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Unauthorized charge

On March 19, 2020 you charged my credit card 75.00.
I never authorized this charge.
Any dealings between you and myself has been billed through Affirm and paid in full to Affirm.

I request a full refund on my credit card.

And I never received credit for my seat charges or insurance reimbursement that was on my original flight.

Brenda Israel

Unauthorized charge

Full refund — The airlines did not return us the full amount only half of the amount and the additional charge of 200$ for cancelation

Flight tickets booked from March 3-March 23 to Europe were canceled by us in accordance to Covid-19 and after trying to negotiate for full refund, credit or voucher non of these were agreed with.
The airlines refunded us only with half of the amount plus a charge of 200$ penalty fee. Hereby I'masking for help returning us the fair amount since the situation is not our fault.

The airlines did not return us the full amount only half of the amount and the additional charge of 200$ for cancelation

Flight cancellation — Not receiving a refund

I made my flight in February before there was a worldwide pandemic. Due to the events that have taken place there's been a shutdown of various businesses and employees not being able to work. In order to stay a float and in need of money I was in need to cancel my travel plans for a full refund. I thought this was possible since I purchased the CSA travel protection plan. Now that I call back to try and get a refund they state that it's written they don't need to refund me even though I purchased a travel protection plan! I read through the policy and stated there's nothing in the policy that states any reason why I shouldn't receive a refund. The Rep states I need to be a "economy" traveler and all I was is just a "basic economy" traveler and didn't qualify for a refund!! I asked to have them show me verbatim where it states that in either policy. They kept giving me the run around and eventually without any warning places me on hold while I was still talking! The Rep obviously couldn't provide an adequate answer for my questions and couldn't provide a suffice reason to refund me even after going over the policy that I purchased that should've covered me. HENCE THE REASON TO PURCHASE A TRAVEL PROTECTION PLAN!!! In case of emergencies. This was the absolute worst experience a company like this can give. They need to help individuals instead of taking advantage of them in these types of worldwide emergencies

Refund for cancelled flight

Justfly is the worst. My fight got cancelled due to the Coronavirus and I have been on the phone for 12 hrs now to get a refund. Customer service keeps on redirecting my call and you call tell they don't know what they are doing. 4 hours on hold and the line disconnects. I have been on the phone from 1:00 pm and it is currently 1:00 am. If I hear that stupid elevator music for one more second, I will go crazy. It's like they are doing everything to not refund me my money. I will never book from them again.

Ticket to Italy

You are the worst flight company to purchase ticket from. This is not the first time I purchase airline tickets from you.

I purchased a ticket to go to Italy (Rome) flying out from San Jose-Costa Rica, to go and see my daughters performance and concert in Bologna and The Vatican. Due to the covid19 they cancelled the performance and pospone it for June.

I call the customer service and the woman told me that is a policy of the company not to do refunds. But this is a worldwide pandemic, and I believed that I deserved a boucher, I want to go to Italy and watch my daughter and have an opportunity as afamily us 4 members to visit Italy not only Rome but other cities.
The woman have the audicity to tell me to call Iberia. I called them and they say, they don't do refunds unless I purchased the ticket with them.

See I travel alot, and I will not been purchasing any more ticket with JustFly.


I needed to cancel my flights to france because of the coronavirus we are a group of seniors and we would be more at risk then say young adults, A Justfly repersentative told me that we had non refundable tickets i informed her that i new that and that i was willing to take my chance of trying to get my money back with the insurance that i bought. She had told me she could cancel my flight with( no refund ) and she would have to charge me $ 75.00 a person, It just seems with everything that is happing around the world this company would be a little more sympathetic to their customers needs and not try to suck more money out of you just because you need to cancel. I use justfly its going to be very hard to use them in the near future, Miguel Mejia Justfly Booking # [protected] 3/9/2020

