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Kelly Services reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on May 26, 2009. The latest review I applied for a job on indeed, and was denied the job due to a misdemeanors not aligned with their policy was posted on Aug 6, 2021. The latest complaint substitute teacher slapped child was resolved on Aug 11, 2017. Kelly Services has an average consumer rating of 2 stars from 59 reviews. Kelly Services has resolved 10 complaints.

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800 317 7310 (Germany)
+1 248 362 4444 (Head Office)
+44 208 481 1200 (United Kingdom)
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+45 33 117 070 (Denmark)
+852 22 810 000 (Hong Kong)
+36 13 017 800 (Hungary)
+62 215 211 873 (Indonesia)
+39 288 0731 (Italy)
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+41 327 371 800 (Switzerland)
999 West Big Beaver Road
Troy, Michigan
United States - 48084-4782
1 University Avenue, Suite 500, Toronto Ontario, M5J 2P1

United Kingdom
Apple Market House, 17 Union Street, Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey, KT1 1RR

Level G, 15 Castlereagh Street, Sydney NSW 2000 
Europe, Middle East, Africa Headquarters
20, Avenue Edouard-Dubois - CP 48, CH - 2006 Neuchâtel, Switzerland 

Asia-Pacific Headquarters
6 Battery Road № 38-01, Singapore 049909

Avenue E.Van Nieuwenhuyse 2, 1160 Bruxelles / Brussel

Rua Mario Amaral, 182, Paraíso - São Paulo - SP, CEP 04002-020

Kultorvet 11, 1. tv., 1175 København K

BAT d - 9 Cours Du Triangle, 92937 La Défense Cedex

Lübecker Straße 128, 22087 Hamburg

Hong Kong
Unit 402-412, Hutchison House, 10 Harcourt Road, Central, Hong Kong

1085 Budapest, Kálvin Center, Kálvin tér 12. 

Unitech Cyber Park, Tower C, 10th Floor, Sector - 39, Gurgaon - 122 002, Haryana - India

Mayapada Tower, 6th Floor, Suite 06 - 01,  Jl. Jend Sudirman Kav.28, Jakarta 12920 Indonesia

Via Spadolini, 7, 20141 - Milano (MI)

7-11 Route d'Esch, L-1470  Luxembourg

Level 29, Menara Bank Islam, № 22, Jalan Perak, 50450 Kuala Lumpur

The Netherlands
Neptunusstraat 37, 2132 JA  Hoofddorp

Rosenkrantz gate 20, N-0160 Oslo

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Kelly Services Complaints & Reviews

Kelly ServicesI applied for a job on indeed, and was denied the job due to a misdemeanors not aligned with their policy

As I was called by the recruiter and told that their policies didn't allow for my employment. As I asked for a copy of the background check. I was told that they didn't do one, but my misdemeanors was not within their policy requirements. I continued to ask what the policy was, I was told that he didn't know what the policy was and it wasn't disclosed to him. So I stated it's poor business to say that you can not hire because of a policy of which you don't know what it is and no one can disclose which policy my misdemeanors go against. I wasn't offered the job not because of a policy. I was not offered the job because of a discriminatory bias against the misdemeanors I had. At no time could they state what the policy was. At this time I'm glad I am not working for a company that bases their decisions on a discriminatory bias with no real policy to go off of. I was told how my resume and job experience made me the perfect candidate for the job, the recruiter and his manager approved me for the job placement until I filled out the paperwork and background check. It was a discriminatory bias decision with no clear policy to back up their decision. I'm reporting discrimination and unclear unwritten policy guidelines.
Jennifer Barnes

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    Jun 19, 2021

    Kelly Services — Indiana

    Moved to state of Indiana about 29 months ago after a divorce caused by medical as had no place left to go...

    Kelly ServicesTemporary service no response

    I left my previous position to accept a job that Kelly really sold me on, telling me the company would provide training for me. I should have trusted my instincts and seen the red flags as the company hired me right away, knowing it was an industry change for me and they were vague about the job duties when I specifically asked. It was a horrible job. I realized too late that the company churned through employees like paper towels. I found hundreds of scathing reviews and even the staff would tell me "run" all the time. I contacted the manager and my liaison at Kelly, Grecia Rodriquez, several times about the lack of training, and my concerns, to no avail. The company told me I was "doing great" only to abruptly terminate me the next week as"not a good fit". I contacted my agent Grecia, by phone and text several times, pleading for her to call me and what were the next steps? They never call back. I check the site for jobs but don't find anything. The recruiter and this agent completely ignore me and have not called me back for two weeks. I can only assume I'm on my own now. This has been the worst employment experience I've ever ad in over 30 years as a business professional.

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      Mar 25, 2021

      Kelly Services — Professionalism/Customer Service

      I have been with Kelly Services off and on for 10 years now. I have been fortunate enough to have worked with...

      Jan 01, 2021

      Kelly Services — Job attempt in live oak fl.

