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American Home Shield [AHS] complaints 1342

5:23 pm EST

American Home Shield [AHS] failure to provide a plumber and unethical behavior

We experienced a leaky toilette in the home we recently purchased. The water was coming from under the toilette and damaging the floor. After waiting on hold for over 50 minutes, we were finally connected with a customer service Rep who assigned us a work number and told us that the vender would contact us within 48 hours. Over 48 hours later, we still didn't hear from them and called them once again. After waiting over an hour, I talked with a Customer Service Rep. who asked me if I tried to call the plumber they provided me with. I said, no, I was told that they would contact me. The Rep. told me that she would call them and put me on hold once again. After 8 minutes. she got back on the phone and told me that she couldn't reach them either. She told me that AHS would cancel that work order, run my credit card again, and reach out to another vender, and that if I didn't hear from them within 4 hours for me to call them back again. After waiting for over 4 hours without hearing from them, I called back and was on hold for over an hour. This time I was informed that they scheduled the exact same vendor that was cancelled and that they would contact me within another 48 hours, because the first one was cancelled. When I complained I was told that they can supply me with a work order to give to a plumber of my choice, but I had to follow their criteria. The plumber must be licensed, have workers compensation insurance, have automobile insurance, and that at my expense, they would have to come out and [censored] the job and before completing the work call a number that American Home Shield supplied me with to get authorization, and that if American Home Shield deemed the work warranted, then they would start reimbursement procedures. When I told the Customer Service Rep. that no plumber would be willing to wait on hold as long as AHS requires, she assured me that the venders wait wouldn't be nearly as long as the customer. She said that they would get right in to a representative. I called the number that was provided for me to give the plumber, and the wait time to talk with a representative was over an hour. I have all of this recorded on my phone. I am going to do whatever I possibly can do to see that this company is held accountable. At the very least, they owe my money back that I put out on this worthless warranty. It's not worth the paper it's printed on

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7:45 pm EST

American Home Shield [AHS] appliance cash in lieu offer never received...

AHS states they mailed the funds and received a copy of the cancelled check that was issued as payable to me but then washed and cashed by someone else. My mailbox is a lock and key so this happened at some point en route from AHS using USPS. AHS promised to send me a fraud affidavit and have not. I follow up and they keep me holding for hours, they do not call me back when I put in for return call versus holding and this issues remains unresolved since payment was originally issued in Sept 2018 for 1K that I still have not received.

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11:02 am EST

American Home Shield [AHS] faucet in my kitchen will not let water flow through at full force.

I have just requested a 3rd visit from Service Contractors Plumbing. They changed out my faucet on the 1st visit & since then I have no water pressure in the sink. They came out a second time & said it was fixed but now it is barely running in my kitchen faucet again. I can't help but feel that the faucet they put in is not right for my sink.
The are scheduled to come out again but I do not believe this company is up to American Home Shields standards.
I would like this complaint to be investigated.

Garland, Tx

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11:35 am EST

American Home Shield [AHS] fridge and washer broke.

Tried use this warranty for first time. Gave a a co called manny appliance. Guy was completely unprofessional. Didn't here from him for over 3weeks. Called back warranty co gave me another co to come out made appointment with them. Then all of sudden many appliance co. Has this guy James call me told me finally got parts and was supposed come out today between 8 am to 12 pm . He calls me says going be real late wasn't sure when he was going to be at my property to fix appliances. Pay every month for this warranty and it's been over A month got nowhere.

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10:18 am EST
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American Home Shield [AHS] furnace

In December of 2016, I called American Home Shield to change my furnance. Supreme Plumbing and Heating, who did a terrible job, was contracted to do the work. They did not finish until April 2017.

The furnace did not pass inspection and American Home Shield refused to complete the job. I want AHS to fix my furnace according to the code standard.with the ability to pass inspection.

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8:06 pm EST

American Home Shield [AHS] unethical and unavailable; bait and switch

Poor customer service, no continuity, improper installation of water heater causing carbon monoxide to leak for months; being charged for service on dishwasher that was paid by check; threatening to send me to collection agency; wouldn't let me cancel service without paying fee
Tonight, I spent hours on the phone 2 hours, 3 minutes, 17 seconds AND when I was transferred to a 3rd person, I got a message that they were closed and to call back during normal business hours.

