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Adecco Group Complaints & Reviews

Adecco Group — about pf withdrawal

Dear Sir, I am an Ex employee of Adecco India . I was working in L & T Kansbahal .My Employment code wa...

Adecco Group — unethical behavior

The company contacted me after seeing my resume and offered me a job. Sent me the job description and asked...

Adecco Groupdenial of work

On Friday, I was called by an employee about a job in Basingstoke, a Drinks Analyst role to be specific. I told her that I was waiting to hear back from other roles I had interviewed for, and she said to ring back once I did hear back from them. Today, I call her back as instructed to find she is denying the entire conversation ever happened, and if that wasn't bad enough, she is refusing my calls. When I tried to apply for the post on the site, it kept telling me a field that doesn't exist contains content which posed a security risk. Needless to say, I will never work with Adecco again.

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    Adecco Group — office staff behaviour

    On 18th April 2018 i was called for interview by email at Dr Fleming Road office in Barcelona, Spain. Email...


    Adecco Flexione Workforce Solutions PVT LTD — pf not received

    This is Himanshu Kansal from Hapur would like to inform you that I joined SDPL-MYWAY on roll of Adecco on...


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    Adecco Groupno feedback from interview

    Good Afternoon,

    3 weeks ago I went for an interview which was secured from the 'Romford' branch of Adecco.

    I never even heard back from Adecco even though the company said I would hear back within a couple of days.

    I can appreciate I didn't get offered the job but to not even hear back is a disgrace, I chased this up 3 times and nobody could be bothered to provide any feedback.

    Can you advise

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      • Updated by TomDuffy · Mar 13, 2018

        please ignore this, they have now come back to me.

      Adecco Group — discrimination/unethical behavior

      I am complaining on an adecco staff member in particular, her name is meagan morgan. she is still currently...

      Adecco Staffingapplication process

      I applied for a part time job at the passport office in Newport, Wales. After having completed the online tests and very lengthy filling in of forms, I submitted these on the 15th December after receiving them from Jamie at Adecco on the 14th December. I then receive a email at 5.30pm on Friday 4th January from Hayley Hall (Central Support Hub) informing me that my claim which I'm assuming is my application was not submitted as it wasn't completed within the role deadline. Please explain to me why this is the case as it was submitted the day after I received the email!! I would appreciate an answer to my question. Also I had to scan over 6 months of my bank statements to Jamie could you let me know what you intend to do with this information as I would not like this to get into the wrong hands.

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        Adecco Staffing — recruiters at adecco

        My name is Brandy Pearson, I came in for an interview November 30, 2017 on a Thursday. Waited for my drug...

        Adecco — i'm have a complaint about a current adecco employee

        This month I found myself having to call adecco a few times with questions and concerns about stopping my...

        Adecco — staff in tempe, az

        I worked with this adecco site 123 E Baseline Rd Ste 104, Tempe, AZ 85283 for years since 2011 and never had...


