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I have been a Aeroplan Card holder since 1993. At that time I was using Air Canada for business trips and the point system seemed like a great way to save up for free trips.

I had hoped to save enough points so that when I retired I would be able to go on a nice Holiday. It is now 2007, I am now retired. I hadn't used my Aeroplan card since 2002. I phoned the 800# to see how many points I had... they said 0. I found my 2002 statement and it showed 36,835 points. I phoned them back and they said if your card was unused for 3 years that the points were canceled and the only way to get the points back is by buying them. A starting fee of $30. Plus 1 cent for each point I wanted back... that would be $398.35 (Ca). I was shocked to say the least. I asked why they hadn't notified me of this cancellation. They said it was posted on their website. So much for my retirement holiday. The decision is do I pay the money or has anyone found a better way to deal with this problem?

Plz advise smb!


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Jun 13, 2016 2:02 pm EDT
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I recently purchased a laptop from using aeroplan website, but i did not get any points for that. I tried calling them again and again and every time they put me on hold and cut the line. I am really frustrated that i made a purchase of $1300 and did not receive what they promised me!


Mar 10, 2016 11:14 am EST
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I have just lost 83000 points from these thieving Bassterds. No prior warnings before my points disappeared.
After speaking to two agents my in box suddenly had two notifications of points cancellation because of a year of
Has anyone started a class action of some kind against these "THIEVES".

Aug 17, 2014 2:23 pm EDT

Does anyone have a copy of the original Air Canada Aeroplan contract/sign-up?
If so please email me at

Jul 20, 2012 8:20 am EDT

Google "Aeroplan class action lawsuit" and add your name to the list. The happiest day in the history of humanity will be when this den of good-for-nothing, cheating, scheming, lying, shameless parasites will be closed down for ever. My family lost points because this two-bit outfit was too cheap to use snail mail to let us know but send emails which (rightfully) went into my spam folder. I hope a judge crushes this outfit like a bug. Some of us have no way of buying long haul tickets because many foreign airlines partner with Air Canada exclusively.

Jan 02, 2012 2:16 am EST
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Go to this website to sign up for a class action lawsuit by Tony Merchant of Regina who has been successful with many class action lawsuits in the past.

Mar 07, 2011 1:36 am EST

Aeroplan just stole 714, 000 points from me! After 13 years of making an effort to use their VISA and their partners, this is how they reward their customers. shame on this company. Shame on the executives that have absolutely no spines. Shame on our me for placing my trust, and the future of my family's vacations in this company.

Sep 26, 2010 3:41 am EDT

i agree this sounds to be a reasonable assumption. has anyone had success with small claims? i would think this would set a precedent which they would eagerly avoid should it be used as grounds for larger litigation.

Sep 26, 2010 1:11 am EDT

for any hard earning aeroplan miles to collect back, easiest way to complaint to small claim court. this way they must give back their point because it is less expensive to return the miles then search for attorneys.

Jun 28, 2010 9:55 pm EDT
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If you want to sign up for this class action suite you can do so online at:
These thieves must be stopped. I lost 40, 000 points today, and only noticed when expecting to book a trip to Mexico for a family wedding, after years of saving points through business travel. Down with Areoplan! I will actively post everyone so you can all get involved also.

May 13, 2010 11:59 am EDT

same thing happened to me 70, 000 for retirement. Does anybody know how to contact the group for the class action suit and what is the status of this. I would gladly add my name to it and I have taken it on myself to boycott all supporters and sponsors of aeroplan. Maybe we should all do this


Same thing happened to me- no notification- over 40000 points- I bought them back but am willing to participate in any class action suite. When I bought them back they charged my visa card with a flight! How ironic is that.

Aug 13, 2009 12:28 pm EDT

People seiously READ the Terms and Conditions, this only happens for not reading the small print.. you are all stupid

Aug 06, 2009 12:21 am EDT

I just checked my Aeroplan account online and they have no record of two minor transactions I engaged in over the past year. It seems they aren't recorded at all.

Unfortunately, large companies often act this way. Air Canada and/or Aeroplan is certainly no better than average. :)

I've gotten into the habit of regularly using these travel points cards. These points are one corporate bankruptcy from disappearing into the ether. By utilizing them regularly, I can say I got my money's worth whether or not the program or my points are around next year.

I empathize with all those people who are treated unjustly. Please don't let your anger control you. Life's too short to be bitter over a few thousand (or even a few hundred thousand) Aeroplan points.

Aug 03, 2009 10:43 pm EDT

MONTREAL -- The Quebec Superior Court has granted authorization to launch a class-action lawsuit challenging Groupe Aeroplan Inc.'s practice since October 2006 of cancelling points accumulated in its loyalty program.

