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non receipt of product , but charged for it and unwanted membership

On February 2, 2010, I received two thank you email from this company for my order of Advance Cleanse and Acai Berry Pills. Even though I order a third item, the celebrity tooth whitener, which they said I didn’t order. The special offer was simple, $1 each weight lost products and $9.00 for the teeth plus shipping and handling. They said they have no record of tooth whitner order. I order on-line from my home computer email account. After several weeks, I arrived home to find a postal notice of 2 missed packages that they tried to deliver and that I could pick-them up from the post office. I waited until the weekend to pick-up the package due to death in my family. I was so distracted, I only received the one package containing the Advance Colon Cleanser. I forgot everything after a second member of my family died.

In the meantime, my home computer got a virus and crashed. I was not able to check my email account to obtain the needed information for tracking. This morning, I took the other box back to the post office and asked them to check for any undelivered packages under my name. They check and said, that if they didn’t deliver it, they returned it after 14 days. But I need a tracking number. Today I explained to my supervisor, Mrs. Limerick that I needed permission to access my home account from the office. She granted me that permission. I called the company and explained the circumstances. They said they were having computer problems and could not obtain the needed tracking information, so I asked for a refund for the Acai Berry and the whitener that should have been returned to them by the post office.

They informed me that I was charger $149.95 for membership this pass Friday. I told them I am calling to track the delivery of the product, which means I never received the product and therefore could not evaluate either if their product worked or if I wanted to become a member. This is not fair. After the last funeral on Thursday, March 4th, I admit, I should have had a better frame of mind but I didn’t, I was mourning my lost with family members who were soon leaving Washington to return to their homes. Its not fair, I did not use the colon cleanser because the advertisement said that both products should be used together. Why should I be charged for 2 products I haven’t received, one I did not use, because of their instructions and a membership I don’t want. Usually, the 14 day trial period starts after you receive and start to use a specific product – not while your waiting for delivery. They are not going to refund my money for the 2 missing products or the membership. Please help me.

Deborah Mayronne

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    cssupport Mar 24, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I work for Acai Berry Pure. I'm sorry that you are unsatisfied with our product. Please feel free to contact our customer support center by email or our toll free number at [email protected], Monday – Friday 9:00AM - 9:00 PM EST and Saturday 9:00AM – 5:00PM EST. We suggest email for a faster response. We will be happy to answer any questions or solve any issue that you may have.

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On February 19, 2010, I received a package I did not order. I immediately called the [protected] number on the invoice and told them I did not order this. They said they would cancel the order. I wa charged $88.74 on February 12, 2010 and on February 19, 2010 another $88.74 for this. Also the representative at the [protected] said I had been charged $88.74 on December 25, 2009. It has also caused me serious problems at my bank and I have no money to pay my bills and get my medicine. After talking with my bank manager she said to send it back. On February 24, 2010, I send it Priority Mail to arrive in Wilminton Delaware on February 27, 2010. As of March 2, 2010, they say they haven't received it. I am seeking help.


Acai- berry power blast is a false and missleading product.
The free trial is a scam and all this will do is cost you time and money in having to have your credit card cancelled.

The product is nothing more than a placebo!

It tried this for the time they advised. NOTHING happened. I did not feel more energetic, In fact there was NO cahnge at all. I east Well. my diet as well balnced and proportioned All I wanted to do is loose a couple of kilos to get ready for the netball season.
The only true weight loss method is the old fashined eat well and exercise. No pill is going to have that in it!

Unauthorized charges of my account

I order the product and then called/emailed these people to try and stop the monthly charges of $149.95 and it seems like I am getting the run around. And to add to it i have retained an attorney to find out about these company cause from i used this product as the instruction has followed i got very ill and even after I stopped using this product I more so worse off from the it. I would like my checking refunded and this company reported before someone who is looking for this great result getts disappointed and or hurt.

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    cssupport Feb 25, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I work for Advanced Cleanse. I'm sorry that you are unsatisfied with our product. Please feel free to contact our customer support center by email or our toll free number at [email protected], Monday – Friday 9:00AM - 9:00 PM EST and Saturday 9:00AM – 5:00PM EST. We suggest email for a faster response. We will be happy to answer any questions or solve any issue that you may have.

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    kswenson Mar 13, 2010

    Email them daily telling them who you are turning them into. Do not stop. If they think you have stopped you lose. They told me five days ago that they authorized my refund and I would see it in five days. I told them if it was not there I would restart my campaign ten fold. So here I am. Trying to tell all who will listen. Hopefully I am helping others.

