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total waste of money!

I called the Maytag hotline to schedule service for my dryer. A&E Factory Service showed up to fix it. I was charged $30 to replace a belt and $150 for (literally )5 minutes of labor. I fired up my new dryer moments after he left. 20 min into the cycle it completely died. I called the technician up on his cell. He told me it was a fuse that blew, and he would get back to me. Hours later...
I finally call A&E Factory direct to find out where is my tech.??? I tell her the what happened and asked twice "I won't be charged for another service call will I?" She insists I will not. This operator finally has the tech. call me. I tell him this won't cost me extra, and he insists- yes there will be another service charge. At first he refuses to deliver the part today, saying that I shouldn't use my dryer anyway since my vent needs to be changed and to call him when I've got that taken care of. Keep in mind, when he left the first time he "fixed" my dryer I was supposedly good to go... Now, oh no I can't run it. I told him that I really needed him to fully finish the job today- since I took it off from work for this. He finally agreed to to come back same day. He gave me so much run around and nonsense about the "workings" of dryers. I can't believe this sort of scam is associated with Maytag.

Hours go by... He never came. Never called. I am out $183 and still have a broken dryer. If I do have them come back, it will end up costing me the price of a brand new dryer. All for a fuse and belt which can't cost more than $20/$30 retail. I called the customer service center in TX and got more runaround.


unacceptable service

A&E Factory Service - Richmond, VA

My electric dryer started making an electrical frying noise along with a burning smell during a load. We shut the dryer off, and the burning and frying continued, so I had to shut off the breaker immediately to stop the problem and prevent a fire. I called the Whirlpool service line after hours and used the automated system to set up an appt. The A&E technician showed up during the promised time in the morning, told my wife (I was a work) that there was no power and that the problem was not the power cord, charged her $59 and left. When I called a while later to check with her and she told me all that, plus the fact that she wrote a check for $59 to the technician, I went ballistic and called A&E at their toll-free number. I was told that they could not contact their technicians. When I said I would not pay for their "service", they said they would have a manager call me on my cell phone, but also that I would have to call back the next day myself and schedule another service call. By 9 pm that night no one called, so I went online to my bank and put a Stop Payment on my check. The next day at noon (still no call) I called Whirlpool "Customer Experience Center" at [protected] and explained the whole matter to them. They agreed that the A&E service was unacceptable and said they "would certainly direct me to a different service company" who would take care of me, and they gave me 3 companies to choose from. I called one and described the problem, and they said they were very familiar with that type of problem and even told me how I could open the back if I wanted to and look at the circuit board and purchase it myself to avoid a labor charge. THAT's good service. They said if I didn't want to do that, they could come out the very next day and fix it for me.

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    tomnevevery Jul 31, 2015

    Worst Service EVER!! I had to wait two weeks for a scheduled appointment and then my appointment was cancelled by A&E because no technicians were available. 0 of 5 stars, but Yahoo will not allow 0 stars!! I will never call again.

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  • Gi
    Gina57 Apr 24, 2017
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    Verified customer

    A&E does not care about Customers! Had an appointment scheduled given window 12 -5. Had not heard anything it was going on 4pm, I called A & E. was told the tech was on the way. A little after 5pm, I called back only to hear "oh he is not coming today on his way to your house he broke down. " They would not come out over the weekend, but promised to have someone at the house 8am Monday morning. No one showed, I called and was told I was on the schedule for May 1st?

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does not show up for appointments

A & e factory service does not show up for appointments, they do not call. If you call A & E you just get a run around, the only way to reach the corporate offices is by mail, they are owned someway by sears. There is really nothing else to say except please learn from the thousands of us who have made a bad decision and both sears whirlpool and kitchenaid appliances, don't buy them, they are trouble and getting them fixed is a terrible experience.

Another unhappy customer
Michael in florida

extremely disappointing, frustrating, and costly experience

A&E Factory Service Northern California Citrus Heights, CA.