The motion, obtained by Montreal lawyer Owen Falquero of Merchant Law Group LLP, was filed on behalf of about seven plaintiffs across Canada. But the number of petitioners, if and when a class-action suit is launched, could balloon to thousands of people.

The motion was filed formally on behalf of Noella Neale of Port Coquitlam, B.C., a single mother whose 150, 000 points were annulled by Aeroplan because she hadn't made a contribution or a redemption in her account for one year, a period during which she had fallen ill.

Those points fell victim to Aeroplan's rules, instituted in October of 2006, under which the company erases points in an account dormant for 12 months.

In a telephone interview, Neale said she was going to pay for her daughter's trip to New Zealand -- her graduation gift -- until she tried to pay from her account and saw that it had been emptied.

Aeroplan spokeswoman JoAnne Hayes declined to comment on the issue because it is now before the courts.

In a statement, Aeroplan noted that "no class action has yet been filed. This motion is the first procedural step before any such action can be instituted."

The company noted that "petitioners (are) seek(ing) court permission to sue Aeroplan on behalf of program members in Canada to obtain reinstatement of expired miles, reimbursement of any amounts already expended by Aeroplan members to reinstate their expired miles, $50 in compensatory damages and an undetermined amount in exemplary damages on behalf of each class member, all in relation to changes made to the Aeroplan program concerning accumulation and expiry of Aeroplan Miles as announced Oct. 16th, 2006."

But Aeroplan stressed that it "is of the view that there are good grounds for opposing the motion for authorization and will vigorously defend any class action, should one be authorized by the court."

Neale said: "I felt like they stole from me."

"If the bank took my money like that, it would be theft. I earned those points. They belong to me, and (Aeroplan) has no right to take them away from me."

-- Canwest News Service

Aug 03, 2009 1:52 pm EDT

They did it to me too. 140, 000 points up in vapour.

Loyalty program? I think not. At least West Jet doesn't abuse and wreck you luggage. Air Canada won't even fix they damage. Every flight. Then they take your points. Nice.

West Jet has had my last 8 bookings, no wonder Air Canada is going banckrupt.

Jun 07, 2009 12:43 am EDT


Either you are getting paid to write this by Aeroplan or you have been brainwashed by your bosses.

I've had the same address for over 25 years. I use to get mailings, but all of a sudden they stopped. I never consented to having my statements sent via email. Actually, they sent me a new card 3 months prior to them cancelling my points. At no time have I gotten a letter that my points were expiring. With the nature of email, is it really a reliable or legal medium? You never had your emails go to the spam filter? Especially when we get bombarded with advertisement. Actually, I never consented on receiving anything via email, I never sign up for those things because who on earth wants to be bombarded by messages from companies who try to sell you everything you don't need? So why are they sending me notices via email?

AND YES! People should take responsibility for knowing the rules. As I recall, I signed up with Air Canada, when Aeroplan did not exist, and there were no expiry clause. I still have the contract in my files, black and white! A few years back, I did receive a letter stating of the change to 3 years. I have that on file too. Now you tell me... why did I not receive a letter by post on this change of 1 year? And obviously my address was up to date...they sent me a new card three months prior, no where does it say that my points were expiring 3 months later. Just because you go from a white card with Air Canada on it, to an orange card with Aeroplan, does not mean the RESPONSIBILITY of the company changes. This is just a tactic for Air Canada to get rid of it's liabilities by passing it over to Aeroplan. Aeroplan is trying to be a loyalty program, but it has started on the wrong foot by pissing off members.

And no! Aeroplan was not a loyalty plan for anything other than AIR CANADA. So just because you decide to increase partners, does not mean people will adopt it right away. Airmiles has a better list of partners than Aeroplan. Not everyone who has aeroplan buy online, and the few dinky merchants you have as partner, don't even have aeroplan as an exclusive partner. Try going to ESSO, aeroplan is almost last on the list of partner programs. I don't know how many people fly once a year, but if the policy changes, Aeroplan/Air Canada should advise by mail their clients to either use the points or get more points. You do not go and cancel peoples points via email, same way you do not empty their bank accounts without proper notice.

And to finish, I normally go on trips once a year or so. I try to take Air Canada whenever I can. The only reason why I checked my aeroplan account was because I am planning two trips this year. I guess Wetjet has won themselves 2 loyal customers, because Air Canada and all the Aeroplan partners have been blacklisted.

