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email and password theft

Someone stole my Amazon user and password, and was able to change today both my password and email address on this site.

After this change done by a thief, Amazon sent to me an email saying that both information were changed ... and if that was not from my request, to reply to their email.

Replying to this email went into a mailbox that does not accept incoming mails !

Once contacted by phone, the company was only able to tell me that they were transferring my complaint to another department which would call me back within 24 hours !

I am still waiting for this call.

I had to call the credit cards companies that I thought could have been registered under this Amazon account, to cancel these cards.

The hacker had already used one of my credit cards on Amazon, and I am now receiving emails from Amazon saying that my "Transaction has failed" ... this is strange since my email address on Amazon was supposed to be changed by the thief.

My computer does not seem to have been hacked, no spyware nor virus found here ... thus I have the impression that Amazon was attacked and my account information was stolen there. Some real feedback from Amazon would clarify.

I will probably never use this website anymore.

poor service

So here is what Amazon taught me as a seller.

1. Buy an expensive item from a seller on Amazon and set shipping as standard-- avoid tracking or any of that.

2. Receive your item and enjoy! Free gift!

3. When the date that the item was "due" to arrive, log on to

4. Write a complaint because, "you did not 'receive' the item."

5. Enjoy your refund!

It does not matter if the seller has a receipt from the post office proving the shipment. Heck, the seller could have videos of him or her sending the item(s). The seller has to prove that you, the purchaser, actually received the item!

Enjoy your free gift and extra money! Give it to them sellers!

By the way, I am an honest person and I would not do this. However, this is the TRUTH about Amazon and their "policies."

buyers at amazon beware!

Buyers at amazon beware! There are lots of other opportunities on the web to get the same product. It might be a little more, or not, but you will get what you order, and in a timely manner. Amazon is a one track business. Get you order/money, and forget about satisfying the customer. I order a text book over 3 weeks ago. Headed into 4th week of classes w/o the book. Amazon claims I have to wait another 2 weeks to file a complaint, and refuses to contact seller to verify whether shipped or not. I have tried to email the seller numerous times, w/ no response. Since the seller refuses to respond, it can be assumed she failed to ship. I can't cancel the order, or credit my acct. Until amazon contacts the seller in 2 weeks, and waits for a reply. Why won't amazon contact seller now. Save us all a lot of time. Meanwhile I have been charged for the book, now must write amazon's charge account why I won't pay (Why should I pay for something I did not get.) amazon claims the seller is their customer, short, they won't take responsibility for bad service. I have to do all the work; contact credit card acct., contact amazon repeatedly to try to end this bad service. Do yourself a favor avoid buying on amazon!

  • Ta
    taco12 Jun 02, 2010

    Your complaint is with a seller on, not with itself. Shipping times through third parties are clearly posted in several locations (help pages, seller profile, etc) as is information on the Guarantee Claim. If the seller is claiming they sent it, and you are claiming you did not receive it, the only way to resolve it is for Amazon to investigate and obtain additional information. Bottom line is, all of the information is clearly posted before you order, so If you are running the risk of missing classes, order your books earlier or pay extra to go with a seller with expedited shipping.

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severe cyber-bullying

I had made a purchase at Amazon in August 09. When I received the package, I found it was broken. On 10 Sep 09, I sent an email to its customer service and the link to packaging service provided on the website. The latter has never replied my email. But customer service staff immediately promised to send me a replacement. I believed that this was quickly solved and went on making another purchase at Amazon subsequently.

The replacement had never arrived. On 25 Nov 09, I sent another email to customer service staff and they promised to send the replacement again and asked me to wait till 31 Dec 09. Again, the replacement had never arrived.

Having seen people from other fourm suggesting to write the complaint in the Amazon forum, I followed the advice as this worked for them and might work for me too.

After posting my complaints, I did immediately get contracted by Amazon staff. So as countless and abusive cyber-bullying by multi-role playing accounts.

To my surprise, these multi-role playing even disclosed some private conversation I had with Amazon staff which I have NEVER disclose in this forum. These accounts would post more than 60 abusive messages to me on a given day.