On March 30, 2007 I purchased a condominium that came fully equipped with Kitchen Aid brand appliances included the refrigerator that is referenced below. Beginning on July 25, I began experiencing problems with device not holding temperature. After calling customer care and receiving troubleshooting information I waited to request a service call. On July 27, after no improvement I called to schedule an appointment. I was referred to A&E Appliance ([protected]) who informed me that the soonest appointment I could get was Tuesday, July 31, 2007. After waiting the four days for service I encountered over $200 in food loss due to unsafe temperatures. My time window was 1-5. After leaving work half way through the day unpaid to be present for my scheduled appointment I did not receive a telephone call from the service technician until 5:15 P.M.

Upon inspecting the fridge from approximately 5:45 until7:30 Chester, the technician informed me that I would need to make an additional appointment10 days from now. He also informed me that I would have to accept delivery of the parts. This poses several problems for me. 1) I work 60+ hours a week and arranging to be present to accept a package is a huge burden. I requested that the package be sent to his office/service location. He said that this would not be possible. 2) I am unable to make a realistic appointment do to unforeseen scheduling conflicts.

The next possible time made available to me was Friday, Aug. 10 which I knew would not work so I made an appointment on Saturday, Aug. 11 from 8 -12. Ultimately, I am being asked to wait over 15 days without a fridge that should not be having these problems in the first place. This is a $2000+ fridge that was purchased than 6 months ago! What does your company expect your customers to do? Where would you like me to store my food? How much do you expect your customers to be inconvenienced before you simply replace the fridge? This whole process has been extremely disappointing, frustrating, and costly. I would expect more from a well known brand like Kitchen Aid.

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    g. estrella Feb 05, 2008
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    Verified customer

    I bought a new condo fully equipped with new appliances. 4 months along and my washer has a major problem. I called to schedule a service tech since I have a warranty. I was scheduled for the following week between 1pm-5pm. 6:00pm came no call no visit. So I contacted them was told he (service tech) called at 5:45pm. Huge Lie!! I have been sitting by the phone. So I told them I was upset on having to lose out my day waiting and no call and visit. The said sorry put me on hold spoke to tech and tech said he'll give me a call and to expect him around 6:30-7:00pm. Well it is now 8:00pm and no call or tech. I called back really angry they apologized and told me to expect a call tomorrow morning for the tech to confirm visit. Bad Bad Bad!!!
    Waste my time my day and my patience.

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  • Cy
    Cyndy Sigler Sep 05, 2008
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    Verified customer

    This company get's an "F". My kitchenaide microwave seemed to have a minor problem. When you shut the door, the light came on the table would rotate. Everything else worked fine. I figured there was a problem with the door latch. The technician from and A and E said he did't understand the problem, but must be a microprocessor problem. He told me I needed to pay 500.00 dollars up front, he had to take the entire computer panel and send it to a third company CGI. CGI stated the would have the part completed in 4 days. So, the technician and I scheduled an appointment for two weeks out. I am an MD and cannot miss work. I took the day off, Aug 19th. No body showed. Later that day I recieved an automated call that the scheduled visit had been canceled. I spent a half the day on the phone with A and E that day, they reassured me everything was on track, that they were simply waiting for the part. I did't hear from them again for almost two weeks. I called again on the 27th of the month and spent another two hours on the phone, ultimately with a senior manager. NOW .. they tell me the part had been sitting in the wrong department since the 8th. They said they would have the part to my microwave sent to the correct department and back to me by early this week. It is now September 5th. I called them again, told my story AGAIN to two new people, who told me the part would not be back for two more weeks. The said the part should be done by the 11 th of September. The person on the phone was short and clearly didn't know what the hell was going on. I will have been without my microwave for over a month, after being promisd a four day turn around. It addition, they made me pay 500.00 up front, and they were not even sure what the problem was. I am furious. I have twin 3 year olds, am a busy single mom physician and I cannot easily reheat anything!! I will never do business with this company again, and if I were you I would think twice about it. I plan to complain to Whirlpool kitchen Aide as they referred me to A and E.