Contract # [protected]

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10:54 am EST

American Home Shield [AHS] services/refund

I normally not do not post at all but am so angry I need this to spread so please share!
We have always had a home warranty - for the last 15 years it has been with American Home Shield (before 2003 it was a different company). So here goes our frustrating dealings with them recently...
The day before Thanksgiving I had a plumbing stoppage, frustrating but no problem we're covered. I called AHS, paid the service call fee and they assigned a contractor. 3 hours later the plumber shows up, sees that I have water coming out of the main line overflow and states that our cesspool is full. He peeks into cesspool and says - yep you're full, you need to be pumped, gets into his van an leaves. Was at our house for less than 5 minutes. We called AHS to ask if we still had to pay service fee because the plumber said it wasn't a stoppage and was told yes we still had to pay, no refund for us. Not happy but live and learn. We are now panicked because we had cesspool pumped when we bought the house just months before. I called multiple companies and finally found one that could add us to their jam packed schedule the day before a holiday. They arrive a few hours later only to see that my cesspool is in fact NOT full and we have a mainline blockage. Well that was a relief but I still can't use my water or facilities unless it gets snaked. We have them do the work. $255.27 later - yippee we are back in business!
I call AHS back to tell them that the "professional" they sent was wrong, that it was a plumbing stoppage, asked for a refund. I have been getting the run around for 6 days now with promises that they will "do some research" and call me back. Needless to say that has not happened. As the attached pic shows I was on hold for 5 minutes and mysteriosly was disconnected. Call back and was on hold for most of the hour that shows on my call log. Today I was told that they would not refund anything to me because I did not follow proper procedures. Their "procedures" indicate that I should have called and stated we disagreed with the diagnosis of first "professional" they sent. I'm so sorry - my crystal ball is in the freaking shop! How was I supposed to know I disagreeed with a "professional"! I followed the advice of the "professional" AHS sent us and called a cesspool company. Evidently we have to be able to see into the future to know that we disagreed with what their professional says.
Customer service barely speaks or understands English, supervisors are nearly impossible to reach and have no better understanding of customer service than the non English speaking people you are first connected with and Escalation Dept is a joke. When I asked to have this go to the escalation departments higher up I was denied.
Our policy is paid in full each year we have used AHS. This will be the last year we will waste our money on this sham of a company. After reading many complaint forums for AHS in the past 6 days it seems this is typical for them.
We personally will never use them again after contract is up and as a Real Estate professional I will NEVER recommend them and highly discourage anyone from wasting their hard earned money.
Please share the heck out of this!

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2:48 pm EST

American Home Shield [AHS] shieldessential

Their contract is worded with weasel words and broad generalizations so that they can avoid getting out of paying.

Today is the second time I have called a contractor out to be told what I called for is not covered. Both times have been for plumbing issues.

In my contract the following is listed:

COVERED ITEMS: Clearing of sink, bathtub, shower, and toilet stoppages. Clearing of mainline drain and sewer stoppages through an accessible
ground level or interior cleanout up to 100 feet from access point. Clearing of lateral drain line stoppages up to 100 feet from access point including
accessible cleanout, p-trap, drain, or overflow access points.
NOT COVERED: Costs to locate or access cleanouts not found or inaccessible, or to install cleanouts - Access through roof vents -
Stoppages caused by collapsed, damaged or broken drain, vent or sewer lines outside the home's main foundation - Stoppages due to
roots or foreign objects - Lines broken or infiltrated by roots, or otherwise stopped by roots, even if within the home's main foundation -
Septic tanks.

If you read it very closely, you can see the glaring problem: "stoppages due to... foreign objects".

Yes, this means ANY clog in a drain you call about, they will say "sorry, not covered". What on earth would clog a drain that isn't a "foreign object"? The most common clog in a drain, hair, is classified by them as a foreign object! Ridiculous! This makes the ENTIRE coverage section of "stoppages" moot.

Another suspect wording in the contract comes in here:

3. Coverage under your Agreement is for a Covered Item malfunction occurring during your Agreement Term caused by:
a. Normal wear and tear of the Covered Item;
b. Rust or corrosion of the Covered Item;
c. Improper installation, repair, or modification of the Covered Item;
d. System installation where component units of the Covered Item were not properly matched to each other for proper operation; or
e. Insufficient maintenance of the Covered Item.

