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Dear Air Canada Customer Service,

We are writing to express our disappointment and frustration regarding a transportation issue we encountered during our recent vacation to the Serenade Hotel in the Dominican Republic. We believe it's essential to bring this matter to your attention as a loyal Air Canada customer.

On October 13, as advised by an Air Canada representative, my family and I were expecting a shuttle pickup at 10:15 AM for transportation to our destination. However, to our dismay, no shuttle was present at the scheduled time. After making inquiries, we discovered that there was, in fact, no pickup arranged for us. This left us and another family stranded at the hotel , with no means of reaching our destination.

Due to this oversight, we were forced to hire a taxi service at our own expense. Each family had to pay $60 in American dollars, which was an unexpected and unwarranted cost. It is evident that this situation resulted from an error on the part of your representative, and it has caused both inconvenience and financial strain for us.

As we had paid for shuttle services as part of our vacation package, we believe it is only fair that we are reimbursed for the cost of the taxi service we had to acquire due to this error. We did not anticipate incurring additional expenses beyond what was included in the cost of our vacation package.

We kindly request that you investigate this matter and reimburse us for the $120 we spent on taxi services. It is our sincere hope that Air Canada will take responsibility for this error and provide us with a fair resolution. We value our association with Air Canada and hope that this issue can be resolved promptly.

Please let us know the process for reimbursement and any additional information you may require to assist with our request.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter, and we look forward to a swift and satisfactory resolution.


Frank Di Matteo

Booking Number 3E8YEX


Carlo Berlingieri