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deceptive business practices!

We have a Maytag refrigerator that is only two years old; it is under warranty so Maytag sent A&E Factory...

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Poor repair to Jennair refrigerator

I was referred to A&E Factory Service by the company (Factory Builder Store) where I purchased my refrigerator. They indicated A&E does all services under warranty. I have had the same technician come out twice to fix a drain in my freezer. Both times have been unsuccessful and most recent visit resulted in the freezer not working at all. When I called to get someone back out they indicated that it will be another week for them to repair their own damages. This company does not know how to provide client service!

this is the worst company ever!

The Maytag Refrigerator is less than three years old and the compressor has broken twice. Thank heavens we have a Maytag Extended Warranty Plus- or so I thought. This time, the extended warranty people transferred me directly to A&E Factory Repair. To make a very, very long story short, I have been without a refrigerator for three weeks! They don't come when they say they will and they knock you out of their schedule immediately if you don't answer your phone when they call. My refrigerator needed parts. They send them to your house and then AFTER they arrive you are supposed to call for a service appointment. Mine were sent to the wrong state and took forever. A&E made no effort to move my appointment up based on this. I spoke to 4 supervisors who were nice but had no clout over the routing people who schedule the appointments. The routers have lied to me several times. This is the WORST company ever.

  • Ro
    Robert A. Paddock Feb 14, 2008
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    Verified customer

    I recently had trouble with our Fisher & Paykel washer and called their 888 number for an authorized service agent. They gave me A&E Factory Service at 800-905-9595. A&E sent out a service man and he said that he had never seen a Fisher & Paykel washer in operation and asked how it was supposed to work. After two visits and several hours on the phone with his service office, he said that he didn't know what was wrong, but estimated $495 would be the maximum to fix it and $65 the minimum if he did nothing. (The machinecosts $600 new.) I told him it was likely the diverter valve from the symptoms and build in error codes that I checked myself. He said it would be too hard to take the machine all apart to check out the valve. The next day I went to a local appliance dealer and they also said it was likely the diverter valve and that I could change it myself in 10 minutes with no tools. I did so and the washer is working fine. I thought others should be aware the A&E Factory Service is not representing Fisher & Paykel Company well in the U.S.

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horrible and rude company!

A&E factory service is a horrible rude company. On Saturday the 7 of April 2007 a service tech by the name of Tom (ID 0908566) came out to what we thought was repair our refrigerator. He stated that the relay needed to be replaced so my husband allowed him to replace it. The total charge for this service call was $226.80.

Break down of costs:

