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AliExpress - Order# [protected]: packaged was returned to sender by post canada, incomplete address

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Last 9 October, my package (order #[protected]) was returned to sender by Canada post because of an incomplete address. The tracking number is: [protected]. have talked to over 7 agents at Ali express. They told me a needed a special case to open a dispute. Here are the chat id number and id case I have.
9 of October: Talked to a agent no case number, pushed to higher team.
14 of October: issue number [protected], pushed to higher team.
16 of October: chat number [protected], pushed to an higher team.
18 of octobre: chat number [protected], pushed to an higher team, the dispute is still not open.
Finally, they open only 4 products of of 9 for dispute. I put evidence from post canada, my courier that is was returned to sender, they blame me for not picking it up. Which clearly is impossible, since I live in a 200 apartments building and we have po box with keys for our mail. It returns to the post office only when it is an incomplete address or a wrong address, Which was the case, I have a reference number from Canada Post, I talked to an agent: # [protected].
It has been a month now since my package was returned to sender and they won't give me my refund for the 4 products on a dispute and they won't open the last 5 products for dispute. This is getting ridiculous, it is the second package that it returned to sender, from the same seller. They refunded me for the first one, I an not to blame for a incomplete address.

Here is my first order it happens to me and it was refunded. Same problem also, incomplete address. Order# [protected] and tracking number [protected]. Same problem and they refund me, no problem.

Here below proof of the incomplete address and returned to sender from Canada Post, my courier. And I print screen of what they are saying as a response in the dispute I've opened.

Please help me, I'm truly angry at Ali express services.

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Nov 19, 2020 4:03 am

Contact your Bank A.S.A.P as you only have around 90 days to lodge a dispute. Tell them you have evidence to prove items were returned to sender. If it was shipped by AliExpress the Seller even if she wants to refund you it will AliExpress who makes the final decision. If they refuse to refund you don't waste any more time. Your Bank will refund You. 😊

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Nov 13, 2020 4:03 am

Contact your Bank for a chargeback. I think you have 90days to lodge a dispute depending which Bank you are with. Tell them you have proof of evidence. Most of the time if the Seller has used AliExpress shipping AliExpress will handle the dispute not the Seller. If the Seller used a different shipping company you might get a refund Good Luck
Hope this helps😊

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