point. I do not know if this is true of all Applebees but it certainly is of the Pennsville NJ one. It really is a shame because I have noticed a sharp decline in their business. I would say they have about 4 maybe 5 servers that have a clue as to what a server should be. Come on guys your servers are your first contact with the customers if they suck it won't matter about the food because there are plenty of other restruants

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  • Te
    TedE51 Sep 27, 2009

    I can't recommend the Applebees in Woodbury, MN at all. Have been there twice in 6 months and the service was terrible both times we went there. Tonight, the service was terrible. The salad and dressing I had was terrible. Before I even ordered the salad, I asked the waitree (who was also the bartender) if it was the western french dressing. All she said is yes we have french dressing. She brought me my salad with some kind of different french dressing. I couldn't even eat it. They only took off $1.49 for the salad. Then I ordered a sprite with cherry in it and that was flat and watered down. The bill came to about $33 for 3 people. What a ripoff. I will never go to that Applebees in Woodbury, MN again.

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  • Ja
    jack walson Mar 09, 2010

    i have gret food get in apple bees in kuwait i love apple bees fintas staff and Egyptian mnanger realy good and to nice with
    all guests

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  • St
    Strill Jun 15, 2010

    To start with the hostess girls sat other people before our group. we had then our waitress came to our table and ask if we wanted to drink and what. when she came back with drinks she said i will be right back, 15 minutes, we ordered and our food took 25 minutes, we timed it our appitizer was cold and the chicken penne was not hot either. the only thing quick was the bill. we ask if we could use the discount pass we had and she said yes but only took off part of the bill, needless to say we won't be going there again.

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  • Se
    seraphim7 Jun 20, 2010

    What did the manager say when you drew the problems with food and service to his/her attention? Considering that this is like the 3rd website where you have posted this, surely you got mgmt involved!

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  • Mo
    Momof1 Jun 26, 2010

    The apple Bes in Monroe, Michigan just plain sucks!! I got their curb side car service and then when home. The 12 oz. steak was full of fat Grissel, the salsa left my 3 friends and myself fire breathing dragons and an upset stomach for two days it was so hot. I called and complained and the manager told me they always had one kind of salsa..Bull crap!! Also, never buy their steak as it is third rate and awful cuts full of steak full of fat.. only half was edible..I am telling everyone I know not to go there. They just lost a good customer.

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  • Ch
    Chich Jul 01, 2010

    We ate at Applebees today 12/27/08 the food was good but the service was awful. I asked for more butter for may baked potato which I did not receive. Our waitresse was busy talking to a person at the bar and didn't have time for us. The rest of the staff was very friendly.

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