Alamo Rent A Car / citation charged twice

United States

I'm being charged twice for the same fine (invoice number CW080001189).

I paid that bill on January 29 (the proof is attached). However, I have been charged again for that same invoice on February 15.

I have submitted the proof of payment for citation to electronic address But, I had no answer after more than a month i sent the documentation.

Trying to solve this issue, i sent 2 (two) e-mails for Alamo Customer Service along past month, but the only thing they did was gave to me a reference number ([protected]) and suggested to wait. Excuse me, would it take more than a month to solve this kind of problem? What if it was a more serious problem?

I could not imagine that this would be the way Alamo solved its problems.

Alamo Rent A Car
Alamo Rent A Car
Alamo Rent A Car

Apr 02, 2019

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