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AirBNBcancellation and refund

I made a reservation through Airbnb for this coming August to Iceland. We paid half of the bill for $905, and the following morning I received a text from the host informing me her place was already booked and she apparently did not block it properly. I immediately called Airbnb, explained the situation and told them to cancel it and not process my deposit. The host also called them and explained what happened. Later in the day I called again as my deposit was still in pending and had not heard back from them. Of course I got another person, said she saw the comments and it would certainly be resolved. This morning I checked my checking account and, voila, they processed it. Called again, got another person who, thank God, resolved it in 5 minutes. She said all she had to do there on their end was cancel it. Now why couldn't they do that yesterday? Now, as we are a retired couple, we have to hold back on a few payments until the refund hits our bank, and that may take up to 15 business days. There is absolutely no way to email a complaint to the main office.

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    I booked a room for one night in Boston on Newbury Street. The title said self check in at any time. The ad had said check in at 3. When I submitted my booking a list of different time options appeared starting in the morning to afternoon because the owner allows additional check-ins, and would have to first confirm it. So I checked a time for the morning. An automatic message got a message from Airbnb had said that said the owner will have to approve before it is confirmed. a couple minutes later I got an email stating that it was confirmed. I show up to the walk up townhouse and call the owner. He says that it's not available. I tell him about the message on Airbnb and confirmed email. He says that it was an automated confirmation and he cannot honor it's because there's a guest in there until noon. I called Airbnb and I was on the phone with them for an hour at first they were trying to find an additional Hotel they said that they would pay for it. Then they came back and said I would have to pay for it and they would reimburse me. However I didn't have that kind of money so I was pushing for them she find something else. Well the short of it is they didn't reimburse me for the room in Boston. Nor did they put me in a hotel. They literally left me stranded. I've contacted them a handful of times within two hours. Their response was that the owner listed the check in at 3 p.m. and even though the title says you can check in at any time is meant to say after 3 p.m. I told him about how it gave me different options to choose my check in in that I would receive a confirmation email if you proved it which I did. They said to send me that confirmation and I did. However I never got the refund. Then I got an email from the guy who originally said he would refund me and he said he that he made a mistake. he meant to send that email to somebody else. Airbnb said that they have to honor the man's request that I don't get a reimbursement. I have sent emails and I've called the hotline and the case supervisor will not contact me back. It's been 2 weeks now


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      AirBNBcustomer support didn't do anything about rat living inside the airbnb reservation

      I made a reservation through airbnb for 2months. After i get into apartment, there was smell inside apartment which makes it impossible to live there. I created a support ticket for it and provided some videos regarding sth like a rat living inside ceilings and walls which causes smell and noise.

      Despite all the videos i have provided airbnb support just didnt approve my refund for the apartment. (Also the host just didnt return to any of my messages and calls)

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        AirBNB — use of apartment building for airbnb

        A resident of a 22 unit apartment building is running an Airbnb. The tenants in the building have been told...

        AirBNBno refund after canceling because the garden was damaged by landslide

        I booked Villa Elena in Odessa Ukraine to stay one week in August 2017. As we were there, we relised that the garden of the house was demaged by landslide. There was no access from frontside of the house. The street does not exist because street was also landslided. It is danger to stay in this house that at next landslide the house will be demaged. All houses on same street were demaged. https://youtu.be/iPHclWbrg8U
        Indoor pool was also not available to use. On photos on Airbnb was everything ok.
        I canceled in the first 24 hours and refunded also the rest of money 800 Swiss francs. Refund was not accepted by Airbnb.

        no refund after canceling because the garden was damaged by landslide
        no refund after canceling because the garden was damaged by landslide
        no refund after canceling because the garden was damaged by landslide

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          AirBNBlack of refund

          We booked 5 nights ($4200) at a home in NYC https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/20775593
          for a vacation over 2 months in the future. Within 1 hour of booking, we realized we had made a mistake (house only had 1 restroom and we were a family of 7). I immediately contacted the owner and Airbnb. After numerous emails and phone calls, they still kept over $1000.
          Robert is a bad person who does not care about anyone. Do not rent this home. Further, Airbnb can and will do nothing to help you.