Labor $183.00
Tax labor $11.90
Parts $29.95
Tax parts $1.95
TOTAL $226.80

One hour after the tech left our refrigerator quit working once again. My husband called A&E back and the first customer service rep. told him the tech would be right back out to the house. After 45 minutes I called customer service back which then told me he had been off the clock for an hour and that there was nothing they could do until Monday at least. Upon further examination of the old relay that the tech left behind it had a large burn mark on it where it had been shorting out for quite some time. If this technician is a “Certified Maytag” repair man why was he not qualified enough to check the compressor that was causing the short in the relay. We spent the better of our day on Monday April 9 between Maytag and A&E. The only time that we spoke with some one helpful and nice is when my husband spoke with a lady by the name of Wanda in the Corporate offices of Maytag. A&E could have cared less that we had been without a refrigerator at that point since Friday evening and were out $226.80. What did they care they already had our money. Wanda was very helpful though. She refunded our money and had it set up with A&E to come out the same day to repair or at least order what needed to be repaired. Tom called me later that afternoon and stated that he was ordering the compressor for the fridge. I questioned him seeing as the first repair he made wasn’t the correct fix apparently. He stated that the reason the relay quit working was because the compressor was going out. (Which my husband and I already knew that by now!!!!) Would’ve been nice if he checked the compressor before he left at his prior appt. When I spoke with the Tom he gave me specific instruction to call when the compressor came in and someone would be out to repair it. I called once the compressor came in the first service date they could give me was not until Saturday April 14. That was completely unacceptable. I explained the situation of having a child and needing to keep her milk and certain foods cold for her and that we had spent a large amount of money in ice and was told that I basically needed to deal with it. I was told by a second A&E rep if I contacted Maytag that maybe something could happen sooner. So I did and the customer service rep at Maytag contacted A&E and had it set up for me to call A&E again and they would set me up sooner. When I contacted A&E again they set me up for later that afternoon. The scheduler went through and called the Supervisor for scheduling or the Tech manager to make sure it was ok. She got the clear from whomever she spoke with and told me I could expect a tech to come out after 1:00. One hour after it took me 3 &1/2 hours to set up the appt, A&E called to cancel the appt. They then told me I could not have service until THE FOLLOWING WEEK That was absolutely ridiculous. The A&E rep tried to tell me again to call Maytag back and they would re-set me up for later that day. I asked why I had been cancelled in the first place and that the appt. was originally set up because of the problems we had been experiencing. She had no answers. I then called Maytag while my husband called A&E. My husband was told that the reason we were scheduled out so far was because they only had one Maytag tech that could make the repair and he was not available until then. Which by the way is absolutely ridiculous seeing as they are the main referral from Maytag. How can you possibly give good service to customers if the all have to wait for one certified tech. Maytag however set us up with another company to finish the repair- Custom Air Systems, that is after I said I was going to contact my local news channels and newspapers. Maytag originally set up the service call with them for the next day but after I got off the phone with them Debbie from Custom Air Systems called to let me know they were going to send some one out before the end of their business day. Finally someone who saw the need for us to have the repair completed!!!

After all the horrible service we received we will never by another Maytag appliance. A&E has by far some of the rudest and disrespectful people working for them. As far as I am concerned A&E is a direct reflection of Maytag. I can’t see how it is appropriate to leave people with out a refrigerator for a week or longer. If it would not have been for Custom Air Systems we would have been out of a fridge for almost 1 &1/2 weeks, if not 2 weeks.

  • Ju
    Judy Dietz May 29, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have stayed home 2 days waiting for A & E to call on our 3 month old Maytag stove. I was told by Maytag that they have a contract with them. All that has been accomplished so far is to make me determined to never buy a Maytag product and to alert friends and neighbors of this issue.

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  • Pa
    Paul Poljak Jul 29, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have been waiting for a reimburement check for a warranty repair for 2 months (A&E) would not work on the item until I paid with a credit card) After they completed the work, they told me to call Maytag for ana out of warranty concession as the part was clearly defective. I did so and they agreed to reimburse me but not without alot of wrangling. I am still waiting. I call weekly for a status and was told today they would put the claim in agan and see what happens. I called The Home Depot and told them I would never buy anything again at their store as they did not get involved to rectify the issue. Of course they are "looking into it". More BS.

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  • Cc
    CCCD Clan Apr 21, 2009

    I had the exact same issue and they are coming back out tomorrow so I have been told- The compressor died- took them 3 weeks to get part to me and fix- I begged for faster servcie- 3&5 year old! Tech was on phone fighting and yelling in my kitchen with their customer svc because cust svc waived the $75.00 trip charge because we waited so long and they could not get the right tech out- Tech was so mad about this - WHY? But he yelled and yelled over it and then told me he would not charge me- he would charge that cust svc dept - really? Why do I care? NOW the fridge has died again and Maytag said A&E HAS to come out to fix what they did- Can't wait! :o( Ugh! Help!

