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J.B. Hunt TransportCarrier Services

Picked up load X275824 from a Lowes warehouse on 2/1/21 . Detention over 5hrs and delivered that load to its destination 2/2/21. Paperwork submitted before I left the facility. JB Hunt 360 app shows that all paperwork was submitted. I realized that my Quick Pay status had changed from a time before. I submitted a new form for which JB Hunt requires in order to change back. No change, no emails, nothing. I call and no one ever answers except for a recording advising to leave my name, mc#, load# and ph #. No calls back. JB Hunt is PATHETIC.

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    • J.B. Hunt Transport's response · Feb 15, 2021

      Earl, we do apologize for this. We will be sure to share your message with our payments team and ask that they contact you as soon as possible. If you don't mind, please also email us at [email protected] to confirm the best phone number or email to reach you at.

    • Be
      Benjamin Smith1 Feb 23, 2021
      This comment was posted by
      a verified customer
      Verified customer

      Picked up load in McDonough Ga to deliver in Salisbury, NC on 2/21 @10:00. Arrived and told delivery wasn't supposed to be until 2/22 @ 18:30. Could not make this time due to other loads I had scheduled. Now new appointment time isn't until 2/27 which is holding me up, losing pay. The $250/day layover pay does not amount to what is being lost. I will be escalating this situation. Very unprofessional. Everyone in this company is passing the ball to someone else.

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    Nov 18, 2020

    J.B. Hunt Transport — Dispatch very rude and uncooperative

    I have been trying to get my driver paid for over 3 months. We carried a load for JB Hunt on 8/09/2020. The...

    Nov 01, 2020

    J.B. Hunt Transport — I did a run on october 3, 2020 still not paid for it

    On October 3, 2020 I completed a run for JB Hunt. Today is November 2, 2020 and I still have not received...

    J.B. Hunt TransportTransportation carrier

    On 04/09/2020, we did a load for this company and til this day, we have yet to receive payment. Myself and the factoring company has been trying to reach out to them to get the payment information and no one has yet to get back to tell us anything. Either you wait on hold and get a VM or some rep answers the call and transfer, but they can't tell me much. Same run around every time I call. It's simple JB Hunt, you were provided a NOA to send payment, so if you sent the payment other than what's on the NOA, then your company should be held liable and the carrier shouldn't be constantly calling asking where the payment it. Pay your carriers what you owe and what you agreed. No one is out here working for free. We did the service, so pay. Working with your call agents as well as they do not provide acceptable customer service

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      Sep 27, 2019

      J.B. Hunt Transport — termination

      I was a driver for hone depot pro account. I got done with my delivery for a customer. I headed back to my...

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      J B Huntdouble d mods llc 574 state rd 80 hazel green wi. 53811

      On October 11 2017 l ordered a tiger shark nose for my corvette. Cost 899.00 new order number AB-1925. After numerous emails for delivery updates the phone number was disconnected and emails stopped. After over 2 months waiting l feel it's time to give up. Please recover my funds because it's been way too long to wait. I have ordered parts from them last year and I was happy with the product. Don't know if they are still in business or what.

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        JB Hunt intermodalone of their drivers

        I am complaining about the driver that is pulling trailer number 548929. I am a driver for JB Hunt and I am currently waiting in line to load at Amazon in Moreno Valley. The line goes around the block and your driver made a u-turn in the middle of the street and jumped in line in front of me and everyone else behind me. I spoke to your driver and he refused to move. I wish that your drivers could be as considerate as I'm sure they expect us to be.

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          JB HUNTDelivery service stinks

          My mother in law purchased a washer and dryer from best buy on a Saturday, they salesperson stated that they could deliver it on Tuesday. JB Hunt called and said that they would be there between 2-5pm. Around 6pm she still had not heard anthing and called them. They told her that they ran out of time and had to reschedule for Thursday. She was okay with that. Thursday came and they said that they would be there between 5-7. Around 6:30 pm on Thursday JB Hunt called her and stated that because of the rain that morning that they would have to cancel the delivery and did not give her a new day or time. The problem with this one is that when they called her the sun was shining and there was no flooding on the roads at all. When I called JB Hunt on her behalf they told me that they would not be able to deliver until Sunday. I told them that their business ethics stink and that we will be returning the washer and dryer and going to someone else that does not use JB Hunt for deliveries. Unfortunatly this is making Best Buy look bad, and it is not their fault.

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            • Ch
              chanel_pifer Dec 29, 2013

              I am a safety manager for Jbhunt. We do not care.. Kosj6

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            • Lc
              lcbranch711 Aug 23, 2011
              This comment was posted by
              a verified customer
              Verified customer

              Yes, I agree with your frustration, JB Hunt needs to MAN-UP and take care of their responsibility and remember who keep them in business...THE CUSTOMERS!

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            JB HUNT — Avoid JB Hunt at all costs

            We recently purchased a washer and dryer set from Best Buy. The employees at Best Buy were great! However...

            The complaint has been investigated and
            resolved to the customer's satisfaction
            JB Hunt Truckingfalsafying dak report

            i use to lease a truck thrue jb hunt trucking.i got sick and wasn't able to drive for about 2weeks.dureing this time i turned in my 2week notice to quit.my transmission went bad and had to be towed to the fraightliner in kingsport, tn.when i went to pickup my truck to take it back to the terminal to turn it in, jb hunt had sent someone after it, they then put on my dak report that i had abandon the truck.now no one will hire me.several trucking compamies have admitted that they know that jb hunt falsafied my dak.comapins like melton, usa truck, bar nunn, ect. i did get a speeding ticket in ohio.my dispatcher said that the cop that gave me the ticket was a friend of his and i should pay the ticket.he told me if i fought the ticket.i live to regret it! i fought the ticket and now i'm no longer able to get a job. please write me at [protected]@yahoo.com and let me know what you think.