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            AirBNBairbnb cancellation policy

            I have done a reservation via airbnb to expend 5 days in SF . I booked it on June 9 2017 and I was traveling to Miami to get there .
            I have asked the host to get instructions to access the place since I never been there before . she never respond to it .
            when I arrived there the host sent me a message and ask me to lie to the security people and pretend I was her uncle to have access to the apartment I had reserved at airbnb ...
            the host never told me about that until I get there ...I decided to leave the place and cancel my reservation ...the ad also was misleading ...but the host set me up with the cancelation policy and is retaining my funds .
            I have escalated the issue to Airbnb and so far but Airbnb is not helpig me at all .
            does Airbnb support this kind of activities ?
            is it legal to ask people to lie to access places where Airbnb is not allowed to operate ?
            why Airbnb does not allow people like me that refuse to misrepresent themselves to cancel their reservations on those cases ??

            I need to get this straight ...I guess there is a confusion about been disruptive and act illegally ...so I hope someone needs to clarify that for me ..

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              AirBNBpayment not received

              1 I am an active cost member of Airbnb since April 2017. I have 2 properties for rent in the listings of AirBnb . One is in Islamabad and Murree, Pakistan. Out of these one four-bedroom apartment in Islamabad. This apartment was booked by AirBnb for their client from 13-22 of April 2017, When these guests checked in, Airbnb informed me that after deducting their commission they have transferred $ 837 in my account on 14 April 2007. Upon my inquiry these guests confirmed that they have made the payment to Airbnb. They stayed for 10 days and left in time without any complaints or reservations.

              2. On 14 to April 2017 I checked my account with Airbnb and found the transaction in order showing that $ 837 have been transferred in my account with Payoneer. (Copy of account statement attached). However, when I checked from my account in Payoneer (Copy attached), this money was never transferred. I kept on checking this account but when I found out that even after 5 months this amount was never transferred in my account. I repeatedly tried to contact them but they have made the system of complaints so difficult and complicated that I could not even report this deficiency in 5 months. Anyway, after a lot of research I finally managed to report this matter to Airbnb who promised that they will resolve the matter in 24 hours. Ever since I've been trying to contact them again but they always leave a message for me that the issue is being resolved ( a copy of the response is also attached for your reference).

              3. In view of the situation explained above, you are requested to help me in:-

              a) Recovery of my dues, i, e $870 from Airbnb.
              b) This company which is registered in United States of America and doing business globally should also be penalized for such missdoings.
              c) I may also be paid compensation for the mental torture which I have been suffering for the last so many months.
              d) Airbnb should also be advised to make their complaint system easy comprehensible for their clients and respond quickly and efficiently when they receive complaints basically related to money matters.

              payment not received
              payment not received
              payment not received
              payment not received

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                • Updated by Shahrukh Lodhi · Sep 10, 2017

                  I have downloaded my monthly account statements of April May and June 2017. The statement of April shows deposit /credit of $873. Where has this money gone I do not know?

                AirBNB — terrible service

                I booked a three-night stay in Berlin for our honeymoon. However, it was cancelled by the owner stating that...

                AirBNB — talk less and act more

                Their idea is fine, but the realization is bad. I have never experienced worse customer service. What they...


                AirBNB — payment methods

                I will NEVER book with Airbnb again! They are not the accommodations business they are in the banking...

                AirBNB1 - unfair cancellation policy, 2 - untrustworthy lodging offering

                I had a terrible experience with Airbnb:
                1 - In March you confirmed reservation for September 20 - 25, in Berlin, for three persons: myself, my wife and our grandaughter. It was paid March 6. Code D8QP3A.
                2 - On August 13 you notified me the reservation was cancelled - 5 months later.
                You offered full reibursement - of course - for the exact amount of money and your "offer" to locate similar accomodations. This is not fair, as you should reimburse "in kind" and not just money. At this moment, 5 month later, it is natural that the availability is scarse and the prices are higher. What the client wants is a lodging in same area of town, in similar conditions. The money is not all.
                Reservations are now critiacal in Berlin for Sept 20 - 25 because of the Berlin Marathon and the german General Elections. That's why I booked in March, 5 months ago ! (I am running the Marathon).
                3 - Upon being cancelled, I booked a new Airbnb option (Beautiful Apartment in Berlin, host Ana) but was rejected within a few hours for "non-availability".
                4 - When I searched your web-page again, my third try with Airbnb, I found the same apartment being offered (Beautiful Apartment in Berlin, host Ana), which was rejected to me as "non- available" the day before. The option was open and eligible to register and book.
                Consequently, I re-rebooked that same apartment, hoping it had been a communications error before. But no, the reply came today: "non- available".
                5 - I lost total confidence in Airbnb.
                I booked at a regular hotel today, the Ellington Hotel, Berlin, for the same dates confirmed originally by Airbnb : Sept 20 - 25. It was done in the name of my wife, Ines Balze, me, and our grandauther.
                Costs in Euros:
                Ellington Hotel 992
                Original payment to Airbnb 728
                Difference 264

                It is fair that Airbnb reimburses me for the Euros 264.
                Thank you
                Victor Recart

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                  • Ca
                    Carlos Martin Sep 08, 2017
                    This comment was posted by
                    a verified customer
                    Verified customer

                    Is there any platform of people cheated.by airbnb? I was twice in the same trip in China.