Refund on an Airline Ticket

On February 5th 2020 I called Just Fly for a refund on a ticket I had purchased through them for my brothers fiancee and daughter to come over from Manila Philippines that was cancelled by United Airlines due to the flight restrictions in place in China because of the Corona Virus. To date I have spent over 20 hours on the phone with them and United Airlines 15 hours of which on hold and hung up on multiple times. I have yet to receive my refund and today's date is March 3rd of 2020. I was told on the 5th of February by Ann, (an employee of United Airlines), I would receive my refund in 7 to 10 business days which would have been February 14th or 19th. I called United Airlines back on February 20th inquiring about my refund and was told by the representative that their refund department has 7 to 10 business days to process the refund and I should receive the refund no later than the 27th of February. I did not receive the refund and called United Airlines back on March 5th and was told the refund was sent back to Just Fly not to myself as I had been told it would be by Ann during my conversation with her on the 5th of February. I have been lied to and given the run around by both companies and am filing a formal complaint against both companies. I feel they need to give better customer service and treat their customers better and believe the business practices of Just Fly need to be investigated due to they want to keep $600.00 of my money for the purchase of the ticket saying that is what they do when a customer cancels a flight even after I and other family member s had explained to Just Fly employees including management employees I nor any of my family cancelled the flight, United Airlines had due to the flight restrictions in place for the Corona Virus in China. Just Fly also would not re-route my brothers fiancee and daughter so they didn't have to fly into China and would not use the money I had already spent towards the purchase of the new ticket I was forced to buy so they could get here routing them through Japan instead of China. I feel if they cannot keep up to date with what is happening with flight restrictions and cancellations of flights due to the restrictions at the time they should not have a license to practice in the united States any longer. The treatment I have received from Just Fly and United Airlines is deplorable and unacceptable.

flight itinerary

In the summer of 2019 I booked a flight with from Vancouver to Toronto return, leaving Dec 23, 2019. Since I was travelling with my wife and two children, one four and the other nine months, I made sure the flights were nonstop!
I paid for my nonstop flights, received my itinerary and thought everything was fine. Days later I received my itinerary from Flair Air, it stated that my return flight from Toronto to Vancouver had a stop in Calgary! This is not what I booked through Justfly, my Justfly itinerary clearly shows that my return flight is nonstop! But just to make sure, I called Justfly's customer service. The young lady was very helpful, I explained to her the situation and she was professional. She reviewed my itinerary and assured me that my flight was nonstop from Toronto to Vancouver.

We had no issues flying to Toronto but on January 2, 2020 when we arrived at the airport to return back to Vancouver, the airline ticket attendant told us that our flight is stopping in Calgary! To change crew, re-fuel and pick up passengers (we later learned).

I'm not one to complain about much but this is absolutely unexceptionable! I'm using and trusting this website and I believe what I'm reading is true! A nonstop should mean NONSTOP, end of story!

I called Justfly customer service and explained my case! The woman looked into my concerns and returned to the phone irritated, she explained that the flight only had a 55 min stop in Calgary, We didn't have to re-check in and it was normal.
I've been on plenty of flights that have done that but I always knew that prior to purchasing my boarding pass, I have never purchased a ticket that stated the flight was nonstop only to learn 30 min before take off that it's actually a one stop! That's not acceptable and I nor any of my family and friends will purchase anything from Justfly in the future.

flight itinerary

flight booking

Customer experience makes a great difference and today as a customer I faced a horrible experience with justfly which made me reach an extreme emotional breakdown. I'm missing days from collage and missing out a very important collegiate national competition which may put risk on my scholarship. I didn't receive my full itinerary Nor my ticket number and as a result I was Considered "no show" accordingly, the whole ticket got cancelled immediately and due to the unfortunate circumstances I had to pay a huge sum of money for a new flight ticket that was considered a great financial burden beside the emotional stress that I went through being in my age. I am very unsatisfied and disappointed with how I was treated. When I complained, they finally sent me the itinerary on my email, but that was after the flight already left. And that should have been already sent on time beforehand. This delay will jeopardize my College scholarship and it's putting me in a very risky situation. I am here by requesting your kind interference to solve this issue and refund this ticket.

I am complaining about my trip to vienna, austria

Brussels Airlines confirmation Number JCWLS7. I booked ticket for $699.51 and I don't want pay any extras, they canceled my ticket, I'm very disappointed!!! That was reason they canceled my ticket? Why they put price for $699.51 and they ask for extras extras extras, but if I don't wanted extras, they canceled my ticket. I'm not stupid. I put my credit card number, everything was right and after they canceled my ticket. This is not Wright how they deal with customers!!! Thank you.

