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charge for prime on my charge account

I am being charged for Prime on my Master Card account since last September at the rate of $13.96. I did not sign up for Prime and I do not want it. We are in our late 70's and do not order that often from Amazon. How can I get this charge taken off my credit card? I would appreciate the removal of this charge from my credit card for the months of September, October, November, December 2019 and January and February, 2020. Thank you.

taking care of cancelling my membership

You people of pathetic... A bunch of liars and above all else... Thieves. I have called numerous time and told you that my account needed to be cancelled but low and behold, I got another charge from you on 2/10.
Tell me, please... How many times must one contact you before it's actually taken care?
Please know that if this is not taken care of immediately, I will contact authorities.

Paula/tom ambrosia.

working standard

I worked for amazon as part-time staff at warehouse, like pickers, packer and stow worker. I have been working in e asia for over 10 years. I meant this time I have immigrated and after have two kids and married and stepped out to work in the community. And all I have to say to amazon usa and usa government are there are too many gay person at work, there is no way to make it a good place to work. I am a good looking woman, I have be trapped at work and assaulted by those gay person, trafficking and act and connecting to me. My whole house has intruded every time I go to work serious. They said it is teamwork, that is not. Underneath is not a picture what amazon look at. This is for me in insult my family, especially my kids and my fortune and my working experiences. I felt kinda of shame working for amazon. Especially when you are doubt at work and the manager is gay too. There is no way to talk. Back then twenty years ago, I remember gay people is quite personality cheerful and stay only in their own circle. But now is now your soap. This is a terrorist, disaster. Not to imagine I can stay rest after work, I even have my own american dream to go to university during my leisure time, and now is like day care land usa. I have no air to breathe, and it is like they are trying to spread the world that is how life works... And I totally dislike and disagreed with this. Usa president shame on you.

  • Updated by dabywong · Feb 18, 2020

    Back then, the gay person will stay away from you at least a miles, like now, when you worked at Amazon, is like 5 inches against you. I felt horrible, the thing is they kept on showing their character with a lot of talking and strange figure and using the voice tone and lip gross. I felt unbalance, I do not know how to balance with my family life with this situation happening everyday or 2/3 of my life. Does the USA government aware of this bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad situation that most people facing now. And won't you allow and let you loving, educated, religious son or daughter go to work like that for the whole life????????????????????Why the boss of the company won't do something to circle it and put them in a small group. And let the normal at go on breath and have a life and share their experiences with family. THIS IS SELLING SOUL BUSINESS. TRAFFICKING you know, what East and South ASIA famous of still not solve crime act.

logistics drivers

I have called customer service ten times in the last two months regarding amszon logistics drivers who ignore the delivery instructions on my account and my front door. That's ten phone calls (including today) ten driver feedback forms, five customer complaint forms (including this one) and three requests to have the delivery station manager call to explain why this keeps happening. As of today there has been no call from the delivery center manager and more importantly no resolution in this matter.

The amazon logistics driver who delivered my most recent order was close enough to see the sign on my front door that reads "please leave all packages on the back patio" and still left my order on my front porch. The delivery instructions my account clearly instruct drivers where to go on my property to access the patio. Also the instructions state: " no packages on front porch or back steps.

My most recent order was left on the front porch - out in the elements and in clear view where it could have been stolen. Amazon logistics drivers repeatedly ignore instructions and feedback. I am beyond frustrated!!! Ups, fedex, dhl and usps make sure that not issues with deliveries are solved immediately. Amazon is the exception time and time again, the question is why???

Each and every time that I speak with amazon logistics I am told that they will look into it and I shoud call back if it happens again. Seriously???!!!??? I have already called ten times!!!

This is not customer service this is a joke.


My wife and I purchased 2 bravo belts thru Amazon Price afew month ago. We have one as a gift and I have used the other gun belt occasionally until 2 week ago when the velcro gave out, dropping my gun to the floor. I can no longer use this defective gun holster without it failing. I would like to return it for another belt or receive a refund. Please email me @ [protected] Sincerely Andy Bodewin

prime charges

I never signed up, requested or use amazon for any services, but it appears you have been charging my credit card since June 2018. I tried to address this with someone either late 2018 or early 2019 but the person indicated they could not confirm my information and could not locate the card that was being charged. I did not have an account so clearly I did not request your services. I went to my bank and requested a stop on these charges but for some reason this did not fix the rpoblem. Thinking this had been resolved I again found monthly charges on my credit card in October. I closed my credit card and yet I still had another charge in November 2019 on my new card. I sent an attorney general complaint and now addition to this oI have sent a BBB complaint. I want a full credit 257.22, all details about how you obtained my credit card, by whom, and the information you had associated to this card from June 2018 through November 2019, all contacts.

