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Complaints & Reviews

anderson 200 series tilt/wash

I called in this morning to discuss why 11 of my windows, the top pane is dropping when I opened the windows to wash. I was told it was the balancers, was told not under warrenty. #2373252 & #[protected]. $580 parts - $1, 460 labor? I was told 10 years parts, in which I bought my home in late 2009.
I think this is wrong, quality windows? I think this is wrong anderson not picking up any cost for the disruptance? Even some of the windows are coming apart, see photo attached. Quality??? You would think that anderson would do the replacement and not charge to have installed! Exspecially $1, 460 for 11 windows... There windows!!!

Larry W. Shotwell

anderson 200 series tilt/wash

Andersen Windows & Doors

they sent the wrong order

I ordered the best windows anderson had available with white paint on the interiorthey came in in plain wood I spent aprox $27000 from home depot in leominster mass 01453 now im holding up my house framer they told me 4 weeks I need this order to be expedited can an anderson manager call me please thank you mark fanelli [protected] asap this is very upsetting and I want to feel like anderson cares I would like to feel that im happy to have anderson not to be unhappy its very important small costomer or large so do the wright thing and get me my windows they messed up and call me thanks

andersen vinyl clad gliding window

I will never buy another Andersen window product again. I have several gliding windows, brown, terratone, color. The vinyl clad delaminates from the window. I contacted Andersen and because they were under warranty still they shipped me new sashes. Which I had to pay to have installed and finished. Within five years the replacements sashes have delaminated. I contacted Andersen and was given the same response. There is no warranty on replacements issued under a previous warranty. So Andersen can send you as a replacement defective products and not be held accountable. Great way to stand behind your products! They have offered me a discount on purchasing new sashes from them. However, I have to pay for staining, sealing and installation of the replacements. The new sashes will come with another warranty period, but this seems like a vicious cycle. One of the Andersen representatives told me that if the window is exposed to sunlight for most of the day and the trim is brown, it will again delaminates and that is not covered because the issue was due to "forces of nature"! Really, windows are being sold that can not withstand sunlight!! Andersen simply states that is there policy and there is nothing else they can do.

poor quality/poor customer service

i special ordered a slider door and it came to me damaged with too many holes.i returned it and it came to me with more holes in it than the first one. the quality and customer service has been beyond poor. Home depot just wants to fight me the whole way.victor Sanabria is my contractor he can be reached at [protected]. if this does not get resolved in a timely manner i will procede to the next step.

andersen 3000 storm door no warranty only 2 weeks old.

Door broke after two weeks. The retractable screen and glass screen would go up and down. Then the screen would not retract and the glass door froze in place. Andersen told me they would send me directions and part. No labor covered. THAT IS NOT A WARRANTY. I called Andersen and it took 45 minutes to get someone on the phone that knew something. They said the door was installed wrong. I just want a working door.

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anderson storm door

I have been a long time patron of Home Depot home improvement stores. I have enjoyed a myriad of several of your Do It Yourself products over decades, and overall do not have many complaints. I, however, would like to bring to your attention two issues that I have had with two ordered items within your retail outlet.
A few years ago, I ordered some custom blinds in your windows department. A Home depot contractor came out and measured my window dimensions. Shortly following that, the custom made blinds were installed by Home Depot contractors.
Unfortunately, I experienced a break in, in which I was informed by the officer that he can see directly into my dining and living rooms from the exterior of my home. I did not realize that the installation of the blinds was improperly done until this occurred. These custom blinds are actually very custom due to this major flaw.
Additional, I also ordered a storm door(screen door) that was also installed by your contractors. Home Depot! Within one week the storm door glass shatter. The replacement glass was not properly installed. The pump is out on the storm door, and the door does not easily close. In order for the door to be properly locked, I must pull up the handle on the door simultaneously while locking. It is quite difficult to perform this simple task. It has gotten worse over the weeks and it is becoming unbearable and I am getting frustrated.

Of recent times, I have dealt with tragedy after tragedy. I have had a tumultuous last couple of years after helping my brother survive colon cancer and also dealing with the death of my daughter. I have been totally out of sight and mind to many of my constituents. I have given a lot and lost a lot. I have gone to lengths of asking my congressman for assistance.

I would highly appreciate an amicable resolution to these problems that I am experiencing with your custom installed products.

anderson storm door
anderson storm door
anderson storm door
anderson storm door
anderson storm door
anderson storm door
anderson storm door

Andersen Windows & Doors

anderson storm door 36” 4000ez

On 8/6/19 I purchased the Anderson Security Storm door EZ 4000 and matching Handle set. During installation...