        Adecco is the worst existing recruitment agency. As my company (the “Client”) did not have a headcount for my role, they sought for Adecco’s (Dubai branch) services to act an employer. Adecco took ages to agree on the contractual terms between the Client and themselves. I was subsequently contacted by the Staffing Team Manager, who never bothered to explain how the process works in the UAE (bearing in mind that I was moving to the UAE for the first time and wasn’t familiar with the system). I sent her my documents and had to do so again as she claimed never to have received them after several days. Amongst those documents were a copy of my passport and my birth certificate. I have a Mauritian passport and a British birth certificate. I then received a call from her, during which she said “why did you lie that you have a Mauritian passport?”. I was very surprised at her statement. Why was she making such a statement when she had the passport. Let me explain. On the birth certificate, you could find my name as the new born child followed by my mother’s and father’s names and their respective countries of birth. Your Staffing Team Manager was stupid enough to read my father’s name (bearing in mind that the difference between my father’s name and mine is the letter R and he was born in Mauritius). How dumb can someone be to read the father’s name instead. In her defence, she said “three more people in my firm have checked it and have come to the same conclusion”. Clearly, all the people that you recruit have no logical sense and are brainless. I knew that was the start of a terrible journey with Adecco. After a few days, she sent me the employment contract issued by the UAE Ministry of Labour. As expected, she didn’t check the letter before sending it to me. On it was written my nationality and passport number. Shocking enough, the nationality written was Mauritania instead of Mauritius. I called her to say that the nationality was wrong. She had the guts to be persistent and rude, saying that it cannot be changed. Dear Lord, these are two different countries; she had no clue! She was British Asian and if that happened in the UK, serious action would have been taken against for her lack of professionalism and incompetence. I was then assigned a staffing consultant from some other European country. More issues cropped up; for instance he was refusing to drop by my medical insurance cover. Adecco was being paid by the Client to carry out all of these tasks. I wasn’t supposed to travel from Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) to the Marina (please note that no travel expenses were being paid). As a recruitment agency, the staffing consultant was supposed to check on me and ask for feedback from time to time (which obviously never happened). I was asked to fill in a timesheet every month. There was a clause in the contract whereby UAE laws would apply for leave. As my contract was initially a 6 months’ contract (which was then extended for another 6 months), under UAE laws, if the contract is a 6 months’ period or less, you do not get any leave that is your salary gets deducted for the day that you do not come to work. Prior to the start of the contract was randomly written the number of leave days that I was entitled to but the contract was so poorly drafted that this contradicted the clause about UAE law applying to leave. Coming back to the timesheet, I was asked to submit it every 27-28th of the month and hence, in each timesheet, a few days of the previous month had to inserted. I wasn’t paid for the remaining days in November when I was paid for the December salary. As I was travelling, I needed the money. The finance team decided not to credit for those days as it made his job more complicated. What kind of defence is that? Subsequently, I was assigned a new consultant, who was far from fluent in English. She never followed up on what was happening. The agreed contractual termination date of my contract was the end of March this year. Surprisingly, I got a call from the consultant asking for a resignation letter. Why would I write such a letter when the contract says otherwise? Clearly, this reflects a low level of professionalism. Does she think that I was stupid enough to make such a statement? Why would an international company like Adecco employ such worthless people? She was sitting down and getting paid for doing nothing. Under UAE laws, one is supposed to pay the salary and end of service gratuity when the contract terminates which is the last working day. They forced me to sign a piece of paper which entailed that I have received all dues (when I hadn’t been paid all dues yet) on the grounds that I wouldn’t be receiving any dues if I didn’t sign. In addition, the Client paid Adecco for extra luggage allowance for me; they took the money but claimed that this couldn’t be done on Emirates website which was a lie. They were clearly dealing with some dodgy travel agent. Adecco also refused to make the airplane ticket booking on the day that I requested for which was a Saturday, claiming that their consultant doesn’t work on weekends and wouldn’t be able to drop by my passport which they claimed that they had to keep with them as a matter of policy. Why would Adecco need to keep my passport until travel day? I was no abscondee but that’s the way Adecco made me feel. The Client’s human resources manager had to intervene and asked for the passport to be handed over. No other company in the DIFC or the UAE is as rubbish as Adecco. Clearly, it needs to review its procedures and policies. Adecco probably deals with lay persons and the consultants can easily misguide them and make them sign all sorts of papperwork but I wasn’t one of them. The issues mentioned above were certainly not the whole story; Adecco is worthless; at least in the UAE.

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          Adecco — regarding adecco usa [protected]@gmail.com

          I'm am current/former employee from Stockton California and was having trouble locating an employee Karin a...

          Adecco — recruiter

          Adecco found me a position at Google. after 2 successful interviews, they sent me for a drug test which wa...

          Adecco — staff

          I was supposed to start a temporary job in passport office in January 2017. The whole process started at the...