    Enado Media, LLC
    1521 Action Road, #842
    Miami Beach, FL 33139
    Contact: Dash, Kevin
    Phone: (877) 651-2112

    Here are some of the DBA's

    Blackbelt Profit system is a dba of Enado Media LLC (Kevin Dash):
    Names used:
    * Blackbelt Profit System, The
    * Advanced Cleanse
    * AcaiBerry Pure
    * Acai Berry Pure Co.
    * Best Idea Limited
    * The Black Belt Profit System

    List of who to contact:
    Florida Attorney General!OpenDocument
    Federal trade commission
    Look for the square that says file a complaint
    Flordia BBB
    Don’t forget your states Attorney General as well If you are outside Florida.

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    Ute Cleanse Mar 15, 2010

    Getting an 'Advance Cleanse' in Utah, too. The only thing getting cleansed is my bank account. Heading to my bank to cancel my account, next I will send the Utah Attorney General a complaint; then get Gephardt!

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    PeteM Mar 16, 2010

    I too will be adding a complaint to this list in the very near future!

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    Teressa M Mar 22, 2010

    I am going to complain to BBB and everywhere possible regarding the outmost deceiving and unprofessional customer service ever!!
    All they care about getting their $169.95 from people. They might as well shut their phones off because their customer service is useless and is located outside of US. If they do not refund my money I will make it very costly for them: they are going to lose hundreds of potential buyers after they see my posts on FB etc.. Enado Media LLC should better crunch the numbers and respond to my complaints!!

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    Foxbat Mar 31, 2010

    Acacia Berry Pure scamed us for $169.96. Customer service non-existant. Will report them to Texas attorney general. Somebody, please bring these guys down!

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unauthorized charge on credit card

I ordered the product on line and was told that if I was unsatisfied I had 17 days to cancel my subscription via email or phone. I received an email stating the same conditions. I sent an email and called twice and spoke with live customer service representatives that assured me my subscription was cancelled. On 2/19/2010, I received another bottle of the product. I called customer service again Kim Clark [protected]) told me there was no records of my email or phone calls and a charge for $88 dollars and change had been charged to my credit card. She appoligized for the misunderstanding and assured me again that my subscription would be canceled. She said she would refund $35.00 for the misunderstanding, but that I would still have to pay the remainder of the charge.

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scam/health report survey

The latest scam for the Acai Berry/Colon cleanse is an article supposedly written by Amy Conner, health and fitness writer, explaining her personal trial of the two products. She states that she is skeptical but conducts her own test, being the guinea pig and amazingly lost 3 lbs each week for 4 weeks during the trial period of the "free" product. However, at the bottome of her article she says she lost an amazing 25 lbs in 4 weeks. Do the math, idiots! 3 lbs a week x 4 weeks = 12 lbs, NOT 25 lbs...also she states that she got it free and was not sent any additional product or charged for things she didn't order. These people will never, ever stop! Be aware!

  • Th
    Theni Nov 02, 2010

    This is a scam, plain and simple. Please do not fall for it. I would like to know how much Amy is making, as she is a major part of this scam.

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charged my account without permission

Put in an order for a trial offer of acaiberry and decleansing product from the company. Fine print came up...

Unauthorized Charge

I ordered a FREE trial sample and was billed $149.95 without my authorization I want a REFUND immediately -...


I also ordered Acai Berry supplements Acai Pure Ultra and Acai Force Max to burn fat!<br />
Can not believe these people to take my money and run!!<br />
I really believed them to be legit!<br />
I hope someone some Authority tracks these fraud artists, snakes down and give them due justice!!

Here is a copy of the info I received from them:
Gifts Ltd.
PO Box13579
EH49 9AH
INT.TEL [protected]
Canada french [protected] tollfree
Canada english [protected] tollfree

Misleading Advertising

"Consumer Digest Weekly" and "Health News" are headings of the website ...

adverse reaction-refund wanted

Name: Doris Ann Brooks; Address: 3810 US Hwy 17 South Williamston, NC 27892; Phone: [protected] or [protected]. e-mail address "[protected]; credit card last 4 is 1021
cancellation # 368099; product Name; AcaiBerry Pure:
Complaint: I never received the product. I called the company and had the order cancelled. I want a refund for the undelivered product of $149.95.

#2. Product Name; Advance Cleanse; Cancellation # 368423; Complaint; I had a terrible reaction to the product- stomach cramps and pain, nausea, sickness and overall weakness. I want to return the unused portion of product and receive a refund of $149.95

Total refund requested is $299.90 + $.99 for unsent product =$300.89.

