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Kelly Services Complaints & Reviews

Kelly Services / I am a working temp and can never get paid on time or correctly or anything at all

crashh13 on Aug 17, 2017
I am a temp for Kelly services The clock to punch in never works so I have to call in to tell them I worked well even when I call in they never get it right come every payday I am missing hours. This week I called and talked too DEE one of the 2 woman working there told her I worked 3 day...

Kelly Services / substitute teacher slapped child

Traumachazer on Aug 11, 2017
My daughter was slapped in the face and then the teacher held her hands over her eyes while typing. Then the bell rang and she continued to harass my child in front of her friends and not let any child leave SAYING you all can blame KATELYN for being tardy to next class. This happened at West...

Kelly Services / hostile environment during paper signing for for job

hopeless in Kansas city on Apr 19, 2017
Met on April 19, 2017 at 4770 N Belleview Ave, suite 206 Gladstone Mo 64116. Purp use to sign papers for an assignment with Bayer off front street in Kansas city, mo. During the session with Deitra, the subject of pay frequency and method was presented. As I did not remember this on the...

Kelly Services / Very rude customer service

lpitcher on Mar 10, 2017
I am retired after working 36 years with the State and I was looking for a part time or Temp job. I applied for a job a couple a weeks ago that was on Indeed website. Kelly Services took all my information and gave me a assessment test. I told them that I was looking for a Temp or part...

Kelly Services / One your recruiters was being disrespectful

Camisha Torns on Feb 9, 2017
Lula Jones was being very disrespectful and rude, when I was trying explain to her of what happened to me at school, and trying tell her the reason for this was, she kept interrupting me and she took me off all my jobs, after I told her part of my story, and she being very rude and...

Kelly Services / unethical behavior

angel perez on Jun 23, 2016
KELLY Services office at 8104 National Turnpike suite 103, Louisville, ky, 40214. I was waiting for 25 minutes to fill out an application and nobody came to ask me what I wanted. Four employees doing almost nothing and enjoying conversation. Be careful about your service, please. Thank you. Angel Perez: 502 239 6830.

Kelly Services / Worst Temp Agency ever

TiffanyDark on Jun 13, 2016
These folks are rude & force you to fill out way to much personal information. I am not even employed under them. Yet i was forced to fill out a I9 form for taxes. I am disabled & was told I failed my drug test they ran. I am on several medications that react a certain way to drug tests ...

Kelly Services / Unsolicited Job Scam

Reviewer98007 on Oct 23, 2015
Some Indian Call Ceter Woman that could barely speak english called me about a 3 month job opportunity at Intel working as a Design Verification engineer. I can't beleive Intel hires people this bad to represent their engineering department over the phone. If I didn't know any better, I...

Kelly Services / he gave a fake drug test

jacqueline haney on Oct 10, 2014
i went with the worker eugene roscoe for kelly services to do a piss drug test cause he smokes weed and they hired him but i felt guity and calld and spoke to a alicia .i exsplaid to her i pissed for the test she said well i dont know what you want me to do about it he passed i said ye...

Kelly Services / Fired for not playing well with others

Wfoggman on Jul 23, 2014
Was hired by Kelly Services to work on the floor of TG Missouri Manufacturing Floor. All of Kelly Contracts are required to wear GREEN shirts so they can be recognized from any other TG employee. Kelly has set different prevailing wages for the different tasking required on the...

Kelly Services / Misinformed

bg09 on May 28, 2014
I hired on with Kelly in 2014 for temp assignments I loved my first assignment but it was only temporary until the company found a permanent employee. Ihree months later the same company called me back and got it OK'd with Kelly services to complete another assignment. I loved the...

Kelly Services / Disorganized, Misinformation

onederybrdsfleye on Oct 22, 2013
I applied for a job on Indeed about two months ago, for which I had to apply for through Kelly Services. The next day, I received a call from Kelly Services asking me to come in and interview for this position. When I came in for the interview, which was the following day, I was told that...

Kelly Services / Horrible Temp Service

Shakalah Hines on Dec 6, 2012
I applied for Kelly Services in June of 2011. I went in for an interview and they told me that if anything came up, they would contact me. Well, I did not receive ANY calls from them. So, I just moved on. Well I applied for a seasonal job for the holidays for GSI Commerce through them...

Kelly Services / Horrible Attitudes and Unprofessionalism

Yougotdarightone on Oct 18, 2012
The office staff is a joke! They never return calls promptly. When and if they do return your call they seem to be annoyed that you called in the first place. No one can ever provide you with any details regarding your assignment. The company that they assign you to can't even reach...

Kelly Services / Bait and Switch

debnroo on Jul 17, 2012
Incompetent, unprofessional, and out-of-this-world ridiculous are the first three things that come to mind when thinking about my experience with Anita at the Fort Collins branch of Kelly Services. We worked with a salesperson from Denver, arrived at an agreement on a deal that seemed...

Kelly Services India Pvt. Ltd. / PF withdrawl issue-PF not received yet

DURGADAS ROY on May 4, 2012
Dear Sir, With deep regret i am sending this mail: I was working in NSN under Payroll of kelly services from 17th Dec'2007 to 13th Feb'2010. i have submitted the PF withdrawl form for NSN thrice(Feb'10, Dec'10 & Aug'11) as the forms were misplaced first two...

Kelly Services / misleading employment tactics

neveratempagain on Jan 24, 2012
I was working a temp to hire within 90 day assignment thru Kelly. I reached day 97, and still no word as to the effective date of permanent status. even the HR rep for the company had stopped to let me know, that with everything going on, that my review was coming up on the 90 day, and...

Kelly Services / Wrongful termination & harassment

Danar1976 on Jan 21, 2012
I want to start off by saying that Zappos is a great place to work, it is Kelly services that are the horrible to work for. I was hired as a supervisor for Kelly services to "look after" the seasonal team members. I had a supervisor above me that was very nice to everyone, then one day he...

Kelly Services / Misleading Information....and the list goes on....

whatajoke83 on Dec 17, 2011
I was hired on for a 90 day temp position that was supposed to turn into a permanent job. Well, 89 days later I got a phone call to not report back to work...my services were no longer needed. Never was I given a reason why. Then to top it off I was not allowed to go back to get my...

Kelly Services / for change my Pf Name`

sheela kumari on Oct 17, 2011
I have submit my all document in all document my name is sheela kumari, and kelly provided me offer letter and every thing name of sheela kumari but i have submit my docs are for PF the change my name Themy have mention there sheela jha so I am not able to get my pf. I am suffring since...

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