lied to about delivery and it has ruined my gift to my family

I recently placed two orders. I did so with customer service assistance. I was ordering two items for my family members that live far from me. The two times that delivery offered online put them separate. I spent the best part of an hour with a representative and was assured that the items would arrive together on or around the 12th - two days before Valentine's Day. It was noted on my order, and the part that was going to my niece arrived on the 6th!!! When I called to complain, I was told it was never possible, so I wasn't told correctly - or implied that I misunderstood. - One supervisor later, I was told I never should have expected that they would arrive together. In a final push to yet another supervisor, I was given money off the order and told there would be retraining. I should have been refunded the whole order as the surprise was ruined and I never would have ordered from this company had I been told from the start it was impossible to get the packages there on a reasonable date. The irony in this was that the name of the gift to arrive on the 12th was "Unicorn Valentine's Day Gift Set For Girls" - arriving February 6th! I was also told that when the "Name" of a product is tied to a holiday, they make sure they are delivered close to that holiday - a few days either way - not a week early!

subscribe and save

A year ago, I changed my delivery date for subscribe and save items to the 9th of the month because I was getting stuff billed to my credit card way too early. This was supposed to give me until the 2nd to cancel or change my items.

This month, I got no notice from Amazon to change my subscriptions and on the 31st when I tried to eliminate some items from my monthly delivery, I was locked out of making any changes to my items. I didn't need half of what they shipped and ended up paying over $100 more than I wanted.

I have removed ALL items from Subscribe and Save. They screwed me. I screwed them back. I can order all my items from other places was the convenience I was looking for.

ipad; on / off button blocked

Hello, I just returned an ipad 12.9 '' which obviously did not receive any control before your sending (on / off button blocked) I paid for a fast sending then the post office for the return and I am today without an iPad when I need it. Consequently I expect from you a commercial gesture.
I am a very loyal customer
Josette Greaux 7027 Phillips Cove ct Orlando 32819

amazon prime has chaged me a recurring charge of $14.24 on 01/13/2020. I don't know what its for but, there was a charge last month also.My statement says it was authorized on 01/0/2020 it has the #S300010584701080 card 6373 for amazon prime. Ihave no idea how to use amazon prime. I would like a credit and no more recurrring payments.
Vicki Yeley
1567 S Lawson Dr.
Apache Junction, AZ 85120

lift kits

From: Amazon Answers
Sent: Monday, February 3, 2020 10:56 PM
To: [protected]
Subject: Recibiste una respuesta a tu pregunta,

"Why will this kit not fit a 2008 mitsubishi raider? if it won't, do you offer anything that will? thanks [protected]"

Karen Spendlove ha respondido:
"Because it's not made for that vehicle."

Has Amazon's list of requirements for employment dropped to this level of inadequacy? You can find smartasses for a dime a dozen. She's not even very good at being a smartass, so you need to cut her wages, any direction you go she's stealing from you.


amazon delivery

After much consideration, & with regret, I feel I must stop making amazon purchases, other than ebooks, because of the too frequent unsatisfactory deliveries.

I again today arrived home to find an item left during my absence: email says, BEHIND brown bin, but the photo on the email & card clearly show/state, INDSIDE the brown bin.
Behind would be satisfactory, or better still behind the waterbut which is beside the door, & anything behind it would only be visible from my door. Until recently behind the water but was the selected place to leave a parcel, & it was perfectly satisfactory.
The bins are far too deep for me to reach into, so the only way of retrieving the parcel is to tip the bin contents onto the drive & then pick it all up & put back in the bin.
2 Christmas presents were left INSIDE the blue recycling bin, before I arrived home, but after the bin had been emptied. Despite the fact that I complained about this & asked for replacements, I didn't even get a reply, let alone replacement items.

I note that you suggest I put a notice on my door for the delivery man to say where to leave it: surely this is indicating to anyone passing that there is likely to be a package there to be stolen !

I realise that there are lockers in which the parcel could be left, or Hubs from which it could be collected, but the convenience for an elderly lady like me, is the home delivery: if only the delivery man used a modicum of commonsense!! I would rather pay a delivery charge than have to empty the contents of a bin only my drive at intervals: no mean feat for an elderly lady of small stature!

amazon delivery

amazon logistics

For the second time, Amazon Logistics delivered a package to the wrong address. What makes this worse is that this package was a replacement order for the first package that was delivered to the wrong address. To pile further onto that, looking at the delivery photos shows that for both packages the driver took them to the same wrong address. If drivers cannot be bothered to enter addresses correctly, or even check that they have arrived to the correct address before dropping a package off, then maybe consider removing them from a particular route.

charge to my debit card

There is an additional charge to my debit card which I know nothing about for $13.77. Can you tell me what that is?????? I did not purchase anything for that amount nor did I authorize amazon to withdraw it from my account. Please resolve this issue and let me know what this is all about. It is a small issue, however I am trying to use 350 letters so you will take a look at this

charge on my bank account

on 1/28/20 I was charged 14.00 which I am not aware of. I am not a member. here are numbers that appear with the charge:[protected]. I was chatting with someone from Amazon, but I got cut off. I watch my account very closely as I am on Social Security and every penny counts. I do hope you can help by letting me know what this charge was for. Thank you for your assistance. Genie speidel. It keeps sending me to set up an account. I am not looking to establish an account. Can I get some help?


