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AirBNBfake information

Hello. I am a long time Airbnb user and I didn't had any serious issues with them, but my last experience was bad and I decided to share this information.
I am disappointed with Airbnb because they allow property owners to post fake information.
I booked a two nights stay in London and it was said in the description that there was a big bed, but instead of bed there was an old couch. Also microwave was supposed to be there but it wasn't. It was rather dirty and didn't look like someone even bothered to clean up the place before my arrival. I did not meet the owner, I received keys from a person which said he was owners friend and while owner was on a vacation he was helping with Airbnb. I am very disappointed. Airbnb should pay more attention to what owners post in their profile!

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    AirBNBmy account has been locked I need to log in to change my password and later order a new card as the one I have expires on may

    My name Reina Hornos
    user: [protected]@fibertel.com.ar
    Estados Unidos 1438 ground floor apart 2
    Buenos Aires

    I can`t log in I wanted to change my password but couldn`t recall what my phone nr was as I changed my cel phone and after several attempts my account was blocked.
    My card expires on May I need to log in change my password and order a new Payonner card.
    Pls get in touch send a link to know what to do I have been trying to get help since one week ago!!
    I have my Payonner card provided by airbnb where Iam a host.

    ph or messenger/whatsup 54 911 [protected]

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      AirBNBrefund of cancelled accommodation

      I had to cancel accommodation which I was to get a refund for. The original booking was booked on a card that had a fraud on it and had to be cancelled. Airbnb supposably has to pay back to the credit card and told me I have to go to the bank to get the refund, I did that today and they do not have the refund so I am now our of pocket and airbnb will not help me

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        AirBNBdon't trust airbnb

        I booked a stay with Airbnb twice. My first stay was great, I was really impressed with their site, service and of course the idea. That was the reason why I decided to use Airbnb again and that was a big mistake. Guess I was just lucky at the first time.
        My second apartment looked nothing like pictures! On the site is was nice and clean place, furniture looked new. When I arrived at the place I was shocked because I thought that there was a mistake or something.
        Furniture was old, and dusty, and the entire apartment looked like it wasn't cleaned for a long time. I don't know if I can trust Airbnb.

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          AirBNB — horrendous customer service and case resolution

          We have been a loyal and successful customer of Airbnb for more than 5 years. In the past 3 years, our...

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          AirBNBdirty apartment

          I had a very bad experience with Airbnb and I will never use this service again. I booked an apartment in France and when I arrived I was terrified with its condition. The place was very dirty, there was garbage and nasty smell. It looked like no one cleaned it for ages. I contacted the owner and he said that he didn't have enough time for cleaning. What a ridiculous excuse.
          I asked for a refund, but he refused and said that I can leave if I want but he will not give my money back. So I had to stay there and clean everything myself. Of course I contacted Airbnb and asked their help but they did not reply anything yet.

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            I booked an apartment in London and owner said he'll meet me at the station. I arrived at the place and waited for over an hour on no one showed up to pick me up. I tried to contact the owner via phone, but his phone was turned off.
            I thought that maybe he forgot about me or maybe something terrible happened and decided to find the place on my own, gladly I was given an address. But when I arrived at the place and knocked on the door a woman opened it and she was shocked when I explained who I was. She said she had no idea what Airbnb was.
            I sent a report to Airbnb, but they didn't reply anything.

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              AirBNBcomplaint against fraud committed by airbnb website

              I Neeraj Singhal r/o of Bhopal would like to inform you that I have booked one apartment in Dubai thru AirBnb website for stay of 6nights during Christmas holidays from 24Dec’16 to 30Dec’16 for myself & my friends.

              When I booked thru website it asked me to contact the host person to confirm the booking, so I sent a mail to the person and requested for booking. I got reply from them and they asked all details about travel dates, number of persons, arrival & departure details & no of keys required. I provided all the details & the host confirmed the reservation.

              Later on I got a confirmation mail with bank details to transfer the money to their bank account with a promise that the money is 100% refundable & will be transferred to host only after I check-in and send a message that all is okay with me.

              I transferred the payment to the bank a/c given by them & asked them to provide me the details of contact person & accommodation. But to my dismay they stopped responding to my emails & when I contacted Airbnb one guy responded saying that a fraud has been committed against you.

              Since then I have not received any information or reply from Airbnb despite various reminders & even today when I contacted them they said that it’s a scam.

              Thus I have no option left but to file a complaint with your department. To help me recover my money from Airbnb as the fraud has been committed by their website. All the communications & confirmations are attached herewith for your reference and necessary action.