These accounts were not only doing this to me, but also other customers who made a complaint about Amazon in the forum. These multi-role playing accounts would belittle customers in different ways:
- asking customers to 'buy a brain from Amazon'
- accusing customers of making a fraudulent payment with their credit card
- calling customers names - e.g. dummy, complaint professional, crazy, smoking pot...

Here is a post I found from which is related to the above cyber-bullying incident.
Phillip of Houston, TX September 19, 2009
This may be frivolous, I won't know until I inquire. It concerns the discussion forum at Amazon, not the business end of things. One mysterious person has been creating many accounts in order to anonymously stalk, harass, insult and slander participants. He also steals identities (including real names) in order to impersonate them. Initially Amazon did little to nothing, and recently has been deleting post in which one complains about the harassment (with proof of the multiple accounts and identity theft). It is possible but not certain that the harassing poster is an amazon employee. In either case, can anything be done, legally and otherwise?

If you are a customer going to make a complaint about Amazon purchase in the Amazon forum, you will have to be prepared yourself for non-stop cyber-bullying.

  • No
    nothappy Oct 07, 2010

    I had a Amazon acount for 9 years and was a seller we grossed around £10, 000.00 a month on there. They kept freezing large sums of money claiming "suspicious activity??". they kept on doing it time and time again and when we complained about the service on the last e-mail, days later they sent us a rude e-mail stating they were shutting our account down and will never deal with us again, and to not contact them again as they will not re-open acount.

    We had perfect feedback, Perfect credit rating(not that it matters) and excelent feedback.

    Trading standards and the OFT are a complete waste of time showing absolute no interest to investigate

    Amazon will continue time and time again to rip inocent people off in attempt to hold your money which is used to make large sums of interest and no one will ever stop this.

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parts for truck did not fit as listed.

My opinion and review... I own a 2005 lincoln navigator, which this item is suppose to fit based on the check...

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multiple vendors for one order

Since Amazon is a selling agent for many third party vendors, it seems they like to “spread the wealth” at the cost of the customer. They obviously do not have the standard online policy of only charging your credit card when the item is shipped.

I placed an order with Amazon for a canon printer and 2 sets of additional Canon ink cartridges. The price for the printer was quite low. Amazon charged my credit card for all three items then placed the orders with three different vendors. The printer was placed with Adorama, who was out of stock. They told me they did not expect inventory for 4-5 weeks. This means Amazon, or Adorama, would have been using my money for this period. Meanwhile, one of the ink vendors had shipped. I cancelled the printer order and ultimately received a credit. I tried to cancel the second ink order but could not and it had not been shipped. Now I have plenty of Canon ink but no printer. Amazon customer service responded right away but the fact remains they chose to split the order and never checked inventory. Over a week later this is not fully resolved, but I am the one who has to do all the work even though the error was theirs. The first thing I did was file a complaint with the credit card company.

About 2 months ago I placed an order with Amazon for 2 different size kitchen knives from the same manufacturer. These are expensive knives. It was well stated this was not shipped by Amazon and there was no free shipping. With their “Spread The Wealth” policy, they gave the order to two different vendors which means I paid double shipping. Checking after the fact, each of the vendors had both sizes in stock.

In all the years I have bought from Amazon I have never run into this type of behavior.

order cancellation

I ordered a Fisher Price Power Wheels Jeep from, supposedly IN STOCK according to their site, in late November, advertised for $205. I used a gift certificate for $50, so the total price of my purchase was $155. sends me an email within a week stating that the order will be cancelled due to problems with the supplier unless I reply to the message to confirm I still want the item. I still wanted the item and I did not mind to receive it after Christmas for that price, so I replied as instructed. Within a week I received another message stating that my order has been cancelled as the item is out of stock and it is unknown whether it can be obtained any longer. When I checked on my order history, the order was nowhere to be found. I emailed regarding this situation and the reply that I received was that I failed to reply to their first email (for which I have a confirmation).

I am not sure what the deal is with the "supplier", but I bought the Jeep directly from Fisher Price for twice the price (including $60 shipping) without any trouble. I believe the price of the Jeep at was some kind of "teaser."

one - click: no free shipping!