      I applied for custodian job over internet. I was contacted by a lady saying from Jacksonville FL. I...

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      Kelly ServicesLocal Representative not cooperative

      I started work for Kelly Services on February 24, 2020. my assignment end date was erroneously entered into payroll for Feb 26, 2020. (first mistake) I didn't realize this until I tried to enter my hours for the week ending 3/1/2020. I was partially paid for the first week but missing 2 days worth of wages. (second mistake) Ireached out numerous times to Brandon Price, the Kelly representative at Jabil. (Monument, CO) I have reached out numerous time to Kelly Serives payroll hotline also. I even reached out to my recruiter numerous times. Today is March 18, 2020 and the situation still has not been resolved. CASE # [protected]
      I am also quarantined per my doctors request due to fever and symptoms of COVID 19. My family desperately needs these two days of wages to make ends meet.
      Very Disappointed,
      Eric Rosch

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        • Updated by Eric Rosch · Mar 26, 2020

          Kelly Services claims my owed wages will be deposited tomorrow 3/27/20. Thank you Kelly Services for finally resolving this.

        Nov 15, 2019

        Kelly Services — customer service/ no contact with recruiter

        After my assignment ended in september 2019 I was informed by an recurring recruiter that I will be working...

        Nov 08, 2019

        Kelly Services — payroll/ main office/ communication

        I have sent 7 emails, I've called about ten times, and have physically gone into the main office 5 time...

        Nov 07, 2019

        Kelly Services — injustice and monopoly of people

        Hi Respected authority this is Munim Nazir I am informed that my assignment at Roots is ended and they...

        Oct 31, 2019

        Kelly Services — worker's compensation

        At the beginning of October I was injured at work. I took a day off to manage the pain but when I couldn't I...

        Kelly Servicesunauthorized hours, gross incompetence, unprofessionalism

        I initially became a temp for these guys in July 2018, they actually did manage to get me a gig in a field in which I have a lot of experience and things seemed to be going well despite the fact that I wasn't paid for the first 3 weeks when I started working for their client. Eventually I did well enough that their client, Baker Hughes, took me on as a direct full time employee. During the last week of May 2019 I was instructed by my new manager not to enter a time card into Field Glass since Baker Hughes would pay me for the hours worked on the last week of may so I didn't.

        Unfortunately I ended up getting layed off around mid June 2019 having only been a direct employee for 2 weeks. Then around mid august I received a letter in the mail from Kelly Services saying I was over payed for 33 hours for the last week of May which was my official start week for the Baker Hughes so I hadn't entered a time card for that week into Field Glass and was actually payed by my new job for those hours. I called temp payroll compliance and was told that SOMEONE ON KELLY SERVICES END had actually entered the 33 hours into their system despite the fact I never entered a time card into the Field Glass system for the pay period, this employee had ASSUMED I had worked for Kelly Services when I was in fact working directly for Baker Hughes.

        So in a nutshell someone working for Kelly Services ENTERED TIME UNDER MY NAME into their system with NO FACTUAL KNOWLEDGE of how many hours I actually worked that week, turned out to be 38 hours but like I mentioned above Baker Hughes paid me NOT Kelly Services, more over they did so with ABSOLUTELY NO CONTACT with me, they didn't call to ask how many hours, they didn't e-mail me to say they had done this on my behalf. Because obviously I would have told them not to and to get a hold of Baker Hughes because I was an official employee for them now.

        Do these people not communicate with their clients at all? I know they sure as hell don't with their temps During my time with Kelly Services I received no follow up emails, no contact of any kind, not even a "hey congratulations on getting hired" or anything that acknowledged my success. I mean doesn't one of their temps getting hired on full time by one of their clients exhibit how well Kelly Services does what it does? Evidently not.

        I did everything that was asked of me by Kelly Services. I passed their drug and alcohol test, I missed not a single time card entry, I passed Baker Hughes's drug, alcohol test, their hearing and physical exam, the T.D.G course and Forklift certification. From July 2018 to June 2019 I missed one day of work due to the flu. I worked dozens of hours of overtime without complaint. And at the end of it all I get a letter demanding money back for hours I had no idea had even been entered under my name or even paid for, threatening legal recourse if I don't submit the funds to them.

        As far as I knew Baker Hughes had told Kelly Services that I was now a full time employee of Baker Hughes. So after that there should have been NO further time entry of any kind by Kelly Services but they went ahead and did it anyway without telling anyone about it. I chalk this all up to incompetence on Kelly Service's part, but honestly to me it feel like they're just trying to rip me off. In the future I want nothing to do with them and will make my business to see to it no one I know does business with them either.

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          Kelly Servicesemployee

          I am an employee with Kelly Services temp agency out of Pittston PA. As an employee I am never able to contact anyone in our office out of Pittston office via phone. I'm able to contact via email however it takes days for a response. I use to work for Kelly Services a few years ago out of their Moosic office and I was able to contact the office by phone every day any time of day however since they've moved to a Pittston office it seems as though it is impossible to contact anyone. One of my co-workers had to pay issue and has still yet to get in contact with anyone they called Kelly Services payroll and payroll told them we have to contact Kelly Services. I do not like to say this however it seems as though it is either poor management or that they do not care about their employee anymore as much as I need a job I also need support as an employee.