Hi. i will start of with i have bought a load of stuff from amazon over the year, Now i dont return much becuase i am always happy with the products, but the first time i did it was grand because i got my refund the same day, but the last time 2 weeks ago i returend 4 items at once becuase they i was told it would not fit or it wouldnt be good for my product.

So i went on a few days later to get my refund as i wanted to oder something straight away so i was told to wait a few days and i got it, now they could not refund me the last item so i had wait 10 days for that item and then he had the cheek to ask me did i actually send it as i told them to send it into my amazon account but they sent it to my bank instead witch i dont have the card as its in spain with my partner so i cant spend the money due to there error.

I have a friend who bought 2 watches that was defective and he asked the same day for a refund witch i know he shouldnt have but after an hour and half on the live chat trying to get it he was issued with his refund plus they gave him £50 extra for what ever reason they did.

So my problem is that how come i had to wait for my refund, how come i had to wait then 10 days from the other refund and i wasnt sent to where i requested it to be and this other lad gets his refund the same day and gets £50 extra

Its clear to me that the rules and no always used and there didnt for didnt people witch is wrong and im highly disppointed and no happy with the proformance as of late


My husband and I are authors. Between us we've written 15 books, 13 through Amazon and 2 by Lulu. Not only are the costs of authors copies considerably higher. For example with amazon our authors copies run around $3.00 per, Lulu charges over $5.00???? Second complaint is Lulu profits again with absorbent shipping costs. We ordered 30 books through amazon for $18 shipping whereas through Lulu we only ordered 18 books and were charged $28.00 for shipping and then you tax after shipping is added??? Extremely disappointed with your business practices! Sincerely Lyn and Sharon Clarke

package sent to wrong address

On Friday, January 24, 2020 at about 1245 pm, a woman in my neighborhood who was not an Amazon employee rang my doorbell and stated that package addressed to me with my correct address was instead delivered to her.

This package was a metal replacement tray for dog crate (35 1/2 by 23 1/4) was quite heavy and this lady drove in red SUV and carried this heavy item a flight of stairs by herself to correct the irresponsible delivery by your

I would like Amazon to check out who was the driver that made deliveries
in Rosemawr section of Clifton NJ on that date and possible time? No one should assume that a person in the Clifton community should take upon themselves to correct Amazon driver's carelessness in delivering a heavy package to the buyer's correct address. What if this important package
was discarded by that person instead?

I now have anxiety about on line deliveries by Amazon because of their
employee's carelessness and irresponsibility. Some form of company credit should be forthcoming by Amazon to me because of this specific careless mishap by one of your company's drivers.

My AMAZON ORDER # : [protected]
Address and name are listed on order.

playstation game - metal gear solid. order i’d [protected]

Received game but not what I wanted(my fault) . Now I wish to return.
Got shipping info to return by UPS. I am advised that product was
Sent from England and shipping cost will exceed the games value ($22+-). Is there some other way to return this item or request reimbursement. What can I do ? Please help.

William Krause, Amazon prime customer.
1425 Dairy ln
Ottawa, I'll 61350

my account has been hacked three times since 23rd december.

I have an account which I use regularly, I do not use
23rd December 2019 received an email from to say someone had tried to hack my account and to not worry as any monies taken will be refunded. luckily they/me caught it in time and I removed my bank details. There were 2 more attempts after and the 3rd attempt the hackers managed to order and get the items. Amazon allowed the order to go ahead despite emailing me to say what was happening. Amazon also allowed the money to be taken from my ban account without my consent.
I made a complain last Wednesday 15th Jan to Mark D, Escalation supervisor who logged all the details and said he would forward onto the relevant team and I would hear someonthig back between 1-2 days.
Its now been oveer a week and heard nothing back. I have tried to contact Mark this morning to be told that they cannot do that and could they help? I informed them of the situation and they wanted me to go through it all again and said I would have to re enter my bank details so they could resolve. I asked why when the previos advisor had told me to remove? they went away and cut me off...
Im upset, frustrated that a company like cannot resolve this issue and why I the customer who has already had to make changes with my bank details because of what they let occur still left in the dark

my account has been hacked three times since 23rd december.