Beware that enabling one - click ordering effectively disables "free shipping. " when you turn on "one - click ordering, " your only shipping choices are first - class and express. Even if you select "group items into as few shipments as possible, " you will still be charged for first - class shipping, even if the items you purchase say that they are eligible for free super - saver shipping. You cannot select super - saver shipping as a setting for one - click, so customers are effectively charged for the convenience of one - click ordering by paying for shipping that is usually given for free. Because this would seem to be a relatively easy problem to "fix" internally, it operates as a kind of hidden fee for one - click ordering - - one that has cost me personally a good deal of money over the past few years.

Turn off one - click ordering if you want the free shipping!!!

  • Ta
    taco12 Jun 02, 2010

    It's simple. Not all orders qualify for Free Shipping, therefore you cannot select that as your default option. It is expected that you pay for shipping that is not free. Likewise, they cannot be expected to automatically apply free shipping to orders. The customers who need their packages in one or two days still have that option, regardless of whether the item qualifies for the much slower Free Shipping.

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  • Ro
    Rohit_aa Nov 26, 2015

    Thats a good Tip. I tried hard to enable Free shipping for one click checkout, but its nowhere available.
    The only way to get free shipping is to disable one click checkout.


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bait & switch gold box deal

As I patiently sat with a timer in front of me for their gold box deal of the hour, I clicked on it when it flipped, had it in my shopping cart (you can tell by the "8" in the end of the price). I then proceeded to go through check out (in less than 30 seconds I might add because I was in Amazon's data based with a stored credit card). They sent the confirmation to my email. I didn't even take the time to print the order when it popped up before I hit pay because I felt time was of the essence. Little did I know how much that was true! Much to my surprise I found in my email the price $199.99 and no $100 gift card which was part of the "deal." I then called customer service and they were unsympathetic and useless. I had to argue for them to cancel my order.

I am NOT an idiot. I know what was in my cart and for it to take me ALL THE WAY THROUGH payment, take my money and then sub the item without the "deal" is the worst form of bait and switch. A less savvy buyer might not have known until the item arrived at their door with no gift card.

They did canceled the order, after I spoke with a supervisor, but the entire process left a bad taste in my mouth. This truly is's loss since my personal wish for Christmas this year was a Kindle. This would have linked me to Amazon where I would have spent hundreds on books through Amazon this year.

I am off to research which other brand of electronic reader is similar enough. I refuse to continue to do business with an unethical company and channel dollars into their pocket. In this marketplace, I do not understand this type of business behavior.

suspended, reactivated, and now closed pro-merchant account

Greetings everyone, As a company operating out to the state of Florida we have had the opportunity to deal...

cowardly, unjust and hypocritical

Following a peremptory and dismissive e-mail to me, informing me that as a result of my seller performance feedback being deemed unsatisfactory my marketplace seller account was suspended.

I had prided myself upon the care I had taken as a marketplace seller to ensure that the service I gave to Amazon shoppers was first class and in all cases fair and honest. It was my experience however that Amazon shoppers were often not so honest and I suspect that I suffered from spiteful feedback in respect of a transaction.

when I asked Amazon to provide me with instances and details of the dissatisfaction they claimed I initated they refused, pointing out only there reservation of right to close seller accounts at their own discretion.

I find this cowardly, unjust and hypocritical of

Potential and existing Marketplace sellers should be aware that their personal reputation is at risk when acting as an agent for Amazon.

