Ackermans Stores Complaints & Reviews

Ackermans Stores / service

Jun 15, 2019

Hi so friday 14:50 went to ackermans uitenhage stood in the long queu for almost an hour only to find out infront they don't take out laybes. My question is..why paste the msg written in front of the cashier whilst they can write something at the door so that you dont have stand in queu nd...

Ackermans Stores / waiting on settlement letter

Jun 05, 2019

Good afternoon My name is Glenda Anta I have an Ackermans account and requested a settlement letter 2days ago that I desperately need. It's sad to say I am still waiting on the letter I requested despite numerous phone calls and the operators have attitudes it is really stressful. All my...

Ackermans Stores / service

May 30, 2019

On 29 May 2019 at more or less 19h10 / 19h15, I called the store to enquire if they had a certain clothing item. The lady that answered had told another lady "there is customer on the phone enquiring about a certain clothing item". And hence to say, that was that. I waited close to half...

Ackermans / prices on till slips incorrect!

May 27, 2019

I am so disgusted in Ackermans as a retailer.. I went to Ackermans Canal walk last night and out of the 6 items that I bought 3 of the prices were incorrect and rang up incorrectly!!! I was so [email protected]$$3d off!!! My sister and I went to Ackermans and she also had 2 items prices that were...

Ackermans Stores / fraudulent customer practices

May 20, 2019

I, Me HJ Odendaal (ID 6610090119082) went to Ackermans Fleurdal Bloemfontein on Friday afternoon (17/05/2019) to pay my account. At the till, next to person who received my payment was another guy asking for my details to send me promotions. He said he need my permission to consent for...

Ackermans Stores / unprofessional service

May 19, 2019

My husband and i went to Ackermans at Boardwalk inkwazi mall in Richardsbay(19/05/2019) to buy 2 phones (Mobicel H1 and a Trend A4) we stood by the cell phones with no-one to assist us. I eventually decided to go ask one of the staff members if we can get help. We waited for over 15minute...

Ackermans Stores / underwear

May 16, 2019

I went to the store last night to purchase underwear. I took panties looking at the size on the hanger. Only to find out when I got home it was 2 sizes smaller. Now what? I can't return it. A waste of my money. I take what I see. Unless you have a sign stating that one has to check the...

Ackermans Stores / service by lansdowne branch staff

May 14, 2019

I went to exchange a school pants bought at Ackerman's the day before where Kaylen assisted me. I asked Kaylen if I could if I could leave the store and go to Shoprite whilst she complete my refund because I'm strapped for time need to collect my nephews at Belleville University. Kaylen...

Ackermans Stores / cell phone

May 09, 2019

Good day I hope you are well A while ago I did a laybuy for a cellphone at Ackermans strand. This weekend my mommy went to go and fetch the phone as I was away this weekend. When i got home monday I realised it was the wrong phone. A Nokia was given instrad of the mobicell that was laybuyed wich...

Ackermans Stores / poor customer service

May 07, 2019

Good day Sir/Madam My name is Sibusisiwe Dondi, I went to ackermans Ngebs Mall at around11:55, I purchased 2 pairs of shoes for my Mom, then I also bought a Beanie set for my daughter, while I was paying I asked the Cashier Ncebakazi to separate the items coz we are going to different place...

Ackermans Stores / manager / staff attitude

Apr 23, 2019

My name is Salama Nusterdien, I went to your Landsdowne corner branch on the 18/4/19 at 11h00. I asked the lady Kaylen for assistance to return a school pants I bought at the Kenilworth Centre branch on the 17/4/19. The item was to small for my son. There was no other client in your store...

Ackermans Stores / shoes

Apr 22, 2019

Good day Bought a pair of takkies when I got home I saw that it was both left shoes one size 9 and 8... Sent someone to go and exchange at the nearest store with slip and price tag, they advised him they cant assist as he didn't buy it at ottery but at blue route he must go back to that...

Ackermans Stores / cell phone problems and no prompt service from cashier and supervisor

Feb 19, 2019

Good day, we bought our son a premo phone on 19 december 2018 at parow store. We gave the phone to our son on christmas day and only found out the next day (26/12) that the phone overheat. We did not know the store wil be open on that boxing day and only returned it n 27 january 2019. A...