Acai Berry Pure

This company is preying on people with problems of over wieght and not honoring its own terms and condtions they say free trial and only charged for shipping for free trial you dont get the product in tme for a free trial and then charge you membership even when you cancel in the time frame set by them then when you call if you can even talk to them .they say talk to a live person in there add not true there down try again at alater date then they cancel and then they decline cancel and hit your bank again there own people dont know there terms and conditions they advertise 14 days they tell you 10 days when you do finelly get to tak to them I canceled 7 days and they still took membership I think beter bussness bureau may need to step in and do something about this company. This is a scam and ther product did not work for me BEWARE SCame

  • Da
    dagenic Feb 10, 2010

    Wish I would have read these first. I did cancel before the 14days though so we will see how it goes. The number on the bottle and the emails is not correct. The number I got through for the Acai Berry Pure is 866-385-2030 and the # for Advanced Cleanse is 866-221-3638 even though the Advanced Cleanse people canceled it through email I hope.

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  • Km
    kmedia Feb 15, 2010


    I work for Advanced Cleanse. I'm sorry that you are unsatisfied with our product. Please feel free to contact our customer support center by email or our toll free number at [email protected]/ 1-866-221-1575, Monday – Friday 9:00AM - 9:00 PM EST and Saturday 9:00AM – 5:00PM EST. We suggest email for a faster response. We will be happy to answer any questions or solve any issue that you may have.

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Refund for product I didn't authorize

Shipping Address:
Laura L Gutke
924 Washburn Ave
Idaho Falls, Idaho 83402


I am requesting a refund for charges on my credit card that were not authorized. I had only authorized for shipping charges on my free trial only and I just received the free trial last week; it hasn't even been 2 weeks for me to even test out the product.

Please refund my credit card ending in: 3415

I have spoken with Shey I.D. # 097 in Customer Service and have cancelled my account with your company. Cancellation # 313978

  • Be
    Betty Stevens Feb 01, 2010

    Betty Stevens
    14031 Lauerman St
    Cedar Lake, Indiana

    [email protected]

    I also was charged twice for this and did not authorize it.
    I cancelled everything. I want a full refund of almost $300.00 ASAP.
    First off you don"t give people 14 days of anything.
    Second, we have to deal with someone who can not speak or understand English
    very well.

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  • Km
    kmedia Feb 03, 2010


    I work for Acai Berry Pure. I'm sorry that you are unsatisfied with our product. Please feel free to contact our customer support center by email or our toll free number at [email protected] / 1-866-426-1921, Monday – Friday 9:00AM - 9:00 PM EST and Saturday 9:00AM – 5:00PM EST. We suggest email for a faster response. We will be happy to answer any questions or solve any issue that you may have.

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To good to be true

I order Acai Berry and Colon Ceanser. Free is what it said just pay the shipping on one was $4.95 and the other $2.95. It was express shipping on the Acai Berry because the lady used to advertise it was from my town.The Acai Berry arrived the next day. The colon cleasner order included Tri slim (which I never ordered). It arrived December 23. Thank God I never opened it. On Janaury 4 my bank account was hit for $259.00 for 3 bottles of supplements. I was furious to say the least. The bank advise me to close my card because these companies will just go into your account once they get your banking information. They shared my information with the company that sent me the Tri Slim. I file papers with my bank. I sent back the Tri Slim and Colon Cure priority and signature conformation for my proof. I had already called the company. They said the couldn't give me back my money. I said wrong answer. I wasn't taking no for an answer. Then they went down the scipt that they are given. She said she could only give me back 50% of my money. That was un acceptable. Finally she said 80% because they were charging me a restiocking fee. They gave me a bogus conformation number. When I called back after 8 days of them recieving the product back they tried to say they were suppose to give me back any money. So I had to go thru that again. They On Jan.25. I got back 80% of the Tri Slim. Pharmalab again tried to go into my to go into my account. They sent me an email and said they would soon be shipping out another supply of Acai Berry. I called them to tell them I would no longer need the product. I started telling them about the charges they charged me. The person told me they tried to sent me the product but it wouldn't go thru. I told her the bank had gotten invovled. She said and I quote her then there is no further need in having this conversation. I hung up. I haven't recieved any other monies from the other companies. After researching them I found out that they have done a lot of customers like that did me. They will change towns on their website to one that is located near you . They will go in your account unauthorized. The product didn't work. They are scam artist that need to get a real job. Be careful about giving your banking information to company especially on the internet. It casue me to have trouble at the bank with my real bills. They are not worth getting involed with. Unless you want a headache and a nightmare. You will never get all your money back.

Refund - never recieved

I ordered the. 99cent offer, never recieved the product. The colodetoxxr was to be included with the order...

charges on my visa

I ordered the acia berry tablets and colon cleanse from a website offering them for trial just at the cost of shipping/handling. Of course credit card information was exchanged. Long story short, they have charged my Visa over 250.00 for a shipment that came yesterday by post with additional charges of 11.60 each package. Thankfully my post office was aware of several people who were scammed with this and warned me to check my visa and to refuse the shipment which I did and that is when I found the charges. Unfortunately, I do not have a customer number as no invoice came with the original "free" tablets. My husband is now cancelling our cc so that no other charges will be able to be made on it...and is talking to them regarding cancellation of the charges. I have not tried to phone the company as I have heard of several episodes of being put on hold for up to an hour! I cannot afford an international call such as that. I have no email address to write to. Can anyone send it to me, so that I too can harrass this company for a refund?