horrible customer service

I decided to set up a baby registry on in July 2009. I chose 5 items. One of them was a carseat priced at around $130.00. On September 30th I received the carseat purchased by someone for me. I checked the registry and sure enough, the carseat was now one of the items showing as unavailable due to purchase.. So far so good.
I attended my baby shower this past weekend and low and behold, there is another carseat there! I was confused, so I looked at the packing slip from the box, and sure enough it was purchased off of the same registry 3 days earlier than the one I already had at home! So now I have 2 carseats.. Simple enough, right? I call customer service (I used the international number which is not toll free so I could get an actual person, as the 800 number was strictly automated). I apparently reached India, which in and of itself was slightly annoying to me, however I proceeded to tell the gentleman what happened, and asked that he email me a prepaid return label so I could ship the duplicate carseat back at Amazon's expense. Since they neglected to remove it from the registry when it was purchased on 9/26, it was purchased again on 9/29 - NOT MY ERROR. I was on the phone with this man for 34 minutes going back and forth trying my hardest to explain to him that this was not my fault and I should not have to incur the $17.40 shipping charge to return one of the carseats! He kept apologizing however told me in no uncertain terms that "this is not our policy Ma'am, we cannot provide your shipping" OVER AND OVER he kept saying the same thing.. Like he was not getting the point at all, he didn't understand or didn't want to or something.. Then he tells me that they have no record of the first carseat being purchased, even though I told him I was holding in my hand the order slip directly from them with the purchase order number and all the info regarding the transaction.. I asked for a supervisor and was put on the phone with a woman who was even more ignorant than he was, and finally after almost an hour I gave up.
I returned the carseat at UPS this morning. I will be receiving a gift card back from Amazon once they get the carseat - minus $17.40 for shipping. HORRIBLE!! I will NEVER deal with this company again. EVER. Crap policy and horrible customer service..

  • Valerie Jun 16, 2008

    2 bad encounters in 2 weeks. I have emailed them and called them asking how I can print an invoice for an order through them, but from a different vendor. I need the receipt to get reimbursed. They keep telling me to do the thing I've already done many times - and it only will let me access an order through them, from their warehouse. They treated me like an idiot - yet they do not have a solution to the problem!

    Also, a book arrived all bent up. I called customer service. I do not like customer service from another country - the person did not understand realities here, and was not helpful. Amazon, you just lost a good customer. I buy a lot of books, and I will now be going elsewhere online.

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  • Ze
    zeroJ Jul 20, 2009

    Totally agree I was loathe to join but I did as they had a good deal on a Zinwell, box, I joined then ordered it with a TV converter box coupon, and low and behold it never came. I contacted them, with a lost claim and they said I could order ANY box on their website and even included a link, a dn they would reimburse the full amount. So I ordered one, and now they say they won't reimburse me for that amount because it was through a "third part" WTF!!!Why not tell me that before I ordered!!!Hello!!!I can only hope the third company recieves the cancel order before they send it out or I'm stuck with a 80 dollar box. Needless to say amazon service is horrible. All the emails seems to be from people who can speak or write correctly, and when I call in the person on the phone has no idea what's going on. Even though he confirmed I could order any box with 1 day shipping and Amazon would refund the whole price, ###ing ridiculous!!!

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  • Sh
    shoshoni Jan 27, 2010

    Their customer service is freakin horrible. I sent them a email to close my account and they reply with a spill on how to remove an item from selling inventoy. WTF? I am not even a seller. ###s. Yay for Ebay.

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  • Sl
    slink Dec 14, 2010

    mr. sam, no one is stupid enough to give a random guy their credit card number. these people want their money back, not for you to steal more of it.

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  • Av
    Avi Jan 24, 2011

    Today I received a very horrible customer care service experience from I have used's chat service to resolve my issue. I talked to Md Nasim (amazon's customer care executive). When I provided my order number, he started saying this is wrong order no. I explained him 10 times that this is correct order number. He refused to buy that request. He then messeged me saying - since we are not reaching anywhere, better I should disconnect. It was strange for me that he neither listening to me nor he was intereseted to resolve my issue. I asked him to please call your supervisor so I can ask him to search order number.. and guess what that A**h***, MF might have done... he simply left conversation. After that I talked to another representative and he could find the order with the same Order Number in the first attempt...

    Amason is very much negligent about their services also they dont want us to contact their senior people so there is no way, I can give my feedback to senior people.

    For me, is PATHETIC !!!