May 28, 2009 11:54 am EDT

1) Aeroplan always had a mileage expiry policy. It recently changed from 3 years to 1 year.
2) Some of you did not update your contact information in years. How can you blame Aeroplan for not sending you notification that mileage will expire. It would be like me moving at not informing my credit card companies.
3) Since the inception of the program Aeroplan always had an expiry policy (3 years)
4)Aeroplan is not randomly deleting Aeroplan accounts, as long as members earn or redeem mileage at least once every year now (it used to be once every three years) your account will remain active. That could amount to going to an Esso gas station or Home Hardware at least once a year.

It's time some people take responsibility for knowing the rules of the aforementioned frequent flyer program and not blindly signing up and making assumptions of how things work.

I hear this often. I WAS loyal. Where is the I'm LOYAL.

May 21, 2009 12:18 am EDT

How can Aeroplan get away with cancelling 200, 000 points with only a single email for notification. And today I find out I am not alone. This policy that they are getting away with is brutal. Today I booked my last Air Canada flight. Westjet and airmiles now have my support. Actually they have more than my support as I will promote Westjet over Air Canada to all my friends and colleaguesm, Airmiles over Aeroplan, and BMO over CIBC. I am completely dumbfounded, 200000 down the drain... so much for loyalty.

May 14, 2009 2:19 pm EDT

Aeroplan did the same to me. No notification. I live in the USA now and I still tried to fly them. They cancelled 101, 000 miles. I was loyal to them for years. We are now less one trip for my four children to visit their Grandpa and Grandma.

Talk with your 'power' as a consumer. As of this moment I will not do business with Aeroplan, Air Canada, all their partners, and I am divesting my portfolio of any fund that includes Air Canada.

I predict that Canada will have no 'Air Canada'. Service is falling. I use to own their shares. I will no longer recommend their business class, or any class, to my company, family, business partners and associates. I was so proud of Air Canada and Aeroplan.

I am very happy with the competition.


May 11, 2009 11:52 pm EDT

I feel like I have been robbed of 20 years of savings..I have been an aeroplan member since 1988 and have accumulated over 100, 000 points which have now gone down to 0! I feel like screaming and crying... how could this happen?
Ok so checking back I did receive an e-mail from them in November warning me my account was expiring on January 6th of this year. No phone call, no other reminder e-mail closer to the date! can they really expect people to pick out this e-mail out of a the hundred of e-mails we receive?!? I HATE AEROPLAN if they don't give me my points back I swear I will never fly on Air Canada again.. I'm not going to PAY over $900 to get my points back, they must be insane!

I would be more than happy to complain about Aeroplan/Air Canada and their crooked system. If the GlobalTV complaint story is for Vancouver as well, I would liek to contribute.

Apr 29, 2009 7:35 pm EDT
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Anyone in Calgary interested in making a complaint against Aeroplan? Anyone above in the thread?
The only way for companies like Aeroplan to stop bullying and stealing from people is for us to show them that we can not be bullied. We need to take a stand! If we continue to stand in the corner, Aeroplan will continue to take advantage of us!

Below is an input by Edward 449 days ago and wants to do a story on this issue. Please give him a shout if you can help out to put Aeroplan on headline news.

449 days ago by Edward Chernecki [send email] 0 Votes
I work for Global TV News and am looking for any of the above in this thread (or anyone else for that matter) who feel they have been dealt with unjustly by Aeroplan.

We want to do another story on this issue and need people who are willing to go on camera to vent their anger.

Please call or email:
desk [protected]

Apr 29, 2009 7:08 pm EDT
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I want the world to know not to support Aeroplan or Air Canada. Aeroplan is in to rob of people's points that they have earned and rightly theirs. In 2007, Aeroplan changed the policies that points will expire if there is no activity on the account after one year. Well, what gives you the right to put an expiry date on the points when we bought those points. 2 seniors just lost their points and they are not happy. Aeroplan is robbing from seniors! It is unbelievable the way Aeroplan runs its business. Shame on you! Ban Aeroplan!

