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My complaint is how applebee's pick favorites! There are certain employees that can get 57 hours in a pay period and others who they won't allow 4 hours on the job in one day! How is that possible?! The one not allowed to work 4 hours has bills and a family just like everyone else! How can another person get 57 hours?!
My next complaint is: why is there no complaint site for employees? I had to come here to complain and it probably won't do anything! Most likely, i'll continue to be treated unfair!


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Sep 22, 2021 5:57 am EDT
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My Applebee’s is also full of drug users who smoke with the manager.I on the other hand am talked to for saying one cuss word.They have consistently focused on small things and glossed over what matters.

Aug 06, 2022 11:25 am EDT

Mine too! The mangers literally go outside to do drugs with employees & everyone in the kitchen smokes. Nobody washes their hands or use gloves, only when an inspector is there. The managers pick favorites & if one of their “favs” complains about another employee that employee will get their hours cut in half. I’ve never worked in such a toxic place before!

Nov 26, 2020 7:46 pm EST
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Are all the Applebee's full of managers with obvious favoritism? I didn't last 3 weeks and it was because of that favoritism and unwellingness to be helpful when your still learning their system, which is soo ridiculously repetitive and managers have to approve the transaction if u move a coke to split checks, totally utter nonsense and time consuming.

Feb 19, 2017 7:05 pm EST
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I worked at Applebees for over 5 years, not one write up 3 call off's never late, Tomorrow is my last day I know every station and plus know prep and have also cleaned and did dishes, This is one messed up place to work for, The more money i got with raises the less hours i got, Out of the almost 6 yrs i worked here, I only got my paid vacation 2 times ! The favoritism is so noticeable it's not even funny, We have a 25 yrs vet in our store she was allowed to threaten, harass and bully me until i gave her my hours in prep, Mind you she did 1 position in the building thats all, my hours were dropped down months ago i filed for UE and i was told if i did not drop the claim i would be fired, i asked and begged for hours for months, we have a manger who has affairs with servers, smokes pot with employees, plus hangs out with them after hours, comes in late, and leaves people in the building by them selves, we have employees who use and abuse drugs while working, people who are late take 2 hour brakes not one word to these people who brake the rules, This place has so many unfair work ethics, they discriminate against their employees, unfair work practices I could say a ton more about my almost 6 years here but i would be writing a book I gave my 2 weeks notice also I REALLY WISH SOMEONE WOULD START a CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT I WOULD BE IN LINE 1ST, I love working in restaurants and it's sad how this company treats their staff !

Nov 17, 2019 9:31 am EST
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Do you work for a corporate Applebee's or for a franchise? I'm wondering how Applebee's are surviving this long with so many unqualified, undocumented, and corrupt managers that operate the Restaurant's countrywide.

Feb 14, 2022 4:24 pm EST
Replying to comment of SUZYQ133

Im having a similar situation. Do you know if anyone has started a law suit yet? Im in and i got 2 more employees who want to also. Pls let me know.

Aug 31, 2016 1:48 pm EDT

Applebee's in Hawaii first store is yet to open and already they are horrible to their employees. 8 hours of training and not allowed to get a drink or something to eat! They allowed certain people to get drinks but not another section!. They have no concern for their employee's health. someone could go into a diabetic coma, dehydration, and believe it or not kidney failure due to lack of hydration. I also can't believe, just because the Hawaii Law doesn't require to offer meal time (paid or unpaid) that they won't offer that. They expect the employees to be on their feet the entire shift, hungry, sore feet and sore backs and give quality customer service?! Applebee's Hawaii you are crazy, Looks like it all about the all mighty dollar. Have you ever heard, if you take care of your employees and show some care, the customer service will be much better. Your policy about offering mealtime even if unpaid would be greatly appreciated by not only your employees but also your customers.

Aug 30, 2016 2:19 pm EDT

My name is Jessica Bennett, I was employed at Applebee's for about three months. i have numerous complaints about the General manager. I was employed at the Martinsville VA location. The general manger constantly fraternized with numerous employees, which resulted in extreme favoritism for certain employees. Another issue with the store is that almost all the employees sell and take drugs at the store. i not aware if the GM is aware of the problem. I left the job about two weeks ago, because my grandmother passed away, which happened when on the days that i had already requested off to pick up my stepson. When i returned to work on next scheduled shift she demanded that I bring in proof that my grandmother had passed away. She requested this information after one of her employees saw something posted on Facebook. It is my understanding that someone saw a memory post from a year ago. My grandfather also passed away a few weeks before and I was not told or expected to bring proof of that. Other employees ( her favorites) were allowed to call in or miss work without producing a doctors note or any other kind of proof. I feel like I was unfairly treated. I believe she wanted an employee that would gossip with her. In my opinion a manger should not participate in the drama or gossip of the employees. I thought most employers had an open door policy, which she made impossible by telling us that any problems or concerns we might have were our fault and not hers. She made no effort to fix any problems and go to the other employees about what was discussed in private. i have worked in management before and do not believe she handled any issues the proper way. Other employees have also quit because of her professionalism. I hope to receive a response if possible. My phone number is [protected]. My e-mail is [email protected] Thank you for your time and hopefully will hear from you soon. Thanks you Jessica Bennett

Jun 09, 2012 5:17 pm EDT

I was in a applebees in Portland and having dinner all was going well till this manager came over to my table she reached across to grab an empty glass and her Hugh boobs got in my wife's food then she turned around and she had a Hugh ### which knocked over a drink I had she apologized and replaced the drink but the site of her Hugh ### took my appetite away just to ask how is our visit was and did we get everything promptly. I said oh hell ya even a Hugh portion of buffalo. She said we don't serve buffalo I said my mistake.
I think I am going to need therapy from looking at her Hugh ###.

