AliExpressairpods tws 2 quantities price 80.90 canadian dollar

N Dec 01, 2019

I bought 2 AirPods pods the seller store name Lascary advertised that if double tab
Left earphone you can answer incoming calls or double tap to wake Siri
After I received the item not going all that functions I send text message not answered for 3 days I opened dispute
They reply not include any proposal they just writing please rest you air phone and double tap left ear than they ask me to send video and he he give me privet email
I chat customer service and suggested to add the video on the dispute page maximum 2 minute is very hard to display 2 minutes all he requesting I posted 3 video to AliExpress show that I reset the AirPods
Double click not answering the calls bore wake Siri
Customer proposal was send our staff back to there address
The coast Canada post register parcel to China is 100 CD dollar and both AirPods I bought 80.90 CD
I proposal partial refund since we are not getting any results and AliExpress platform not intervening still not answer
Also I send to AliExpress evidence the store send me business card saying if I want future replica AirPods 1:1 contact yo our store but don't display the picture AliExpress not allowed
That is clear scam still AliExpress silent

airpods tws 2 quantities price 80.90 canadian dollar

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