I am complaining about my trip to vienna, austria

im requesting a call recording

LDXFMV and LDX6RA E tickets0147429 400810 and [protected] con#[protected] air canada If you look at your booking number you will see the the first flight scheduled [protected] was in fact booked for leaving iad on nov 7 and returning on nov 10 I told yopur agent the very next day that i needed the destination changed to yyj victoria canada but the dates are to remain the same i bought the 24 hour cancellation insurance so there was no charge for the rebook Also when i rebooked i again bought the 24 hour no charge for cancellation but the problem was that i didnt realize until last night atthe airport that your agent rebooked for december instead of november AAgain i want to say to only change the final destination from vancouver to victoria but do not change the dates on the flight I do hope that you can decide to take the charge off my credit card your agent told me yesterday to email you and request a call recording Kenneth Ramsburg [protected] [protected]

bookings/and customer service

I booked a flight for my mother over the phone with this company. The sales agent took all the information over the phone including payment. The agent verbally gave me the numbers for 4 different flights and failed to tell me the first one was not a flight but a train number which left us showing up to the airport on the day of just to be told the first travel was not a short flight but a train ride to another airport. We had to rush pay extra fees for parking and tickets and almost missed the actual next flight. An email also confirms this mistake as the train symbol left out and replaced by an airline symbol with what a appears to be a flight number but is instead a train number!

When calling customer service it took me an hour to finally speak to a manager to file a complaint and another 40 mintues to get him to file one for me verbally as he continued to direct me to their website to file it. I declined until he finally gave in. I was told I couldn't do it without authorization from my mother. Yet, I was the one who purchased her ticket, paid for it and offered any verifying information they needed. They did not budge. The "manager" told me it was not the sales agents fault for failing to telling me that I could book a fight for my mother, pay for it but not be able to speak to anyone concerning her reservation after the fact (even with all the verifying info).

This company is a fraud, they take advange of people, are not upfront about their fees and have horrible ethics and customer service. They make you pay for their mistakes literally and emotionally and justify all of it.

flight reservation canceled

i made a reservation at 6pm oct. 14 for a flight from phl. to london, i used a discover card and everything seemed to be fine when i went to sleep. the next morning 12 hours later I checked my email and was surprised to see the flight was canceled because of a credit card problem (only 12 hours had passed). i called justfly and was told the card was declined. i was not sure why this happened but i wanted to rebook the flight. the associate for justfly explained to me that the flight was now 3000.00 dollars more than it was only 12 hours ago. i was not happy but the agent and i booked an inferior flight that was more money than the original. i gave her my discover number and she took it and we waited. again it was declined. that is when the agent told me that justfly was not accepting discover so i put it on my amex. i checked my discover online banking account only to see that justfly had charged the account $1.00 twice and then issued a credit for each. the result now is i have 2 layover connections in canada for a slightly higher price than my original nonstops. i beleive this was an error on justflys part but they are making me pay for their mistake. the last agent i spoke with told me that justfly was not accepting discover anymore even though it was on their website and they did not flag my reservation until later in the night when i was sleeping. i am not sure if i have any recourse to get some satisfaction for my inconvenience, but i would like to hear something from justfly. the operators were very nice but sometimes needed to repeat things multiple times because strong accents that were made worse by the phone. i did rebook with justfly rather than go to another provider, but i hope justfly would try to make me a satisfied customer rather than someone who will go back to his old methods of booking flights. any responce would be appreciated. put yourself in my position and i am sure you would be unhappy also. so now i will wait to hear from someone justfly who can make this right or explain what part of this was my mistake. thank you for your help in this matter.

Edmond Jules Boesch

online reservation

I booked a round trip from Philadelphia to Orlando for Oct 30th - Nov 1 at 7:48 pm departure from PHL and 8:48 pm departure from Orlando.

When I made the payment, I received a confirmation with a changed timing from 8:48 pm to 9 am for departure from Orlando. This messed up my schedule and when I asked them to correct the reservation, they charged me a $37.50 cancellation fee for their mistake.

Also, when I asked them to reserve me the same flight, they were charging me an extravagant price of $155 when it was $122 online. Thankfully, I declined their request to book over phone. This is dishonesty and they are trying to take advantage of a consumer's situation.

It is very sad that companies resort to such measures to cheat the consumers.

booking flight online

I booked a round trip flight from Orlando to Los Angeles.

I choose the Frontier's flight 1151 on Fri, Nov 8 and come back on United's flight 2410 on Mon, Nov 11.

The round trip cost was $223.60 with all taxes and fees included.

The website offered me to upgrade my flight for $17.50 each way. It would give me the right to select my seat, cancel (with fee) and travel with a full carry on.

The Regular price + Upgrade standard economy ($17.50 each way) was $ 258.60.

I upgraded my flights. When I received my invoice, the price charged me was $270.55.

Right after the purchase, I called the customer service to try to cancel the reservation because I realized it was for Ontario and the price was higher than I agreed to pay. At this time, the order was in processing still. The attendant told me I was charged more because I selected a seat. However I didn't. In addition, he said I did not have right to have a carry on. If I wanted called the fly I needed to pay a fee of $75.

