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food and service

Took my family to Applebee's last night in Chippewa (beaver falls), PA. My husband is not a big fan but I...

I am complaining about the whole service.

My man and I arrived at apple bees at 11.30 pm. The host was a host gave us our drinks h20 n cherry pepsi no problem. So the waitress took our order 11. 45 didn't ask or offer happy hour just told us our ONLY OPTION as she said. Long story short I ask 3x refill never asked what I was drinking never brought silverware but brought food then said fries cum with 2 4 25 bby bk ribs told manager n she said that's what we give e if u dnt say u want something else. NO SHE DIDN'T CARE WANTED TO GO HOME I STEAD IF GETTING HER MONEY N PERFORMING JOB DESCRIPTION. SHE LEFT A PERSON DRINK ON BAR FOR 10 MINUTES BEFORE GIVING TO THEM THEN GAVE THE 2 SHOTS FREE N TOOK SOMETHING OFF BILL. NEVER EVER AGAIN THANKS TO SARAH. L

hair in food

Good Day I had take out and as I was eating my food I saw hair and it looked blue. I called the restaurant to...

customer service

Ad says Happy hour all day everyday $1.99 bud light yet we were charged $4.99 per beer. Waitress said it wa...

ordered chicken capativi

Today I stopped in at the Wooster Applebee's for dinner around 6:15 when they said it would be ready waited till 6:35 for the person to come out to car side to go and ordered a two three cheese chicken capativis and only got 3 pieces of chicken in both orders, hardly any noodles went in to talk to the manager and the staff was rude, waited 10 minutes and no one came so I just left.

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mistake with check received

At approximately 1:00 pm on 09/04, 2017, I ordered lunch. On receiving my check, I noticed my additional payment beyond the card I offered contained change for an additional $10.00. The only bills which I carried were twenty dollar bills. The waitress was certain that I had given her a $10.00 bill and not a $20.00 bill. She would not change her thinking. When tallying the receipts for the day, they should show an additional $10.00 overage. Hopefully someone will contact me.

  • Updated by lc341 · Sep 04, 2017

    Have not received information yet

boneless wings and ribs

I ordered 2 orders of boneless wings. They Both contained 5 of the smallest and over cooked wings I have...

Patterson Food

applebee's management

It was taking awhile for my server to come and take our order so I took my kids to the restroom. As I was walking there I saw a shorter brown haired female manager yelling at my server very loudly about something. The server was in tears and obviously very upset. I do not think it is professional to discipline employees around customers especially when it causes their tables to have to wait longer for service. Clearly this applebees needs a lesson in professionalism because after what I saw I would not want any of my children to ever work at that establishment. My family will not be dining there ever again because it is clearly a hostile environment. The server was very sweet and we tipped her more than usual because of the service she gave us after she was finally able to take our order.


I placed an online order at the location of 4191 rockside road independence ohio 44131 .The order should have...


I visit Applebees in Oneonta NY 13820 quite often and we love the food...I was going to pay my bill today and to my surprise I was charged for playing a game on the computer system that was on our table...Fortunately for me, I check my receipts wherever I dine or shop...This is the 2nd time that I have had a problem with something being on my bill at your restaurant that did not belong there...Not sure if I will visit your establishment again after being charged twice for something that should not have been on my bill

I will never eat there again

their food is so pathetic, I don't want to eat there anymore. Their menu is a mess, and the food honestly could be better. I can't imagine the way they prepared my order, probably they just burnt it on fire. The employees did nothing to resolve the issue, though they could have just replaced my food.
Summing it up I don't want to eat at their restaurants, I doubt they'll improve something.

i'm was awful

Ok so I was at Applebee's two weeks ago and let me just say how horrible it was I go to Applebee's a lot Last month I went just about every week during the day. But on this day I went at night to have a few drinks with my friend that was visiting and my in-laws my daughter as always knocked over her drink she 3 yrs old if it doesn't have a lid it's ganna happen and you guy never have kids lately. So the waiter saw when she knocked it over and he just went away and went to the greating area to just look at pp I guess. Someone went and told him to go help. So he did now were I was pissed was at this point when all the frozen lemonade that was on the table that i picked up and put back in the cup. The bartender put it in the blender and sent it back to my table!!! YES sent the drink that was all over the table and in the menu full of germs and God knows what... I was going to order food but did not because I was so pissed I just paid what I had consumed and the nasty gems lemonade and left I threw it in the garage on the way out and called it a day I did not leave a tip because my waiter was standing right there when this happened... I'm an adult and wouldn't drink it what would make that man think I would give something off the table to my 3 yr old...I'm sure he had no idea that I saw what he did but I sure did and it was a good thing. Applebee's you complely disappointed me I don't even want to return to that Applebee's ever again...