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  • Li
    lisaCN Nov 18, 2011

    After my last Kindle was delivered to my work address that does not receive mail from the U.S. Postal Service(USPS)(I would not have had it delivered through them but they didn't list it was shipping that way) .I ordered the new kindle fire through "standard shipping", opting to pay, (NOT SUPERSAVER)thinking I would get it when they said I was going to.Didn't happen, turns out it was still shipped USPS, now i have to wait until it's forwarded to my po box and pay.They said i should have chosen 2 day expedited or 1 day priority THEN it MIGHT have come UPS or FEDEX but they couldn't guarantee it.Then it occurred to me, they PURPOSELY do not tell you who will ship it and then the sarcastic, lol, mocking, Amazon rep."Chiffon" admitted that by saying, then... it's not their fault if I don't get it.I didn't think she was too funny.I'm going to refuse the Kindle Fire when I do get it, after it gets forwarded here and there, in a week or so.I'm done with Amazon, deceptive shipping practices, jerks for reps and all.

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  • De
    Deepsone Aug 16, 2012

    HORRIBLE Customer Service! Thumbs Down for Me.

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  • Ag
    Agnostic Pariah Jun 02, 2017

    You sound like a self absorbed entitled [censor] to be honest.

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bogus charges

I received two credit card charges from wa in the amts of $94.24 & $39.90 on 8/3/09 & 8/4/09.

I did not authorize these charges & they don't leave any telephone number to call.

However, I 'googled' wa and found a website that showed more proof that I am not alone with these bogus charges.

In one comment, they state they had made a recent purchase at the real & was charged correctly. Two weeks later, a couple of false charges showing the exact info (Different fees).

An individual suggested that we make sure no one else in the home used our credit cards w/o our permission and to contact the real to ask who is using your credit card!

That's my next step, right after I file an "unauthorized charges" complaint with my credit card company.

the worst seller experience I ever had - is the worst company for sellers I ever used for my bisuness . I am a power seller on ebay for 7 year s and I decided to start selling thoiug about year ago. At first, what happened, hold my money I recieve from buyers for 90 days because I am a new seller ( it doesn't mean that I did something wrong, its policy tells that it is in order to protect amazon0n. It looks like the sellers are credit union but they don't pay any interest to sellers. They hold my money twice for 90 days and it was thousands dollars which they used for their needs. Secondly, it is very bad customer service and attitude to sellers. One day i got email that they blocked my account because it is realted to other suspended account. I was shocked. Aslo again they hold my money for 90 days ! ( by the way, it happened at the middle of June and haven't received anything yet) . I had an option to write an appeal and it was done. It looks like nobody read this appeal and it was a standard anser that my account blocked permanently and I cannot appeal more. I tried to call and ask what happened. Nobody could answer this question. The advice was just to email again seller perfomance team which blocked my account. I did it again but answer was agaian " good-bye, don't wirte more - we will not answer more" and no explanation. It is my story. I want to be a part of any law suit against becuase it is so bad company that uses our money and provides unhonest business

  • Pe
    p_elliot May 16, 2010

    Dealing with Amazon to resolve issues is a Kafkaesque nightmare. I will never conduct any business as either buyer or seller again. As it is, I will probably lose hundreds of dollars in canceled orders and funds "held in reserve" to cover potential A-Z guarantee claims despite my 100% rating. One customer whose order was canceled is now writing to me asking where her item is. I never received any shipping information or payment--in fact, had no knowledge of the order until after the block was put into place. I assumed Amazon had notified her and returned her money. How much you want to bet they refund it with the frozen funds I received from other orders before the block? They are basically thieves, and from what I can gather through online research there seems to be very little that can be done. Amazon must own the politicians and lawmakers. The little guy doesn't stand a chance.

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  • Go
    goalie34 Oct 14, 2010

    Worst company ever. The only reason I use them is because as a struggling college you go for the place with the cheapest books possible. I tried to buy a math book. The order was delayed, delayed, then it dissapeared. Later I found out it was canceled but I never received an email...I tried to order the same book. The order was placed but the shipping date came and went, then the shipping period came and went. No book. I contacted the seller 4 times in about a month and a half asking where my book was. No communication. I filed an A-Z refund with Amazon. They gladly did their duty and told me I would be informed by email. No emails. Two weeks later I receive an email from the seller of my book saying my order has been canceled and I havent been charged. WTF? I call up Amazon and they say, "Your refund should be comi- oh wait, never mind you werent charged. Have a nice day!" The orders status the entire time was "Order Placed - Pending Shipment". The order was actually canceled just over two months after its actual date. I still have no idea what happened and Amazon doesn't care. The attitude over there is "Hey, its the seller, not my problem! I also dont know what I am talking about or whether an order was placed or not because I will refund the payment one day and then deny it exists te next!" What a pain, sadly I'll probably have to go back if I want to spend a couple hundered less on books. Amazon is terrible and if you can afford it absolutely anywhere else, or care if the order gets to you or where you money goes, you should take your business somewhere else.

