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Adecco Group Complaints & Reviews

Adecco GroupWage Theft

I worked for Adecco for a Month. Instantly out of training, I began to notice that I wasn't being paid the hours that I worked. I was clocked in, on time, for each and every shift. I was luck if I was getting paid 20 hours per week. I had to ask my manager daily to try and help me to get my hours fixed. Sadly my manager seemed to be the only one that cared, that I was not getting my hours that I worked.

Daily, I could not get logged into their system. But despite that, I was on time and present for each and every shift that I was scheduled.

When I filed a complaint through Adecco's Ethics line, I was assured that this would be taken seriously, and they would investigate my claims thoroughly. Now, over two months later. Nothing has been investigated, beyond them responding to the State unemployment agency, and BOLD FACED lied to them, about my hours. The response "Adecco investigated themselves, and found no wrong doing." Adecco claims that I have now been paid in full. So evidently they think I'm going to work for free... NOT OKAY...NOT HAPPENING!

Work at home support is a major joke. TACC laughs at you and makes fun of you when you cannot get logged in to the system. I have documented everything, because, Obviously, ADECCO isn't going to tell the truth about what they are doing to us. I still have all of the proof of my hours, and they are telling Unemployment that I have been "paid in full"... They also tried to deny my dropping off my computer equipment.

I was told that "i wasn't allowed to drop off equipment at that location by Rebakah Summers" @ the Pueblo Location... Despite picking up said equipment at that location. Work at home support LIES and says that "they spoke to you and ported into your computer." when they never really did. They pretty much make it to where you HAVE to go into the Call Center, instead of working from home. It was impossible to get the help that I needed to resolve issues.

I still have NO direct response from ADECCO, just one from the unemployment agency. I will now be seeking legal council, to remedy this situation. I worked 40+ hours a week, and I am still owed over $600+ of back pay. Again, they have not responded to me AT ALL... But Responded to the unemployment investigator, and LIED...

Must be nice to have lawyers to lie for your company... Not all us PEONS can afford that.

Not sorry, but I DO NOT WORK FOR FREE... This company needs to be exposed for the frauds that they are. Google Adecco Group, and look them up on indeed. There are THOUSANDS of people claiming that they themselves have not been paid by the Adecco group as well.

Oh and they REQUIRE overtime, but don't hold your breath on getting that paid to you either. The lied about having benefits, among other things. They also claim that you get a discount for being an employee, but it's never actually given to you so you can use it... Lies on top of lies, on top of wage theft, and fraud...


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    Dec 04, 2020

    Adecco — 2 times false promise of employment; dunfermline for amazon dunfermline

    Dear Hr, I am writing to explain my situation to you my desperation. I just experienced an injustice from...

    Adecco GroupService

    I have tried to apply for amazon through adecco for 3 months. After so much long time waiting finally I had an appointment via phone call. The reason for this complaint is that I have mentioned in my application that I had a wrist injury in the past and while talking to the agent on the phone I said that i'm able to lift and hold stuff up to 15 kg as is required on job duty. However, without any confirmed information I have been told by one of my friends that I wasn't been accepted, without any legal information.
    Trying to call the phone from adecco's website, nobody is answering and even the emails.

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      Apr 14, 2020

      Adecco Group — romford branch

      From the moment I walked into the office the staff were rude. They looked down on everyone and snapped at me...

      Feb 28, 2020

      Adecco Group — edgewell milford ct

      Placed in operator position at Edgewell (Schick) 01/13l20, and was immediately placed in a position that...

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      Jan 15, 2020

      Adecco Group — generally dishonest behavior towards their employees at amazon

      BWU1 is the name of the Moorebank warehouse for Amazon. The warehouse employed a lot of seasonal temp...

      Dec 16, 2019

      Adecco Group — time sheet

      Dear sir I am 55 am dislexic. This is the worst agansy I have ever worked for. I had troubles filling out...

      Adecco Groupdisintegrating shoes

      Having bought 2 pairs of ECCO PRIMA sandals [protected] and [protected] ) priced at $179.95 each I have been disgusted that one pair has a crack in the sandal under the heel and the cushion sole has broken away from the wall with the foam filling coming through like whitish sand . The Sole of the second pair has begun breaking away from the wall under the heel area too . I can now wear neither pair . Neither pair had much wear . Previously I had been happy with a lace up shoe, Vibration 11 lace ( [protected] ) which wore well .
      R. Rowan

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        Oct 04, 2019

        Adecco Group — redial group

        These people were the most unprofessional ever experienced. I was let go via telephone for not answering...

        Oct 01, 2019

        Adecco Group — no communication or return phone calls

        On working for adecco Christchurch I have found that they never return your phone call on completing a job I...

        Adecco Grouppayg payment summary - individual non-business payment summary for year ending 30 june 2019


        My name is Richard Ploszaj, I would like to request your help in dealing with Addeco Payroll & Accounting.

        I was employed by Addeco as a Draftsman for almost 2 years.

        My contract expired on the 21/09/2018 however the Payment Summary indicates Period of payment to 12/12/208, which is incorrect.

        I have sent two emails and made several phone calls and every time I was assured the mistake is being corrected, yet I have not received the rectified Payment Summary.

        I am lodging this complaint following the advice from the ATO.