I just logged onto my aeroplan account and found out I am back at zero after 9 years of collecting points. Spent over half an hour with the call center. First I spoke to this rep who had zero personality and basically didn't want to be there. I asked for a manager and spent about 20 minutes arguing with her because their program really sucks. First of all, I signed up with Air Canada, not Aeroplan, they are now a separate entity from Air Canada, because I am guessing Ace Aviation Holdings decided to eliminate Air Canada's liabilities (These points are huge liabilities because if redeemed, it turns into expenses for them). So it started with 3 years until expiry, then they switched it to 12 months. Now that I am reading all this, I guess the girl was lying to me, because she said that Aeroplan had an expiry of 3 years in 2001 and changed it to 12 months in 2005. So how on earth did all these people on this site get July 01, 2007? Moreover, they go and tell me they sent me a notice back in November via email. I don't know about other people, a lot of these emails end up in my spam box. They didn't even have the decency of mailing me a notice. Plus the girl kept saying, well, you have a lot of affiliates where you can do business with and get at least a point...###! Airmiles have plenty of partners. Aeroplan has ### all. Esso, I stopped driving a year ago, even when I had a car, I kept forgetting to use my card, because the program was so poorly advertised. That goes double for all the other places where I've noticed that they actually had Aeroplan programs. It's so badly advertised that you only notice after you have already paid. Aeroplan is trying to be an affiliate program but it's really sucking at it and their customer service is even worse. Had it been like 25$-30$ to reactivate the account, I might have gudgingly paid it, but in the end, you pay more for the points than what you can actually have with them. Had I known that my points expired, I would have given them to charity rather than have this corporation take them.

My advice to all those who have Aeroplan points, just exchange them for merchandise or give it to charity and close your account. The frustration of getting screwed is not worth the miles.

Apr 25, 2009 11:39 pm EDT

Aeroplan just charged me $1000.00 plus 45, 000 points for a trip to London eventhough I did not authorize the credit card transaction for the $1000.00. They will not reverse the charge and I am still disputing this. Incredibly disappointed with the customer service and robbery that this company practices.

Mar 26, 2009 11:01 pm EDT

I had just lost 40000+ points and so did my mom. There was no notification at all, neither mail nor email. I found that Aeroplan actually stopped sending statements 4 months before my account's expiry date. When I called the customer service about why I didn't get any notification, they said they did and then they re-sent the notification which was backdated. Interesting enough, after I got this "copy" of the notification email, I started to receive email statement again, although the balance has become ZERO.

I believed that Aeroplan intended to stop sending statemetns and expiry notification to those accounts which are close to expire. They do keep a copy of so-called email notificaiton just in case the customer calls in and asks why. This is an illegal behavior and the one who planned for this should be sued.

Feb 14, 2009 7:38 pm EST

I was un aware of the 1 year rule for keeping your account active i had over 500, 000 points and was told for $5, 300+ I could have them back. How do I sign up for a class action suit?

Dec 09, 2008 11:40 am EST

We just found out we lost our 88, 000 points we had been building up for years in October 2008. I was told I had 4 years not 12 months. So randomly I would buy some breakfast cereal for my kids and enter in the PIN number. I never got a letter or any correspondence to tell me I was at risk of losing all these points that we looked forward to using. All I can say is we will make sure anything related to aeroplan gets our opinion shared with others and that we ban it from our household. Imagine being offered to buy back already earned points?! Is that not some sort of misleading activity that takes advantage of people? I wonder if an audit was done on aeroplan what they save in this 12 month rule point expirary scam? I am sure it is quite significant and the real reason behind why they do it. It is similar in my opinion to gift cards expirary dates. If there is a class action suit please count me in!

Aug 26, 2008 11:21 am EDT

Same thing happened to me. I was a business flyer and collected a lot of points. I went on maternity leave and changed careers when I went back to work. When I wend to use the points for a flight, I was informed they had been canceled the WEEK BEFORE. And they wouldn't DO ANYTHING!
So... it's been about (14?) months and I have flown to Toronto three times, Calgary and Edmonton once each and out to Victoria twice. And guess what? I flew WEST JET! Every time! And they are FANTASTIC! Every time!

Aug 26, 2008 11:15 am EDT





Jul 21, 2008 7:59 am EDT

My father recently passed away. He and my mother had accumulated over 80, 000 points, mostly through use of a joint visa card. I just found out my mother was charged over $800 to transfer these points to her account. She was told that if she did not agree to this charge on the spot the account would be closed and the points gone forever. She was in tears over the fact that she was put on the spot, provided no recourse to get an explanation about this and felt completely bullied and trapped by the staff at aeroplan. This is the last thing in the world a grieving widow needs to deal with and it makes me absolutely furious.

Jun 16, 2008 1:55 am EDT

Aero plan web site has to be the worst web site I have ever encountered. I work on the internet a lot, and am not stupid, but, oh my god, whoever designed their web site must have worked with the brief to make the site as inaccesable as possible. "Hey Guys - lets make it next to impossible for any right minded person to actually book a flight on this site" This must have been their brief. To say its the worst site in the world, is insulting all the other really crap sites out there. This is beyond insane. They should take the executives of Aeroplan, and the web site people, and fly themto a far off distant island, and leave them there forever. Let them figure out how to get a flight home, by navigating their own site. When I complained a quite charming phone operator at Aeroplan, she told me she spent half her days apologising for the web site to angry clients. She said everyone knew the site was impossible. I asked her if she understood the site, and her reply, which was quite classic, was "heck No". What level of insanity does this fall under?