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                  AirBNBno place to park - unable to check in

                  08/11/17 Booked Airbnb “Riviera Maya Haciendas” and received a confirmation. This listing is included, and shows amenities including – Free Parking on Premises, note that the option Free Parkin on Street is lined out, and unavailable. This shows that the owner clearly intended to represent parking on their property, not on the street.
                  8/12/17 11:06 am. Received a message from Lara via Airbnb. She was welcoming us and providing confirmation of our expected arrival, and directions to the property.
                  8/12/17 3:45 pm We arrive at the property, and realize that there are signs indicating that parking is only for residents. We assumed that we would be included in this, and contact Lara to determine which spot we should park in.
                  Received a text message stating that we were not allowed to use the residence parking, but that we were welcome to park on the street.
                  We explained that the street has clearly posted no parking signs, and that their listing stated that on-premises parking would be available.
                  Another text stated ‘I park on the street all the time, don’t worry about it’
                  Lara said she would be at the property in 15 minutes.
                  We contacted Airbnb and spoke with an agent named Meaggan. She assured us that she would help us, and that she would call us back within 15 minutes.
                  We received an email from Meaggan stating that she was unable to reach us. She said that the owner confirmed that parking in the parking lot was only for residents, and that we would need to park on the street. The email also states that Airbnb warned the owner that they would be liable for any tickets or towing.
                  After 20 minutes, we again called Airbnb and this time spoke with Angelina. She stated that there was absolutely nothing that she could do, since Meaggan had been assigned to this case, and only Meaggan would be able to answer questions about it. Angelina tried calling Meaggan, but did not receive a response. I waited on the phone with her for about 20 minutes. Angelina finally gave up, and said there was nothing she could do, and that I would have to wait for Meaggan to return, since she had been assigned to this case.
                  After waiting another 30 minutes, we again called Airbnb. This time I requested to speak with a supervisor, and was connected with Tanner. Tanner was quite rude, and again stated that the only one that could help with this case was Meaggan, since she was assigned to it. He absolutely refused to do any more, and said that I would have to wait for her call. I explained that she apparently did not know how to dial a Mexican cell phone, since I had not received any phone calls from Airbnb. He stated that Airbnb is a worldwide organization, and they know how to call Mexico. My guess is that they were trying to dial a landline (prefix +52) instead of a cell phone (prefix 044), but I just couldn’t get him to listen.
                  Waited for Lara for 2 hours now. Called back Airbnb for the 4th time. This time, we were told right away, that we would be assigned a new case manager, since Meagan was unavailable. We were connected with Acel. Acel looked through the notes left from the other agents and asked if we would like to be booked into another property. We explained that since we were not able to check in to the current property, and since Lara never showed up, we would like something else. We were told that we would have to wait an hour for everything to be set up. I was, of course, not happy with this, but had no choice.
                  Received a text message from Lara, now 2 ½ hours overdue, stating that she was now at the property, and was surprised not to find us waiting for her. We had driven away from the area.
                  After an hour we received an email from Acel giving us two options for replacement bookings. We responded that we would accept the second of the two options that were sent, and assumed the matter was nearly resolved.
                  Another 30 minutes, and a new message from Acel now asked “Who told you that you could only park on the street?” She also states that the property has multiple places to park. And, of course, she states that she is unable to reach us by phone. She does, however confirm that they are trying to dial +52 999 xxx xxxx, which will simply not work, since the +52 prefix is for Mexico landlines, not cell phones. By now we were sitting in the dark near the main highway, and getting quite nervous. It has now been 5 hours since our arrival.
                  Another call to Airbnb. I’m told that the matter can’t be resolved unless I can receive a phone call on the confirmed number. They apparently are not allowed to dial the number in any other fashion, or call an alternate number. It’s the confirmed number on the account or nothing. I, of course, voiced by objections to this nonsense, since I was clearly on the phone with them. They stubbornly refused to transfer me to Acel, and said that if I was unable to receive her call, there was nothing they could do.
                  We contacted a hotel via hotels.com and booked a room in Tulum, Mexico (about a 30 minute drive away).
                  Received a message from Lara at the original property telling us that she had obtained special permission for us to park. However, it was now late, and we arriving at the hotel in Tulum.
                  Received a message from Acel stating that she was unable to call us, and was now going home for the day.