        Payer details
        Payer's ABN or withholding payer number [protected] Branch Number 001

        Best regards

        Richard Ploszaj

        Mob. [protected]
        email; richard.[protected]@hotmail.com

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          Adecco Groupin regards to a recruiter

          I was told online that I qualified for the position I applied for according to my resume I meet the standards of what the job was looking for. I walked in and greated Susana Di llio at the Irvine Addeco Staffing agency. I sat down she asked me what it is I did at my last jobs which is on my resume as soon as I finished she immediately told me I didn't qualify and that the job would not hire me so there is no point for me to go on the interview because I wouldn't get hired, but I could work on the assembly line. I felt disrespected because that is not the position I drove out there for. For her to not even give me the opportunity, and say I will NOT get hired if I go on the interview and to not waste my time. The drive out there was a waste of my time. What other reason would I not get the job. I dressed business causal the only other reason I can think of is my race. I'm embarrassed and disgusted with this agency for her to tell me something like that is completely uncalled for!

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            Aug 28, 2019

            Adecco Group — recruiting staff/possible discrimination

            Not only did he lie about my background check taking 3wks. He then told me they filled the one I applied for...

            Adecco Groupemployee

            I am a manager at the Ingleside Whataburger. At 1 in the morning one of your employees had entered the premises and heard me talking to my employees telling them expectations of the company and your employee didn't like me telling them that so he came up to me and told me that if I didn't show women respect that he was going to punch me in the mouth. Know I don't know if that's something you guys practice at Adecco but he was in full uniform when he said it. Now I know very little about Adecco but from what I can see the employees are savages


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              Jul 24, 2019

              Adecco Group — the recruiter sonya terrell

              I was recently "fired" for something that was not my fault. I went to this company looking for office work...

              Adecco Grouppf amount not credited after confirmation

              Dear team,

              This is to inform you that my pf amount not credited till time.

              My documents are submitted on 30th may'19 but till time there is no confirmation about my pf amount after receiving the sms on 4th june'19 that "my documents are submitted and the claim status will be updated after 3-4 weeks".

              As I already sent the mail to pf services for confirmation about my pf after 35 days and he confirmed me that please wait for 45 days but the pf services didn't confirmed me that my documents are getting hold.

              On 18th july'19, I was shared cancelled cheque copy due to which my docs are paused but still after 4 days there is no confirmation about my pf docs are processed or not?

              Is this the right way to communication???

              I was very much happy with the services/opportunities of adecco but after this my all trust is in doubt.

              Pls. Help to resolve the issue on urgent basis as I need the amount for my medical issue.

              My details are mentioned below:

              Adecco employee code - d42254
              Full name - vikrant anand
              Father's name - kishan kumar
              Client company - vodafone idea limited
              Location - lucknow
              Doj - 06-08-2015
              Id: pybom00342720000782656

              Vikrant anand

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                Adecco Grouppayments

                I have noticed that I haven't receive full amount of salary and I informed my direct manager at workplace and my manager at Adecco branch. I was waiting for the money (£470) for more than 3 months sending emails everywhere I could and everywhere I have answer: yes, we will pay... Now it is starts again, £270 in missing payments for holiday and standard hours and all singing the same song or not answering at all, including the main Adecco hub. That's disgusting... We have to pay bills as well, did you know that dear Adecco workers? Get your job done properly or leave I you can't do it!

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                  Adecco Groupadecco office in janesville, wisconsin 53545

                  I was placed an assignment at OSI awhile back. The first day I went I stood at the office window for 15 minutes. While they sat in there laughing and then I just went on in. I was told to go sit in the lunchroom someone would come get me to start. I sat there over an hour no one ever came, so I went outside to my van and called adecco. She apologized for their rudeness and said it must of been a misunderstanding on OSI part. That she would start me another day. I told her I'm not interested in working for a company like that. Somehow she still had me down to drive a hour away the next day after already driving there for no reason. Then turned around and put me down as a no call no show for the 2nd day. Knowing they messed up and said I can't be placed anywhere for a couple months when I called today. Trying to figure out why the first day wasn't mentioned in these notes and while they can't admit they're fk up. I don't like liars or people to switch the situation so they can look good I can be reached at [protected]. I have all my messages and screenshots from that day I don't erase anything

                  adecco office in janesville, wisconsin 53545
                  adecco office in janesville, wisconsin 53545
                  adecco office in janesville, wisconsin 53545
                  adecco office in janesville, wisconsin 53545

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                    Adecco Groupunethical behaviour

                    Phoned on the 14.04.2019 at Barking Adecco UK an hour before start time and as told in no uncertain terms this was unacceptable and contract was cancelled that day.

                    Was advised on 17.04.2019 that my timesheet was not going to be submitited due to being late. This was done on the 14.04.2019 at 18.00pm accepted on the 17.04.2019 at 8.30am in the morning and was advised by Adecco at 10.00am.

                    No contact 18-19.04.2019 Until today at which i was asked to delete timesheet for this week when i made it clear i was available.

                    Camden Brewery UK whom I worked for was very happy with my work to my knowledge and was considering making the opportunity permanent.

                    I look forward to your response and thoughts.

                    Yours Sincerely

                    Bradley Rudelhoff

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                      Adecco Groupthe system

                      My name is Sara Brandt and back in 2016 I accidentally clicked that I had no background and now I am paying for it still. All I want to do is work and i live in a small town called corry and adecco is the main temp agency and i have a 8 year old son to support being a single mom. I just want to work and because of one mistake I've been screwed out of so many jobs and I want to fix it. I didn't mean to click no because even while I was filling it out I was talking to the lady about my past. So please someone help me fix it so I can get a job please I'm begging you.

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