location infestation of ants and hair in food

After receiving our dine in food we found a strand of blonde hair in our food, the waitress was notified and what she offered was horrific, she suggested removing half the meal then suggested replacing half the meal after I had eaten from the meal... This was apllaing and very disgusting to say the least. ! None the less after I stated to remove the meal completely I was given $8 discount not to mention the manager never coming over to my table to apologize until after I was forced to sit at my table which was filled w disgusting ants crawling all over the place. When the manager arrived she was not very pleasant at all this was ard 545pm on Aug 13 Laurel Maryland . I expressed my concerns about the infestation of ants as well as the horrible experience of seeing hair in my food, needless to say she began becoming slightly confrontational in a very nasty way. I will never go back there again. Not to mention 4 people got up and walked out because of the infestation of ants


On 08/04/17 I was at Applebee's in Charlotte NC. The address that I dine at is 8710 South Tryon St. I order this new chicken on the menu. Went they bought it out it was sizzling on my plate and it dry out the chicken and potatoes. It was so dry with no taste to it and it was sizzing and so hot the plate was burning the chicken and potato that it was burn at the bottom. My grandson chicken tender was hard. I need someone to reach out to me about this. I never had a problem with my food at that Applebee's and was very disappointed of my food.

Malinda Mccallum

food and service

Never again... Applebee's in kenosha wi is just plain ole awful! We ordered drinks and the waitress came back 3 times forgetting the drinks... Finally when food came my entire dish was cold, broccoli was old... Thennnn she even went to get the manager parish was his name and he charged us for 2 sides we never ordered... So done with them. They suck!

customer service from management

Good Evening, I've been in the customer service industry for 15 years now, managing hotels for 10 and...

service at applebees in fredericksburg va

Myself and friends were dining at the Fredericksburg Applebees on 7/28 2017. We arrived at or about 6:00pm The server came and took our drink orders we waited for about 30-40 minutes she never returned with order another server then came and took order as if we had just walked in, he then returned with our drink order and proceeded to take or food order we ordered an appetizer with our order that we never recieved.The first server appeared again and brought our food order. One of my family members ordered the garlic stringbeans which were burnt and hard. I then asked to speak to the Manager, she in fact did come to our table and told us she would adjust our check . She removed the appertizer which we never received the burnt stringbeans and the drinks. This was a really bad experience and I dine at Applebees frequently it is one of my favorite Resturants. I don't feel we were compensated enough for this experience. Thank you. Catherine Jones

food/ customer service

Me and my family went to your Applebee's establishment in Lyndhurst, OH approximately 11:16pm check#[protected] and had a terrible experience. The Service (our server was Kiante C) was not the best, we were seated immediately and served our drinks promptly but that's where the Service failed us. After our order was taken the appetizers came right out they were not hot and when we asked for them to be replaced all they did was reheat them... No water was offered, silverware was given to us until 10 minutes before we left, no refills on drinks and the one drink my guest requested after the first one not being good wasn't brought to us u til we asked numerous thinks... the food was subpar no condiments offered nor where they on the table... me and my family were VERY DISAPPOINTED IN APPLEBEE'S AND OUR SERVICE... WE WILL NOT BE RETURNING..

no air

On Sunday July 23rd my family of six was at the Applebee's in Monroe, NC, and inside of the establishment was so hot due to poor circulation. My family was extremely hot and uncomfortable and couldn't enjoy our food. My grandbaby was so hot she was popping sweat from her body. The manager on duty claimed that a new a/c unit was installed but customers begged a differ. For this incident the Monroe Applebee's will not received any of my business any longer.

poorly cooked food

Tonight, 7/20/2017, my husband and I ate @ the Applebee's located @ 9616 East Independence Boulevard...