AliExpressproduct automatically returned by post mail. seller saying he didn't received it and don't want to care about it / refund it.

E Dec 05, 2019

Hi, I made a command on august, unfortunately it was sent to my old mail address. Days has passed until I discovered the mistake, but it was too late so the french post resend it to the seller. I talked with the seller and he says to me that as soon as he received the product he can send it back to my new mail address or refund me the product. I am in contact with the seller who tells that he still didn't received it back. I called the french post and they say since they resent it back a long time ago, it is the seller that have to care of the situation, but the seller doesn't want to hear or do anything and reclamation is closed, what can I do ?
here is the command number : [protected]
and the seller name : Sichuan Aimei Footwear Store"
Thank you for your time

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