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            Kelly Servicesdesperate for pawns

            I never applied to this company, and I never would, yet a message from Kelly Services showed up in my priority emails and it goes as follows:

            ""Hello :

            Thank you for choosing Kelly Services. Use the following information to access our eRegistration website:

            Username = (please enter a period between first and last name)
            Password =

            Click here to begin or you may copy/paste the following link into your browser's address bar: https://registration.kellyservices.com.
            Please log in and complete eRegistration as soon as possible.""

            I've worked for a staffing agency before, and I know their game. I would never work for one again. This agency found my information, perhaps on an employment website like Indeed, and made an account in my name without my permission and sent me an email like I had made it myself.

            Desperate and predatory.

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              • Updated by NotATemp · Jun 13, 2019

                PS, the closest Kelly Services location to me is 28 Sturgis Corner Dr, Iowa City

              Jun 01, 2019

              Kelly Services — lack of customer service, horrible follow through, scam

              This company should be avoided at all cost. They provide zero customer service to clients. They take resume...

              Kelly Serviceswrongful termination/ mistreatment on assignment

              Please my timecard sometime when I email her I wouldn't late I just let her know because I was the strongest on the team that had anything with someone that's outside I don't know why she pulled this on me this past week but I need to be investigated I was so others have been through the same thing but I don't know about others past but I know my worth living and I have pictures and emails to prove it please contact me so we can stop this type of mistreatment at State Farm in Richardson Texas up under Crystal Hoffman and and her supervisor is Tammy L the office is in North Dallas Texas. Crystal Hoffman is the one is on site for Kelly Services for State Farm in Richardson Texas.I will be sending a complaint about Anna Craddock was mistreating me over the past 10 monthsI will be sending the same text of this with pictures of a necrotic misbehavior and emails to Bloomington Illinois so everyone can know what is going out with none be surprised about the situation.
              Hello my name is Talanta White I was currently with State Farm location assignment for Kelly Services Crystal Hoffman she stated at my assignment ended amy absence I have doctor excuses I had a tooth surgery and also a dislocated knee also got proof to show those emails and also as a recruiter for Kelly Services I never seen a recruiter missso many days not there to assist you. I tried to be trying to handle my mistreatment fairley by coming to speak to her and the State Farm Fire PSLU supervisor William Fitzpatrick still nothing was done about this State Farm lead Anna Craddock Fire PSLU 4th building or the situation others and I was going through on this contract. Miss Crystal Hoffman was never on site for the past 2 weeks for me to contact her she was out from being sick so I don't know how she was going to say anything about me being unattended for work when she is not never there to help me do any situation that I'm going through.I don't know what is going on what I feel like I've been treated wrong and I do not want that bad reputation with Kelly Services since I've been an honor and a good standard client since 2015. I was was thinking I was laid out for retaliation harassment from the lead Mrs. Anna Craddockshe claimed me and Mrs. Annette Martinez that used to be on the team all the profit for the hard work we have done and underline us from even being promotedand if you did not promote to gospel or be cool with this individual there was a leave for State Farm she would treat you unfairly and cruel and even though you're a great worker of Kelly Services I would like to turn this in to let headquarters if Kelly Services to to investigate and help the other parts that still there and going through different situations.I would do anything to show proof to back up my claim I do have proof of pictures video and emails. I've been going through the past 10 months as being a faithful and hard-working team member. I never had a contract made me so uncomfortable come to work every day working for Kelly ServicesI asked Mrs Crystal Hoffman to remove me back in October all the way to now and there's nothing has never done and I'll go after April 1st 2019 two other was moved that I have trained and been working with team members when they don't know the correct process if the system work every day when they are and them transition getting new people and train them as well. The lead was no help until she wanted to help and they was promoted because they had a close relationship with the lead. My contact number if needed is [protected].I'm speaking on my behalf to protect my reputation as being a Kelly contract representatives in 2015 I do not want these false statements and allegations on my background because of ignorance from others at this location of the contract and I will provide whatever I need you to back up my behalf of statement. Thank you have a wonderful day!

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                Feb 18, 2019

                Kelly Services — employment search

                I spent all morning interviewing and doing tests and Shelly Snow of anchorage alaska did not even have the...

                Kelly Services — jobs

                I went in for work they took me for a walk through and when we got back to office the front office lady...

                Kelly Services — kennametal - margaret ferguson - rogers ar

                I was hired on to work on a temp assignment through Kelly Services in Rogers AR. Working for an employment...

                Kelly Services — maximus

                This company that I was placed thru by this agency by the name of Maximus in the city of Indianapoli...

                Kelly Services — recruiter jean battaglia at kelly services is unethical and dishonest intentionally misleads applicants and clients


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