They will always return to "a" and tell you what you've done on your item is outside of "normal wear and tear", again allowing them to get away from any responsibility.

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. Most insurance companies will try to get out of paying you for anything, but these guys will straight up charge you the dispatch fee and leave you hanging with no repair! And then if you want to have the repair done, the repairmen have to charge you another fee through their agency! Huge, huge scam. Their customer service is also unhelpful and defaults repeatedly to the flawed contract.

Stay away.

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2:11 pm EST

American Home Shield [AHS] terrible customer service and contract compliance

It takes 45 minutes to an hour to get through to a service agent with a strong accent and poor understanding of English.
My Garage Door Spring was broken and they refused service saying it was part of the door track!
I had previously tried to change my monthly payment to an annual payment on line. I knew it was coming up for renewal, but had not had a renewal letter. Web site was very slow and kept freezing.
I made the inevitable long call to customer service to check on status of change after they automatically renewed the monthly installment at a higher price without sending me a contract renewal in the mail.
They said there was no record of the change to an annual contract or the charge on my card.
Next I see a charge for a yearly amount on my credit card, plus the second new monthly charge.
Called again they said there was no such charge. Finally figured out they had put a new contract on my primary mailing address. I did get them to cancel and refund it, after one hour and 25 minutes on the phone.
I have had trouble getting them to provide service at my rental. People they eventually send are not local and have a very poor opinion of AHS. Apparently the best contractors wont do business with AMS!
Do not use AHS, I would have been better off saving my AHS payments and just calling a contractor myself. Monthly payments plus the $100 service charge have worked out costing more than just saving the money and calling a contractor which would have been way less stressful.

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6:22 am EST

American Home Shield [AHS] refusal to repair rusted and corroded pipes

Contract #[protected]. Marvin and Deborah Holcomb. Initial service date 10/1/2018. Second call 10/15/2018
Came to home and cut hole in ceiling to evaluate pipes deemed rusted and corroded. Refuse to cover because water does not flow through rusted and corroded pipes. Our plan covers rusted and corroded pipes. Left hole in our ceiling and refuse to repair pipes. We have called several times and they will not let us speak to a supervisor. They tell us repair issue has been "elevated" but will not let us speak to anyone involved in resolving the issue. They promise to return call that afternoon. They never call back. We cannot use the bathrooms and have a hole in our ceiling.

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10:57 am EST

American Home Shield [AHS] contractor relations

Sent to Ryan Hagge Tue, Nov 13, 3:39 PM

Please forward to the appropriate AHS department.
Effective immediately, we will no longer work for American Home Shield due to constant conflicts with our newly assigned contract rep, Ryan Hagge. We have enjoyed working for AHS for the last 8 years, until recently. As requested, we have reduced our pricing greatly and yet we have seen a HUGE drop in all dispatches. Our customers have repeatedly asked AHS if we can be dispatched and yet another contractor gets sent. We feel this is an unfortunate event for AHS, Dublin Heating & Air and our customers. Thank you for the opportunity to work for American Home Shield.

Have a blessed day!
Steven and Kristy Pepper
Dublin Heating & Air Conditioning Inc.
114 S. Patrick St.
Dublin, Tx 76446
P [protected]

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11:26 am EST

American Home Shield [AHS] garage door repair coverage



My garage door stop opening 2 days ago. Placed service request online.
11/08/2018 tech came said he need to contact AHS for authorization.
AHS authorization department representative refuse to cover broken spring at my garage stating spring is part of the door. But spring not even parts of the door.
Why repair that should be covered was denied ?
COD estimate was $395.00 with technician company and + to this AHS charge me $100.00 for service call. Total for repair $490. Seriously?
I request AHS to cover that repair since spring not parts of door at all.
I request a refund of $100.00 that AHS charged me - since nothing was done/covered. I requested AHS supervisor to contact me directly, so far no phone call received.
I paid out of pocket $395.00 (I have invoice available)
AHS policy itself cost me same amount. I will never sign any contract with AHS.
Natalia Nazemnikova 818.653.5049