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                    • Ed
                      Edward Morgan. Feb 16, 2018

                      Looks like the problem was in communications via the phones. I had to read through that 3 times to comprehend the details, but you did a good job considering your circumstance. The problem w/cell phones, texting, answering services, etc. is that a lot gets missed along the way. It only serves to complicate things further. Actually, the real problem or subject gets lost because of a that communication stuff.Waaayyyyy to many people involved in what would otherwise be a simplistic matter. Personality traits come into play, misunderstandings, tempers fly, data crucial to a simple conversation gets lots, etc... I was looking for Tanner Hospital complaints, but got your complaint. I wish you well, hope this has worked out for you. I have no idea who Airbnb “Riviera Maya Haciendas” is, but I can clearly see there is a communication problem, mainly technical, but also the people. Many people the world over are going through this type thing all over the planet the past few months.

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                    AirBNBmy personal information may be compromised.

                    I am absolutely FURIOUS with Airbnb who have made an error with a booking and I am unable to speak to a PERSON to discuss.
                    The website Help section does not help at all. There is no apparant complaints procedure. They do not allow me to describe my problem and there is no telephone number or email address.

                    Recently I received emails saying: "A payment method was added to your account. The payment method below was added to your account on Thu, 10 Aug, 2017, 17:31". and another one " Your reservation is confirmed".
                    I made no such booking and am very worried and upset that my personal information may be compromised. What can I do?

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                      Hi Madison, Kevin P or my current case manager,

                      Thank you for the email.

                      As I have been calling and writing to Airbnb, where at different points of time I have spoken with several people who handle my case at that moment, I would like to categorically reiterate my situation that would provide a better understanding of the big picture.

                      I am a graduate student from Tulane School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, New Orleans, Louisiana. I got accepted to Kirby Internship Program in Oakland, California for a one-month unpaid internship. My internship dates were starting from 07/07/2017 to 08/10/2017. A previous intern named Emily Waterman suggested me to find a place using Airbnb and I started looking for places on Airbnb 2 months in advance of my booking to safely secure a spot. My approach to searching was based on two criteria.

                      1.) Total number and the kind of reviews listed on the post.
                      2.) If the host is responsive and if he/she is a super host.

                      Being a student visiting a new state for the first time brought a vulnerability to the situation. So I was looking for a place which is near my workplace in downtown Oakland, 94612. I found a place in Alameda that I liked and the host was a super host with great reviews. I contacted him and explained the situation (see attached message conversation) and made all the clarification well in advance. He agreed to all my concerns and approved my stay that clearly stated 2 adults (see attached original itinerary). The pictures on the listing looked beautiful and I also asked Jenson, my host, to provide a picture (see attached picture) of the kitchen as I could afford eating out every day.

                      I landed on 07/07/2017 and I saw some construction work was going on at his apartment and the building. There was long cloth hanging on his balcony and the apartment had several dislocated windows and other displaced hardware which was never shown or described in the listing. As I checked in, the first question he asked me was "What is your Nationality?" which I happily answered. I had no problem with all that and I was willing to happily stay there, appreciating my host. On my first day, I gave him some gifts (green Darjeeling Tea and Twilings tea ) as a gesture of goodwill.

                      One week smoothly passed and on 07/15/2017, 2.00 pm I returned from Trader's Joe with my groceries, he asked me "when is your brother coming?". I told him that as I mentioned in my messages that he would be joining later on 11th but now he is coming on 07/20/2017. He replied that he wants some more money as my brother is coming. I was shocked to hear that and clarified that I have already made the whole payment for 35 nights that clearly stated two adults. He replied that he made a mistake and now he won't be able to keep two people as he has other offers that are paying him more for this place.

                      My journey with Airbnb started on 07/15/2017, and my first call was received by Kevin, p. I explained all the facts and my situation and Kevin patiently heard my concerns and assured me to get it resolved. If Airbnb pulls outs the call recording, he clearly stated to me following things:

                      1.) He will try to contact Jenson and explain to him that without any specific reason or issue raised from the guests he cannot cancel the reservation abruptly in the middle.
                      2.) He further told me that if Jenson does that he will be penalized and can also be blocked for a specific period for the renting.
                      3.) To me, he reassured and clearly stated that in these circumstances where you are willing to stay at a place and the host wishes to cancel it, we will provide you a similar accommodation and bear all the transportation charges and no money will be charged out of pocket additional to what you have already paid.

