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I am trying to gather together enough people to file a class action lawsuit against ADT. Visit this link for more details:
Here's my experience.
ADT came to our house and showed us different alarm panel options. I chose the pulse system. Richard Castro was the salesman and showed me various pictures of panels and keypads. When they installed the old, out of date, possibly used, old fashioned looking keypad I contacted Richard to find out why it was not the digital keypad that he showed me pictures of and said would be installed. He told me this old keypad would work better than the digital one. This was an obvious case of bait and switch. He agreed to upgrade them, but tried to raise the price by 50% from the original quote. Stating it was more work than he thought. After discussing it, I agreed on a 25% increase in the price just because I had gone so long without an alarm. My alarm was working before they came, but he sold me on the digital panels, the cameras that were never installed and being able to operate it from my cell phone. You would think that when you use a big company they would have credibility and integrity. This turned out to be a total scam. We have been trying to get a hold of someone at ADT, no one will call us back.

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Jul 31, 2019 12:58 pm EDT
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C. Loppe, I live in Florida, and I would be interested in joining a class action. My wife and I also did not understand that Defender was a separate dealer for ADT, and no one even ADT seems to care about the lies and misleading practices. They know that if you try to cancel, you will be charge therefore you get the run around.

Jul 16, 2019 1:36 pm EDT

Gloria L. Gardenhight, 'bait & switch'. I agreed to $28/mo, the 1st bill I received was for twice that much. Upon contacting them, I was told - for the 1st time that a specific type of phone s required. I carefully removed all equipment, & returned it to ADT in perfect condition. I insured it for $300 & had a confirmation ADT accepted the shipment. I have a ridiculously high credit score because I have never filed to pay any (I didn't even default on my student loans), so ADT is welcome to be the 1st. Since ADT is in possession of all the equipment that was installed they are not providing me with any service, & I'll not pay a company without receiving any type of service. This all started in approximately January of 2019. Naturally, they continue to bill me.

Jul 12, 2019 7:32 pm EDT

Don't pay them, they will report to credit agency.. however, just dispute that with credit agency. I got all three to remove it from report and NEVER was back on there again, .

Apr 02, 2013 11:02 am EDT

I have been going round with them since December 8 2012. I am trying to find a suit going that I can get in on. they kept charging me double and pulling it out of my account I had to change banks. The sad part is they have never got my equipment working. it is impossible to talk to any kind of upper management they are simply in hiding from all the complaints against this sorry #$# company. my email is if there is any help out there.

Jan 28, 2013 2:45 pm EST
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I had an ADT Home Security system installed in my unit several months ago. The installer installed the control unit on a wall without an electrical outlet. He used an extension cord to plug the unit into a wall across the entrance of my hallway. I was concerned it would be hazardous to me if I had to evacuate in the event of a fire. I had an electrical inspector from a government office in to inspect. He advised me the installer had violated code by using an extension cord, not to plug it in, and not to pay any bills. I also spoke to a lawyer who advised me not to pay bills from ADT and wait till they take me to court. I have pictures and witnesses to this, and have saved messages I have been left by the company. The lawyer also advised me not to engage in conversation with anyone from the company (in person or over the telephone) and not to return the equipment until the matter goes to court. Since then, I have had someone from the company come to my door and demand the equipment. I did not open my door, so then he claimed he was with a cable company (which I am also unaffiliated with) and was there to pick up a "balance", then he said he was there to offer me a two-month free deal. I supposed he wanted me to open the door, and would attempt to "overpower" me, and secure the equipment. Talk about unethical! I was suspicious right after the inspector came and told me the installer had violated code. I want to joint this lawsuit, if possible. I have photos, correspondence, saved voice messages and more. Please tell me how to join!

Jan 02, 2013 8:27 am EST
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ADT installed a system that kept giving false alarms from the very beginning.
After a few months, I asked for service and the technician came and said that the system needed a part that was "back-ordered". ADT did not contact me to tell me if and when the part would be available. They kept sending bills. I explained that I had no service because the system was down. I explained that I stopped paying because I had no service for months. I called for service again. When I called the representative said that I had the wrong password and that I could fax them a letter to establish a new password. I fax’d then called two or three times for service and each time they said that they did not receive my faxes and that the password I gave was not the password. The service representative said I could not get service until I paid the bill in full. I paid the bills twice. Yet when I called they said that I had the word password. They call me on my cell all the time and don’t ask for a password because they know it is me. Now they sent the bill to collection even though I have had no service since summer 2012. Where can I find information to join the class action lawsuit?

Apr 13, 2019 9:52 am EDT
Replying to comment of andybrou

Please send information on how to join the class action lawsuit and Any information on how far the lawsuit is in the process. Many date from 2012.

Dec 01, 2012 9:10 am EST

i am a former employee of adt and know exactly how you feel.i have my own lawsuit against adt

Jul 15, 2019 3:27 pm EDT
Replying to comment of markie t

Well they lied to me an elderly lady. They withdrew their money from my account and didn't even show up. So I'm taking them to court as of now. Now I have to pay the bank to stop them from automatically withdrawing from my account.

Aug 28, 2012 7:29 am EDT

The exact same thing is happening to me right now except that after one year of service, I was going through a divorce. So to get my ex husband off the contract (so he could no longer access the alarm account and get into my house!), I had to sign a new three-year contract in order to not pay a fee for canceling the current contract (even though I was just dropping his name from the account). Fastforward to now, two years later: I just sold my house and called to cancel service. It will be $340 because I'm breaking contract! RIDICULOUS!

