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ADT Security Services review: empty promises and unauthorised debit orders

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Complaint after complaint! This company has really disappointed me with empty promises and lies. I have no faith in them or their ability to resolve issues. I put my faith in the company with the expectations and promises from the sales person. To date I am having to still deal with unkept promises. Signing with a security company should leave you will some sense of security that you and your property will be protected however adt cape town has failed at every hurdle. To make matters worse they have debited my bank account for amounts that make no sense at all and when I question these amounts I am just completely ignored. Companies like this need to start losing customers and should be boycotted as they are a poor reflection on the service industry as a whole. The staff are miserable and no matter what the issue is it is never their fault, they make themselves out to be squeaky clean but under that exterior you will find a corporate company with no morals and will screw you at every point to make a quick buck. All I want is the service that promised to me when I signed up with adt and nothing more. If you cant provide the service maybe you should you look at your staff that make these promises. I am truly unhappy with adt and can not recommend them at all. It saddens me that as a consumer we need to find public forums to complain as companies dont want to deal with issues internally and out of the public eye.

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May 02, 2013 4:44 pm EDT
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I am disgusted at the manner ADT has treated the two burglaries that occurred at our school. After investigating why we had no response from this security company when the alarm was triggered in the early part of two mornings; the lady at the call centre gave some feeble excuse as to the lack of response. The parents and staff at the school collectively decided that after being loyal clients of this company for 17years; their lack of concern and careless attitude is a huge concern. Hence two letters cancelling the contracts was mailed to ADT instructing them to cancel the school and school house contract. The stipulated months notice was taken into account. Both these cancellation letters were immediately acknowledged by ADT on the day I mailed them - the 13th October 2012. The two ticket confirmations (13/10/2012) of the cancellations were received from the [email protected] Later that day a call was received from a Shantal Zandberg, she was sympathetic and expressed her concern regarding the break-ins and thefts that occurred at the school. She further acknowledged receipt of the letters cancelling the two contrcts and assured me that she would ensure that the end of October 2012 would be the full and final payment that would be deducted from the school and school house bank accounts. This assurance was certainly true for the school house, BUT ADT has been deducting monies from the school account since October 2012 - April 2013. I have provided customer service, Shantal Zandberg - client liaison [protected], ContactCenterInland [[email protected]] with the relevant proof of the cancellation, to no avail. I have insisted on confirmation of mail dated 25th April 2013 again she has ignored this request.

Good Morning Shantal

Please find attached proof of cancellation of both the school and house contract – 15/10/2012.
Also proof of Ticket: E5EA679507A00 Re: Cancellation of contracts dated the 13/10/2012,
Ticket: E5CF37B50BD01 Re: FW: Cancellation of contracts dated 15/10/2012
Acknowledgement from the Contact Center Inland Manager - ContactCenterInland [[email protected]] – 15/10/2012
Also letters then forwarded to you on the 22/10/2012.

I trust that the above is sufficient proof of the cancellations of both the contracts.

It is further noted that ADT has overcharged me on the house monthly amount. This is usually R545.76, my account was debited on the 31st of October 2012 for R755.76 - OVERCHARGE – R210.00 and then again another charge of R200.64 the TOTAL AMOUNT OWING R410.64.

The school account with ADT is even more concerning; as per telecom with yourself the final amount would be on the 31st October 2012. The School Governing Body, Legal Advisors and Auditors are in agreement that ADT owes the school the interest at the prime lending rate on the TOTAL AMOUNT OWING R 4607.95 and the debit order monthly charges of R13.85 per transaction.

This is a clear cut matter with no ambiguities; hence please provide me with copies of the relevant credit notes and proof that immediate reimbursement has been made to the relevant accounts.

I trust that you will give this matter the urgency it deserves.

Apr 29, 2013 2:17 am EDT
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I sent an email to Adt on the 17/04/2013 instructing to cancel my contract with ADT, giving one month's notice. My 3-year contract expires on the 18/05/2013. I advised that without breaking contract - cancellation must be effective from end of May 2013. I also supplied my reason for cancelling (have become too expensive). I received an email back with a ticket no. I've even spoken to Vusi Mabote in call center to follow up, he advised that no cancellation was received & asked that I email him, which I did. I called the call center AGAIN this morning (4th time), and still no note of cancellation. WHY is it so impossible for Adt to accept or confirm cancellation. I've done everything I was supposed to, to ensure that I don't break contract. Adt is suppose to follow the industry standards according to PSIRA? When you pay them money, they will service you..but when you want to cancel they treat you like dirt. I WANT CONFIRMATION THAT MY CONTRACT WILL BE CANCELLED EFFECTIVE FROM END OF MAY 2013 !