Ackermans Stores / paying hollard insurance money of which I did not ask for

Feb 08, 2019

In 2016 I open ackermans store account I have paid the outstanding balance of r4000.00 in 2017 after a month when I check my emails they say I owing r1300.00 of which I didn't know. I called ackermans asking about the balance the matter was handled by tenacity starting from july 2017 until...

Ackermans Stores / ackermans collection agency - tenacity inc

Jan 31, 2019

I opened an account with Ackermans and struggled to pay and then started making arrangements with TenacityInc. This was done telephonically. I then noticed that the agreements made telephonically was ignored by Tenacity and then I would get threats and really unprofessional made up letters. I...

Ackermans Stores / unethical staff behaviour

Jan 28, 2019

To whom it may concern Incident date: 22 December 2018 Time: at approximately 14:25 I am a customer who loves Ackerman's and always recommends it to friends but I would like to complain about a staff member by the name of Kekeletso Mahlakoana working in one of your Stores in Daveyton a...

Ackermans Stores / rude staff and lack of customer services

Jan 14, 2019

To whom it may concern. I am absolutely appalled with the attitude of your staff at mams mall ackerman's woman I frequently shop at this store. I purchased a pack of bra's for myself, after 3to 4 weeks later the bra, s were torn. I took them to the store and when I get there the ladies they...

Ackermans Stores Middelburg CBD / service

Jan 13, 2019

On the 9th of January, I went to buy my daughter a cap. When I got to the till, I was told my cap doesn't have a sku and was asked if there aren't anyway other caps, I responded by saying there's only character caps where I found this cap and don't believe it will be...

Ackermans Stores / poor services and attitude

Jan 13, 2019

I bought a Azumi mobile phone which the battery (model: BP-50AH) got fat/swollen and I tried getting it from different shops in Qwaqwa (free state), Bloemfontein (free state), Welkom (Free state), Newcastle (KwaZulu Natal), Johannesburg and Bethlehem (Free State) with no luck But the Lady...

Ackermans Stores / 5 pack bikinis for 13-14 years

Jan 12, 2019

I purchased a pack of bikinis for my teenage daughter at mall of the south Ackermans... two days later whe she opened the pack 2/5 of the panties were torn and the 3rd is also detached from the seems...the underwear cost R69, 95 and only two panties are off quality...I still have till slip...

Ackermans Stores / poor attitude

Jan 03, 2019

To hom it may corncen... I was working in a till and my assistant manager shouted me in front of the customer's she have no respect to she should have called me in da office if I did something wrong nd rectify it.. So with Thata attitude I can't work with her .. I think she needs re...

Ackermans Stores / no exchange within 7 days / attitude

Dec 28, 2018

bought a phone at your Vangate Mall branch on the 21/12/2018 - took it back 4 days later as the speaker wasn't working properly, was told to come back 28/12/2018 as the lady that assist there is not there. went there today ( still within the 7 days as per slip), to be told they can hear...

Ackermans Stores / annoying sms's

Dec 21, 2018

I hate the SMS's I keep on getting from Ackermans. I know I have to pay my account every month and I don't want an annoying SMS to remind me of that. If this spamming of SMS's doesn't stop, then I will gladly close this account. I have an account at Woolworths and they don't unnecessarily...

Ackermans Stores / infant sandals

Dec 19, 2018

I went to your vangate mall branch and the manager ELLEN gave me a very long story when I wanted to exchange the pair of sandals. I explained I don't have the slip anyanymore due to an exchange I had to to go my daughter and they had kept the slip so Ellen the manager told me that the area...

Ackermans Stores / customer service

Dec 13, 2018

I visited Ackermans Westgate store this morning. upon making payment I was advised the account was blocked. we called the contact centre, where we were advised account is in arrears of R465 and if the payment is used the account may be used today. payment was made shortly there after. when...

Ackermans Stores / dstv installation

Dec 07, 2018

i bought the decoder on 1 dec and I was told that they will come and install on monday since it was weekend. Monday they did'nt come or communicate, I called them on thursday and they were not answering until i called the head office the guy who assisted me promised to send installing...