Andersen Windows & Doors

screened hinged patio door

One year ago we purchased a 6000.00 dollar patio Anderson rear door . The screened hinged door that came with the patio doors immediately fell apart . Hinges came off, handle fell off, screen sagged . This was very disappointing for a brand new door . Anderson sent a technician to replace and install a new one . One month later same exact problem even worse . Anderson is now not standing by their product and wants no part of this on going problem . Not concerned nor cares how to solve it . They basically said your life time warranty is void after a month old . We are in the process of financially having to spend for a screen door custom . We are shocked that Anderson is not making good for a screen door that continually falls apart . We will not be purchasing any Anderson products again and will not be recommending their product to family or friends . With this complaint we are still hoping someone will reach out to us from Anderson . All senior Anderson technicians have disregarded our complaint and told us we are finically responsible for getting a screen door that works and lasts .

[Resolved] porch door order


On July 11th, I purchased an anderson porch door through National Lumber in Newton MA. It was due to arrive Aug 5th but never did. I was working with Bennett Freedman of National Lumber. He did not give me an order receipt upon request, just telling me it would arrive Aug 5th. National Lumber cannot find the order info or record of purchase, yet the store operator charged my credit card. National Lumber is not able to help. The salesman is out of town thru August. My contractor is queued up to install the door. Part #s are 2500071, 0000000, 1974128, 2565557, 2573187. First page of the quote is attached.

I spent a lot of money $2332.84 and am very disappointed.

Can you confirm an order was ever placed? If so, when will it arrive?


  • Resolution Statement

    Company found the order and door a few weeks later.

bay windows

every year we get inundated with house flies. they are in between the closed window and the screen and come...

single hinge french door delamination

I have replaced 19 of my windows with Andersen 400 series and up to now have had a good experience with the window quality and one warranty repair. Now I have seen my single hinge French door become delaminated. The vinyl is peeling off the door and is unsightly and the issue seems to be expanding. The door is on a raised porch and also protected with an overhang, so it is a bit protected from the elements. The companion door is in perfect condition.

The estimator from a local company who is installing another batch of 400 series windows mentioned that Anderson had a manufacturing problem that lead to delamination issues with these doors some time ago and that they expanded their warranty support. I called Anderson's support line [protected]) twice, was informed they did have a quality issue previously, but that I was out of warranty and did a want to order another door? I mentioned that I have spent over $50, 000 over several years on 400 series windows alone and was looking for some level of warranty or consideration here. No dice, the first person promised to check it out and call me back (never received a call back) and the second time I was told I had the wrong door code, which I provided the first time. Really frustrated at this point, I expected better from Anderson.

single hinge french door delamination

Andersen Windows & Doors

rotted out storm doors interior corners

Back on 04/07/2017 my contractor purchased two (2) Anderson EMCO Storm doors Serial number #[protected] and the lower wooden interior corners on both doors rotted out where the hinges hold the pneumatic storm door closer. Obviously this is a manufacturers defective product!!! since the same exact areas on both doors rotted out at the same time. One storm door faces the North at the back of my home and the other faces the South at the front of my home. I had to have the wood portion that rotted out removed and replaced by a friend of mine. Highly unlikely I'll get any response or resolution to this problem.

