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I had the opportunity to visit the new Albertsons on Fairview and Eagle Rd in Meridian recently and am compelled to tell you my observations during my visit.I had heard so much about the bar in your new stores that I wanted to give it a try, the young lady behind the bar whose name was Suzette was very friendly and helpful and and made me a perfect drink, sadly after this was where my experience turned sour.There was another employee there by the name of Angie(manager? assistant manager?) who was perhaps the most miserable and overbearing person I have encountered in a customer service situation.She treated the other lady extremely poorly making a point to denigrate her loudly in front of customers for what seemed minor transgressions i.e speed of getting them taken care of, garnish misses.To her credit and professionalism the other lady(Suzette) remained polite and accommodating the entire time even while getting repeatedly lambasted by this woman who seemed to spend inordinate amounts of time studying her personal cell phone, conversing loudly and often with her "friends" and generally letting someone else do the heavy lifting during a busy time.I have worked in the customer service industry for many years and if I had someone like this working for me as a face of a new venture I would definitely make some quick changes in personnel, you seem to have some employees who are trying to make the customer experience a good one(Suzette) yet those efforts are being overshadowed by others like Angie who left a bad taste in my mouth.

Apr 15, 2019

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