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We had just moved into our home last July and discovered that our A/C only worked in one half of the house. We called AHS, paid the $75, and had one of their contractors come look at our ducting. After his inspection, he said there was nothing they could do. Surprised, my husband and I were dissapointed and didn't accept that. So we called a company on our own for a free estimate and that company gave us some suggestions on what we could do and said it would be $3600. So we called AHS again (which took alot of time to get someone on the phone to get a second opinion), and then the second contractor came out. Immediately, this guy looked at our attic entry and said he would not go in there. Secondly, he lied to his company and to AHS saying that it was no accessible. We've had electricians, my husband and other people go in there so we were upset and didn't understand why this new guy had a problem. So there went our "2nd Opinion" opportunity. When we called AHS to let them know how weird this guy was, they just added them to our do not use vendor list. Frustrated, we gave up hope of getting our A/C fixed until my husband found someone on Home Advisers who could help us. This was a great choice, because not only did he re-do all of our partially "crushed" ducting for $1800 he also checked our A/C unit, added dampers, got air flowing through vents that weren't, and raised a vent in the living room so it would have better air flow. Now our house is livable, but to no help to AHS. If this weren't enough, we had a hot water issue recently and had to replace it, but because there were a few minor things not to code, they guy they sent out wouldn't fix it for us. Again, we ended up calling someone from home advisers to come look at it and he was able to retrofit our hot water tank and replace it with a new one. The only thing AHS gave us money for was the tank. We are fed up with AHS and do not recommend them to anyone. My husbands uncle owns 14 Keller Williams and we let him know to not have his agents refer anyone to AHS anymore. We bought a two-year plan, paid in advance, and we will not be renewing. Ever.

Apr 16, 2019
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  • Su
      Apr 23, 2019

    AHS has the worst customer service ever! We purchased our home in February 2019 which came with the AHS service. Ok great we hoped that we never had to use it. In April, our GE refridgerator mother board went out, luckily we have a second fridge . So we put in a service request online on a Friday evening. According to AHS website they have services 24/7. The next morning we do not hear anything back from AHS about when a technician would be out to us. So I had to call them to find out. Of course the call center is overseas. They advise me that the contractor they had for this particular service call does not work on the weekend. Why did I have to call them to find this out instead of someone from the company calling me to let me know that hey we will try to find someone for you to fix your problem immediately. What if I was the average family that only had one fridge? I suppose all my food would be in the trash by now. Then on top of it all the rep tells me with her heavy accent, "oh let me cater to you and find another company." WTF, you cater to me?? umm last I checked I am the customer that paid for this so called warranty service, so I'm the one that is keeping a job for you because without customers you would not have a job. Here we are on the 3rd day and still no fridge. I even contacted the contractor that was fixing our issue. They submitted their paperwork to request for the parts to be ordered on the same day that they came out, but apparently AHS have to be the ones to order the parts and would not allow their contractors to order what they need, which wouldve been easier and quicker. After calling AHS for the third time to find out where the parts were, they lied to me and said oh we just got the request for the part a couple of hours ago, which is another lie because I spoke with the customer service at the contractors office, they were the ones that called AHS to inquire about the parts two hours prior and AHS refused to give them a tracking number as to where the part is. I would not recommend AHS to anyone that is purchasing a home for their home warranty it is not worth the hassle

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