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  • Hb
    hbh Jun 25, 2009

    I offer a tale of staggering incompetence and dizzying bureaucratic nonsense:
    In 2001 I bought a Maytag refrigerator. I had no problems for 8 years.
    In April I got a recall notice, and Maytag sent a repairman from A&E Factory Service.
    After that the refrigerator started leaking out the bottom, with puddles appearing every day or so. Because of the timing, this problem was clearly caused by the repair.
    Last week I called Maytag, and they set up another service appointment with A&E, between 8 and 12 on June 23.
    At noon no one had shown up, so I called. I was told the repairman would call back right away. He did not. At 12:30 I called again. Same story. At 1:30 I called again, and was told that a different repairman would come, within two hours. At 3:30 I called Maytag and asked that a repairman from a different company do it, and was told that I would then have to pay for it. I declined.
    At 5:15, the repairman finally showed up. He said there was no way the problem was connected to the previous repair, though obviously it was. He said he saw no evidence of a leak. (I had actually left a puddle on the floor that morning, as proof, but as the hours dragged on and my daughter stepped in it twice, I finally wiped it up.) He poked around a bit but didn’t seem to have a clue how to address the problem. Then, incredibly, he said I would receive a bill.
    I called A&E this morning to demand that no bill be sent. (I did not want another repairman to come; it will clearly be easier to keep wiping up the water than to go through another day like yesterday.) I got to a supervisor, who said that Maytag would have to authorize A&E to cancel the bill.
    I called Maytag, got to the first level of supervisor, who said I had to call A&E. (The classic runaround: A says call B. B says call A.) Finally, I got a second-level supervisor, who said she would get the bill canceled.
    Every one of these calls, of course, took forever, as I had to navigate the endless menus, the waits to be transferred, etc. (Once when being transferred to a supervisor I got cut off and had to start over.) Literally hours on the phone.
    Is this any way to do business?

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  • Mn
    mnpctech Sep 01, 2010

    A&E sucks... I'm waiting on them to fix my recalled Maytag dishwasher. I called Maytag at first sight of the recall notice in the mail, set it all up, the day comes and i sit at home from 8am to Noon, nobody shows up. I call Maytag and find out A&E was calling the wrong phone number all morning, but not to tell me the tech would be by, nope, to tell me they cant fix it for 2-3 weeks because the part isnt in stock to repair it. UGHHHHH... Oh and to CCCD Clan... You wanna know why the tech was pissed? Cause these A&E guys are paid on work orders, so he drove out and they denied payment which means he doesn't get paid either. Don't blame the A&E techs, most of them are just trying to make a living working for a crappy company, i did the on call service tech stuff for a while for other companies that take care of warranty repair on computers and household electronics, you did what the work order telled you, NO MORE, or else you lose your job for going above the call. Seriously i'm not kidding you, if i had a call to replace a sound card in a computer and i also dusted/vacuumed it out i would get screamed at for performing unnecessary service, even if the computer was so dirty you couldnt make out the parts inside!

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a&e disservice!

I've read the many complaints and had some fear of using them based on blog feedback. Guess what folks? The complaints are real and are becoming an ugly reality for me.

My Kitchenaid front load washer is still under its warranty period but has stopped working. A&E has a contract with Kitchenaid for service coverage.

First call was placed on 3/15. Tech came out and did the analysis and informed me that I had a bad electronic board b/c I used too much soap. The overabundance of soap caused massive suds to develop which short circuited my electronics board. I have a hard time believing that but I'm no Tech so I had to put some trust into what he said. He placed an order for $900 worth of parts that took 8 days to arrive. 8 days!!

Second call. They finally arrived and informed me that the electronics board was fine after 4 hours of replacing twice. They then inform me that I had a bad motor and had to order this part too! OK...another 5 days. This time was shorter b/c it was "rushed".

Third call. It is now 4/3 (20 days after the first call!) and they told me they will be at my home between 8am - 5pm. They finally called me at 4:25pm and said they were behind schedule and had to reschedule me for 4/4. Like most people, we work in my household and it makes it difficult to explain to my job why I needed 4 days off to fix a washer still under warranty.