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Mark Lucy
Laguna Niguel, US
Dec 16, 2020 4:06 pm EST

12/16/2020 I called AHS for a service call and told them my spring had broken on my garage door. Sams Garage door came out replaced the spring and handed me a bill for $350 and told me it was not covered. So I had to pay the service call$75 and $350 for the spring. At no time with my conversation did AHS tell me the spring was not covered, which is not part of the door. I am a Real Estate Broker and will now tell all my agents and my Broker meetings not to purchase an AHS policy. They will lose a great deal of business in Orange Count CA

6:12 pm EST

American Home Shield [AHS] warranty

Over 2 months ago I chose to take the option cash in lieu of repair. I was to receive $917.
I have never received this. Every time I call I get CSR that barely speak English and don't understand.
I get hung up a lot.
I get asked if I've submitted proof of repair.
Cash in lieu of repair was chosen. Ie: I get a check from AHS for $917. I can not put in a service request after this payout unless I repair item and submit proof. I get $917 instead of repair.
No one understands when I call and I'm now seeing this as a scam.
Where is my payout in lieu of repair?

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3:44 pm EDT
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American Home Shield [AHS] overall customer service response

It is totally impossible to ever get a customer service representative in less than 45 minutes in a hold status. I have been trying to get reimbursed for the cost to re-install a broken sump pump for over 30 days! What makes it even worse is the division responsible for outside contractor reimbursement does not take calls apparently from CUSTOMERS or their own CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVES! Who has ever hear of such? Their customer service representatives are obviously trained to say ANYTHING to get customers off the line. They are the biggest liars God has blessed to breath! They make promises to call you back, etc., and you NEVER hear back! But rest assured...if for ANY reason your premium payments are NOT made on time...they will IMMEDIATELY call or email you to tell you when your policy will be cancelled! This company sucks! Hopefully, I will not have to get an attorney involved...and I am currently in the process of identifying a more reliable, customer service oriented home warranty company!

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12:33 pm EDT
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American Home Shield [AHS] mr. richard employee at ahs

This call were recorded around 1028 am this morning this employees call me and talk to me like a dog he talk like a pure red neck it's sad we live in a dangerous world and if he don't like his job as an employer with American home shields he need to open up his own red neck business and only deal with customers that he like and not black customers but I am going to take this all the way to the top I am look at my statement knowing they done took a payment he calling me a black whatever and telling me that I need to call back and talk to a black employee caused he don't talk to black customers I didn't call him he call me from a collerville office with a [protected] telephone number this man work for American home shields and represents this company In a bad way they have in many lawsuits before and its understand why they stay in lawsuits but I will take this complaint all the way to the top and I will let customers know if you black customers make sure its not Richard calling you from America home shields

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4:04 pm EDT

American Home Shield [AHS] refrigerator repair - company used is not appliance repair - one month no fridge

Awful — no refrigerator for one month in louisiana — I have been waiting to get my refrigerator repaired for one month. They used an unqualified repair service riser electrical, llc, lafayette, la. This is an electrician who just added appliance repair to his service. They do not call, do not show up, and do not answer the phone. I told ahs this is a one man electrical company that is working out of his home. This is not an appliance repair company. Asked them to change companies and they said they could not because they shipped two compressors to this company. That's not my fault you sent compressors to the man standing on the corner. And now ahs call center is out of the usa. Anybody have a usa contact?

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Update by Phyllis Roy
Oct 25, 2018 4:06 pm EDT

Calling AHS AGAIN . . . hold time is one hour.

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11:55 pm EDT
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American Home Shield [AHS] water heater replacement