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Jun 09, 2012 5:03 pm EDT

I have to agree I recently talked to a dishwasher at applebees he said he got yelled at for using to much soap in the dishwasher the female manager said he was using to much soap he said he told her that the dishwasher dispense the soap not him. She said well if you run out your out. Great that means dishes are not going to getting real clean and we have to eat off of someones plate who might have a air born disease or something worse. Is this a way to save money or just a pathetic manager under the gun of a crazy gm.

Jul 07, 2011 4:21 pm EDT

I have worked for this company for over a yr. The food industry is nothing more than making profits to the company. The only thing you can do is call the labor relations and call the board of health. Totally ignorant mgt that doesn't give one ### about anyone.

Management will do anything in their power to do what they want.

Mar 10, 2010 10:01 pm EST

Oh and a few other things, the servers doing alot of deep cleaning? what? i know of some servers that spend 30-50% of their time doing things the managers want them to do other than make a living with their tips, getting paid 3 bucks an hour to do dishes, scrub sinks, clean the bathrooms, etc. wtf, seriously, i wouldnt do that for 3 dollars an hour, those servers live off of their tips, then have to share them with a bartender that makes 8-9 dollars an hour + their own tips, its insane... unfair treatment is always there too, and when you ask them why they demand instead of asking politely, they tell us, if you dont like it you can find somewhere else to work, again taking advantage of the unstable economy, there are limited jobs, and they rub that in every chance they get, i was wrote up for insabordination for leaving at 8pm after being there sense 11am with no break, sometimes we work from 9am - midnight with no lunch, which we aren't allowed to ring in unless its befor our shifts, and we eat it then, and we get no overtime, something should be done about more than an 8 hour work day, some of us have families, which we work hard for, but it makes being there when your kids get out of school really hard, and in this day, its damn near half a paycheck to have a sitter for two children... what can we do though, if we dont like it, we can quit, while the 40-70 thousand dollar a year managers sit on their ### with one closer and play on face book or text, or sit out front and chit chat with their buds that come in the store.. btw (speaking from experiance) im a lil sore, but i will make them fire me befor i quit... i said one word about wanting some time with my family and they dropped me down to 28 hours a week, from 45+ hours a week sometimes 50, i just wanted my 40 hours, and to be able to get my kids up at 6 am to get them to school... and when you work from 12pm -1 am it gets a little tiring... so.. what can be done, i almost feel discriminated against for being someone with family, i know other employees that have set days, and set times schedualed, what makes them special? they can get a 9-5 day, but i cant get something similar? and why bounce a schedual around when there are enough employees to give everyone set times and set days? because they dont care, they make the money for being lazy, why should they give a ### as long as they have their slave labor to do what they say... i will fall over the day i see a manager right there with us when they ask us to do something, and have us lend a hand for once, i know whe only make 12-15 thousand a year, and its hard to support on that salary, but just because you fell into a posistion doesn't mean your special... we work for our bread while you have whine delivered, chilled, and in most cases poured for you..

Mar 10, 2010 9:44 pm EST

Not always true, i used to get over time left and right, grant it, i was getting wore out, but they over staff us, and im back to 28 hours a week, i heard one of our managers talking to the DM, wasn't supposed to, but they dont want to give out vacation pay or overtime, we get overtime, they get wrote up... not to mention, it is an unfair place to work.. been there two years... and all they can seem to do is want more from us, never a mention of good work, or praise of any sort, i work the broil, we dont have a chain broil, and i have had tips come back and strait to tipshare they went, B.S. if you ask me, we are a smaller store, but just of a major hwy, so it does get busy at times, and all we get is the usual take take take, oh your'e tired, well, to bad, if you dont like it, quit, ha, ill make em fire me before i quit, they stated they make people quit to avoid paying unemployment... Its a crooked ### company taking advantage of the messed up economy, im a line cook, not a dishwasher, not a maintence man, and i sure as hell am not going to scrub the bathroom befor my shift, would you want a toilet scrubber to prepare your meal? how about someone who has been working on the greasy ### dishwashing station

Sep 18, 2009 11:41 pm EDT

here is a hint
you are bad at your job.
if you weren't they would put you on
accept it.

Aug 07, 2017 9:19 pm EDT
Replying to comment of uhhino

the applebees in Shelby picks favorites by who the manager is sleeping with at the time. I know this because I know the woman he is currently sleeping with. before corporate found out she got all the hours and tables she wanted. not his first waitress he has slept with. So it isn't always who is best at their job as waitress but maybe the best bj


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