Ackermans Underberg / mtn hisense u601 pro

Nov 22, 2018

Good day, this cell phone was purchase on the 26 June 2018. On 16 July 2018 we submit the phone for repairs at Ackerman's Underberg store and they said it will be 21 days its been 2 month now and today they called and said we can come and get the cell phone its back. On our arrival at the...

Ackermans Stores / promotion sms

Nov 16, 2018

I received a sms from Ackermans stating that if I buy the Nokia 2.1, I will also reveive whatsapp data and 200mb data per month for a period of time and also a 16GB memory card. So I went to Ackermans and bought the phone only to be informed by one of the clerks that it was a mistake made...

Ackermans Stores / payment!

Nov 16, 2018

Siyakubonga Cishe Mon, Nov 12, 1:09 PM (4 days ago) to me Card Number 6363240300002987 Account number 10201111080000197111 Balance R 7455.96 Total Due R 1202.55 Dear MS DORETTE BARNARD Don't get caught this Xmas with bad Credit Rating. We are here to help you rehabilitate your...

Ackermans Stores / pathetic service

Nov 15, 2018

I'm having a big problem with my account. Ever since I've became your customer I have never been happy with the service I have received. 1. I went to pay my account at southgate mall is was so full only 3 tellers were working, I couldn't pay I then went to Randburg and I experience the same...

Ackermans Stores / return of toddlers clothing

Nov 11, 2018

To whom it may concern - I am absolutely appalled with the attitude of your store manager at the mall of Africa. We frequently shop at this store. We received baby clothing as a gift at a baby shower that needed to be exchanged ( not refunded ). We were directed to a Thasha majaja who...

Ackermans Stores / incorrect banking details provided to me by bultfontein store manager

Nov 09, 2018

Goodday, on the 28/08/18, I made a payment of R360, 00 via EFT into the account details that was given to me by the Bultfontein store manager. 1 week later I started receiving numerous sms's and phone calls by Ackermans accusing me of breach of contract and payment overdue. After I made...

Ackermans Stores East Gate / bad service and very rude management

Nov 08, 2018

I did a laybe for my son's school uniforms for next year only for the cashier by the name njabulo did not scan one of the items. On the 7th of october 2018. I went to collect my laybe only to discover the error done by their cashier. A store manager by the na china not sure if it's hi...

Ackermans Stores / poor service

Nov 04, 2018

Goodmorning I lost my Ackerman's account card 4 full months back I tried going to the store to pay using my I'd they told me it is not possible to pay without the card of which I personally think that is ridiculous I was not purchasing anything I was only paying my account. Secondly I went for...

Ackermans Stores Umgeni Road / accounts being unpaid

Nov 02, 2018

Good day My account was paid at the umgeni road Game City ackerman's in Durban on the 29 October 2018...and today on the 2 November 2018, I received an sms that my account was not paid. I have never paid late and always pay extra. I don't appreciate being robbed if this is the case. Can you...

Ackermans Stores / I am complaining about your customer services

Oct 30, 2018

I opened a ackermans account in grootfontein, everything before I opened the account was perfect. The staff is always friendly and very helpful. Then I fall into a trap of purchasing something. Every time I purchase does not matter what the amount, they have to call for authorization. I...

Ackermans Stores / accuracy

Oct 30, 2018

It is 09:30am and the store ( Ackermans alberton city) is still close while customers should stand outside locked doors and the time says the store should be open by 09:00 am this is really unacceptable... is this the service you guys render to customers... you need to be accurate this i...

Ackermans / bad service and humiliation

Oct 29, 2018

I bought clothes for my son on the the 6th october 2018 at kerk & joubert and they did not fit him. Most parents are doing lay-by because its toward december and I am afraid nice clothes will finish. I get home and nothing fits him. I work 8-4 and by the time I knock off shops are...

Ackermans Stores / service

Oct 29, 2018

Good day I closed my ackermans account on the 06.01.2018 and yet after my payment you handed me over to landau attorney please explain how that is possible after I paid up my full balance. Everyday I get phone calls from laundau attorney for an account I closed. Ackermans please clarify...

Ackermans Stores / trying for months to get an ackermans account

Oct 28, 2018

I applied for an Ackermans account and after sending in my documets on 21 September, again on th 27 and onlune i heard absolute nothing feom Ackemans, then I get a statement and think great the account has been approved, I go to the store in Sacby and they phone and try to fund out about...