          Adecco, St. Louis Park, MNadecco

          To follow up on the email below. I received a call from Kim Almond (not sure about her last name), who said she is the regional operations manager. She left a message on my home phone saying how valuable I am as an employee of Adecco, blah, blah. She left her phone number to call her at [protected]. She was going to be in meetings between certain times, so I could call inbetween. I called at a time when she said she would be out of a meeting and got the answering machine. I left the number for the phone at my desk at work and said I would be there until 4:00; Kim returned the call at 5:30 and said she would be in meetings at certain times the next day and I was to call her between the meetings. I thought this was rather strange – why not just call me at my desk, rather than having me try to track her down between meetings. I did not call her back, but waited a day or two and in the evening called the number and asked why I had to be chasing her down, why could she just not call me at my desk when she was out of her meeting. She called me back in a few minutes and said how she was going to look for an assignment and again, the blah, blah about the importance of their employees. The last thing Kim said was that she would gather the information and talk with me the next day. That has been over a week – no phone call, no email. And by the way I have still not heard a thing from Alicia for whom I have left four messages to return my calls commencing December 9.

          Alicia finally returned my calls; she left a message on my home phone, knowing I would not be there. I left her my phone number at work on the numerous previous times I called; it was interesting she chose not to call me at work. She actually had the nerve to say “we’ve been playing phone tag”, when the facts are, she chose not to return my four messages for over 2-1/2 weeks.

          I don’t understand how this company stays in business. Kim said to me that they have been having problems with recruiters returning calls and that part of her job was to correct that situation and here she is not bothering to return a call as she said she would. This is really pathetic.

          From: Fauchald, Linda
          Sent: Friday, December 16, 2016 2:09 PM
          To: '[protected]@gmail.com'

          I have been working at a company where I was placed through Adecco since July (this time). My assignment here is over at the end of the year. I need to continue working, therefore I have been trying to make contact with someone at Adecco who can place me at another assignment. This has been going on for a week. On Friday, December 9 I called the main number for the St. Louis Park, Minnesota office and told the person who answered the phone why I was calling. I did not know who my representative would be; there seems to be a really high turnover at this office. The receptionist told me I should speak with Alicia, don’t know her last name. Since last Friday I have called four times, asked for Alicia four times and left four messages. She has yet to return my call. I do not understand this way of running a business. Twice when I called I asked the person who answered the phone if there wasn’t someone there I could speak with as Alicia was not returning my calls and was told everyone in the office was busy. How do you stay in business if no one will return the calls of the people who are working for the company and generating income.

          I have had this same problem previously with Adecco and it continues to this day. I cannot understand how someone can be so busy that they do not have five or ten minutes to return a call to someone who is looking for an assignment. Isn’t that what this company is supposed to be in business for; to place people in working assignments where they will generate income for the individual and Adecco?

          I just checked my messages at home and there was a message from a Sher or Cher, wishing me happy holidays. She left the office number; I have been calling for the last hour and the phone just rings, no one ever answers, an answering machine does not pick up. This is in the middle of a workday – how do you people stay in business?

          I have to register with another temp agency as no one at Adecco will return my calls – how do you people stay in business.

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            • Updated by lkfauchald · Jan 01, 2017

              Still have not heard from anyone with Adecco since Alicia left her message at home after almost 3 weeks and 4 messages.

            Adecco, Tampa — lucy/adecco 4427 w kennedy blvd ste 100, tampa, fl 33609

            I recently moved to tampa from new jersey and i contacted adecco staffing hoping they could help me with my...

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            I have been contracted through Adecco for about a year now, the experience has been horrible - from the...

            Adecco USA — unethical behaviour

            I was told by one employee of Adecco that I was to be hired with a company as a receptionist, but as it turn...

            Adecco — rudest service i've ever received

            I've worked for a lot of agencies, Adecco is by far the worst most unprofessional and rudest company. They...


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