Unauthorized Charges

Damn, can't believe I fell for this. Got an email from my credit card company ' Fraud dept" They...

Complaint about the HIDDEN SUBSCRIPTION CHARGES deducted from my account for order no. [protected] and [protected]

I ordered the Acai Berry and Effective Cleanse Antioxidant from your website as they had advertised that these products were on a RISK free trial offer for which I was required to pay only £0.95 for both.

I write to complain about my terrifying and shocking experience about charges levied after buying the above mentioned products from your website. I was shocked to see that £76.76 has been deducted twice for both the products from my account. I fail to understand how a deduction has been made from my bank account without me SIGNING or AGREEING for it.

I contacted my bank about this deduction, and was informed it is for a SUBSCRIPTION that I was not aware about and was asked to contact you.

I contacted customer services and was told that they will cancel my account for no FUTURE deductions to be made but the money that has already been deducted will not be returned and informed me of the GENERAL TERMS and CONDITIONS on the website.

I am not only shocked and disappointed but feel trapped into this, as this was something unexpected and obviously a disgusting experience.

I am very upset with the service provided by your department and moreso by the rude response given by your member of staff who said I should have read the terms and conditions and this was my fault.

I have visited the website again (which is not easy to find) and can confirm that nowhere on the promotional ad (that still continues to be on your web page) does it say that this offer has any specific TERMS AND CONDITIONS attached to this offer. It does not mention about the SUBSCRIPTION offer either, and I can see how I have been duped into this.

This is unprofessional, as you can’t charge someone about something they are not being given prior information or even advised that there could be a future charges levied for something completely different.

If you want people to subscribe to this and earn money from such charges, then it should be clear that this is a part of the deal. I as a customer have a right to know what else is included when I buy, not as a shock later. You should add on a star to say there are specific terms and conditions attached to this PARTICULAR OFFER as opposed to putting them at the bottom of page in a generic way. I believe these are ethics that every company follows when they have specific terms and conditions attached.

The address on the website and the address on receipt are completely different and I am not sure which is true, as the other bits are untrustworthy. The online receipt and the receipt received with the product were different. The receipt you send with the product has a different amount on it. I am sure there must be another money-making mechanism behind this.

I feel utterly trapped in this and I believe this is your company’s business model. I am afraid it’s a very bad practice as you are putting off people from online buying completely. I never purchase online and with a dreadful experience like this that I have had with you, I am terrified and might possibly never ever do it again.

I repeat that these are unfair terms and conditions, if not stated earlier on the offer. It should be made clear on the ad describing the free trial offer that there is a subscription attached to it or there are Terms and Conditions attached to it.

This is similar to walking into a general store to buy a product worth £2 only to be told that there was a hidden subscription attached to it which would be automatically started and charges worth £150 would be deducted abruptly without any intimation or prior notification. This is a building model made to fool and rob people

This has been a very stressful experience. I have spent my valuable time trying to resolve this situation, with your department and have reached nowhere when this is the time I should be spending with my baby at home.

To resolve this problem I would appreciate if you could look into this matter at the earliest and provide me with an early response. I look forward to hearing from you with a solution to my problem. Please contact me at the above address. Also I would like to get indemnified for this hassle and the loss of time and money by the company

Yours sincerely

  • Li
    liz kiernan Jan 20, 2010

    a have also been caught up in the acaiberry scam £76.04 was deducted from my account, and 2 payments of £4.16, called the company who kept putting the phone down, then said i was not on their system, I want to get my money back any suggestions.and stop them from taking more money from my account. Be aware anyone tempted by this scam!!!

    [email protected]

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I ordered two products from this company on a free-trial basis, which were advertised under an ACAIBERRY Exclusive offer to increase energy and cleanse. Inititally I was charged $3.95 euros for shipping and thereafter I have been charged three times, each for $119.02 US for products I never ordered.

I was wrongly tempted by the advertisement of this company and should have known better about not ordering obscure products on-line. I am not prepared to let $400 off my pocket go and will ask my Visa to cancel the charges.

I also tried calling the toll-free # to cancel this and the number does not seem to be accessible from Canada.



I took a free trial of acai berry and colon cleanser advertisedonline as weight loss products. there was a 6 week trial period, I gave my debit card details to cover postage.
they took £150 from my account. I have not received my free trial product or whatever i bought for that sum of money. i want a full refund and awareness raised