double hung renewal by andersen windows

We purchased our windows to replace Crank outs on North side of house thinking that would be the wisest position to save money in Winter. After a very long demonstration, and told we qualify for Energy tax reimbursement, which we found out Mo. does not offer. Windows were installed in October 2017, by an elderly man who brought his wife and son to the job site, later was told he was fired. In January 2018 we were experiencing quite a breeze, winds from the North at 25 miles an hour, we had to put plastic over them, like the old ones, because they were leaking air so bad, in basement and upstairs bedroom, felt like air-conditioning was on! Also we were told 4 windows did not need "new frames" because our frames were fine, got charged for full frame replacement anyways, we did get reimbursed for full frames, 4 double hung windows cost $8000.000 dollars!! We were never told they placed a lien on our house, until we received a letter stating lien was removed, from Green Sky who took over the loan. The windows are worse then the original crank outs! I finally reached out to Renewal By Andersen and spoke to Debbie, receptionist, in January 2018, who asked if "we noticed this before the phone call?", I said "yes, but thought maybe we did not have them closed properly, plus they are supposed to be warrantied for life?" Put plastic back up and had installation manager out( Brad Southard and Steve.) I took about 100 pictures as proof, and in January 2018, Brad came out to witness, returned in March with Steve, both Brad and Steve who came out confirmed "bottom was not sealing could tell by the sound, also saw the smoke from incense blowing sideways and upwards on all 4sides and all 4 windows, and has had issues with manufacturer and others complaining as well." We have had them out more then several occasions, we were told to get pictures of the breeze, which I did, , January 2018 as well as having the 2 representatives here who witnessed it with their own eyes, we were told back then, that they had to order parts, they put a couple of felt pieces in corners. Said sashes ((?) Would have to be replaced, were being ordered because they were too small, , but too cold would have to wait for warmer weather, so siding didn't crack, that did not happen either. I finally received a call from receptionist on January 30th 2019 and spoke to receptionist Debbie, who explained " wanted to stay in touch, part's ordered when in, will call", On 4/12/2019, Brad's assistant called to say " still fighting corporate, wanted to stay in contact." On 5/22/2019 Debbie called to advise Josh will be taking over the situation, 5/23/2019 Josh promised my husband that they were finished fighting corporate about"who was going to pay for all 4 replacement windows and ordering them today, even though they knew it would not be us who would pay, either Renewal By Andersen or Corporate would take 4weeks to make new ones and 2 weeks to install, no later then 6/20/2019!" On 7/152019, I received a call from Josh, "Somehow all pictures have been lost!", 1 month after "upgraded ​ windows were supposed to be installed", I was shocked when he referred to the windows as " upgrades, not defects!" I Informed them that these new windows are not considered"upgrades" since they are replacing old version which had "defects, ", since 1 -2 months after installation.. Have been arguing with them since March, I have requested Corporation information which they will not give out. Per Josh, "They will just shoot me an email and start process all over!" I have found the original pictures, I will be sending again to Josh today, 6/22/2019, even though 2 employees were here to witness the air leaks. I don't know if our next step should be small claims court? Since we have paid off half of the loan already.

[Resolved] anderson windows and sliding doors

I have 2 anderson french wood sliders. They are 11 years old 1 year out of warranty i was just told. They have mold in the window caulk the veneer is pulling off and the bottoms have swelled and buckled out. All this from a top manufacturer of doors on a 11 year old door. That proves the craftsmanship to be of the lowest at one of the highest prices. Its ridiculous to see this and have damage from this and unable to get out a door if there was a fire. The warranty department even said they looked repaired once and if that is true then truly shows what a pos these products are that you put out and more need to know about your true craftsmanship of your product. This will be the last anderson product i ever purchase and will make sure others are not deceived by the false products.

anderson windows and sliding doors
anderson windows and sliding doors
anderson windows and sliding doors
anderson windows and sliding doors

Andersen Windows & Doors
  • Resolution Statement

    Anderson windows team reached out via phone and email to resolve the warranty issue and stood behind their product. They reviewed the issue again and honored it

window molding and weather stripping falling off

I am having some major problems with your products. (1) I have a big picture wood window with 2 crank outs and the seals around the windows are drying out and falling off (1361460 is the only number I can find) (have photos), that and the wood pieces that hold the glass part in are growing mold as is a couple of our other Anderson windows. The second problem is our sliding door, the lock will no longer stay locked or keep the door tight (Prod# 6068, Part# 2610966, Prod ID# [protected])

window molding and weather stripping falling off
window molding and weather stripping falling off
window molding and weather stripping falling off
window molding and weather stripping falling off
window molding and weather stripping falling off

Andersen Windows & Doors

45 degree angle bay window.

We built our house in late 1984 and installed all new Andersen vinyl clad windows including 2 45 degree angle...

Andersen Windows & Doors

vinyl cladding coming off outside of french door.

Vinyl originally started lifting on fixed side of French door. A call to Andersen and person told me they had trouble with the adhesive used to apply the outer skin of vinyl. They sent me a replacement panel to be replaced by me. Shortly after the opening door started doing the same thing. Called again to complain about the the door and all I got was a replacement cost of $656.27 and I do the labor. Never again will I own or recommend a Andersen product.

storm door

My brand new door slams shut because the screw holes for the door arm are too big for the screws provided. A...

storm door glass exploded

Anderson storm door glass exploded and shattered into pieces suddenly. It was just 14 months since it got installed by Lowe's. Anderson said no warranty for glass. I thought Anderson was good window glass product brand but obviously I was wrong. I googled this issue. It seemed it happened for other consumers as well. ABC even broadcasted it before. So no more Anderson!

patio henged door..400 series

We ordered a henged patio door unfished pine interior.. Door has 3 coats of stain and I noticed on the trim...

Anderson Windows and Doors

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