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S Aug 14, 2018

This is the worst airlines I have ever encountered. Never again will I fly with them. My husband paid for certain seats and when we checked-in we found that we were assigned different seats. We asked an agent who made some sort of excuse and said we just had to call to get a refund. We would have preferred that they honored our seats. Our flight was then cancelled and we were amongst the handful of people that were not rebooked on the next flight. We were rerouted on a much later flight and not even told what to do as our connecting flight wasn't even going to be until the next morning. Also we were given even worse seats that were now 30 rows back from the ones we purchased. So now we are stuck in the airport not even knowing what will happen next.

  • Updated by SuBe · Aug 15, 2018

    Addendum: We finally reached our destination and are now dealing with lost luggage. We have never dealt with this much incompetence in all our travels put together and will never fly Air Canada again.

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