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I have an account with Abs vehicle finance an have defaulted on my account and have tried to make payments yes I have made arrangements to pay my full arrears last year November when I get my bonus but only to find out it was not enough and paid all the amount I got. I was on maternity leave for 4 months which also affected my payments but I was communicating with Absa and their lawyers Hammondpole about every progress. I paid again when I got my maternity leave benefit last month 25/03 march my account was never debited which made other debit orders to go through first when I ask your legal team was told my account have been sent to recoveries that's why they didn't debit they will debit this month again they didn't today some two white guys said they from Abs came to repossessed my vehicle without a warrant and from what I understand that's illegal and I have already made manual payment of 5000.00 that time they guy call martinis threading me after I ask about the warrant said if they get a warrant I will never get my vehicle back can you tell me if is really how Abs operate you refuse to take my arrangements anymore because I cant pay the full amount I don't have it and now I get threads like this why do the government (NCR) will should speak to our credit provider and come up with payment plan but now if I'm being forced to pay what I can't afford and being sent people who don't have a legal right to take my car then it means banks intensions it's to take peoples cars and not help them make their accounts up to date


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    Alistiar Bailey Jan 26, 2017

    Good day, my wife’s car is 3 months in arrears as her business isn’t doing well. We applied for a payment restructure as we thought things might get better. However things are only moving now, we requested from ABSA if we can make one month payment to keep the vehicle as it would cripple both her and the business. We promised as things will pick up we will settle the arrears but they refuse. We’ve been begging them as we will loose big after paying +/- R200k, we know we will most probably be left wit +/- R100k after auctions. They bluntly refuse to accept the payment of one month and work toward a plan to settle arrears.

    Do you have any advise or is this our fate?

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