Adecco Groupgenerally dishonest behavior towards their employees at amazon

A Jan 15, 2020

BWU1 is the name of the Moorebank warehouse for Amazon. The warehouse employed a lot of seasonal temps through Adecco for the holidays. Shortly after the holidays, Adecco began giving their temps 'work unavailability' (laying people off). This is fine as work can only be given if it is available to give. However, the adecco employees inside BWU1 were dishonest about their methods for deciding who stays and who goes. I can confirm this by simply walking into the building and seeing many people who, according to the employees, should not have been there either. When people asked them about this they simply stated that we should not be concerned as we don't know what method was used to decide such a thing. What they did not do however, is actually tell anybody how this was decided. They attempted to tell me that people who were hired after a certain date were the ones they sent home; Yet people who were hired and trained on the same day as myself were still there with a full week of work. It's unfortunate that they think their employees wouldn't talk to eachother and find out about such blatant disregard for their staff's wellbeing. These are jobs and rightfully not something someone should lie about. Upon requesting to speak with Amazon HR, I was blocked by none other than an Adecco employee.

For the sake of clarity... I showed up on time, did my work well (exceeded the expected throughput rates of the staff on a daily basis) and had quite a fair amount of training in multiple departments. A good portion of the staff, both Adecco and Amazon liked having me around. I suppose if one person from Adecco who does your scheduling doesn't like you though, then they'll try to pull something out of George Orwell's "1984" and make you disappear.

At the bottom line, a little honesty goes a long way, Adecco Staff. Just because their members are off site doesn't mean they should play God with someone's source of income.

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