I called 2 more times after that. The attendants offered was charge me $37.50 for a cancellation.

I called today again. The attendant said I would have to pay more than $300 to cancel my booking. It is insane! More than I have paid for the tickets. I told I would keep the booking but I wanted the difference back because I paid more for a service that cannot be provided on the airlines I choose. She said she could not do anything about that.

That is, I paid $35 dollars ($17.50 each way) for a service that Justfly offer but does not provide or Justfly does not provide for the airlines I booked my flights. I paid for a service that cannot be provided.

If so, I must receive a credit of the difference between the price without upgrade and the price charged me ($270.55-$223.60= $46.95). If not the whole booking cancelation with no fee.


booking flight online
booking flight online
booking flight online
booking flight online


Booked flights from Gatwick to Orlando this morning approx time 6am for 7 people with just fly . Need urgently to cancel flights. Disgusting customer service. No one is able to...

Justfly Reservationsunethical behaviour

On or about August 26, 2019, I called Reservations to make a booking for a flight from Denver to New York. Unfortunately my call was redirected to Canada without knowledge or my permission. Today I received my Verizon phone bill to my surprise and chagrin I noticed my bill was higher than usual. I called Verizon to inquired about the charge and they informed me that my call to Justfly was redirected to Canada and therefore they were charging me $86.00 including taxes for the call because it is long distance. I called a toll free number to make the reservation. I want Justfly to do the right thing and reimburse me for this unauthorized charge. Thank you!
Paige Verducci
Justfly Booking number [protected]

  • Ma
    Maria Miracolo Feb 15, 2020

    Hello. My name is Maria Matsaeva. Name Miracolo it is my old name. Almost one year I have name Maria Matsaeva. But e-mail address is on name Miracolo.
    Recently I sent to you bank statement with $998.03 that they
    charged me wrongly.

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  • Ha
    happyfuns Feb 29, 2020

    I put a lot of time talking on the phone with Justfly's customer services,
    a lot of frustration, wasting time and energy and finally what was the results: one week behind my schedule and also I had to pay 560$ to buy a new ticket.
    A very bad experience and never buy any ticket from justfly!

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deceptive 24 hour cancellation fees

The 24 Hour Cancellation is DESIGNED to trick the consumer into thinking that there is FREE 24 hour cancellation from the time of booking. It would have been easy to list the standard 24 hour cancellation fees in the information box next to "24 hour Cancellation" instead of burying this information in's "terms and conditions". The standard cancellation fees are also NOT listed in the Customer Support FAQ.

The term "Extended Cancellation Policy" sounds like an additional 24 hour period beyond the initial 24 hours from booking.

NOWHERE in the process is the amount of the 24 hour cancellation "standard fees" disclosed. (NOTE: the "standard cancellation fees" within 24 hours of booking are Domestic: $75 per passenger, International: $200 per passenger, Canada to USA flights: $125 per passenger)

This is my JustFly Booking Number: [protected] that I cancelled within 24 ours of booking. I was charged a total of $150 ($75 per passenger) to cancel.

I would like to disclose the standard 24 hour cancellation fees on their booking page.

airline tickets

Do not book with this company, the advertise low price and when you select for booking, they charge more than initially stated, that is standard policy with them about $ 50 more each time.

I booked 5 flights with them.
All were confirmed from their side.
When i checked with the airlines, they had no record of one round trip flight.
When i called justfly they informed me that the booking did not go through, but they emailed me all flights as confirmed ... Luckily i found that out a few weeks before my travels and could make other arrangements.

I booked a flight within europe, justfly charged me $ 150, when i checked the airline ticket from the actual airline their stated cost was $ 65, so justfly makes huge profits by adding 50% plus

do not use justfly and consider yourself warned of their bad customer service, unethical practices (they show you one price online, and when you book it is consistently $ 50 more, regardless) and their unreliability

Reservation system error

I booked a ticket through JustFly on 4/7/2019, booking number [protected], from LAX to MAD. I correctly entered two passenger names and details for the flight. However, upon submitting, the second passenger name was overwritten while DOB, KTN, gender all remained correct. I did not notice the glitch, which resulted in a passenger name of "Mrs. Mrs. " (an obvious system glitch) even though I'm not married and typed in the correct name, until 8/24/2019. When I called to have it corrected, I was told I would have to cancel the original ticket and pay for a new one at the current rate. This results in over $600 in additional fees.