I had my Rheem gas Water Heater leak for several days while AHS and Just Plumbing blamed each other why not getting the replacement water Heater. I was informed by Jake from Just Plumbing is would cost 380.00 for new code modifications. I informed him I had paid for new modification 5 years ago when this new water Heater was replaced, but said this is different. He was to come back on Friday take tank and replace, but this did not happen. He came stayed in his Van on the telephone to AHS apparently discussing who was going to get the tank. He came back and told me I needed to take the Tank back to home depot to return and get new Tank. I had informed him the Tank was originally from Standard Plumbing, he continued to state the not covered charge is 380. for modifications. I would need to get the tank myself and He left... this was on hold . I called AHS over the weekend to report this event and needed manager to have a plan for replacement. I live by self, cannot lift more than 6#. No one called on Monday, I called on Tuesday to re-explain all that took place. I still have water heater leaking in my garage. I asked to speak to a manager, he did not offer his name when I ask he said "Art". He informed me I needed to be patient and believe him not them" they had approved the the job they were waiting on technician to call them back from Just Plumbing. He told me to call them to get this resolved. I called Just Plumbing, Jennifer stated she would ensure we get this resolved. I requested new technician, Now Jason came with assistant today to my home. Stated there would be an additional charge for returning Tank 125.0 to return water Heater + 360.00 "for Modification" that have already been done. Also, the removed my cooper connection from the top and replaced with metal one. Jason assured me this was a different Water Heater Tank and may not even fit in my space...he stated may ended costing you even more to modify fitting. He stated due to new regulation the Tank is going to be bigger and taller.
Stay with me: I payed then 485. and AHS 75.00 now total for this water Heater Tank 560.00 in one week that is under warranty from Rheem. The tank is 5 years old, the warranty is 6 years.
My point are: .1) I was lied to by Just Plumbing more than once and paid for modification and delivery fee of a Water Heater that should not have been charged.
2.) There was no modification to be had it was done 5 years ago, just reconnection and reseal cooper pipe.
3.) This is the same water Heater just different serial number. NO bigger or Taller the same tank.
Now if they wanted to charge me 485.00 for labor and delivery say so. Do not lie about modifications and a different bigger tank ect... to get me to believe the need for the "new modification" to justify the charge.
4.) Why did you take my cooper shark bite connections and replace them with metal?

I'm a single female, I wish I could say AHS has been a great company. Everytime items needs repair it seems to be several days off from work and fighting for what is the right thing to do. Now, this event with the Water Heater and poor customers support from "Art in approval" this process has taken it last toll on me regarding my confidence in AHS to do the right thing.
If you care to know more about this reach out to me Jacqui at [protected]

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1:55 am EDT

American Home Shield [AHS] dryer part order never showing up in a timely fashion

Contract #[protected]; dispatch #[protected] - almost two weeks after my dryer broke down and I contacted AHS, the part ordered by the service professional has not arrived after 8 days. When I called AHS to get a tracking #, I was told there was none. I could not get a human in the parts ordering dept to find out why the part had not been sent overnight, a cost I would have been willing to pay if I had been asked.
In this day and age, overnighting a package is routine and having a tracking number a must.
I have been a many year AHS customer and have recommended its services to many.
I no longer will.
Eric Wilmeth

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2:16 pm EDT
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American Home Shield [AHS] dryer repair

I reported my dryer not heating on 9/30/2018. as of 10/19/2018, it has not been repaired. No one called me until 10/2/2018 after I called AHS who then contacted Same Day Appliance Repair (SDAR) .
I received a call from the SDAR who scheduled it for Friday 10/5/18. The repairman came out on Friday, determined that the heating element was bad and he had to order the part.
On 10/10/18, I accessed my AHS account and found that the repair status was "Authorization under review". So I called AHS and the rep stated that it was under review and she would expedite the process. On 10/12. I called AHS again and while on hold, I accessed AHS Chat and was told that the repair had been approved on 10/8/18, the same day it was submitted. So both the rep and the online had incorrect information. So I called Same Day Appliance Repair and was advise they were waiting on the part.
On 10/17, Same Day Appliance Repair called and scheduled it for 10/18. On 10/18, the repairman came with the part and installed it. The Dryer still did not work. So he requested that the dryer be replaced.
On 10/19, after checking the status online finding status to be "May be eligible for replacement _call AHS"; I called AHS and the rep (Brenda @ 12:59 PM) transferred me to Appliance Replacement. I was on hold for 45 minutes and the someone or something disconnected me. Now I've got to start all over. I called AHS back and got Dayton (2:21 pm) and after I express my urgency in getting my dryer working, she advised me that the approval process could take 2-5 business days and once I review and respond with the selected dryer, then another 2-5 business days to receive the dryer. I stated that I was not willing to wait up to to another two weeks for a dryer after already waiting 3 weeks. She then advised that I could take the cash reimbursement option where I go purchase a replacement dryer and send AHS the invoice for reimbursement. I elected to go purchase a dryer immediately.