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  • Dc
    DCBarth Jan 22, 2011

    ...these people apparently don't know how to use amazon...these post made me laugh. Ok if you want the truth, amazon is probably one of the best places to buy from and sell on. I will first address these whining issues from above. If you are a new seller and sell something on amazon then they will hold your funds maybe for a week then you can request disbursement into your bank account and in about 4 days is will land in your bank account. There is no 90 days, he just dosent want to admit that amazon is much easier to use then ebay in several fashions. The other duy about the delayed delivery. If you go to buy something on amazon, the goal here is not to buy from anyone with lower then a 60% rating that has at least 5 reviews. If after 1 or 3 reviews he has 60% rating that means that one transaction did not go smoothly and they should be given another chance. There are rare occasions that a good reviewed seller will give you a problem. As long as you go with a good seller you should not have a problem like this. In my whole experience i have had 1 cancellation and that was due to a price error on their part. They apologized and shipped me a similar product free for my time and this made my day.

    Go with amazon over ebay and you will be glad that you did!!

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  • Ri
    Ricardo Alves Sep 07, 2017

    Amazon has the most inexperienced and incompetent people behind the Claims I ever experienced, one person told me that the Claim I was appealing for could be removed then I discovered that they have an automated system that does the resolution of the cases for them based on the keys you enter in your appeal, there are no real people doing honest job there just machines doing it. the outcome of my claim "I LOST" there's nothing they can do or have the balls to do it right. they allow customers to use and abose of a product have it sent back for a refund in complete disgusting conditions and still get all money back from the claim and their return cost too. Screw Amazon!

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  • St
    Stacy Clarke Nov 16, 2017

    Yes sometime amazon is kind of pain but still i find it better then the others. I am a seller on amazon for two years now and are managing my amazon store. You have to be very careful with your account and your listings. Sometimes amazon suspends your account and didn't tell you the reason. I have seen it. I have neutral experience with amazon.

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ridiculous ecr bullying

Amazon is rotten to the "core", although we wonder if this ECR staffer who lied about calling us the next day is also lying that the CEO asked him to still respond to us (which was the same doggerel). All contacts had to be initiated by us, as far contacting the unit and CEO. I find it telling that the switchboard operators say they are instructed to not connect any callers to executive offices and that such a great customer service company (another lie) has no easily accessed list of department heads. Then Amazon wants to whine about people who complain to consumer agencies independently, or governmental officials, not to mention lawyers. Perhaps karma will have Amazon crashing into oblivion like some other retailers - the ones who forgot to be responsible and ethical businesses.

We bought an item from Amazon that could have been purchased for almost half their fee from the company (who we learned also had free shipping), Anyway, we relied on the Amazon hype and the order was incomplete. When we paid for it online before a damn thing was shipped, all bank account information was correct, AND we got the item. Then a few weeks later, we could not get into our Amazon account. Our e-mail had a letter from TRS/Telechek saying that Amazon had authorised them to write us, having given them our e-mail address and telephone number without our permission. Also no account number generated by TRS was in the e-mail. They began calling several times a day, and we were clueless about what money we owed Amazon after several years of e-shopping from them. Both the TRS e-mail and Amazon provided hours that the collection agency is not open, so we got the correct ones when we called. No one explained why there was no account number on the e-mail, and one of the few people we talked to at TRS got belligerent when we told her none of us drove, had no driver's license to provide, and that we were not given such information as SSN or bank account information by telephone.