I've spent hours on hold with both the airline and JustFly trying to resolve the issue and have escalated up to a guy with the title "manager" who said, "I do not report to anyone, so I'm the last person you can talk to about this issue". I don't know single company whose most senior employee holds the title "manager", so that's obviously not a true statement. I do not mind cancelling the second passenger on the original ticket and re-booking, but I would like to be reimbursed for the difference in airfare cost, which as of right now is $460, and the cost of the cancellation, which is apparently $200.

In total, that's $660 at today's airfare rates that resulted from a faulty JustFly web application. I am not requesting anything in addition to that despite how much time lost and frustration this has caused. Please refund me the cost to correct this issue, so we can close the matter.

flight ticket booking

JustFly's agent LIED to me as to what class and type of ticket I was being booked. They told me it included a seat assignment and 1 piece of checked baggage - neither of which was true. I ended up paying for a ticket that was inappropriate and for which I would have had to pay $150 more to make correct. I pressed the agent as I was pretty sure he didn't know what he was talking about but he assured me he was correct. I only found out the truth later by calling the airline. I could have booked the same ticket thru them for the same price without JustFly's help. Luckily I cancelled the ticket and re-booked directly with the airline. JustFly's customer service were pleasant enough but of NO help and kept telling me that they did not book for extra baggage in general, or seat assignments - so WHY did their agent make these claims? Rather than correct my ticket they offered to refund it - which was not helpful. In the end the airline was able to make the refund without those bozos. DO NOT USE JUSTFLY!!!

dishonest and hidden charges

I booked a flight after searching and confirming the price I wanted, which was $2240. However, my card was charged $365 more than what I expected to the amount of $2597. I could not find on the receipt where the charges where coming from. When I called to ask, they just said it was part of the ticket price but couldn't explain why it was different than what I searched. I felt I had been cheated. I have had good experiences with JustFly until this one. Now I would not recommend using them.


I purchase a ticket the amount was 2, 892.16 after when I confirm I realize they charged me for the ticket 3, 163.86. I send them all the information and the billing issue...

misleading air ticket


I sent an email to Justfly and been ignored. To date no reply from the company

Forwarded Message -----
From: "smith pulido"
To: "[protected]"
Sent: Sat, Aug 10, 2019 at 9:54 PM
Subject: Complaint [protected]
To the customer service Manager

I called just fly today and spoken to Jinky ( customer svc) and Supervisor Tresh.

I told them that on Aug 8, on my way back to the US my itinerary showed
that my flight has 1 stop From Cebu-Nagoya-Atlanta ( see below)

Unfortunately, when I reached Nagoya there was NO flight direct to ATL
So I was put into Delta flight 94 to Detroit instead. Then I was told from Detroit I will have to look for the plane that will take me to ATL afterwards.
Bottom line is, the flight I booked via justfly was misleading as it has advertised only 1 stop Cebu-Nagoya-Atl
where in-fact there were 2 stops Cebu-Nagoya-Detroit-Atl

Looking at the itinerary below ( I received from justfly) There is no stop over in Detroit, should I have
Known it I will not book this flight as it cost me more to travel 1 stop. But for convenience
I paid extra believing that I booked a 1 stop flight ticket.

This is definitely not a best practice for booking companies such as justfly
This is misleading passengers buying the wrong ticket.
End up I have to go so much anxiety in Nagoya and Detroit looking for my next flight connection.

I had to go through the process and disembark the plane in Detroit get my checked in bags and rechecked
them again. This whole journey just caused me so much time, money and anxiety and my health! which
I could have avoided only if jusfly has been fair and honest from the beginning!

During the call I made today, I told the supervisor (Tresh) over the phone that I demand a compensation
for the extra money I have paid for this ticket, the anxiety, lost time and trouble I went through.
Unfortunately, I was rejected and was told that I booked a ticket with 2 stops. Tresh told me that in your system
It clearly stated that I have a connecting flight to detroit. What in the world? It will be now my word against yours but I believe
This email trail below speaks the truth, it never say I have a flight connection in Detroit.
The email I received below only showed 1 stop during Aug 8 flight which is Cebu-Nagoya-Atl.

I felt cheated by justfly, whatever it is that happened here, I am clearly the victim!

I am giving just fly a chance to live with your promise of good customer service and honor my request out of good will .
Pls handle my complaint professionally and don't make me lose my trust in you!
Otherwise, I will assume this company cares No other more than the profit that it made by misleading people and therefore needs to
be reported to the regulatory board.


