— Promised delivery date not met - inducement to purchase with fraudulent marketing claim

P Sep 15, 2020

Amazon induce buyers to purchase Woodward's book, "Rage", with the promise of delivery on date of release (15 Sep 20). They charged an extra $10 + tax for the privilege.

Guess what? No book. Received an email saying it will be here on Thursday.

I "Chatted" with a customer non-service representative named "Dane". Tried using the excuse that due to the pandemic there were ripples that caused problems. I told him to give me a break. Amazon knew about the pandemic on 11 Sep 20 when they advertised "Get it on the day of release, $9.99 + tax". The pandemic didn't just pop up on Sunday. Weak excuse. The book was not even shipped until 15 Sep 20 (the promised delivery date) with a promised 2 day delivery. We'll see.

"Dane" finally credited me back the $10 + change for S&H and still whined about the pandemic causing the delay. Bull hockey. This is not the first time Amazon has induced a purchase with a promised delivery date, only to announce on the delivery date that the product was delayed. I chatted with "Amy" his manager who profusely apologized for the error. To make it better she said she will credit my account with $5 for the inconvenience. I just let her know that for the "inconvenience", "I'll just be taking my business purchases to local merchants or directly from the vendor.

Amazon has some serious problems with its logistics. Before I canceled Prime, I watched the delivery truck pass my location 4 times (over the Internet on order tracking). When I finally got to speak with a person, I was told that it had been shipped back to the local warehouse. It would take two more days to reach me. Guess what? Two days came and went. I did not receive the other book until 5 days after the promised date. Drivers could not read the sign clearly posted on the wall by the office as for hours they were open. On the other attempts, I was speaking with someone claiming to be a manager in Dallas logistics. Claimed they were sending text messages to the driver to enter through the gate by the guard shack. The guard was there, but the delivery driver tried the office again after being explicitly told to go to the guard shack.

Gross ineptitude by employees and management. I canceled Prime and have not looked back.

It's just not worth doing business on Amazon anymore. Whatever executive is supposed to be directing logistics should be terminated as Amazon logistics has not improved one bit over three years. Throw in the Chief Marketing Officer as well for approving the fraudulent inducement on the website in the first place. They both make enough money and get to sit in air conditioned offices while the warehouse workers are monitored like POWs.

Keep your $5 Amazon. Use it to train yourselves on how to get a package from point A to point B as advertised. Once my book arrives (Thursday, Friday, or 5 days later), I will be closing my business account with you.

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