AHS has several problems: misinformation from rep, no followup with customer,
training issues, lack of staff to handle customers. I did on all occasions elect to be called back when a rep was available, but after I received the callback, I had to wait 10-15 minutes before a rep was available. The 45 minute hold for Appliance Replacement and then getting disconnected is terrible customer service.

Very upset and disappointed with AHS customer service and repair process!

James Murphy

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11:33 pm EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

American Home Shield [AHS] hot water heater

My hot water heater went out on Friday October 12. I had the gas company come check it out and was told it was the ignitor. I contacted American home shield. A contractor couldn't come out until Monday October 15, Up to code Plumbing & Drain Cleaning Co. changed the pilot light assembly and hot water heater still did work, no hot water. The same company was sent out on Tuesday October 16 and placed the gas control and said it would work in 45 minutes to an hour. I stills don't have hot water on Wednesday October 17. I have been hung up on 2 times after requesting to speak to a manager and I have tried to be as understanding as possible. The third time I requested a manager I was still denied to speak to a manager. I requested the corporate number and the lady told me she did have it. When I told her I would google it, she gave me 901.266.7777 number which was different from the number I googled. The company that has attempted to repair my hot water heater was supposed to schedule an appointment with me again today October 17, no call and when I called them the representative told me he was really busy and that she would tell him to contact Americans home shield and communicate the pairs he has done. I still haven't heard from contractor and my family still don't have hot water after 5 days and 6 nights. American home shield representative got defensive and stated "you called us on October 12. I pay for 2 warranties for 2 different properties. I sadly disgusted and disappointed in the level of customer service this company has given me. My calls are being answered by outsourcing overseas companies that don't have any empathy and no compassion. American home shield is becoming very unprofessional. I have children and babies and this is a health concern and I'm going to contact the health department.

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American Home Shield (AHS) offers home warranty services that cater to homeowners looking to protect their appliances and home systems. Their plans typically cover the repair or replacement of major components of household systems and appliances that break down due to wear and tear. AHS provides several coverage options, including a Systems Plan, an Appliances Plan, and a Combo Plan that combines both. Customers can also add on coverage for items not included in the standard plans. The company facilitates a network of service contractors to perform the covered repairs or replacements.
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    +1 (800) 735-4663
    +1 (800) 735-4663
    Click up if you have successfully reached American Home Shield [AHS] by calling +1 (800) 735-4663 phone number 0 0 users reported that they have successfully reached American Home Shield [AHS] by calling +1 (800) 735-4663 phone number Click up if you have UNsuccessfully reached American Home Shield [AHS] by calling +1 (800) 735-4663 phone number 0 0 users reported that they have UNsuccessfully reached American Home Shield [AHS] by calling +1 (800) 735-4663 phone number
    For Real Estate Professionals
    +1 (888) 682-1043
    +1 (888) 682-1043
    Click up if you have successfully reached American Home Shield [AHS] by calling +1 (888) 682-1043 phone number 1 1 users reported that they have successfully reached American Home Shield [AHS] by calling +1 (888) 682-1043 phone number Click up if you have UNsuccessfully reached American Home Shield [AHS] by calling +1 (888) 682-1043 phone number 0 0 users reported that they have UNsuccessfully reached American Home Shield [AHS] by calling +1 (888) 682-1043 phone number
    Confidence score
    Warranty Services
    +1 (800) 858-1922
    +1 (800) 858-1922
    Click up if you have successfully reached American Home Shield [AHS] by calling +1 (800) 858-1922 phone number 0 0 users reported that they have successfully reached American Home Shield [AHS] by calling +1 (800) 858-1922 phone number Click up if you have UNsuccessfully reached American Home Shield [AHS] by calling +1 (800) 858-1922 phone number 0 0 users reported that they have UNsuccessfully reached American Home Shield [AHS] by calling +1 (800) 858-1922 phone number
    Customer Support
    More phone numbers
  3. American Home Shield [AHS] emails
  4. American Home Shield [AHS] address
    860 Ridge Lake Blvd, Memphis, Tennessee, 38120, United States
  5. American Home Shield [AHS] social media
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American Home Shield [AHS] is related to the Insurance Services category.

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