1 Stop
Flight 27
Terminal I

12:31am Mon. Jul 08 Atlanta, GA (ATL)
4:00am Tue. Jul 09 Seoul (ICN)
Airline Confirmation: HTU6PM

4h 30m Layover in Seoul
Philippine Airlines
Flight 485
Terminal 1

8:30am Tue. Jul 09 Seoul (ICN)
12:00pm Tue. Jul 09 Cebu City (CEB)
Airline Confirmation: HTU6PM
Total Trip Time: 27h 59m
See Baggage Allowance Details

Check-in with Philippine Airlines

Cebu City, Philippines (CEB) to Atlanta, GA (ATL) 1 Stop
Philippine Airlines
Flight 480
Terminal 2

9:10am Thu. Aug 08 Cebu City (CEB)
2:30pm Thu. Aug 08 Nagoya (NGO)
Airline Confirmation: RPPEGA

4h 40m Layover in Nagoya
Flight 94

7:10pm Thu. Aug 08 Nagoya (NGO)
10:22pm Thu. Aug 08 Atlanta, GA (ATL)
Airline Confirmation: RPPEGA
Total Trip Time: 29h 52m
See Baggage Allowance Details


This summer, we got tickets from and our booking number was [protected]. Our flight was with turkish airlines and the confirmation number is sbtd8c. Our flight was really bad from the beginning to the end (our return). The worst part was in the return because our flight was international and when we got to the airport, they told us that we had to change to another airport in Istanbul. We had a short amount of time to get our luggage and we had to pay for the shuttle. didn't match a good trip for us, because it was international flight but it turned into a stressful trip and not a good experience.

airline tickets

I booked tickets to 3 destinations. Justfly charged me for these tickets but booked tickets with the airline only to 2 destinations. Justfly sent me a confirmation email with itinerary to all 3 destinations and did not inform me that I have tickets only to 2 destinations. On the day of my last flight I called the airline to ask why I cannot see my tickets and airline worker told me that Justfly never booked tickets for me for that day. On the day of the flight I was left at the airport with no tickets to get home. Justfly never returned the money they charged for the tickets they didn't book.

justfly seat selection charge for seats that are not an additional charge by the airline

Christina and Nathan Jones
JustFly Booking Number: [protected]
Delta Confirmation Number: GX9GSL

On June 5, 2019, I paid JustFly for Seat Assignments: 43A and 43B for flight # AF3632 on July 31, 2019. I did not receive the seats that I have paid for, but was instead assigned seats 46C and 46D. After talking to Delta Airlines, I was informed that reservations made through a third party are not considered acceptable and that the airline does not charge for seat assignments.

The seat assignment charge by JustFly was not paid to Delta Airlines and JustFly has wrongfully charged me for a service that was not fulfilled.

I wish to request a refund of the seat assignment charge based on the information I have provided.

Thank you.

Christina Jones

justfly seat selection charge for seats that are not an additional charge by the airline
justfly seat selection charge for seats that are not an additional charge by the airline

justfly glitchy reservation system

I booked a non-stop flight for Toronto to Lisbon on Aug 10 2019 and when i checked the reservation i was booked in a different flight with 2 stops and a 9 hour layover.
i went back to check and the 2 stop flight was also available but a much cheaper rate (not the rate that justly charged me).
I called 5 min after I mad reservation to ask Justly to fix their mistake : change or cancel the flight because it is obvious that their system is glitchy and they want to charge me a cancellation fee of $74 !!!
I had to talk to 2 employees and a supervisor (Ben, Mason and the supervisor called Loraine), spending 90 min on the phone, before they tried to contact Air Canada to cancel or change the flight.
I want my money back. I also believe I should be reimbursed for having to deal with them. I am not sure they understand the concept of online booking...

justfly glitchy reservation system
justfly glitchy reservation system

on line vs phone reservation

I was searching online for flights to Sarasota Florida from Albany New York. I was offered a flight for $107 including the taxes and fees for 2 tickets, total $214.00. Because of certain Medical issues, I called justfly to see about canceling reservations. I was told that I could purchase extended cancellation ability for $19.99. My phone call reservation came to $244.00. I told the sales person that this did not make sense. He insisted that there was a $30. Tax and fee charge. BUT I read that the taxes and fees were included in the $107.00 ticket fee. Obviously, the extended cancellation fee was not included. Again. I told him this did not add up. Today I called Just fly after looking at my bank information and 2 separate charges were deducted with NO extended cancellation charges. Why was the $30.00 deducted separately if it was part of the fees and taxes?