              Kindly register a complaint & do the needful to get me Justice.

              complaint against fraud committed by airbnb website

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                AirBNBI didn't receive the payouts from the upcoming reservations. it’s illegal!!!

                Let’s start it all over because I think Airbnb don’t have any idea about the absurdness of what’s happening.
                Airbnb said that: “Airbnb really appreciates what I’ve been doing to our guests as one of our most valued Superhosts”. Let’s see if these are just empty words or they really have any meaning.
                My main concern, as I believe is Airbnb as well, is about our guests. I’m so committed to them that I have refused a great deal to sell my property because the buyer (an investor) didn’t want to honor my reservations.
                So I think Airbnb can see we’re a not talking about money or penalties, we are talking about PEOPLE.
                I really don’t care about how much money I’m gonna lose if I cancel the reservations, but I DO CARE about my guests. There are a lot of PEOPLE out there that trusted their vacation dreams, their dearest family moments, their leisure time after years of hardworking to us.
                At the moment I’m writing, I have more than 20 people that trusted in me and paid in advance to Airbnb more than US$17, 000.
                All the sudden, Airbnb started to withhold 30% of all these future reservations which totals almost $ 5, 500 without previous notice. Why are you doing this? What’s changed?
                I can only imagine that it’s because my Taxpayer information was not informed on my profile but it’s already there. When I first listed my property, I didn’t have a Tax Id and when I got it to be able to fill my tax returns of 2015, I forgot to update it in the website.
                I’m completely compliant with my Federal, State and County taxes and I’m not supposed to be withhold 30% of my rentals. If Airbnb needed, I could send Airbnb all the receipts.
                And do Airbnb know what’s worse? Airbnb is not just wrongly withholding 30% of my rentals but you’re taking the supposedly due amount from future payouts out of my present payouts. It’s ILLEGAL!!!
                I didn’t receive the payouts from the upcoming reservations yet but Airbnb did. So, Airbnb CAN’T take these “tax withholdings” of something that I didn’t receive out of my payouts.
                I don’t know if Airbnb realized but it’s what happening right now. It’s ABSURD!!!
                For example, take these 2 payouts (Rayne and Johnny) that I’ve been complaining about.
                I was supposed to receive $ 1, 077 from Rayne and $175 from Johnny. You said that you’ve already paid me with the tax withholding of 30%. So, I had to have received $744 from Rayne and $121 from Johnny but I have no deposit in my bank account because in your system I “owe” more than $ 5, 000 of tax withholding and you’re using this credit to compensate that.
                It’s INSANE!!! Completely NONSENSE!!!
                Let me repeat it to be clear - Airbnb can’t make me pay for something that Airbnb earned, NOT ME.
                Considering the quantity of future reservations I have, I would only see any money in the middle of December. Beside the fact that the 30% of tax withholding is UNDUE, of course, I can’t continue to keep up with the expenses of the property without getting any money from the reservations. It’s ILLEGAL!!!

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                  AirBNBapartment in hong kong

                  In August 2016, when we checked into the apartment in Tsim sha Tsui, Hong Kong, we have a horrifying experience as the entire floor outside the apartment was under construction. Cement bags, dangling wires, half hanging ceiling board were all over the entire floor. It was dusty and when checking in at 7pm there were drilling noise next door.
                  We contacted Airbnb and they said will get full refund with supporting evidence, which we did. We left the place immediately after check in as personal safety was breached as the place was in the midst of a construction site. We have a traumatic experience then trying to get alternate accommodation.
                  Thereafter it was an extremely trying time to communicate with Airbnb wrt the refund. I had to make many phone calls to Airbnb as email response was very bad. After each phone call there was always a promise that the specialist team will investigate. There were all broken promises as I finally found out the case was close after I called them. They did not even had the courtesy to inform me at all.
                  I felt very cheated and will never ever deal with Airbnb again. It was a terrible and stressful experience.

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                    Airbnb New Yorkhidden strict cancellation policy and exorbitant charges

                    4 cousins and I are visiting various Canada and US areas in October, including NY and staying there for 4 nights. My cousin who lives in the Philippines looked in the Airbnb website for a place that can accommodate the 5 of us. On Sept. 1, she found an entire house/apt with the ff address:
                    208 East 116th Street Apt 4, New York, NY 10029, United States

                    The website of showed client #9928TB, the property address and the ff charges in Philippine currency:
                    9320 x 4 nights ₱37279
                    Cleaning Fees ₱5825
                    Airbnb Service Fee ₱6151
                    Total ₱49255

                    Airbnb contends in its website that it is up to hosts to select a cancellation policy. I think this is not good business practice. The company owes consumers and the public fair cancellation policies - even airlines and travel companies allow cancellation within 24 hours; Amtrak 7 days before . We cancelled on Sept. 1, about a month and a half before our planned visit.