If you cannot sense it by now, I am completely and utterly frustrated with A&E's lack of customer service and sense of urgency. I would recommend you request a local service company immediately and bypass A&E all together.

This company is a joke.

Good luck.

terrible customer repair service!

We purchased a maytag microwave and in less than 4 months the unit failed. I called maytag for repair as it...

terrible service and response from a&e!

Terrible Service from A&E customer service. They just don't care about what their customers experience, or how frustrating the experience is. Buying service contracts that are serviced by A&E is like taking poison because it feels to good to get such excruciating pain for good money. Stick with local service people who know what they are doing rather than by multi year contracts from incompetent suppliers.

6 calls to Maytag Dependability Plus
7 calls to A&E customer service
1 Call from service man at 4:38 PM, still could not find place,
5 minutes on premise then announced that he must order parts and return in 7-10 days to fix the problem.

I did explicitly describe the problem when I called in the report for service... Do you think they took the info down??... NO! I explicitly gave direction info to our residence... Did that make it ti the serviceman?? NO!!! If you have a choice to avoid A&E Factory Service, Do so at all costs.

They are undependable and do not care a whit about what the customer cares or suffers.

  • Ga
    Gabriela Arquette Jun 06, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This is WORST company ever!!! I made an appointment on May26th they came out the 30th then they say between 8am to 5pm. They guy shows up at 6:45pm and then looks at my dryer 5 min and say I have to wait 7 to 10 days for the part??? what??? I said You came out here to tell me I need a part??? DUH!!!!

    So then I got the part jun 5th and had an appointment TODAY JUNE 6TH!!! Between 8am to 12pm. Now it is 3:42 WHERE THE HELL IS HE??? OH WAIT... MY PHONE RANG AND THEY JUST CANCELED IT TILL NEXT FRIDAY... THEY ARE THE WORST COMPANY EVER, DO NOT USE THEM I WARNED YOU!!!

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  • Sh
    Sharon SIms Jun 27, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I bought a house that needed the oven repaired. The former owners called and scheduled a service call by A&E Factory Service on June 2, 2007. The service man came after 3 phone calls telling me he could not find my house (it is right off of a very well-known street in this area). He finally showed up and inspected my oven and told me that I needed a part that he had in his truck. Upon further inspection, it was confirmed that he did not have the part in his truck and would have to order and have it shipped to me via DHL. He set up a new appointment on 6/11 between 1-5 to put in the part. On 6/10, I called the company to let them know that I had not received the part and was told that it was not shipped DHL but sent via US Mail. Since the original owners ordered the call, the service was in their name and the part was sent to them and forwarded on to their new house by the US Mail. I still have not received the first part. On Thursday, 6/21, I called A&E and told them again, (the 3rd time) that I did not have the part and to please reorder it and send it direct to me. Somehow, magically, I got the part the next day in time for my re-scheduled appointment of today 6/25/07 between 1-5. I received a confirmation call on Sunday 6/24 telling me I should call if I wished to cancel the service call. Of course, I did not want to considering that I have been without my oven for almost a month. Today I got home to find a message on my home phone letting me know that they had been in my area at 10:17 and missed me and I would have to reschedule the appointment. They never called my cell phone, the secondary number listed on the order. I called A&E before noon and they said someone would be here today. Still no luck. Of course they can reschedule the appointment for the end of the week. NO THANK YOU A&E. I will find some other company that thinks of their customer 1st or 2nd or 3rd or 4th instead your sorry company. It's places like this that gets people so disgusted with service companies. They are the worst I have dealt with in a very, very long time. They couldn't even stand by the date and time that they set up! DON'T USE THEM UNLESS YOU WANT TO GET VERY FRUSTRATED AND ANGRY!

