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On April 14, 2022, we are travelling going to the Philippines. As per required by Philippine government, we need to get an Antigen Negative Result within 48 hours to be able to enter Philippines. It states at the Philippine website that pharmacy is one of the recognized to get a test. We had our teat the morning of April 24 from a legit pharmacy and taken by and authorized with certificate, stamped and signed by the registered pharmacist of that location which is a Pharmasave. Before our travel date, I confirmed with the travel agent if there was any changes on the travel requirements and the agent said no changes. This is not free, but that is not a question. When we were at the Air Canada check-in counter, upon presenting the result, we were told that we need to get a new test at the airport because the one we had is not valid. I called the agent and explained to her that we have a problem checking-in because our test result is not being honored at check-in counter. She provided the Philippine Airline site for the requirements and showed it to the staff of Air Canada. We argued and even showed them the website of Philippine Airlines that pharmacy is one of the recognized place of getting an Antigen Test. We had a good 1 hour at the counter just for the counter attendant to resolve our case with the few supervisors who insist that we need to get another test. We didn’t agree with them and iinsisted that we don’t need another one. After a long time arguing with them, they finally allowed us to board bit warned us to deal with the Philippine Airlines when we get to Vancouver which is fine with us. So, finally we got our boarding passed to Vancouver and board pass to Manila. A big relief on our side knowing the stressed we encountered from the staff of Air Canada. Just to add, we were travelling with 2 senior citizens with wheelchair assistance. So, in short we were feel happy about it because we were not forced to pay another $75 plus tax each of the 4 travellers for a new Antigen Test. At the boarding gate, before we are called to board the plane, we are called on the side and took the boarding passes that we had for Manila. We were told that we need to pull out our baggages at the Vancouver airport because the Air Canada changed the tagged to Vancouver only. When we just got out of the plane, here are the staff of Air Canada again harassing us to get a test right away at the Vancouver airport. We argued again at the arrival gate and it’s not fun because of the way they tell us, they were shouting at us in front of the passengers at the airport. I fwlt like I was a criminal at that point, that being treated unfairly, not being allowed to explain to them. Every time I say something to explain they shut me out right there. What a terrible experience with a harassment. Not only that, they keep telling that they got an email from Philippine Airlines ordering us to get a new Test. I didn’t comply of what they say so they got more upset. While waiting for our baggages to come out from the carousel, I called Philippine Airlines to ask and confirm if we need a new test, I was told that what we have is good enough. I felt relief for the second time. At the baggage claim, we only had 3 out of 8 baggages, so another problem, baggages went missing. I went to the baggage claim counter and reported it that 5 of our baggages are missing. The counter staff tried to locate but no avail so she ended up giving a Lost Baggage Claim form. I was told that if ever they will be able to find it they will shipped it to my destination in the Philippines. For over 19 long hours, I had this stress about our missing baggages. All 4 of us had not a very pleasant travel experience but a very stressful and tiring travel with Air Canada. For 19 long hours we were thinking of our baggages, stressed and very tired and didn’t had a good rest at the plane, can not eat and not relaxed. Luckily, when we arrived and went to pick up our baggages at out final destinations, all our baggages arrived. My complain is the stressed and horrible experience with the staff og Air Canada. No customer service but treated us unfairly and like we did a criminal act just because we didn’t get another test? We do not deserve this treatment. I knew a lot of travellers were treated the same or maybe worst than what we experienced. You know, we worked hard to earn the money to use for vacation and waited long enough to be able to ho visit our loved ones and yet we were treated to be like this just because of our color? We wNt justice. We want an apology from Air Canada. I told myself if something happens to my elderly family that is with me, 89 and 86 year old couple with health conditions, I wouldn’t forgive Air Canada. So, we want an apology or better yet an acknowledgement of their bad actions and decisions. I hope this won’t happen again to millions of travellers through Air Canada.


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