                    There was no information at all on the page about the strict cancellation policy. Also upon examination and converting the charges into US $ at 45 pesos to $1, 094 of which $129 would go to cleaning fees and airbnb service fee $136.69. I think these rates are very exorbitant and unfair. When cousins in the US saw the charges and the area being far from Broadway theaters which we prefer, we told our cousin to cancel the reservation. Our cousin tried to cancel, only a day after she made the reservation, and found to her dismay, that she has to pay 50% of the total cost of the package!

                    I think it is only fair that my cousin not be charged exorbitantly for cancelling her reservation. She should even be refunded the 50% she paid.

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                      AirBNB — strict cancellation

                      This is as a much a complain against airbnb as it is against the Host of the property Any listing labels with...

                      AirBNBunfair treatment of the host

                      I have been a host for over a year accepting Airbnb guests in my own residents. While I post house rules, some guest don't care to read or ignore them. When a guest breaks the rule, Airbnb gives me a right to cancel the reservation and move the guest to a different location.
                      The rule was this: since I am allergic to perfumes, I request that guests do not use spray colognes or perfumed aftershaves. This guest kept lying to me that he did not do it and I kept increasing my allergy medication until those did not help any more (normal outcome, by the way).
                      When I saw the guest in the act and took a picture of the spray bottle, he could not lie any more. I called Airbnb and they agreed to relocate him.
                      But what they did later was unthinkable. The guest was relocated but he gave a hard time to everyone, here in the house and to Airbnb. He demanded additional $200 compensation since the other places were more expensive than mine. They gave him $200. He moved out. Airbnb blocked my calendar for one month as a punishment for me without letting me know. They did not answer to my requests by email and I also called their call center and asked the case managers to call me back to no avail. I feel now that there is no accountability and people are right saying that all they want is money. Case managers can do whatever they want and nobody can do anything about it. They can be rude, break the rules and terms of Airbnb themselves, and again, there is no oversight, no complaint form to full out. Whatever the call center writes in the notes from your words, often times inaccurate details, go to the case managers, and one person there, makes a decision. If that person is in a good mood, he makes a fair decision, but if not, he or she writes her decision as a final judgement or don't even write. I found out that my calendar was blocked a few days before the calendar showed to be available. I still have guests staying at my place, nice people, some pf them are long term, but I am not sleeping well worrying about worse case scenario.

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                        • Me
                          Melody Boston Aug 11, 2016
                          This comment was posted by
                          a verified customer
                          Verified customer

                          Their newly made "post your listing" has "Instant booking" as a default and it is very easy to overlook it.
                          That is my only explanation.
                          Same happened to me and I was in shock. I would never do instant booking. In the past, they would warn me about it and tried to persuade me to use it allowing 3 free cancellations without penalty. Suddenly, it is all changed without warning.
                          Does anyone knows how to complain about these things? Their case managers became ineffective, some are rude, some imagine they are a supreme judge or something.

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                        • Pi
                          Pissed off Host Aug 11, 2016

                          Airbnb is a joke!! They have "withheld" some of the rent money that was due to me due to my not accepting a reservations that came through. I NEVER accepted the reservations. I advertise on multiple websites and sometimes I get back to back reservations and have not had time to update them all. I have cancelled my listing with them. I have filed complaints on online and will NOT recommend people to use them for reservations. They are very difficult to deal with. I can't even find a phone number on their website to call and complain or even ask questions. That should tell you something right there! DO NOT USE THEM!!!

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                        AirBNBunreliable site

                        This has been the most terrible experience I have ever had. I made a reservation and booked a room through Airbnb website. After I paid my booking was cancelled for no reason. I contacted Airbnb customer service and the rep I spoke to was quite friendly and nice. They could not give me a full refund, but offered me a small partial refund. I was very disappointed and basically lost my money. Butt its better than nothing. I wasted my money and my precious time and I find this website quite unreliable and unsafe. Never again I will use Airbnb.

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                          Airbnb doesn't care about their clients' safety. All they want is money. I booked a place through Airbnb and when I arrived there was no booking on my name. I contacted the company and they told me to find a hotel and they would pay for it. I found one and stayed there for three nights. Then I called the company again and asked my money back. They refused. So these people actually owe me a refund of my first unsuccessful booking and the money I paid for three nights at the hotel. About 20 emails later they locked me out of the account, said that they were sorry and closed the matter. I would not recommend using Airbnb.