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  • Ma
    Mark Dickinson Jul 11, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I made an appointment and they said they would come Saturday waited till 6:00 P.M. no one showed up. They told me when I called that no one answered phone so they canceled service. I looked on back of contract and saw that the service rep only comes out monday thru friday no saturdays. I made a second appointment and when he did not show I called and they told me my line was busy and canceled appointment. I gave them two phone numbers to call and the phone was not busy. I have asked for refund. DO NOT PURCHASE A CONTRACT FROM A&E THEY ARE IDIOTS!

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  • Ri
    Richard D Byers Aug 02, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Have been waiting a week and a half for tech. Call notice since the noise stop there was no need for him to come because he would not known what to do. Now may refrigerator has failed and I am waiting for a call I will no longer due business with the retail store that sold me a service contract that they did not have tech to preform service and sell brands that require that much service.

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  • Gr
    Gregor Murrell Sep 10, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    A & E is a perfect example of piss poor customer service. We have been without a washing machine for 6 WEEKS. I slightly understood the necessity to order parts and wait for an appointment, but to not note that the job is a two man job is ridiculous.
    Last week (9/4) A & E was scheduled to come to our home to fix our washer. A call to my phone (while I was home) said that the appointment was canceled because nobody was home. I checked later with my gate guard to confirm whether the technician came through, nothing from A & E. Later the manager from A & E informed me that they weren't supposed to be in our area that day anyway...

    Today the technician showed up while I am at work, but my neighbor is at the house with my phone so they can call. The technician showed up all right, but informed my friend that it's a two man job, see ya later. The technician told my friend that it wasn't his problem when she asked him to call for assistance. Into week 7.

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poor service provided!

A copy of email to Warrantech:

Dear Warrantech,

On 2/9/07 I called Warrantech, who called A&E (the local repair service) to have our refrigerator repaired. We have a four year "Rapairmaster" warranty. The refrigerator was not staying cold. They sent a repairman on 2/12, and he ordered a part. A&E then proceeded to cancel three successive repair calls on 2/14, 2/17 and 2/19, claiming that they needed two repairmen to install the part. My wife and I rescheduled our days each time to be waiting for the repairs. On some of the days they did not call to cancel, just waited for us to call.

A repairman finally came on, 2/20, and he told me that only one guy was necessary, and that he (who had been the person who came the first time and diagnosed the problem and ordered the part) never said that more than one guy would be needed. Unfortunately, the part that had been delivered was missing a wire, so he said he would order it and come back on Thursday, 2/22.

Of course, the part had not come by Thursday, so A& E cancelled. At this point I called Warrantech and they said that they would call A&E. I heard nothing, so I called A&E, who said that Maytag refused to send them the part. I explained to them that we had already received the “Fan Motor Kit” from Maytag once, but that it was missing a wire. I suggested they try re-ordering the whole kit, which they did. They called later and said it would come on Friday the 23rd and made a new appointment for that day. The part did not arrive and, so, thye cancelled for a 6th time.

Since the beginning of this story I have spoken to the following at A& E and at Warrantech: Mel, Linda, John, William, Chantelle, Nathaniel and Joe. The last two, at Warrantech, were particularly unhelpful, not even trying to commiserate over the fact that we will soon be without a refrigerator for three weeks. Nathaniel (id #2013) even told me that “ it’s not really our problem. It’s not our job to fix it, just to assign it to somebody to fix, and we did that.” Joe, his supervisor, proceeded to tell me how there was noting i could do if the refrigerator did not get repaired, even after waiting another week. He also explained to me how Warrantech was not responsible. He then put me on hold, and later hung up on me. Not the best customer relations

As a result of this poor service, we have been without a refrigerator for nearly three weeks. We have two young daughters and cannot feed them without going out to the store everyday, and then throwing out the leftovers. Not only is this unhealthy, but expensive. We have re-arranged our schedules several times and gotten no service. So why, exactly, did I pay for this warranty? At what point must i call a lawyer?