I called Justfly to find out why there was another tax and fee charge. The person talked in Circles and never answered my question. I asked why the extended cancellation fees were not deducted. She said my bank refused to pay the charges. I talked to my bank, they said no charges were applied. I spoke with a Justfly supervisor who stated extended cancellation was never added. (THIS WAS THE FIRST STATEMENT THAT MADE SENSE. I assured her that I had asked for extended cancellation due to medical issues. I asked her to listen to that part of the recorded conversation. She put me on hold for a very long time and when she returned to our conversation, she stated that the recording halted after I gave name and date of birth. Kindly she "gave" me the extended cancellation for free. I still don't know what the extra $30.00 fee and taxes charge was for when according to online the taxes and fees were included. WAS THIS ACTUALLY A BOOKING FEE? that they refused to admit to?

I had a bad experience with Justfly about 1 year ago coming home from Florida. I ran across the airport to catch the next flight and I was told to "stand over there (pointing) You cannot get on this flight. No explanation given. Eventually, I was told to return to the area I just came from with barely enough time to board (running and out of breath).
Very bad experience. I am contacting BBB about this DOUBLE TAX AND FEES. To increase the irritation the booking agent's have a lot of background noise and accents make it difficult to hear and understand. They are very well versed in not answering questions and talking in circles.

airline ticket

I had purchased a round trip ticket to India in March for travel date in June. Tickets were confirmed and that when one of the domestic flights filed bankruptcy. When I called justfly they said they cannot do anything about it. Later they started calling me saying that the whole ticket will be canceled if I don't accept their travel dates. I called Lufthansa and they informed me that the tickets are confirmed and there is no need to worry other than the domestic flight, but they are not able to provide alternative arrangements since justfly is the travel agent. I called justfly and they always put me on hold for one hour and comes back with the same answer. I would like to get a refund for the unused portion of my airline booking.


I booked a flight and cancelled it with the airline 3-5 hours after the purchase. I was given a cancellation number for my records.
I have not received my refund. I called the airline and they advised me to call justfly. When I called them, they said that my reservation was processed by their affiliate. This affiliate is called gdx. I asked for their contact information. They only gave me the name of their website ( When I said I needed their phone number, the agent refused to give it to me. I checked the website; they are located in Colombia and there is no phone number. The rep said she sent an email to check they status of my refund."

I guess I will have to say goodbye to my (almost) $200. Beware!! This is a scam!

[Resolved] credit card

586994 I booked a ticket from Budapest to Düsseldorf to fly on 22nd of June. When I checked in at the airport, the officer said that there was no name under my name registered in the...

double charging

I purchased a one way ticket to Chicago for medical reasons. I was double charged, once through justfly, and once through American Airlines. Neither admits fault, and neither will refund the money. My account was brought to zero and could not feed my family for a week. This is a terrible way to treat people. I only gave my card number to justfly, but somehow they gave authorization to the airlines so they could keep the money also by double charging me for the ticket.

airline tickets

I had round trip flights booked for June 26th 2019 through Justfly. I got in a really bad accident and was injured. Per physical limitations and my doctor we had to cancel our trip. $4000 of airline tickets and NOTHING was refunded. No credit nothing! Instead they charged me an extra $300 to cancel and told me to purchase travel insurance to at least file my claim for the return flight. When we filed our claim it was not valid and we were told that Justfly reps do not know much about the insurance and gave us false information. Another $200 wasted!

When dealing with their customer service they were all so rude did NOT care about what we were going through and just wanted to keep put money. Their Supervisor Daniel even hung up on me. Awful!!! This company should not be allowed to be in business!


product and service

I had a trip planned last year 2018 december. On the day of my flight at the airport OR thambo Johannesburg the "air france" personnel indicated to me i dont have a visa as i need...


I booked June 26th 2019.

Price was super cheap. $537.34

However, I have to cancel the resevation.

And the website said the cancellation fee was $200

So, I was ok to cancel for the risk. And there was not

additional information about cancellation rule.

After click the cancel button.

Later, I got charged $400.