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                            AirBNBall they need is money

                            When I started using AirBnb it was a great way to see places. Customer service was always helpful. But now things had changed in a bad way and they don't care about anything but their fees. I wanted to book a place and had so many problems with hosts. They said the prices were higher than listed or trying to change parts of the listing. Once I send a request and receive no reply. I finally booked a place, but when I arrived I was shocked. It was nothing as promised, the room was tiny, dark and very dirty. I contacted the host and he was ready to give me a refund, but AirBnb refused to refund me! AirBnb doesn't seem to check any of the listings and only wants your money.

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                              AirBNBunable to book

                              I wanted to book a room, but the whole booking process through Airbnb was a real nightmare. When I wanted to pay for my room I was told that booking process includes submitting a photo, entering ID info, verifying your phone number, and then submitting a photo of your driver's license! That actually is ridiculous! Well, I did everything as they said, but then they said that they needed access to my Facebook account. I contacted their customer support, because I thought that there was some kind of mistake. But I was told that without all that information I can't book anything! I was actually shocked, because I could not understand why they need my Facebook account! Well, I'm done with Airbnb.

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                                AirBNBno help from customer service

                                I booked a room through Airbnb and the booking procedure went quite well. But then I received a message stating that I need to verify my ID. They asked me to write a description of myself and supply a photo online. Then I had to do a 10 second video, but no instructions were provided how to send it to them. When I asked Airbnb customer service for help, I received no response to my mail. And because of that my booking was cancelled. I will never use this company again! I did everything as they said, but when I needed some help they just ignored me! Complete disrespect!

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                                  • Un
                                    University Alliance Lies! Sep 19, 2018

                                    ALERT!!! My Airbnb account was hacked including credit card. Over $5k of charges then refunded to a DIFFERENT CREDIT CARD!!! Contacted them of breeches before charges. What organization refunds to a DIFFERENT CREIDT CARD!! Consumers BE AWARE OF AIRBNB!!

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                                  • He
                                    Hevi Akgül Aug 29, 2018
                                    This comment was posted by
                                    a verified customer
                                    Verified customer

                                    Airbnb! You have spoofed sites and we've been duped by these fake web sites! The help lines on their fake web site are directly connected to you. When we click on the link, you come back to help us. How is this possible? Are you planning to do something about this?

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                                  • Em
                                    emifer Aug 15, 2018


                                    i want to raise a complaint regarding my sister statement in her Credit card which shown a purchase in air BNB dated June 9 which she never made.

                                    best regards


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                                  • Ma
                                    Mark Fowlie Aug 15, 2018
                                    This comment was posted by
                                    a verified customer
                                    Verified customer

                                    I'm a Høst and I told Airbnb that I was interested in giving a guest a refund due to water not being fully hot. I have not instructed them in how much but they decided on the amount and made the payout without my acceptance so it's basically the same as steeling my money and giving them to someone else.

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                                  AirBNB — fees not reimbursed and you can't contact them

                                  On the 17th January 2016, I made an enquiry to book a place for my family of 6 in Hawaii. I didn't hear...

                                  AirBNBcustomer service

                                  I chatted an Airbnb rep to find out why guests could not reserve my listing after I canceled on a guest for that particular weekend. (I now know, of course, that is your punishment for canceling.) My issue was that I put my ad live but forgot to set certain dates (Mardi Gras weekend; I am in New Orleans) at higher rates. Almost instantly, someone booked the Friday and Saturday of Mardi Gras at the regular rate. So basically, I was a brand new user and made a mistake and was hoping Airbnb would at least allow me to list the place for Mardi Gras weekend, to that same user at the correct rate, or to someone else. The conversation was pretty brief, but she did take the opportunity to lecture me on business ethics: Kat: Airbnb has a policy of only wanting people who are serious about keeping reservations to agree. We cannot bend the rules just to make money. Are you still with me? Me: Yes I'm just trying to figure out how they hired such an unfriendly person to be a customer service agent. Kat: I'm friendly enough sir, you just don't like the answer. Kat: We cannot waive the penalties in this case because the pricing was not what you wanted. It's not fair to the guests you cancelled on. Not fair to the guests...what about not fair to me? It's fricken Mardi Gras weekend! If I had accidentally priced my place at $1.00 when I meant to price it at $100.00, would it be "not fair" for the guest not to get the place for $1.00? It's called making a mistake, a**holes! Thanks for listening.

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