We were first told by Amazon customer service that the debt was 39 cents, then after Anthony of ECR was contacted at our expense he lied about calling back the next day, then getting accounting to clear the account and so inform TRS. Well, after we complained to the WA attorney general where the HQ is and Jeff Bezos, he writes back that we still have to pay TRS, this time $10.99. We had offered to pay again online had our account not been disabled, then seek a credit. Of the times we have contacted Amazon about unsatisfactory orders on their website e-mail and by telephone, we got the matters resolved after dealing with friendly, but insufficient outsource staffers abroad, causing our insistence on Amazon staff in the U.S. HQ to interact with. Simply put, I hope that Kindle is the beginning of the end of this bogus company that is the real deadbeat the way it treats longstanding customers like us and others. They are common thieves and frauds under the ruse of merchants. seller account policy extortion seller policy really extorts new sellers. I first opened a seller account on for about a month. I finally made a sell which I accordingly fulfilled as specified by figured out the shipping amount but in reality when I brought it to charged me more than what the Amazon credited me for shipping (so I take my lost #1). When I entered my bank account after a sell for later disbursement of what I sold, suspended my account indicating I violated its policy without telling me what I actually violated so, as a result, it closed my store and it forbid me from further selling on its website (so I take my lost #2) but the stink of it was (after it got its cut on the sell & everything) held my money hostage for months (so I take my lost #3) even though they got my credit card and bank information when I signed up for the seller account in an event the buyer needs a refund. I'm just an individual seller who is buying it web space as a vehicle to perform my business. I can guaranteed what I sell for 30 days not forever like the big companies and I have my credit card info in my account as a guaranteed. My question is, "Why are they still holding my money hostage?" Are they keeping these funds from sellers so they can meet their bottom line when it comes to their financial reports??? The last stock quote I got for is about $84. Are trying to play this tactic to boost their stock price??? It treat first time seller like a criminal and it's unprofessional!!!

  • Cy
    CyberTran Sep 05, 2009

    Check out others' experiences doing business on

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ups shipping is crap

I have given Amazon a lot of business. I get upset having UPS deliver my expensive things. The first Amazon person told me she contacted shipping and everything was fine. She asked me to write a thank you note. Then I found out UPS was continuing to deliver my stuff. They said when things are a certain price range they have no choice to use UPS. I told the second person to pass it on. I will try my best not to shop at Amazon.

none payment owed

I have been working for amazon MT for almost two weeks now. the whole time letting my pay continue to build...


author central

I have been trying for over a year to get books I own the rights to delisted from this Amazon site because they are OUT OF PRINT. Recently I discovered that the same books are still on my Author Central page. When I contacted them again about this they said they could not remove them. This creates an extremely stupid and avoidable situation, in which there is the impression that these books can be supplied later, when in fact they can't. Avoid using Author Central as a "social" network if you have any books listed with Amazon, no matter if they say it is the best place to be. They are lying. To date Amazon has continually interefered with authors wanting to clean out their closets and start with books which are actually in print, and inconvenienced many of their customers beside.

  • Ke
    Keith Turner Nov 28, 2016

    Dear Sir or Madam you are showing adverts for your equipment in my Amazon author page over two of my own TURNER TREES book trailers that took me ages to complete so I hope you have not lost them. How could this happen? I am being denied sales of my book because of this action and demand that you sort this out as someone from your organisation must be responsible, please could you contact me about this serious matter my author name is Keith Pott Turner.

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molemax-half amount sent

Please refer to my previous complaint re: Amazon (Molemax). The Amazon sent me the following e-mail today, threatening to close my claim in 3 days. I hope you can contact them in 3 days, and have them return my money, or send me the packages that I had ordered. Thanks, Asha Rijhsinghani.

Below is their today's e-mail:
Hello from

We are actively investigating your A-to-z Guarantee claim for transaction [protected]. The seller indicates that a return has not been received for this order.

In order to further assist us with our investigation, we will need the tracking number used to return the item. Please note that we will be unable to take further action until we receive this information. If this information is not received within three business days, your claim may be closed.

We look forward to your reply, and thank you for your patience during our investigation.

Account Specialist
A-to-z Guarantee Program

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