Jun 21, 2012 2:43 pm EDT
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I would be interested in joining a class action. My husband and I also did not understand that Protect Your Home was a separate dealer for ADT, and not a direct link to ADT the company. We thought that it was like buying Andersen windows - you have to buy them through a dealer. Well, we learned the hard way what a mistake it was to contract with Protect Your Home, rather than ADT directly. We were burglarized using their system and lost all of our valuables and heirlooms. The day after ther burglary, a rep from ADT told me that Protect Your Home had installed an obsolete model that ADT itself no longer uses. Per ADT's advice, we submitted a written cancellation fee waiver request to both ADT and Protect Your Home and were eventually told by a rep that we could terminate the contract and we owe nothing on the account. Six months later, we got a call from Protect Your Home that we owe $750 for a termination fee, which we were never given any written notice of. They claim that the rep I spoke to was only referring to the ADT account, and not the Protect Your Home account, and it was up to Protect Your Home to decide on charging the termination fee. First, why doesn't ADT concern itself with "dealers" who install obsolete products? Second, why doesn't ADT concern itself with unconscionable activity of its dealers? Third, why didn't Protect Your Home contact me sooner or ever respond to my fee waiver, and why did the rep who I spoke to over the phone not clarify that we would still owe money to Protect Your Home? I cannot believe that after suffering from such an invasion, and being robbed of thousands of dollars of very meaningful and personal items, six months later I have to go through all of this again, and pay Protect Your Home $750 to cancel a contract for a system that didn't work in the first place. Although I hate ADT's inadequate service, I would have rode out the contract so as to avoid the expensive cancellation fee, but since I was told we could cancel without a cost, we contracted with another company. Now six months later the nightmare continues.

Feb 28, 2012 5:32 pm EST
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You cannot fight them, they will win, just to big, to cold

Feb 08, 2012 10:38 pm EST

Hello Cory and Original poster of this complaint:
I am in the Bay Area (Silicon Valley). I am also a new home owner referred by Comcast to this alarm company.
I would join your class action lawsuit against ADT and the independent authorized ADT dealer who installed my system, (the Indianapolis based "Protect Your Home" company), who misleads customers (by the very title of their company) into believing that they are dealing with ADT directly; and ADT itself, who allows "authorized dealers" to sell different products and services and set their own prices; and allows their dealers to have a name like "Protect Your Home", which I though was simply an ADT slogan rather than an actual separate company. These are deceptive advertising and business practices and should be investigated by the Federal Trade Commission since it's interstate commerce. I also agree that the California DCA should be involved. It's so bad, that the folder I have (paperwork left by the installers), has printed on the outside, "PROTECT YOUR HOME" with your local ADT authorized dealer; and then right after that says: "ADT Authorized Dealer - Protect Your Home". The installers didn't give me this folder until after I had already signed the contract. They also did a very poor install job and the motion sensor doesn't even work properly. When it came time to sign the contract, they had been hurrying (supposedly) to make it to another job and did not allow me the time to read the contract or any other paperwork they gave me. The worst thing is, I received a flyer in the mail only days later from another "Authorized" ADT dealer (a SO CAL company called Home Alert). They will cover the entire house for $400 less than the company that only covered 60% of my house. I called "Protect Your Home", and they said the only way to get out of the contract with them is to pay off the balance of the 2 year agreement, which is almost $900. Also, I'm quite sure they will not refund the original $1100 payment for the hardware and installation. They left me with a hole in my wall, and an incomplete system which doesn't function properly. After dealing with customer service supervisors for both ADT and Protect Your Home, it's clear that even the employees are aware of the scam and totally complicit as well. They also made it clear, that they would not deal with either issue, instead giving me an ultimatum to either pay the cancellation fee, or forget about the installation problems and continue service as is. The whole scam is believing that you can get a free system installed in your home and then they try to sell you additional products and services. They are not after quality service and customer satisfaction, rather they are only after your signature on the contract, and getting as many new customers (signatures) as possible. That's why they only give you three days to cancel, rather than 3 months or at least one month. As a new homeowner, I was too busy with other things (to even make this house livable), to sit down and read the contract in the first 3 days. The whole situation really makes me mad.

Jan 26, 2012 6:54 pm EST
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I agree that a class action lawsuit would be brilliant against such a terrible dishonest company. I am a new home owner and the sales rep shows up one night at around 8pm and makes the claim that we can cancel anytime within the first 6 months with no additional charges (I have never had an alarm and wanted to try it to see if i liked it - I DONT AT ALL). He talked quickly and explained quickly what the pages of the contract said so I didnt read it (my mistake admittedly) but he completely lied. we tried to cancel after 2 weeks (the same installer came out 3 times and took for ever and couldnt figure anything out) when we tried to cancel they said that what the salesperson stated was wrong and we would have had to cancel in first 3 days. now they wat $1200.00 in termination fees. neither the installation company or ADT will waive the fees and honor what the sales person claimed. I am sending a message to the link on the other site as well and am filing compaints against both ADT and Integrity Alarm out of Fullerton with BBB, CA dept of consumer affairs, orange county DA, FTC and anyone and everyone else i can try.


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