                      In the evening of 07/15/2017, Jenson came to my room and asked me to leave as soon as possible or provide more money. I tried to get back to Kevin and also emailed him several times ( see previous threads) and had to speak with 7 other representatives (Zach, Marie, Abby, and others) who were not able to directly transfer me to Kevin. I was in a panic situation as I did not know what to do and where to go. Finally, Kevin called at 10.00 pm and offered me several new listings to choose from as clearly stated that your current will not get canceled unless you make a new one and find a place to go. He also reassured that if there is no option for you then we would provide a hotel to stay temporarily.

                      On 07/16/2017, 5.00 AM, I received a call from Madison who told me that your current reservation has been altered and 16th was my last day. She further provided an option of listings to choose from and a $420 code to use for the payment. She suggested me to make a booking from 16 to 19th waiting for a refund of $933 to get credited. Here, I would like to make clear that I clearly stated that I don't need a refund but a place where I can continue my stay and complete my duration of booking until August 11th. However, she explained to me that as my booking was a business trip alteration could not be made. I booked the cheapest place available so that I can stay longer using the coupon code.

                      In the morning of 07/16/2017, Jenson came to my room and asked me to leave as soon as possible as a new guest was already booked for that day. He also apologized in the Airbnb message chat (see attached). I was standing outside his house for 3 hours (see pictures) as my check-in time for the new place was 3.00 pm. The pictures clearly show my luggage near his apartment which I had to transport using the elevators alone down to the building.

                      Currently, I am staying at a new place where several other Airbnb tenants live and share a common bathroom. I had to climb a long stair to the third floor with all my luggage. The host of the new place has stated that she will not allow anyone to check-in after 8.00 pm. My brother is coming on the 21st morning at 1.00 am doing a journey of 30 hours from India (attached itinerary).I have to book a hotel for him for one night as the current place wouldn't allow him inside.

                      I request Airbnb to investigate and meticulously review my case reading the chat message history with the host, call recordings made during Airbnb conversations, pictures and documents attached understanding the mental and physical stress experienced during this abrupt cancellation. I don't demand any unrealistic compensation from Airbnb but give a permanent place until August 11th, which is similar to my original listing (private bathroom and room for 2 adults) appreciating the location and fundamental amenities. I have been offered a refund of $933 that would be soon credited and I expect Airbnb to add any other difference in cost to make a new booking.

                      Airbnb has provided a partial refund and no accommodation for this cancellation.

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                        AirBNB — bait & switch pricing, vancouver www.airbnb.com/rooms/12755323

                        We reserved a house in Vancouver using a credit card on AirBnB, when the host cancelled, the credit card wa...

                        The complaint has been investigated and
                        resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                        AirBNB — rent

                        Ms Dominika Grupka promised me and my familie a great stay in Dubai for which we paid a fortune, the room...

                        AirBNBfake information

                        Hello. I am a long time Airbnb user and I didn't had any serious issues with them, but my last experience was bad and I decided to share this information.
                        I am disappointed with Airbnb because they allow property owners to post fake information.
                        I booked a two nights stay in London and it was said in the description that there was a big bed, but instead of bed there was an old couch. Also microwave was supposed to be there but it wasn't. It was rather dirty and didn't look like someone even bothered to clean up the place before my arrival. I did not meet the owner, I received keys from a person which said he was owners friend and while owner was on a vacation he was helping with Airbnb. I am very disappointed. Airbnb should pay more attention to what owners post in their profile!

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                          AirBNBmy account has been locked I need to log in to change my password and later order a new card as the one I have expires on may

                          My name Reina Hornos
                          user: [protected]@fibertel.com.ar
                          Estados Unidos 1438 ground floor apart 2
                          Buenos Aires

                          I can`t log in I wanted to change my password but couldn`t recall what my phone nr was as I changed my cel phone and after several attempts my account was blocked.
                          My card expires on May I need to log in change my password and order a new Payonner card.
                          Pls get in touch send a link to know what to do I have been trying to get help since one week ago!!
                          I have my Payonner card provided by airbnb where Iam a host.

                          ph or messenger/whatsup 54 911 [protected]

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                            AirBNBrefund of cancelled accommodation

                            I had to cancel accommodation which I was to get a refund for. The original booking was booked on a card that had a fraud on it and had to be cancelled. Airbnb supposably has to pay back to the credit card and told me I have to go to the bank to get the refund, I did that today and they do not have the refund so I am now our of pocket and airbnb will not help me

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