Aldicustomer service

Hi, I live in houston, tx. I love aldi shop and aldi products. The customer service here is bad. The customer service representative do bad comments right after you turn paying Bill's and moving forward to the entrance. It's like they think nobody is there to reply for their nasty comments. People are trying to make a living just like them.its like the person is the manager which the bill clerk and he pass nasty comments. I am a regular customer at aldi. I dont know if the person is a retard. He sounds like it.Please put customer service attendants a little discipline and used to be walmart at first place. Just because people dont respond they can jump a little higher.please do put customer service representative that has some basic manners. I been experiencing every other day. I want to shop free care free. And no.I am not trying to say I am hearing voices.i dont know if that clerk trying to make friends using bad harrassing comments to be friended and like by everyone..i also work with customers. Treat people fairly with genuity. So many times I want to report .atleast they should know it part of violation or harassment. And I dont know that clerk personally. Atleast one or other person soon will report before the end of the day.and even if it gets busy only 1 clerk only as attend the register . And I'm not trying to get anyone trouble. Just to aware please aware the management. Thank you...unknown..

Oct 05, 2019

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