Alamo Rentalrental agreement swap!

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Watch out for Alamo Auto Rental on Kauai. Week of Feb 19 - 26, 2008. They run a scam on extended insurance coverage. After the agent asked if I wanted the extended coverage, which I did not, and I initialed the 3 to 4 "I decline" coverage lines, and sign the rental agreement, they quickly swamped forms. I asked to have a copy of what I just signed, the agent refused saying “it’s ok this copy will be on file, please sign this one other form.” I felt the agent was a credible person of a credible company, so I blindly initialed. When I returned the car, I was surprised to learn the last form actually stated I “accept all additional coverage.” I asked to see the manager. The manager was rather harsh in greeting me with “this is your signature, right?” I asked to see my original. They said it was sent to corporate. I asked for their number. They refused to give it to me until I gave them the rental agreement in my hand, which was the version they swap. Therefore, I gave it to them to copy. It was right after they had a copy that I realized they would show this swap agreement as the original. I grabbed the copy, but as soon as I had the copy, the agent loudly said “give us back our original!” At that time I knew it was not a single occurrence and the whole place was in on the scam.

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