And the customer service is bad. Later, the

supervisor talks with me then they keep said there is

rule notice, but nowhere about it. Then they hang

off my call

Don't cancel or don't use the justfly.

cancellation flight

Good evening, i purchased from flight ticket to POLAND round trip for AUGUST 8th 2019 with the LOT Polish Airlines.The confirmation number is: NBQOMD and the booking reference number is [protected]. Flight has been canceled by the Polish Airlines before I made a call for a full refund. I should receive refund $829 also I purchased extra insurance for me for the amount $62.18 (travel protection) instead that amount I received $429 after everything...You took from me $200 for cancellation which I didn't make it ( that is LOT fault not mine) and one more time You charged me $200 for the ticket price. I talked 2 times with the AGENT from Polish airlines and the agreed that is their fault and I should recieve full refund. Because I purchased tickets from JUST FLY not from LOT, they said the full refund is going from Your side. I'm 83 years old women, and my English is my second language, the same as person who I spoke to...I believe the Agent from JUST FLY didn't understand what I mean to say, I didn't make any cancellation!!...when he checked my number of booking he already saw my flight doesn't exist anymore. I don't understand why he didn't qualified me straight for a full refund. Instead took from me $400 after all. I travel a lot but never think that can happen to me. I feel like you lied to me, I hope JUSTFLY will resolve this problem. Thank You, sincerely Irene Donash.

customer service and ethics

I have a really unpleasant experience with your company and staff. They putting me on hold for hours. I have a genuine problem that I am not able to make this trip because of visa issue with the Pakistan embassy. I am not able to provide the required documentation to the Pakistan embassy in order to get a visa. I booked my tickets from your website from July 27 to Aug 17. There is sufficient time to resale the ticket for the airline and for the travel agents. I call and inform justfly about my situation that I have some issues in getting a visa, I want to cancel my tickets for a full refund. Talked to one of the supervisors her name was Stacy and she said that I will do one-time exception to get you a full refund. She told me to follow up with her in 48 hours and will refund my money. Last night I got an email from just fly around midnight to call them back urgently. So I did call them midnight and they put me on hold for hours and spoil my night. However, they were not able to answer and hang up on me. I called them today this morning and spoke to Jason his ID NO 3899, he didn't know how to talk and help the client . He was harsh and threatening me that whatever you want to do it I am not going to refund your money. He did not have any ethics to talk and resolve the problem. I would like to take a serious step and resolve my issue with a full refund of my ticket. I am also attaching the link for Pakistan embassy for there visa requirement. Which they require an invitation and CNIC card photocopy of the sponsored person. Which I don't have it and I am not able to get the visa.
If you are not helping me out I will file a claim with a small claim court that your are fail to provide customer satisfaction with your service and threatening your customer.

Requirement for getting a tourist visa for Pakistan.

JustFly Websiteairline tickets

My Name is Sherif Ayad, I purshised 3 international tickets from justlfly website booking #[protected] flying date June 14th 2019 from Los Angeles going to Vilnius, Aeroflot Russian Air, and they issue my ticket' with wrong name, they combined my middle name with my last name for one word, I have been calling them for the last 5 days every single day for almost 1 hour to 2 hours and they kept saying that will be fixed between 24 hours to 72 hours, and so far nothing happened. finally they said we will send anther e mail to the airline and you have to wait for anther 72 hours, the supervisor name is Mara Id # 4958 and she refused to give me any information about corporate office in united states.I contacted the airline myself they said sorry we can't help you have to go throw the website.

at this point I am not to sure what I need to do in order to correct my name witch to have spaces between my middle name and my last name My email [protected]

Thank You and appreciate your Help,

flight ticket

I have to write the problem here because they do not have any E-mail address to contact them. The worst Customer Service ever. My name is Dr. Andrew Gerges. I booked a plane ticket with JustFly Booking Number: [protected]. The airline has cancelled my flight for the 5th of June from London to Cairo. I called you on 16th of May and after about 3 hours discussing the problem with 4 of the Customer Service agents They offer me first another ticket on 15th of june, 10 Days after my actual departing date. I tried to explain that this is a joke and i cant stay in london legally after 5th of june, but the Agent told me that he cant do anything. Finally I was able to speak to a supervisor, who called the airline and offered me the 3rd of June, and i am a doctor and here in England to do some work in a hospital, i had to call the hospital and get excuse to fly earlier and i confirmed with her and she tried to confirm with the airline but the airline was already closed. so she asked me not to worry about anything and she will change the flight for me and confirm tomorrow 17th and she never called and now i called on 18th of may and the customer service agent is asking me what the problem is and want to start with me from the beginning . She did not even write any notes or information with the changes. Could you please explain that to me? Now i was supposed to travel from London to Cairo and the airline changed the ticket from london to tunisia on 06th of June and they do not have any tickets to Cairo. So i will be stucked in Tunisia!!! When i call. They leave me on the line for at least 45 minutes and they tell me that they will call the airline and call me back and they never do.