May 24, 2012 1:49 am EDT

ADT is terrible
They did not install my alarm correct in the first place and it kept going off for no reason and when I asked them to check what was going on they debit my account with no authorization from me
When my alarm goes off they do not even check they say my wall is high, it is not high at all actually my 7 year old can jump over it

May 22, 2012 2:02 am EDT

I am so tire of ADT I found a better and more legit home security service. Its the same security service that the White House uses. Visit Use the RIN#L485843 to get the equipment free. Hope this helps guys.

Dec 13, 2011 7:50 am EST
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ADT South Africa is useless. I hate going into such a mode of complaining and name-calling but they are leaving me now choice. They took our money and after more than a month our service has not been connected. Maritza Joubert said I should send her an e-mail at ADT to cancel our contract and connection - she did not do ANYTHING about this. It is now another 2 weeks gone past. I have logged numerous calls witj ADT customercare and made numerous fruitless telephone calls. ADT is wasting my time and the time of my employer. Johnny Maries was supposed to activate the alarm system after payment was received. They took the money and still had the audacit to also process a debit order and we have NO ALARM SSTEM! I want this service cancelled and ALL our mone back - the connecttion mone and the debit order money. Speaking to anone at ADT at Customer Service / Complaints is truly a waste of time. I have not ever come across such a grossly disorganised and unprofessional organisation! Where can I go to get m monies back (with interest)? I hate ADT. I will take my business to GPS where we can have peace of mind. ADT - you suck big time! Twitter will also hear this and so will facebokk!

Nov 15, 2011 10:56 am EST
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I am a victim of empty promises from ADT - i have requested for a technician to visit my premises on Friday 11 November 2011 - my request was that the technician call me an hour before he gets to my premises as i work in Pta and i need travel time to get home timeously BUT this never happened when i called the many incompetent call center agents at +- 16h00 i was told that the technician got there at 15h00 and nobody was at home - lies - on Friday i made several phone calls to ADT i was always put on hold for +- 15mins until the call was cut, eventually somebody said that i will be called on Saturday but again nobody called - today being Tuesday 15/11/2011 i called ADT again and i was told that the job was scheduled for today being cut off twice as the agents do not know how to transfer calls - i did not receive an sms nor did i receive a call to make the necessary arrangements - i spoke to Sylvester from technical after many attempts and he tried to help - you cannot rate the service as the calls are always cut before

Sep 06, 2011 9:46 am EDT

Similar experience with ADT Security Systems - South Africa. Unauthorised debit orders, three to be exact. The last unauthorised debit order (which was for a cancelled quote - and it was cancelled within the given time frame) left me with absolutely nothing in my bank account, and was I told to wait for them to decide on when they will pay my money back into my account. I later phoned the Pretoria branch, they did not help me - correction - they did not seem to know what needed to be done - so they referred me to their Gauteng branch. I phoned their Gauteng branch, and what a horrible experience this was, this must be the most pathetic service I have ever received in my entire life. Up to this point, I was so annoyed with each and everyone I have spoken to, as no one seemed to know on when my money would be paid back to me, I was transferred from operator to operator. Very rudely, and I must stress, very rudely, I was put on hold, and just transferred back to the person I initially had a problem dealing with, even though I did inform them that I was advised to phone the Gauteng branch, as the people there will definitely know what is going on. They wasted my time, my money, to try and sort out this mess. I cancelled my contract with ADT, as it seems that they have quite a reputation for deducting money from client's accounts, that is not by any way owed to them. I really am tired of fighting almost every month to get my money back from them, or to not know what else they will be deducting from my account, or to sort out whatever new issue they have invented for the month. I have been paying them on time each and every month for their services, so why can't they be on time with the payment of my money, as was promised by them. I cannot tell them that they must wait to be paid, so how can they tell me that I must wait for mine. To date they still have'nt paid back the money owed to me.

Apr 04, 2011 1:48 pm EDT
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I had a similar experience with H G Electronics -- 35 Main St, Witfield, Boksburg the woman on the reception was really unhelpful and totally unfriendly, her attitude is for you to sort the problem out yourself! my main issue with them was the supply of alarm remotes and monitoring equipment which was clearly stipulated in the signed contract that they will provide.

the reception lady completely denied this and suggested we take our business elsewhere.
I'm am not a South African, but come on South Africa - since when do you tell customers to go elsewhere!
I'm just glad we have these forums otherwise we would have no voice in such matters!

Mar 31, 2011 4:10 pm EDT

Should you be a victim of empty promises, your right is that you have 45 days to request your bank to reverse the debit order on the ground of "Unauthorised to Debit", however, the bank will charge a fee for such service against your account but at least the company debiting you, in this case ADT, will not be enjoying funds received from their deception.


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