Andrew Meyers

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    Carlymk Jan 24, 2012
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    Verified customer

    Absolutely horrid, we had service scheduled for our "new" top of the line Kitchen Aid Dishwasher with 7 year maintenance agreement through Warrantech. They scheduled and cancelled three appointments in a row with us even after we told them my husband had surgery and was in a sling with seven people including several young children and toddlers and we needed service. We tried everything to get them to help us and nothing we are still here waiting and now have decided to buy another dishwasher and have it installed tomorrow because our family cannot manage without one with my husband's condition. Thanks Warrantech and A & E!!! Now you have more time to screw around the other poor suckers who bought an extended warranty from you.

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unsatisfactory service department

Recently we called Kitchen Aid for service on a dishwasher where we were diverted to call A&E Factory...

no replacement of ge refrigerator parts

31 August 06: AEFS told us they would replace the entire freezer door and the electrical components in it. They said all the replacement parts would be sent to our home and to call them when we received them all to arrange for them to come back out and remove and replace the parts.
17 October 06: Still no door, only the small parts. We have called and they say the door was never ordered. They say well golly gee guess we will order it. This has gone on for over two (2) months now! They are rude and indignant on the phone. They only offer the same rhetoric over and over again! They snivel and lie behind their wall of anonymity like all little cowards! I would love to slap them across the face for all the frustration they have caused us.

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    On Hold Nov 06, 2009

    You cannot trust anything this company says. Here is a sample of the lies they tell you:

    Lie 1. A technician will be there between 8-12 (this happened 3 times and he was never there even by 3 PM)
    Lie 2. A technician will be there between 4:30-7 (this was said and then at 8 PM, after spending hours I was told the assignment had been cancelled hours before and that noone would be coming)
    Lie 3. The people at the service center (the 800 number) cannot call the technician dispatcher (many people told me this, and then all the sudden on my tenth exasperated call a new person said of course they can call the dispatcher, and did twice)
    Lie 4. The technician is familiar with your machine and can fix it (this was untrue, he had never worked on the brand, and it was worse after he left)
    Lie 5. The call center will message the dispatcher and the dispatcher will call the customer (this would only be an inefficient system if it worked. Instead, the dispatcher simply never calls the customer. This happened five times.)

    Oh, and the machine is still broken.

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    Steve Watson Apr 04, 2011

    A copy of my email sent via their website:

    I will never use you folks again and I will tell all my friends what a bad experience I had with you last week. My technician was supposed to be at my house between 1 and 5. So, I take a half day vacation to be home waiting for someone to show up. 5 o’clock rolls around and still no tech and no call. I call the customer no service line and was told they would contact tech and have him call me. 5:30 comes up and still no call. I call back and am told the tech, who is in the same city I am located, will be at my house at 6:30. 6:30 rolls around and still no tech. I then get a phone call from you folks saying that your computers were down and they, and the tech, had no idea that I wasn’t serviced yet and we needed to reschedule. I say no he will be here tonight to service my stove. She says no we have to reschedule. I am pissed by this point. First – the tech never made contact with me; secondly – I was told he would be there by 6:30; thirdly – the lady lied to me saying they didn’t know wasn’t serviced yet. That is bs!!! I wasted a half day vacation, my evening plans, and my time with you folks. I called has home warranty to complain about you folks and demanded that they never send you again. I will be posting everywhere I can to inform my contacts of your customer no service in trying to reach customer satisfaction – in which there was none – just a rude lady telling me basically tough luck! I just called your info line to have your automated machine quit calling me to reschedule and hope that I never hear from you folks again.

    An unsatisfied and disappointed past customer,
    Steve watson

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[Resolved] horrible service!

A tale about A&E Factory Service - more accurately know as A&E Factory NON-Service - for a Whirlpool...

I would never have these people out again!

We had A & E out 4 weeks to repair a 4 year old Kitchen Aid microwave. We told them it was the microtron...

they clearly don't care about new york customers!

On 6/4, while I had my Kitchenaid range on the self clean cycle, the oven stopped working. The fuse blew and...