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              • Do
                down & out Oct 30, 2009

                i got sick/the truck toreup and had to be towed to shop.after i got over being sick and went to pickup truck from dealer.jb hunt had already had some pickup the truck.they then put on my dak report that i had abandon the truck so i woodn't beable tp work for any other trucking company.as you know jb hunt as a long history of falsafying dak reports against drivers.i want my dak report cleared up and an investagation of jb hunt done.i'm not able to work untill my dak has ben cleared of this falsafacation that jb hunt has put on it.i also want restution made by jb hunt.

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              The complaint has been investigated and
              resolved to the customer's satisfaction
              JB HUNTHiring, in orentation they send home

              I was called by a recruiter and driving for jb hunt. I asked about my dac report and employment, They said everything looked good and thier shouldn't be a problem. So they put me on a bus to Newark, New jersey. I get there to find out the cab phone number wasn't right. I paid 80 dollars to go 20 miles to the hotel.
              I check in and go to orentaion the next day. all is good i pass all the task given to me and on day 2 they say i have 2 months of unverified employment and thier not going to hire me. Well i was there for a job because i was laid off from my last company, and the ression kept me out of work for 5 months. So i have to take a bus all the way back home. Is what they are doing legal?

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                • Br
                  Brenda E. Romo Nov 02, 2015

                  A typical day at J.B. Hunt:
                  You start your day, let’s say 0700.

                  Dispatch assigns you a tractor after waiting around for no less than 30 minutes.
                  So scout around the yard for a few minutes you finally locate the tractor, perform an inspection, load up the tractor with all the necessary tools for the day….you are now ready to depart to the rail….but wait!
                  You just performed that particular task for FREE

                  It’s now 0835:

                  Bob tail out the gate, sit in traffic mostly all the way to the Los Angeles BNSF rail.

                  Hold on…this function is done for FREE as well….

                  It’s after 0900

                  Wait in line to get into the rail yard, takes a few minutes. Enter your code numbers for the gate to lift and let you in and instruct the driver on where to find the loaded container.

                  Found the loaded container after a few minutes more, hook to it, inspect it for damages and safety, you are now ready to haul it to the customer….in this case from Los Angeles, California, to Ontario, California…about 40 miles in traffic…

                  Hold on a sec….this is also done FREE OF CHARGE…the driver is still not getting paid for anything…..not yet….

                  You finally arrive at the customer. The Driver drops the loaded container, hooks and inspects another container, whether it be loaded or empty..
                  Complete inputting your time, PO numbers, load numbers etc, etc. on to the “Activity Sheet”… making sure you input the amount of pay you are awarded by J.B. Hunt….”CHA-CHING!”


                  It is now 10:30 am

                  The driver has worked 3.5 hours….. For twenty-six dollars and twenty-five cents….

                  Let’s do the math, shall we?

                  $26.25 divided by 3.5 hours = $ 7.50.…

                  J.B. Hunt has just gotten away with paying you “under” the minimum wage requirements.

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                • Cs
                  csbrat Jun 22, 2010
                  This comment was posted by
                  a verified customer
                  Verified customer

                  I had the same thing happen to me several years back. One of the company's I worked for had gone out of business and since they couldn't verify anything the wouldn't hire me. I wouldn't refer anyone to JB Hunt for a job

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                • Dc
                  DC" Jun 20, 2010

                  It is a requirment per the DOT regulations that you must account for 10 years of employment history which would include all time unemployed. One can still verify there unemployment time to cover the gaps as in your situation. It is exceptable by the DOT for you to write a written statment of facts stating that you were unemployed from x date to x date. You can further <if you are so desired, but not required> to have 2 witnesses write a written statements of witness to your situation. Most carriers ask for 2 persons who can verify your gaps in employment, they generally want there addresses and telephone numbers as well. A gap in employment is generally explained as anything over 30 consecutive days.
                  The next quistion is did the carrier pay for your return bus trip home and reemburse you for your bus ticket? If not check with your local labor board for the rules on this subject. Most states, but not all require a prospective employer to pay for your transportation to and from and resonable expenses incurred, i.e. your taxi. and your time in orientation. Alot of carrires try to pass this expense off to the driver that they in the end do not hire. Unless you file complaint for your rights, carriers go on there merry way with you money in tow.
                  Good Luck to you

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                The complaint has been investigated and
                resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                job hunt-state and federal job openingsI believe it to be a scam.

                I was searching for job openings online and found an add for State and Federal Clerical Job openings. It just had the number [protected] ext 1150 to call for information. I called and talked to a man named David. He said he could send me a list of opening in my area and all I would have to do is call the companies and have them schedule me an interview. He then said he needed my bank information because there was a $69 fee but that it would be refunded if i did not accept a position. I was hesitant about it and said I would think about it and call back, he said I couldnt do that because he already had my information in the system ( I did not give him my banking information but did give him my name and address). I then said again I would think about it and call back and he told me that this wasent for me and not to and hung up on me.
                I feel this is a scam trying to get money out of people. If they were really trying to help people I shouldnt have to pay the money and they definately would not be hanging up on people because they wont give out their banking information. I talked to a guy named David and he said his ID# is #588.

                Michelle North

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                  The complaint has been investigated and
                  resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                  JB HUNT — Scam and cheating

                  I was recently terminated from JB Hunt for being involved in an accident that was not my fault according to...

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