May 28, 2008 7:32 am EDT

Had over 94000 points in my Aeroplan since 1990 only to discover that they vanished overnight with no prior warning. The call center guy kept repeating the same info - warning is only given as a courtesy and not required.

Willing to join class action lawsuit.

May 07, 2008 10:53 am EDT

to whom it may concern
I have been trying desperatly to find a telephone number e mail address I need a new card as i have misplaced it Thats all i want is a new one plus now i am worried have they taken my poits away without telling me please at least reply to my request digrunted customer account number [protected]
address 101 3880 brown road barry lock
west bank
v4t 2j5

Apr 20, 2008 6:13 pm EDT

Just found out we were robbed to. Not for inactivity but for their incompetence. I called them with an address change when we moved and they didn't make it even though I have a reference number for the changes made. They never sent us notification they were cancelling despite the fact our phone number never changed. Also, even though we did travel during the supposed period of inactivity and they did credit me and my two sons their travel, they did not credit my husband. Since we never got a statement, I didn't know they didn't credit us his miles and now they want even more money to get his points back. Absolute crooks.

Apr 11, 2008 10:05 am EDT

After many years of being unable to fly using Aeroplan, i.e when my wife and I could travel during March break Aeroplan wanted 300, 000 aeroplan points for the two of us to fly south. In the non black out period round trip is 30, 000 points each. I didn't to loose my Aeroplan points I made the mistake of using for 38, 500 points for AppleTV ( Retail price $229.00 ) I was discouraged to discover that it didn't work, nor did it offer what it promised to. Apple had a ten day no questions asked refund policy. On five occasions Aeroplan took my information and totally did nothing, eventually informing me that I needed to call Apple. I called Apple who totally refused to help me since I did not purchase the item Aeroplan did, eventually I received a replacement which also did not work and was returned. I am now on my third Apple TV which works even worse than the first that I received. Aeroplan called me back only to refer me back to Apple for a refund which they will not do since Aeroplan purchased the item.
I urge all Canadians to call your MP and boycott Air Canada there needs to be action taken to protect consumers in Canada similar to the US Consumer protection laws.

Shame on Aeroplan

Mar 29, 2008 7:27 am EDT

Unbelievable - checked my balance to learn what I earned, paid for and accumulated has been robbed from me. 40, 000 points.

Same story - wrote a letter and received a "PFO" letter back.

I cannot believe in today's society companies still behave this way.

This is about improving a balance sheet and eliminating a future obligation.

Feb 08, 2008 9:16 am EST

I was relieved of over 100,000 myself. After two moves and emails wiped out a couple of times i finally got a round to booking a holiday. Only to find out aeroplan had cleared the points. Wonder where they go?

Feb 05, 2008 9:47 am EST

I work for Global TV News and am looking for any of the above in this thread (or anyone else for that matter) who feel they have been dealt with unjustly by Aeroplan.

We want to do another story on this issue and need people who are willing to go on camera to vent their anger.

Please call or email:
desk [protected]

Dec 30, 2007 11:30 am EST

Although, I understand that Aeroplan policy changes are inevitable, it is completely unacceptable and unjust for Aeroplan to close my account without notice.

After speaking to three unprofessional Aeroplan call center representatives (Sabrina, Sandy and Susan /last name removed/), my disappointment became even more extreme as all three of them maintained that Aeroplan had no obligation whatsoever to advise customers of such changes. Instead, they tried to rectify the situation by repeating that Aeroplan sent out a notification letter on May 17 “as a courtesy” and blaming me for not reading it and adhering to the new policy. Needless to say, this “courtesy notification letter” was never received. The call center representatives gave me one option: to BUY my points back at .02 cents/mile. It is ludicrous and nauseating that Aeroplan would deliberately devise and use a SCAM technique as a strategy to make money.

Angry in Alberta

Nov 29, 2007 4:03 pm EST

I can see Abwoods point but this type of customer service does not go unnoticed. A customer for 15 years is probably going to be a customer for life unless you make a really bad mistake. This was a really big mistake.

I'm looking for a new card now and was considering CIBC/Aeroplan but after seeing that Aeroplan is capable of this kind of cut-throat business decision I think I'll look elsewhere. Whether they were looking to clean up their points database or (more likely) looking to brighten up the bottom line - it was a harsh choice. They will surely feel the effects of this for a while to come (with or without the lawsuit).

I wish them good luck with their future business decisions and hope they enjoy their database being free of "dead weight".


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